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Les Experts
#119 : Une famille au microscope

L'équipe enquête sur l'enlèvement d'un enfant. Rapidement menées, les investigations permettent de récolter des éléments probants : toutes les pistes explorées se recoupent. Personne, toutefois, ne veut croire à l'horrible explication : la mère pourrait bien avoir tué son enfant. Les experts passent alors au crible des interrogatoires la famille concernée, à la recherche d'éléments manquants. Au fil des dépositions, la culpabilité maternelle ne fait plus l'ombre d'un doute. A moins que la principale suspecte ne soit l'objet d'une machination. Pour ne pas risquer de faire condamner une innocente, les agents redoublent d'efforts et multiplient les vérifications. 


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Titre VO
Gentle, Gentle

Titre VF
Une famille au microscope

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Écrit par : Ann Donahue
Réalisé par : Danny Cannon

Avec : Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders), Robert David Hall (Docteur Al Robbins), Eric Stonestreet (Ronnie Litre), Paula Francis (Elle-même, journaliste)

Guests :

  • Terry Bozeman ..... Brad Lewis 
  • Lisa Barr .....Gwen Anderson 
  • Susan Grace et Kathrin Lautner ..... Parents 
  • Jim Jenkins ..... Public 
  • Jesse Littlejohn ..... Tyler Anderson 
  • Brian McNamara ..... Steven Anderson 
  • Maureen Muldoon ..... Reporter Lynda Darby 
  • Stewart Skelton ..... Agent FBI 
  • Wayne Thomas Yorke ..... Technicien CSI 
  • Reginald VelJohnson ..... Docteur Philip Kane 
  • Kevin Will ..... Parent 
  • Natalie Zea ..... Needra Fenway 
  • Tyler DeFrance ..... Robbin Anderson 






(Camera starts on the bottom of the first floor at the base of the stairway,
then slowly moves upward toward the second floor.) 

(White flash to:  On the second floor, the camera travels slowly down the
hallway toward the bedrooms.  It rounds the cover into the master bedroom where
the ANDERSONS are sleeping.)

(Suddenly GWEN ANDERSON gets up.  She looks out the doorway into her son's room. 
She gets out of bed and walks down the hallway to the nursery.)

(All the windows are open.  There's a ladder set against the window frame.  The
wind blows the curtains.)

(GWEN ANDERSON walks up to the crib and looks inside.  She finds nothing.  She
touches the baby sheets with both hands as if not believing her eyes.  She
frantically searches the tiny crib, removing the sheets where she finds a sheet
of paper.)

(She picks it up and gasps as she reads it.  The paper slips from her fingers
back into the crib.)

(She walks over to the open window, looks out side and screams.)


(The camera pulls back downward to show the ladder leaning against the window

(STEVEN ANDERSON rushes into the nursery.  He looks at his wife, then turns to
look down into the crib where he finds the typewritten note.  He picks it up.)



(OFFICER cars are parked in the driveway.  GRISSOM walks up the drive and checks
in with the OFFICER at the door before walking inside.  He sees The ANDERSONS in
the foyer.)

GRISSOM:  Excuse me.  My name's Gil Grissom.  I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

GWEN ANDERSON:  Please help us.

GRISSOM:  I'll certainly try.

(He puts his kit down on the ground.)

GRISSOM:  Is that the ransom note?

STEVE ANDERSON:  Yeah. They don't even say how much money they want.  They just
say that they'll call us in six hours.

(STEVEN hands GRISSOM the note.)

GRISSOM:  Have you let anyone else touch this note? 

(GRISSOM reads the note:
     I have your son.
     I don't want to harm him.
     Don't make me.
     I'll call in six hours with instructions.
     I advise you not to call the police.   )

GRISSOM:  Police, a relative, anyone?

STEVE ANDERSON:  N-no, just us. Why?

GRISSOM:  Well, because the person who touched it before you has your son ...
and he's just left us the first piece of the puzzle.





(CATHERINE closes the car door and makes her way toward the house.  She meets up
with BRASS who fills her in.)

CATHERINE:  Jim, dispatch said this is a kidnapping?  Divorce situation?

BRASS:  No papers filed.  College sweethearts.  Neighbors say they're the salt
of the earth.

CATHERINE:  So this could have been legitimate?

BRASS  They have a security system.  But they never put it on.

CATHERINE:  They say how come?

BRASS:  They feel safe in the neighborhood.

CATHERINE:  Check the premises?

BRASS:  Attic, wine cellar, crawl space.  No four-month-old baby.

(They turn and head toward the house.)

CATHERINE:  Nice digs.

BRASS:  Yeah, guy got rich off some dot-com outfit.  Moved here from Oregon two
years ago.

CATHERINE:  Bet they wished they hadn't today.



(In the kitchen, the FBI fills STEVE ANDERSON in on what he's to do when he gets
the ransom call.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  Are you sure he won't hear a click or something?

FBI MAN:  He won't.  And if he asks, you and your wife are alone.  Question him
about your son.  Ask to hear him breathing.  Anything to keep the guy talking. 

(GRISSOM walks into the kitchen and listens.  He looks around the place.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  I don't know.  (nods)  Yeah, yeah.

(GRISSOM sees an open bottle of soda out on the counter.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  Okay.  Built my own business.  I can handle any kind of

(GRISSOM walks over to the bottle.)

GRISSOM:  Was this yours?


GRISSOM:  May I ask when you opened it?

STEVE ANDERSON:  I don't know.  Um, sometime after we called 911.

(STEVE turns back to the FBI MAN.  GRISSOM looks at the bottle, then calls his
attention back.)

GRISSOM:  You mind if I, uh...?

STEVE ANDERSON:  No. Go ahead.

(GRISSOM picks up the bottle and puts his gloved hand over the mouth of the
bottle.  He looks around.  He walks over to the temperature gauge and checks


GRISSOM:  You have any more of these?

STEVE ANDERSON:  In the fridge.

GRISSOM:  Thanks.

(With his hand over the bottle, GRISSOM leaves the kitchen.)



(BRASS questions GWEN ANDERSON and her two sons who sit close to each other on
the couch.  TYLER, the older son, holds on to ROBBIE, who is quietly playing
with a phone.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  Do my boys have to be here?  I think this is hard enough for
them without having to hear the facts.

BRASS:  I understand, but it's best for our investigation if we keep the whole
family together.

TYLER ANDERSON:  (quietly)  It's okay, mom.

BRASS:  You were saying, Mrs. Anderson?

GWEN ANDERSON:  Um ... I got up at 4:30, like I usually do to feed Zack.  I'm
still breast-feeding.  And I went down to Zacky's room.  I looked in his crib
and he was gone.  He wasn't there. 

(STEVE walks into the room and takes a seat next to GWEN.  GRISSOM follows into
the room behind him.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  And I felt around for him and that's when I found the letter
saying that he had been taken and I ... I don't know.  I-I think I screamed ...

TYLER ANDERSON:  You screamed, mom.

STEVE ANDERSON:  I jumped out of bed and I went to her, and that's when we
called 9-1-1 from the upstairs hallway.

(ROBBIE pressing the buttons of the phone he's holding.)


TYLER ANDERSON:  Give me the phone, Robbie.  Give me the phone.

GRISSOM:  We're going to need a piece of the baby's clothing.  Something from
his hamper, if possible.  We're going to use scent dogs throughout the

STEVE ANDERSON:  I'll go see what I can find.

GWEN ANDERSON:  No, I know what he wears.

(GWEN ANDERSON stands up.)

CATHERINE:  I'll go with you.

(CATHERINE also stands up.  They leave the room.)

GRISSOM:  I'd also like to get blood samples from each family member.


GRISSOM:  Well, the sooner we can eliminate the expected hairs and fibers from
within the household, we can begin looking for outsiders.

TYLER ANDERSON:  Is it going to hurt?

GRISSOM:  I hope not.



(OFFICERS open the back of the car to let the scent dogs out.  SARA is near by
putting on a pair of gloves.  The OFFICERS with the dogs head toward the house. 
GRISSOM walks out of the house.  He's carrying the ransom note and two bottles
of soda pop.) 


SARA:  Yeah?

GRISSOM:  Take this ransom note to Q.D.

(GRISSOM hands the note to SARA.)

SARA:  Typewritten ransom note?  Kidnapper was organized.

GRISSOM:  I think it's ink-jet not typewriter.

SARA:  I'll get it to questioned documents check for origination prints, the

GRISSOM:  Take every computer and printer from the Anderson house with you.

SARA:  You think the suspect printed the ransom note from inside the house while
they were sleeping?

GRISSOM:  I'm not thinking anything yet.

(GRISSOM takes the two soda bottles and heads for NICK.)


NICK:  (turns around)  Yo.  (sees the soda bottles)  No, thanks, I'm an iced tea

GRISSOM:  It's not a refreshment.  It's an experiment.  Take this to the lab in
a controlled space, 72 degrees Fahrenheit and open it.  Keep this in the same
room-temp space.

NICK:  Okay, then what?

GRISSOM:  Process, Nick. Process.

(GRISSOM gives the bottles to NICK, then walks past him toward WARRICK.)

GRISSOM:  Baby's bedroom window is open and the ladder's still out there.  So
canvass the whole grounds from outside to in.

WARRICK:  I'm all over it like a cheap suit.

(WARRICK leaves to head over there.  GRISSOM turns around and heads back to the

OFFICER:  (o.s.)  Hey, Grissom!  We have the smell dogs set up for you.

(He nods.)

(Cut to:  WARRICK is near the ladder under the Nursery with a camera in his
hand.  He finds a shoe print in the dirt.  He snaps a picture of it.)



(GRISSOM takes his kit and walks into the nursery.  He looks into crib and puts
his kit down.  He leans over to look into the crib.) 

WARRICK:  You see this spiderweb?

(GRISSOM starts.)

GRISSOM:  Damn, Warrick!

(WARRICK is on the ladder outside the nursery window and apologizes.)

WARRICK:  I'm sorry.  Your ticker okay?

GRISSOM:  What spiderweb?

WARRICK:  Right here.

(They push the curtain aside to show GRISSOM the spiderweb in the corner of the
window frame.)

WARRICK:  Kind of hard to get a baby out of a window climb onto a ladder without
messing up this web, don't you think?

GRISSOM:  Well, it could have happened after the abduction.  Spiders can build
one of these things in a few hours.

(WARRICK takes a picture of the spiderweb.  GRISSOM turns to head back to the
crib.  WARRICK steps up the ladder intending to climb through the window. 
GRISSOM looks up and sees WARRICK.)

GRISSOM:  Warrick?  What are you doing?  (He motions with his finger.)  Go

(WARRICK heads back down the ladder.)

(GRISSOM checks the crib out and finds a strand of hair.  Camera zooms in for an
extreme close up.)



(CATHERINE and GWEN ANDERSON walk into the laundry room.  GWEN starts going
through the laundry basket.)

CATHERINE:  Oh, you're right on the golf course.  That must be nice.

GWEN ANDERSON:  Steve likes it.  I never cared for the game.

(GWEN finds a jumper and pulls it out of the basket.  She sighs.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  That one's my favorite but Zacky, he, uh ... he liked another
one.  Here it is.

(She takes it out and shows it to CATHERINE.  She chuckles.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  There's a little spit-up on it.  He liked the way the fabric
felt on his skin. 

(She puts the outfit to her face and inhales.  She stops, then looks down at her
shirt to see her milk leaking.)


CATHERINE:  It's okay. It used to happen to me with my daughter if I didn't get
to her right on time.

(GWEN tries to wipe up the mess as she cries.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  I can't believe this is happening to us.

(CATHERINE puts a supporting hand on her shoulder.)

CATHERINE:  I'll get this to our guys.

(CATHERINE leaves the laundry room.)



(GRISSOM finds another strand of hair in the crib.  He puts it in a bindle.)

(WARRICK walks into the room.)

WARRICK:  What you got?

GRISSOM:  Two hairs, separate and distinctive.

(GRISSOM hands the bindles to WARRICK.)

WARRICK:  Ah. The plot thickens.

(GRISSOM walks around the room.  He notices something.)

GRISSOM:  You smell something?

(WARRICK smells and sees something.)

WARRICK:  I smell these dirty diapers over here.

(GRISSOM kneels down in front of the window.)

GRISSOM:  It's like a household cleanser.  There's a pine smell.

WARRICK:  Probably used to clean that diaper pail.

GRISSOM:  No, it's stronger than that. 

(GRISSOM puts his nose to the carpet.)

GRISSOM:  It's emanating from this specific spot.

(GRISSOM opens his kit and tests for blood.  It shows positive.)

WARRICK:  Baby was killed before it even left the house.  Guy tried to cover his

(GRISSOM and WARRICK both look at the open window.)



(SARA leans over the table, arguing with RONNIE LITRE.)

SARA:  What do you mean you haven't checked for prints?  It's a ransom letter.

RONNIE LITRE:  Everything in the proper order.  You know that.  I got five other
tests I got to run on this paper before I try to isolate prints.

SARA:  You got anything for me?

RONNIE LITRE:  Yeah. The paper's expensive.  High rag count.

SARA:  I could have told you that.

RONNIE LITRE:  Can you explain these three small vertical dots?

(On the overhead, he shows SARA what he's talking about.)

SARA:  What?  Where?

RONNIE LITRE:  The printer that emitted this letter has a spot on the drum.

SARA:  A drum goes around three times to print one page. 

(Quick flash to:  Close up of the drum of a printer turning as the paper goes
through leaving behind three small dots on the sheet.)

SARA:  So if the Andersons' printer was used ...

RONNIE LITRE:  There'd be three small dots on any paper that comes out.

SARA:  No vertical dots.

RONNIE LITRE:  And different paper than the ransom letter F.Y.I.

(SARA makes a face at RONNIE.)



(GRISSOM and WARRICK stand outside the nursery window.) 

WARRICK:  Yeah, this mold I made of that shoe print matches the gardener's boot
that I found in the shed over there.

GRISSOM:  Yeah, well, we need to look for what's out of place.

WARRICK:  And a gardener's boot in a garden is not out of place.  Well, the
Andersons did say the guy's been out of town on vacation for the last three

(GRISSOM'S phone rings.  He answers it.)

GRISSOM:  (to phone)  Grissom.



(SARA walks through the hallway.) 

SARA:  Ransom note's not from the Anderson's printer or paper supply.

GRISSOM:  You're breaking up.

SARA:  The Andersons are clear.  Whoever wrote the letter did it from a
different location and brought it with them.

GRISSOM:  Are you standing next to the copy machine outside ballistics?

SARA:  You want me to check ballistics?

GRISSOM:  No. I want you to move away from that machine.  Look, check all the
printers at Steve Anderson's company.

(In the background out on the golf course, the dogs bark loudly.  WARRICK looks
up at the commotion.)

GRISSOM:  (to phone)  Get Q.D. To help you with a warrant.  Target all immediate
coworkers and disgruntled employees first.

(WARRICK motions for GRISSOM to follow him as he heads toward the sound of the
dogs.  GRISSOM puts the phone down, his attention on the dogs.)

(Even SARA can hear the dogs barking over the phone.)

SARA:  Are those our dogs?  Grissom?  Grissom!

(GRISSOM and WARRICK start running toward the commotion.  GRISSOM tucks the
phone into his pocket.)



(Out on the golf course, the dogs bark frantically.  They lead the OFFICERS to a
cluster of bushes under the tree.  WARRICK and GRISSOM run to the bushes.) 

WARRICK:  Get those dogs back.  Get them back!

(WARRICK and GRISSOM find the baby dead in the center of the bushes, his body
wrapped carefully in a blanket.  The officers also reach the site.)

(The TECH takes a step forward to start taking picture of the scene.  GRISSOM
stops him.)

GRISSOM:  Stand back.

CSI TECH:  We got to have pictures.  The coroner will be all over us.

GRISSOM:  (angry)  I'll get the pictures!

(GRISSOM grabs the camera and takes the pictures ... of his foot, of his face. 
He kneels down and takes more pictures.)

(WARRICK starts to put on his gloves.  Finished, he hands the camera back to the
CSI TECH.  The CORONER steps forward to take the body.  GRISSOM immediately
stops him.)

GRISSOM:  I'm going to take him.

(Everyone doesn't say anything.)


(Over the hill, CATHERINE runs toward the scene.  Behind her are GWEN and STEVE

(Cut to:  GRISSOM picks up the baby.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  (o.s.)  My baby! Oh, my god!

(CATHERINE turns around and stops GWEN ANDERSON from running toward the scene.)

(With the baby in his arms, GRISSOM takes a couple steps forward.  He looks up
and sees GWEN ANDERSON beside herself while CATHERINE and STEVE try to calm her

GWEN ANDERSON:  It's my baby!  My baby! My baby!

(Camera holds on GRISSOM.)





(WARRICK takes the sample of hair from the nursery and checks it under the
scope.  While he works, he listens to the news report on the television set.)

PAULA FRANCIS:  (on television set)  The Andersons, who own a profitable
internet company in Las Vegas, are said to be devastated by the death of little
Zachary.  As for leads, the police will only say they have widened the
investigation to include employees of Steve Anderson's company.  Immediate
coworkers are being asked to give DNA samples.  By all accounts, the employees
are complying voluntarily.  One of them is quoted as saying "anything to help
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson in their time of grief."



(DR. ROBBINS goes over his findings with GRISSOM.) 

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS: I can't give you exact time of death, but I do know cause of
death was asphyxiation.

GRISSOM:  He was smothered.

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS:  (nods)  The retinal hemorrhages are the result of
intercranial pressure from an edema.  The edema was caused by an acute lack of

GRISSOM:  Smothered how?  Did you find hand marks?  Trauma around the mouth or


GRISSOM:  He was in a blanket when I found him ... wrapped pretty tight.

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS:  Positional asphyxiation?  Maybe.  Abductor might've tried
to protect him from the cold.  Suffocated him by mistake.  I'm going to run
tests on a microscopic fiber I found in his throat.

(DR. ROBBINS picks up a fiber from the side to show to GRISSOM.  Camera zooms in
for a close up.)

DR. ALBERT ROBBINS:  But I don't think his death was benign, Gil.  Or
accidental.  Sternum was cracked.  X rays say the fracture is fresh.  Manhandled
and suffocated.  This little guy didn't have a chance.

(ROBBINS turns to look at GRISSOM after he doesn't get a response from him.)



(GRISSOM walks rapidly through the hallway.  He sees SARA with a tech helping
her carry the prints into the lab.)

GRISSOM:  Are those from Anderson's company?

SARA:  Yeah. There's like 200 of them in that place.  I'm going to test them
against the ransom note, one by one.

GRISSOM:  You got homicide's list of disgruntled employees?

SARA:  Not yet.  They're still working on it.

GRISSOM:  (angry)  You call homicide back and tell them to get us that list now. 

(GRISSOM turns and continues down the hallway leaving a stunned SARA behind.  He
sees WARRICK walking by with a file folder in his hand.)


(WARRICK stops to talk with GRISSOM.)


GRISSOM:  Where are we on those DNA samples?

WARRICK:  I got the hair samples from the baby's crib ready for comparison.

GRISSOM:  Yeah?  So answer my question.

WARRICK:  Well, DNA's jammed.  Sanders says he'll get to the blood comparisons

(GRISSOM heads for the DNA LAB leaving WARRICK mid sentence.)

WARRICK: ... as soon as ...



(GREG is in the quiet lab sitting at the table working.)

GRISSOM:  I hear you're backlogged.

GREG SANDERS:  Twenty "unknowns" from some drug shoot-out.  FBI special request. 
Sheriff told me to clear it off my counter before I do anything else.

GRISSOM:  These?

GREG SANDERS:  Yeah. You can almost smell Quantico, you know?

(GRISSOM grabs the paperwork in front of GREG and puts it aside on the cart with
all the samples on it.  He then pushes the car out the door and into the hallway
where it stops when it hits the wall.)

(Everyone stops as they see the cart.)

(NICK steps out into the hallway to see what's up.)

GRISSOM:  (to GREG)  There.  Now they're off your counter. 

(GREG doesn't say anything.  He nods.  GRISSOM takes out a file folder and the

GRISSOM:  Zachary Anderson, DOB 01-23-01.  Date of death, three hours ago. 
Until we find out how and why ...

(GRISSOM puts the tray full of blood samples from the ANDERSON case in front of

GRISSOM:  ... this is the only case you work on.

GREG SANDERS:  Yes, sir.

(GRISSOM steps out of the lab.  In the Hallway, NICK and SARA watch.)

NICK:  Never seen him like this before.

(NICK heads in one direction.  Concerned, SARA heads to go find GRISSOM.)

(She turns the corner and sees him walking through the hallway.)

SARA:  Grissom?

(He turns around, still angry.)


(SARA walks right up to him and talks softly.)

SARA:  You told me a few weeks ago that nothing is personal.  No victim should
be special.

(GRISSOM stops as he definitely remembers telling SARA that back in 1X16: Too
Tough to Die.  SARA pauses.)

SARA:  Everyone follows your lead.

GRISSOM:  Everyone didn't find that baby. I did.  And that little boy is dead
because someone lost their temper or screwed up, or god knows what.  So, excuse
me, but this victim is special.

(GRISSOM turns to leave and finds himself facing CATHERINE.)

CATHERINE:  (quietly)  Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are calling.  They want to know why
you refuse to release the body for burial.  They said that you gave the coroner
strict instructions.

(He sighs.)

GRISSOM:  You better drive.

(GRISSOM leaves.)


(CATHERINE looks up at SARA.  The two share a look.  She then turns to follow
GRISSOM.  Camera holds on SARA.)



(GRISSOM and CATHERINE explain the situation to The ANDERSONS.) 

GRISSOM:  I'm very sorry, but we have to preserve the evidence in a case like
this.  And, as difficult as this sounds, Zachary is evidence.

CATHERINE:  We need to refer to him as the case unfolds.

GWEN ANDERSON:  Well, do you have any leads?  Any idea who did this?

GRISSOM:  Your child was found five hundred yards from your back door, in clean
clothes wrapped in a white blanket, laid carefully under a statuary.

CATHERINE:  A stranger wouldn't treat a victim like that.

STEVE ANDERSON:  You think we had something to do with this?

GRISSOM:  The FBI tells us that you never received a call from the abductor. 
What kind of a kidnapper forgets to call the family?

CATHERINE:  A wealthy family.

STEVE ANDERSON:  My lawyer warned me that you were going to try this.  (angrily
shouts)  You don't have a suspect so now you're going to come after us.

GRISSOM:  But you have nothing to hide.

STEVE ANDERSON:  (yells)  You're damn right we don't!

(There's a light knock on the door.  WARRICK walks into the house carrying an

WARRICK:  I thought I'd deliver this in person.  DNA came back on the entire

(GRISSOM looks at the results.)

GRISSOM:  The blood we found in the baby's room ... It belongs to your son



(GRISSOM and CATHERINE interview TYLER ANDERSON with his parents sitting beside

TYLER ANDERSON:  I was playing ball in the backyard and I cracked Zacky's
window.  Dad had told me not to hit the ball towards the house.  So I went up
and replaced the window before anyone got home and I cut my finger on the glass.

GRISSOM:  And you wiped up the blood with some type of pine cleanser.

TYLER ANDERSON:  I thought I got it all.

GRISSOM:  Let's go back a second, Tyler.  You said that you baby-sat for Robbie
and Zack last night, right?

TYLER ANDERSON:  I told the police that this morning.

(BRASS walks into the room and closes the door.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  We had a homeowner's association vote meeting.  It was just
five doors up from our house.

GWEN ANDERSON:  I had, uh ... I had made dinner and then Steve and I walked up
to the clubhouse.  We were gone maybe 30 minutes, until 9:00.

BRASS:  We contacted the Association.  The story checks out.  I also did a
background search.  Tyler has quite a temper on him, don't you, Ty?


BRASS:  You were expelled from school twice last year for physical altercation.

STEVE ANDERSON:  That was schoolyard stuff.

CATHERINE:  Beat up a 12-year-old in the school stairwell.

TYLER ANDERSON:  He made fun of my mother.  I wasn't going to let him get away
with that.

BRASS:  Your brother Zack say something you didn't like you weren't going to let
him get away with either?

(TYLER surges to his feet.)

TYLER ANDERSON:  (shouts angrily)  Don't talk about my brother that way, you

(STEVE gets to his feet.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  Sit down! Now.

GWEN ANDERSON:  He's, uh ... he's upset.  He is not usually like this.

TYLER ANDERSON:  (whispers)  People are calling us killers.  And I miss my
little brother.

GRISSOM:  That still doesn't mean you didn't kill him.





(The front door opens.  CATHERINE and GRISSOM walk into the foyer.) 

CATHERINE:  So what are we looking for?

GRISSOM:  I don't know.

CATHERINE:  Well, let's start up and work our way down.

(CATHERINE heads up the stairs.  GRISSOM follows her.

(Cut to:  [TYLER'S BEDROOM]  CATHERINE looks through the shelves.  She finishes
and looks around.)

(Cut to:  [MASTER BEDROOM]  GRISSOM opens the closet door and looks inside.)

(Cut to:  [TYLER'S BEDROOM]  CATHERINE checks the bedside table and under the
bed where she finds several magazines for PLAYPEN, BOUDOIR.)

(Cut to:  [MASTER BEDROOM] GRISSOM finds a pair of stockings on the shelf in
STEVE'S closet.  The stockings has green stains on them.)

(Cut to:  CATHERINE opens the cabinet doors and looks inside.  She finds an
empty plastic storage wrapper for a white Baby Blanket, 100% Egyptian Cotton. 
Made in the U.S.A.)

(Cut to:  [KITCHEN]  GRISSOM opens the various cabinets.  He looks and finds a
roll of white plastic trash bags.  He looks at the ripped edges.  Camera zooms
in for a close up of the edges.  He reaches for a bag to put the roll into.)



(NICK explains his experiment findings to GRISSOM.) 

NICK:  Here's the father's bottle of cola -- here's the unknown.  I duplicated
conditions and monitored the pressure that escaped from the father's bottle
which he told you had been open two hours against one I know was open two hours. 
Kept this log.  Pressure released every quarter hour.

(GRISSOM looks at NICK'S notes.)

GRISSOM:  Good, Nick. 

(NICK nods.)

GRISSOM:  Did you find any ethanol on the lip of that bottle?

NICK:  Well, I've got trace running tests now, but I did an unscientific whiff

(NICK passes the bottle under his nose to illustrate.)

NICK:  Picked up a hint of some kind of booze.

GRISSOM:  Call me when you get the results.

(GRISSOM hands NICK the bag with the nylons inside.)

GRISSOM:  See if they can find out what this green substance is on these nylons
I found in Mr. Anderson's closet.

NICK:  I'll take a swatch, get it back to you ASAP.

(GRISSOM leaves the room.)



(GRISSOM is looking at the prints under the magnifying glass.  He's in the lab
with SARA.)

GRISSOM:  The mother's prints ... the father's prints ... and a set of unknowns.

SARA:  They're not unknown.

(Surprised, GRISSOM turns to look at SARA.)

SARA:  I ran them against the employees of Steve Anderson's computer company
disgruntled and otherwise.  They belong to a Needra Fenway.

GRISSOM:  And who is Needra Fenway?

SARA:  Steve's secretary.

(SARA turns around and points to the printer on the counter behind them.)

SARA:  So, of course,  I checked out her printer.  As I'm sure you know, all
printers have their own unique signature.

(She shows GRISSOM the marks on the paper.)

SARA:  These three ... tiny vertical dots from Needra's printer match the ransom
note perfectly.

(GRISSOM turns to look at SARA who smiles.  She looks at GRISSOM.)



(GRISSOM sits down across from NEEDRA FENWAY.  She pulls the coffee cup closer
to her.)

NEEDRA FENWAY:  Thank you.

GRISSOM:  Thank you for coming in.

NEEDRA FENWAY:  Anything I can do to help.  You know, it's ... it's just
terrible what happened.

BRASS:  Maybe you can explain why your printer was used to create the ransom
note found in the Anderson home.


GRISSOM:  We have evidence that this came from your printer.

(GRISSOM puts piece of paper on the table in front of her.)

NEEDRA FENWAY:  There are 500 people who work in that office.  Anyone could have
used my printer.

GRISSOM:  We also found a strand of hair.  Our lab has matched it to you. 

BRASS:  From the Anderson home.

NEEDRA FENWAY:  I'm Steven's secretary.  I go there.

GRISSOM:  Do you go upstairs?  'Cause that's where we found this particular

(She doesn't say anything.  But CATHERINE knows.)

CATHERINE:  You two were having an affair.

NEEDRA FENWAY:  We ended it.

CATHERINE:  Because his wife got pregnant?

NEEDRA FENWAY:  I'm not going down this road.

CATHERINE:  What?  A new baby screw up the office romance?

NEEDRA FENWAY:  It was more than just an office romance, okay?  Much more.

CATHERINE:  Yeah.  Well, a lot of women would understand if you went over there
and ... got rid of that baby.

BRASS:  Sure.  Quickest way to end a guy's marriage.

NEEDRA FENWAY:  Okay, I need a lawyer.  Is that it?  Is that what you're saying

(No one says anything.  NEEDRA sighs, then grabs her bag.  She stands up to
leave.  GRISSOM stops her.  He takes out the bag with the nylons in it.)

GRISSOM:  Are these your nylons?  I found these hidden in the back of Mr.
Anderson's closet.  So, did you come to him after you disposed of the baby and
ask him to hide them for you?

NEEDRA FENWAY:  Talk to Steve.

(NEEDRA walks out of the room.)

CATHERINE:  Steve asked her to get out from underneath the obligation of a

BRASS:  Geez.  Haven't these people ever heard of divorce?

(GRISSOM doesn't say anything.)



(GRISSOM questions STEVE ANDERSON near the side of the pool.) 

STEVE ANDERSON:  Needra didn't kill Zack any more than I did.

GRISSOM:  How do you explain her hair in the baby's crib?

(STEVE looks across the other side of the pool where GWEN and the children are. 
He turns back to GRISSOM.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  We broke up the day that I learned that Gwen was pregnant with
Zack.  I love Needra but I love my family more.  Needra asked if she could see
Zack after he was born to help her kind of accept the reality.  So, I had her in
last Saturday to watch him sleep.

(Quick flashback to:  In the nursery, NEEDRA stands over the crib.  End of
flashback.  Resume to present.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  Gwen had the kids at skating.  Needra was out of the house in
15 minutes.  You don't believe me.

GRISSOM:  You've lied to me before.

STEVE ANDERSON:  About what?

GRISSOM:  You told me that you opened that cola bottle the morning you reported
Zack missing.  We had a test done.  You opened that bottle six hours before you
said you did -- the night before -- somewhere around 11:00 P.M.  The lab is
still testing it.  I also believe that you cut it with alcohol.

STEVE:  Rum and cola.  What does that prove?

GRISSOM:  Was Needra Fenway in your house that night?  Did you catch her
suffocating your son?

(Quick flashback to:  In the nursery, NEEDRA stands over the crib smothering the
baby as he cries.  STEVE and GWEN both rush into the room.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  What are you doing?

(STEVE pulls NEEDRA off of ZACK.  GWEN checks up on him.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  What have you done?

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  That's not how it happened.

GRISSOM:  Well, why don't you tell me how it happened.

(Across the pool, a glass shatters.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  Robbie, what did you do?

ROBBIE ANDERSON:  (crying)  I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

GWEN ANDERSON:  All right, I heard you.

(GWEN cleans up the mess.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  Do we have to have this conversation right now?

(A woman reporter walks up to them.)



LAS VEGAS POST REPORTER (WOMAN):  I'm from the Las Vegas Post.  How do you feel
about these pictures your secretary sold to the Midnight Informer this

(She hands STEVE ANDERSON some photographs of him with NEEDRA FENWAY.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  Where did you get these?

LAS VEGAS POST REPORTER (WOMAN):  The tabloid's web site.  Needra sold them to
pay for her legal fees. 

(STEVE looks across the pool over at GWEN.)


STEVE ANDERSON:  (after a long moment)  My only comment is that I love my wife
very much.

(GRISSOM puts his head down and rubs his forehead.)

(The LAS VEGAS POST REPORTER walks away.  She heads for GWEN ANDERSON.)

LAS VEGAS POST REPORTER (WOMAN):  Excuse me.  I'm from the Las Vegas Post.  Can
I ask you a few questions?

(She holds out the photos in front of GWEN.  GWEN barely glances at it, her eyes
on STEVE sitting across the pool.)

GWEN:  No.

(The Reporter walks away.)



(In the breakroom, GRISSOM and CATHERINE discuss the case with DR. PHILLIP

CATHERINE:  A wife kills her baby to get back at her husband over his affair. 
Come on.  Any woman would go after the husband, not the baby.

DR. PHILLIP KANE:  True. But, in some instances women have been known to kill
their children as a way to pay back a spouse.  Particularly if it's over an
affair and particularly if the child was a male child.

CATHERINE:  Well, I don't buy it.  I just don't buy it, doctor.  She really
loved that baby.

DR. PHILLIP KANE:  Well, Catherine that's why she's in this much pain now.

CATHERINE:  A guy cheats, but the wife commits murder.  How come moms always end
up the bad guy with you Freud types?

BRASS:  That's because this mother is the bad guy. 

(Everyone turns to listen to BRASS, who just walked into the room.)

BRASS:  CNN just dug up a 13-year-old charge against Gwen Anderson.  I heard it
on the car radio.

GRISSOM:  What kind of charge?

BRASS:  It's called shaken baby syndrome.  The oldest boy-- Tyler?  When he was
a newborn she shook him so hard they had to go to the hospital.  She shook the
kid unconscious.

CATHERINE:  Is this authentic?

BRASS:  Yeah. They were on the phone with the arresting officer from Oregon.  He
faxed me this report.  Our grieving mother ... her record for child abuse.

(BRASS hands the file to GRISSOM in front of a shocked CATHERINE.)



(The car door opens and BRAD LEWIS exits the car before GWEN ANDERSON.  There's
a large crowd in front of the entrance consisting of various reporters and
curious onlookers.  Cameras flash as they make their way toward the front door.)

(GRISSOM exits the front of the building to help.)

(People push their way toward her.  GRISSOM pushes out and grabs GWEN ANDERSON
and guides her toward the front door.)

REPORTER (MAN):  Baby killer!

FEMALE PARENT:  You should die! 
FEMALE PARENT:  You call yourself a mother? 
FEMALE PARENT:  You're the worst!

MALE PARENT:  Baby killer!
MALE PARENT:  Someone should take  those other kids from you!

(On the way to the door, Someone pushing toward them knocks into GRISSOM and
hits him in the eye.)

MALE MEDIA:  Did you kill Zachary over your husband's affair?
Did you act alone or did Tyler help?

FEMALE PARENT:  Baby killer!  Bitch!  Killer!  You deserve to die!

(GWEN ANDERSON and BRAD LEWIS make it to the front door.  A reporter stops

REPORTER (MAN):  Gil Grissom!

(GRISSOM turns around.)

REPORTER (MAN):  You found the baby.  How hard is it for you to look at Gwen

GRISSOM:  (upset)  Let me tell you something.  People are presumed innocent ...
innocent until a court of law can examine all the evidence and prove otherwise. 
Until then everything else is ... gossip.

(Done, GRISSOM heads into the building.)

WOMAN IN CROWD:  She deserves to be put in jail!
REPORTER:  Gil Grissom.  Gil Grissom!



(CATHERINE presses an ice pack to GRISSOM'S bruised eye.)


GRISSOM:  (grumbling)  I don't need this.

(GRISSOM and CATHERINE sit in the hallway.  GRISSOM takes off the ice pack from
his eye.)

CATHERINE:  Just do it.

(GRISSOM puts the pack back against his eye.)

CATHERINE:  That was quite a speech you made out there, but between you me and
the water fountain ... you think that Gwen Anderson's innocent?

(GRISSOM puts the pack down, surprised by CATHERINE'S question.)

GRISSOM:  What? Are you changing teams now?  You've been her biggest supporter.

CATHERINE:  I still am.  I'm just ... taking your temperature.

(GRISSOM puts the pack back against his eye.  The door opens and BRASS walks

BRASS:  Hey.  We're up.

(They stand up and head to the interview room.)

CATHERINE:  You didn't answer my question.

GRISSOM:  You're right. I didn't.

(GRISSOM throws ice bag in trash can.)



GWEN ANDERSON:  I never meant to hurt Tyler.  You have to understand.

GRISSOM:  You shook him unconscious.

GWEN ANDERSON:  He was choking.

BRASS:  All on his own?

BRAD LEWIS:  Change your tone or I'll end this right now.

BRASS:  Well, it's a legitimate question.  But I have to work on my tone. 
You're right.  (clears his throat)  I'll try again.  All on his own?

CATHERINE:  Go ahead, Mrs. Anderson.

GWEN ANDERSON:  He had gotten food in his windpipe.  His face was ... turning
red.  Steve was at work.  So, I, I patted him on his back and-and on ... and on
his stomach and finally, I turned him upside down and I started shaking him to
get the food out ... to ... to dislodge it, and I did.  But I realized that I
had hurt him, so I called 911.

BRAD LEWIS:  She was a new mother -- 23 years old.  If she'd meant to harm her
son why would she call 911?

GRISSOM:  Did the E.R. find proof that there was food lodged in Tyler's throat?

BRAD LEWIS:  No. That's why the police were called in.  And by the time my
client went home and found the chewed food on the kitchen floor it was all too
late.  She was branded.

GWEN ANDERSON:  It was a french fry.  He'd grabbed it from my plate.

BRAD LEWIS:  As for the death of little Zachary, my client categorically denies
any involvement. She's a victim of an intruder who entered her home and abducted
and killed her child.  Thank you all for your continued efforts to find the real

(BRAD LEWIS moves to stand up.  GRISSOM stops them.)

GRISSOM:  Did you know that your golf course paints its grass?

GWEN ANDERSON:  Excuse me?

GRISSOM:  It's actually a vegetable dye.  Biodegradable.  They've been using
green dye on television tournaments for several years.

BRAD LEWIS:  What's your point?

GRISSOM:  I found a pair of nylons in the back of your husband's closet.

BRASS:  We, uh we have a receipt that links them to your client.

GRISSOM:  The exact same dye from the golf course where Zachary was laid to rest
is on your nylons.

BRAD LEWIS:  She belongs to the club.  Grass stains.

CATHERINE:  But she doesn't play golf.  Remember our conversation, Mrs.
Anderson?  It's not your game?

(GWEN ANDERSON doesn't say anything.)

BRAD LEWIS:  If you arrest her now ... you have 48 hours to charge her.  You
really want to show your hand at the arraignment?

BRASS:  (stands up)  We'll be in touch.



(GWEN ANDERSON walks up to the car where STEVE is carrying ROBBIE who has his
arms out for mommy.  TYLER stands behind them.)

ROBBIE ANDERSON:  Mommy, I want my mommy.

(GWEN walks up to them and instead of taking ROBBIE from STEVE, she walks around
them to the car.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  Hey.  Can we just go, please?
TYLER ANDERSON:  What's going on?

(Standing near the window watching them, CATHERINE and GRISSOM are both
surprised by what they just saw.)

CATHERINE:  Did you see that?

GRISSOM:  A mother repelled by her young.

CATHERINE:  She didn't seem like that type to me.

(Outside, GWEN is in the car.  STEVE hands ROBBIE over to TYLER.)

STEVE ANDERSON:  All right, okay.  Here, go to your brother.

(CATHERINE turns to leave the window.)

CATHERINE:  I'll catch you later.  I want to hear that 911 tape.

(GRISSOM remains by the window watching.  On her way out, CATHERINE passes SARA
who walks toward GRISSOM.)

SARA:  Hi.


SARA:  Grissom? 

(GRISSOM turns around.)

SARA:  The coroner's been trying to reach you.

GRISSOM:  Did he nail time of death?

SARA:  9:00 P.M., But, uh, there's something else.  He isolated the fiber found
in Zachary Anderson's throat.  It's a flame-retardant material -- generic name's

GRISSOM:  From the baby's clothes?

SARA:  Fire-retardant infant's clothes are made out of vinyon.  The fiber found
in Zack's throat is a stronger chemical treatment.  It's found in things that
are made to be near fire and flames. 

(Something occurs to GRISSOM and he quickly turns and heads out the hallway. 
SARA sees him leave and quickly follows.)

SARA:  (eagerly)  Hey, can I go with you?




(GRISSOM opens the door and heads into the kitchen.  SARA follows.  GRISSOM
checks the drawers looking for something.  SARA also starts checking the

(GRISSOM pulls out a towel, then tosses it on the counter.)

(He opens the next drawer and stops.  He's found it.  The pot holders.  SARA
looks at them.)

SARA:  Same color as the fiber in Zack's throat.

(GRISSOM looks at SARA.)



(CATHERINE and WARRICK work on the 911 tapes.) 

WARRICK:  Okay, this is the 911 call from the Anderson house at 4:30 A.M.

STEVE ANDERSON:  (from tape)  Our baby has been kidnapped.  493 Fairmark. 
Please hurry.

CATHERINE:  Mrs. Anderson wasn't there?

WARRICK:  You wouldn't think so but I went ahead and separated out any
underlying voices.

GWEN ANDERSON:  (hysterical)  What are we going to do?!

WARRICK:  She was standing, like, two meters from the phone.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, well, it's a legitimate comment.  Doesn't make her guilty of

WARRICK:  I know, so I checked to see if she was, like, faking her concern. 
This program measures the stress level of the speakers.

GWEN ANDERSON:  (from tape)  Oh, god, what are we going to do?!

(WARRICK points to the results on the monitor of the 911 call from:  Las Vegas,
NV 89109 for (702) 555-0133.)

WARRICK:  The stress is real.

CATHERINE:  Are you familiar with the JonBenet case?

WARRICK:  A little.

CATHERINE:  Well, the police went back, and they found an earlier call that was
placed from the home to 911 and the audio tests separated out the son's voice. 
Now, I'm not saying that Tyler's our guy, but ... we need to check into every

WARRICK:  Well, I did backtrack and there were no other calls that night from
the Anderson house-- from the land line, or from the cell phone.

CATHERINE:  In the parents' name, but did you look under Tyler's?  I mean, a
rich kid like that's probably got a cell phone.

WARRICK:  Yeah. All right,  I'll get into it.

(CATHERINE'S phone rings.  She answers it.)


GRISSOM:  (from phone)  Anderson's attorney.  Seven a.m.

CATHERINE:  7:00 A.M.?  I'll be there.

GRISSOM:  (from phone)  Bring all the evidence.

CATHERINE:  Yeah. I'll bring it all.  Thanks.

(CATHERINE stands up and leaves the room.  She waves to WARRICK as she goes.)




(CATHERINE and GRISSOM walk into the large conference room.) 

BRAD LEWIS:  My colleagues, Messrs. Landry and Frank are representing Steve and
Tyler Anderson respectively.  Although we're not co-counsel in the strictest
sense we've agreed the authorities should have no more than three questions to
put to our clients each.  After that, we'll accept written submissions only.

CATHERINE:  Nice ... what money can buy.

STEVE ANDERSON:  My family is done being railroaded by you people so just ask
your questions, and let's go.

GRISSOM:  I don't have any questions.  We know what happened in your house the
night Zachary died.  We've interpreted the evidence.

CATHERINE:  All right, let's work backwards starting with the cover-up. 
Sometime around 11:00 P.M. the night of the kidnapping you and Mr. Anderson had
a drink -- rum and cola ...

(Quick flashback to:  That night.  STEVE ANDERSON pours himself a drink.  He
drinks and rests his elbows on the counter top trying to think.)

CATHERINE: (v.o.)  ... and decided what to do  with the body of Zachary.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  We have yet to determine whether or not his death was accidental or

GRISSOM:  The question documents lab thinks that a parent wrote the ransom note
because there's no money amount. 

(He shows them a photocopy of the ransom note.)

GRISSOM:  Too hard to put a price on your own son?

CATHERINE:  Mrs. Anderson, while your husband was writing the ransom note, you
wrapped Zachary's body in a blanket that you got from the upstairs linen closet.

(Quick flashback to:  GWEN ANDERSON opens the linen closet door and gets a
blanket out.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  You then laid his body to rest near a statue on the golf course.

(Quick flashback to:  GWEN ANDERSON carries the baby to the statue on the golf
course.  She kneels down in the grass.  Camera close up of her knee on the
grass.  She puts the baby down, placing him carefully on the grass.  She cries
and slowly backs away.  She leaves.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  That's how you got the grass stains on your nylons.

(GRISSOM hands over a photo to BRAD LEWIS to look at.)

CATHERINE:  You put down a plastic bag from the pantry so that he'd remain dry. 
Evidence of genuine care and concern. 

(TYLER turns to look at his mom who is slowly falling apart at hearing the story
recounted for them.)

CATHERINE:  And Mr. Anderson you put up a ladder outside the window.

GRISSOM:  The only shoe prints we found were yours and the gardener's and the
gardener has been out of town.  You then drove over to your office and cranked
off a ransom note on the first available printer ...

(Quick flashback to:  STEVE ANDERSON is in the office printing out the ransom

GRISSOM:  (v.o.)  ... possibly thinking that if you used a printer from outside
your house, we wouldn't be able to trace it. 

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  But these three dots ... have given you away.

(GRISSOM hands over the photo to BRAD LEWIS.)

BRAD LEWIS:  This may prove cover-up.  None of it proves they killed Zachary.

GRISSOM:  You're right, counselor.  Zachary's life was taken much earlier in the
evening.  The coroner estimated time of death at 9:00 P.M.

BRAD LEWIS:  Estimated.  It could be 8:30.

GRISSOM:  Yes.  While Robbie and Zachary were in Tyler's care. 

(GRISSOM turns to look at TYLER.  GWEN sees where this is heading.)

GRISSOM:  You said that we could ask three questions each.  Am I right?

GWEN ANDERSON:  Stop.  Ty didn't do this.

BRAD LEWIS:  Don't give them anything.

GWEN:  No, no. It doesn't matter.  We're already ruined.  Look, they're just ...
they're just trying to protect me, all right? 

BRAD LEWIS:  Please. 

GWEN ANDERSON:  And I can't go on.

BRAD LEWIS:  (warning)  Mrs. Anderson.

GWEN ANDERSON:  I killed him.  I came home.  Tyler h-h-hadn't put Zachary to bed
because he ... he was crying, and I wanted to hush him up and, and I just ... I
went too far.

BRAD LEWIS:  For the record my client made this statement against legal counsel.

GRISSOM:   Would you tell us ... how you killed him.

GWEN ANDERSON:  I smothered him with a pot holder.  And that's when Steve and I
came up with the kidnap story.

STEVE ANDERSON:  It was the longest night of our lives.

CATHERINE:  You had to wait till morning to report him missing.

GWEN ANDERSON:  So that it wouldn't look suspicious.  And you may not believe
me, but I loved him.  I loved him very, very much.

GRISSOM:  We're going to have to have them both arrested.

(BRAD LEWIS nods.)

(GWEN and STEVE look at each other.)




(CATHERINE and GRISSOM walk into the hallway  WARRICK walks out and is surprised
to see them back so soon.)

WARRICK:  I was just coming to meet you guys.  I thought you were at the

GRISSOM:  We're done.  She copped.


CATHERINE:  Guilty people do that when you corner them with evidence.

WARRICK:  Guys, the mother didn't do it.


WARRICK:  Listen.

(WARRICK hands GRISSOM the earphones.  GRISSOM puts them on and listens to the

TYLER ANDERSON:  (from tape)  What did you do, Robbie?!  What did you do?!

(GRISSOM looks at WARRICK, surprised.  WARRICK nods his head.)



(They re-question TYLER ANDERSON with STEVE ANDERSON sitting next to him.)

TYLER:  I was watching the boys.  I had my eye on them; I did.

(Quick flashback to:  ROBBIE is leaning over the crib.  He has the pot holder in
his hand and holds it over ZACHARY.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(GRISSOM flips through the file.)

GRISSOM:  Yeah. But then you called your girlfriend.

TYLER ANDERSON:  And we got to talking. 

(Quick flashback to:  TYLER ANDERSON on the phone.  End of flashback.)

TYLER ANDERSON:  And I was kind of ignoring Zack and Robbie. 

(BRASS glances over at ROBBIE who is playing with a toy and under the watchful
eye of the OFFICER.)

TYLER ANDERSON:  They were being quiet.  They were behaving.  I turned around,
and I saw how still he was. 

(Quick flashback to:  TYLER turns around and looks over at the crib where ROBBIE
is playing.  He walks over to the crib to check up on the kids.)

TYLER ANDERSON:  (v.o.)  I ran to him, and he was dead.

(He looks inside the crib and finds that ZACH isn't moving.  End of flashback. 
Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  And that's when you called 911.

(TYLER nods.  STEVE turns to look at TYLER.)

(Quick flashback to:  TYLER dialing the phone frantically.  ROBBIE stands in
front of TYLER, unaware of what's going on.  End of flashback.  Resume to

GRISSOM:  But you must have dropped the phone to tend to Zack.

(GRISSOM reaches for the tape player.)

(Quick flashback to the phone falling to the floor.)

OPERATOR:  (v.o.)  911.

TYLER ANDERSON:  (on tape)  What did you do, Robbie?! 

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(Quick flashback to:  TYLER looks into the crib, down at ZACH.  He turns and
yells at ROBBIE.)

TYLER ANDERSON:  What did you do? 

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  And I guess somewhere in the chaos you got disconnected.  Soon after
that, your parents arrived.

(Quick flashback to:  GWEN and STEVE walk into the house and find TYLER trying
to revive ZACH.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  Oh, my god.  What happened?

(GWEN rushes over.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  One of you worked on him so hard that you cracked his sternum.

(STEVE sighs.)

TYLER ANDERSON:  He was already blue.  I pushed.  I tried to breathe air into
him, but he was gone.

STEVE ANDERSON:  We did everything that we could.

BRASS:  Why didn't you just tell the truth? 

STEVE ANDERSON:  We wanted to protect Robbie.  (his voice breaks)  We didn't
want him to grow up with the stigma of ... "the boy who killed his brother."

GRISSOM:  He's three.  He's clinically unaware of his actions.  No court would
hold him accountable for that.

STEVE ANDERSON:  But everybody else would know.  It would follow him the rest of
his life.  And my wife ... would rather go to prison than to have anybody know
what Robbie did.

GRISSOM:  Mr. Anderson, we won't let that happen.

(STEVE looks at TYLER who turns to look over at ROBBIE playing quietly in the



(The doors slide open.  GWEN ANDERSON walks out of the cell and waits for the
main gate to open.  CATHERINE stands there waiting for her.  The doors open and
they hand GWEN her things.)

CATHERINE:  Now I know why you didn't want to hold Robbie when your husband
handed him to you outside the police department. 

(GWEN puts her jacket on.)

CATHERINE:  I'm very sorry.

GWEN ANDERSON:  (sniffles)  I always, uh ... I always tell them, "gentle,


GWEN ANDERSON:  He didn't mean it.  I know he didn't mean it.

CATHERINE:  (shakes her head)  Of course he didn't.

(GWEN walks past CATHERINE, then turns around.)

GWEN ANDERSON:  You must think that we are awful people -- all this stuff that's
come out.

CATHERINE:  You're an average family burdened with a tragedy that put you under
a microscope.  That close, nobody can look good.

(GWEN nods and turns to leave.)



(CATHERINE and GWEN ANDERSON turn the corner and meet up with GRISSOM who stands
there waiting for them.)

(Just outside near the windows, the shadow of the crowd in the front of the
building can be seen.  Camera lights flash.)

GRISSOM:  Your family's waiting for you.  You ready?


(Flanked with both GRISSOM and CATHERINE on either side of her, GWEN ANDERSON
heads for the front door.)


REPORTER (MAN):  (v.o.)  Will the family be moving ? 
REPORTER (MAN):  (v.o.)  Will you make any statements ?
REPORTER (MAN):  (v.o.)  Comments ?

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