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Les Experts
#402 : Eau Morte

Grissom enquête sur plusieurs meurtres qui font penser aux autorités qu'un tueur en série sévit en ville. Heureusement, des suspects possèdent des informations cruciales pour la résolution de cette affaire. Lorsque ceux-ci sont assassinés, Grissom s'interroge. Il soupçonne un policier d'avoir commis les crimes. Brass ne croit guère à cette hypothèse. De leur côté, Catherine et Sara tentent de recueillir des indices dans la chambre d'un étudiant. Le jeune homme a été retrouvé mort dans sa douche. Il pourrait avoir été tué par l'un de ses camarades. Les éléments recueillis sur le terrain devraient en fournir la preuve. 


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Titre VO
All For Our Country

Titre VF
Eau Morte

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

Plus de détails

Écrit par : Andrew Lipsitz & Carol Mendelsohn
Réalisé par : Richard J. Lewis

Avec : Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Skip O'Brien (Sgt. O'Riley), David Berman (David Phillips) 

Guests :

  • John Doman ..... Juge Slater 
  • Paul Francis ..... John Richardson 
  • David Andrews ..... Officier Dave Fromansky 
  • Scott Allan Smith ..... Stuart Gardner 
  • Marisol Nichols ..... Dispatcher 
  • Lombardo Boyar ..... Bill Knowlan 
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan ..... Jessee Commons 
  • Blake Shields ..... Wayne Handley 
  • Patrice Fisher..... Serveuse 
  • Andrew Leeds ..... Tom Bell
  • Patrick Stogner ..... Bradley Small 
  • Sandra Hess ..... Mandy Klinefeld 
  • Brandon Kirsch ..... Officier Almada 
  • Nate Torrence ..... Daniel O'Hennessey 
  • Joseph Patrick Kelly ..... Officer Metcalf 
  • Rudolf Martin ..... Cameron Klinefled 



[Scenes from 4X01: Assume Nothing]


(GRISSOM goes over the case and evidence with the team.)

(Cut to:  The HUSBAND has the knife against the WIFE'S neck while a gun is held to the back of his neck.)

GRISSOM:  You got a husband-and-wife serial team killing couples.

CATHERINE:  Mr. Dominguez was forced to kill his wife for the promise of freedom.

(Cut to:  Scenes of:  
*  The knife against ALICE DOMINGEZ' throat.
*  Cameron and Mandy Klinefeld hold gun to MR. DOMINGUEZ' back as they walk toward his car.)

SARA:  They were never going to let him go.

(CAMERON KLINEFELD knocks MR. LAGGERMAN out and MANDY KLINEFELD cuts his throat and her hand with the knife.)

KENNY RICHMOND (VALET):  Murder central?

(Scenes of:
* MR. LAGGERMAN in the ice machine
* WENDY LAGGERMAN with her throat cut in the motel room.)



(BRASS and GRISSOM talk with the Court Clerk.)  

(Scenes of:  
* CAMERON and MANDY KLINEFLED in the casino
* SARA picks up the knife from the floor of the back seat of the SUV.)

BRASS:  We are this close to busting a pair of serial killers, and the judge
won't issue a warrant?

STUART GARDNER (COURT CLERK):  Hey, I'm just the messenger.



JUDGE SLATER:  The affidavit is standing.

GRISSOM:  You've signed warrants for less.



CAMERON KLINEFELD:  "Love is not love".

GRISSOM:  Love is conditional.

CAMERON KLINEFELD:  For most people.

GRISSOM:  But not for you.



(NICK reviews the security video with CATHERINE.)

NICK:  Then she stuck her tongue in this jerk.

(Cut to:  CATHERINE kneels over the body on the table to get a swab sample.)

CATHERINE:  Rifkin's ear -- chances are she stuck it in Mr. Dominguez's ear, too.

(Quick CGI POV of the swab in the ear.)

GRISSOM:  Should get a warrant.


(Scenes of:
* The Rifkins and the Klinefelds passing lime wedges between them.
* GRISSOM scoops up bloodied ice from the ice machine.)


BRASS:  Mr. and Mrs. Klinefeld, Las Vegas police.

(BRASS walks into the KLINEFELD'S residence and finds MANDY KLINEFLED dead.)

BRASS:  We got a problem.  Somebody got to our killers before we did.

(GRISSOM walks into another room and finds CAMERON KLINEFELD dead with a bullet in his chest.)


(Quick CGI POV of:  Deep within the bullet wound track, the camera twists around and backs up out from the wound to show CAMERON KLINEFELD dead.)


(BRASS looks down at MANDY KLINEFELD on the ground.  He pulls out his weapon.)  

BRASS:  Are you carrying?

GRISSOM:  (looking around)  No.

BRASS:  Then get the hell out of here while I secure the room.

(GRISSOM backs out of the room and steps out of the house.)

(BRASS starts moving from room to room to check if anyone is there.  He walks down the hallway.  He checks the room.  He goes to the back of the house.  He checks the back rooms.)  

(He doesn't find anyone.)  

BRASS:  (v.o.)  (to phone)  This is Brass.



(BRASS walks down the stairs to the ground floor.)

BRASS:  (to phone)  Yeah.  I'm at 11546 Blackbird lane.  Got two gunshot victims.  Send rescue.  There's no rush.

(He hangs up the phone and walks out of the house to join GRISSOM.  GRISSOM stands on the front watching a couple of men leaning on their car.)

GRISSOM:  Are those your guys?

BRASS:  Yeah, they're UC.

GRISSOM:  How long they been sitting on the house?

BRASS:  Oh, about the time that Judge Slater didn't sign the first warrant.

GRISSOM:  Two undercover guys outside.  Two dead bodies inside.

BRASS:  Makes you feel a little paranoid, huh?

GRISSOM:  Not paranoid enough.





(The CORONER'S van drives up the road and pulls over to the side.  DAVID gets out of the vehicle and heads toward the house.)

(Across the road, GRISSOM and BRASS question the two Undercover officers assigned to keep an eye on the KLINEFELD'S.)  

BILL NOWLINS:  All right, Captain.  What do you want to know.

BRASS:  So, you guys been here the whole time?


BRASS:  What happened?

BILL NOWLINS:  Tell him.

JESSE COMMONS:  Around 7:00, there was a 444 call ...

(Quick flashback to:  [THAT NIGHT] The two officers are in their cars when they hear the dispatch over the radio.)

DISPATCH:  (over radio)  ... citizen reports officer down.  2529 Harmon Hill.  All units in the vicinity respond.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

BILL NOWLINS:  We met up with a couple black-and-whites.  U.T.L.

GRISSOM:  W ... what is that?

BRASS:  Unable to locate.

JESSE COMMONS: False alarm. We came right back. Observed no activity in the house until you guys got here.

GRISSOM:  You know we're going to need to see your guns.

JESSE COMMONS:  Why would we off two scumbags when we know you're coming back with a warrant?

GRISSOM:  It wasn't a question.

JESSE COMMONS:  And you're not my supervisor.

BRASS:  I am. I want your gun.  Give me your gun.

(The two OFFICERS gives BRASS their guns.  He checks the number of bullets in the clips.)

BRASS:  (to a third officer on the side)  Hey, help me out here.

(BRASS hands the weapons over to the third officer.)

BRASS:  (sighs)  And your backups, too.


(They reach down into their boots and remove their back up guns as well.)

BILL NOWLINS:  Satisfied?

BRASS:  Just doing my job.

(He hands the weapons to the officer on the side.)

BRASS:  (to the third officer)  Here you go.  (to the undercover cops)  Fellas, check out the back.  (he motions them forward)  Okay? Let's go.

(GRISSOM remains behind and watches BRASS walk with the two OFFICERS across the road.  NICK and WARRICK arrive in their SUV.)

(They get out of the car.)

NICK:  These our serials?

GRISSOM:  So it seems.

(They turn and head toward the house.)

GRISSOM:  Yesterday's suspects.  Today's victims.

NICK:  We had 'em ...

(GRISSOM motions for NICK to walk into the house.)

GRISSOM:  Take the inside.

(NICK enters the house.  GRISSOM and WARRICK linger in the doorway to look at the door.)

WARRICK:  No sign of forced entry ... on this door, at least.

(GRISSOM turns and watches BRASS check the weapons in the van.)

GRISSOM:  (to WARRICK)  Print the handle.



(GRISOM walks into the residence while WARRICK remains behind with the door.)

(He continues to walk into the next room where NICK has found something.  He has his kit on the floor, is kneeling down next to it and putting on his gloves.)

(NICK picks up a sample of something on the floor near the body.  He holds it up for GRISSOM to look at.)

NICK:  What do you think?

(Camera zooms in for a close up.  Resume to normal.)

GRISSOM:  I don't know what that is.  Make sure you get al though.  You see any cartridge casings?

NICK:  Not yet.

(GRISSOM turns and heads for MANDY KLINEFELD'S body.  DAVID PHILLIPS has just put in the thermometer to get a time of death.)

(He gets a reading while GRISSOM walks up to him.)


(GRISSOM looks at his watch.  It reads 7:06a.)

GRISSOM:  So T.O.D. was about 11:00 P.M.

(Cut to:  WARRICK dusts the door handle.)

(Cut to:  NICK tests the swab for blood.)

(Cut to:  GRISSOM takes pictures of MANDY KLINEFELD'S body.)

NICK:  Grissom, I've got blood, but ... a lot of pheno-negative stains as well.

GRISSOM:  We're going to bring everything back.  

(GRISSOM checks out the utility room and finds towels from The Sphere on the washing machine.)

(Cut to:  WARRICK prepares to take a shoe print off of a newspaper on the floor.)

NICK:  (o.s.)  Hey, Dave, let's run a tox screen on both d.b.'s okay?

(NICK takes off his gloves and walks into the room that WARRICK'S in.)

NICK:  What do you got, Rick?

WARRICK:  If the killer went out the back door, this may be his print.

(Quick camera close up of the print being lifted to the sheet.  Resume to present.)

(GRISSOM joins them in the room.)

WARRICK:  Good thing Brass had cops watching the house.  

GRISSOM:  Linens and towels from The Sphere on top of the washing machine, and what I believe to be sheets from the motel inside the dryer.  Both positive presumptive for blood.

NICK:  Think they were being smart taking the sheets, or did they just get off sleeping on 'em?

WARRICK:  Either way, they were sick and dangerous.

GRISSOM:  What does that say about whoever killed them?



(BRASS has finished checking the weapons.  The two officers put in their two cents about the murder in the house.)  

JESSE COMMONS:  Wh-what's the big deal?  There's no humans involved.  

BILL NOWLINS:  I mean, look, Captain.  Come on. The way I see it, somebody did us a favor.

BRASS:  Yeah.

BILL NOWLINS:  They're dead.  Case is closed.

BRASS:  Hey, this isn't a favor, Bill.  This is a screw-up.

BILL NOWLINS:  Would've been a lot bigger screw-up if ... if we didn't break surveillance and had an officer down four blocks away.

BRASS:  All right, what else did you see?

JESSE COMMONS:  Kid in that house made us.  Thought we were bad news.

BRASS:  You are bad news.




(SARA gets out of the SUV.)  

SARA:  I can't believe Grissom pulled us off that serial murder case.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, well, let me tell you how it ends.  They die.  

(They both head toward the house.)

CATHERINE:  Whoa, this isn't half bad for college kids.

SARA:  Yeah. Why live in a one-room flea bag when you can pool your resources and live like this.

CATHERINE:  Hey, how 'bout it: You, me, Warrick, Nick, Grissom ...

SARA:  (shakes her head)  Oh, nnn ... Not Grissom.

(They walk into the house.)


(The first floor ceiling is completely soaked through.  It looks as if it's raining on the inside.)  

CATHERINE:  What the hell is this?

OFFICER:  Ma'am, you may want to take one of these.

(He hands them an open umbrella.)

SARA:  Thank you.

CATHERINE:  Thanks.  Where's the body?

OFFICER:  Upstairs.

SARA:  Upstairs?


(They get a good look at the first floor and the entire ceiling is leaking.)

CATHERINE:  It's raining man juice?

SARA:  Hallelujah?

OFFICER:  You might want to wear those.

(The OFFICER puts two pairs of rubber boots down on the floor in front of their feet.)

SARA:  Thank you.



(SARA folds up the umbrella and shakes it.)

SARA:  Well, weather's clearing.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, if only the smell would.

SARA:  Yep.

(CATHERINE looks around and sighs.)

CATHERINE:  It's like a sewer in here.

(They reach the first bedroom doorway and the bedroom is completely flooded.  They make their way toward the bathroom.)


(SARA'S the first to see it.  There's a dead body floating in the tub completely bloated.  SGT. O'RILEY stands next to the tub.)

SARA:  Oh, my goodness.

(CATHERINE steps to the doorway and sees the body.)

CATHERINE:  Oh, god.

O'RILEY:  Soup's on.

CATHERINE:  How long has he been in here?

O'RILEY:  Roommates last saw him Thursday night.  Took off for the weekend.  
Came home to this.

SARA:  Guy goes to take a shower and DFOs.  He never got to the cold water, did

O'RILEY:  Roommate said only the hot water faucet was on.

SARA:  Must've been a steam bath in here.

O'RILEY:  Still is.

CATHERINE:  Well, any evidence on the floor's been washed away.

SARA:  There, uh ...  (clears throat):  Could be something in the tub.

CATHERINE:  We got to take that body and get it through that door.

SARA:  There's another option.

(SARA looks at the bathroom window.)



CALLER (MAN):  (v.o.)  (recording)  I'm at the corner of Harmon Hill and 25th,
just east of the intersection.  ...


(WARRICK is at dispatch collecting the recording.)  

CALLER (MAN):  (recording)  There's been a shooting.  I think a cop got shot.  
John, oh ... just occurred.  I heard the shots.

JEN:  I received the call and issued the 444.  Uniforms called back a few
minutes later, said they checked the area, said it was a U.T.L.  You want to
hear that?

WARRICK:  I'll hear it when you give me a dub of the original caller's voice ...
and his phone number.

JEN:  (smiles)  I can get that for you right now.

(JEN works on the computer and gets the results:  
     Telephone Number Identified:
     Loc:  Harmon Hill/25th.)




(GRISSOM checks his phone message:  
     GRIS. GOT THE 911
     555-0187.W.    )

(GRISSOM dials.  He walks over to the two officers waiting for the phone to
ring.  He can hear his phone ring, but not the receiving phone.)

JESSE COMMONS:  (o.s.)  I'm sick of this lock-down, man.

BILL NOWLINS:  Head's up.

JESSE COMMONS:  Are we done?

GRISSOM:  If I'm not done, you're not done.

JESSE COMMONS:  We already gave you our footprints, and our fingerprints are on
file, so what else do you need?

GRISSOM:  Which way is Harmon Hill?

(BILL NOWLINS points.  GRISSOM heads in that direction.  When he gets just a
short distance away, he hears a cell phone ring.)

(Off in the bushes to the side of the walkway, under the brush, GRISSOM finds
the phone.  He takes out a pair of gloves and picks it up.)

(The something catches his eye.  He sees a large number of ants near a puddle of
liquid on the sidewalk.  He takes out a swab and takes a sample of the liquid.)

(GRISSOM stands up and looks around.  He sees the two officers talking with each
other near the van and he sees BRASS interviewing the next door neighbor's kid,

BRASS:  So, Bradley, you saw our police officer at that door?

BRADLEY:  Yeah ... and I was watching these guys all night.  See, the two bad
guys drove away in the van, and then the policeman showed up, knocked on the
door.  Mr. Klinefeld let him in ... but he never came back out.

BRASS:  Did you see a police car?

BRADLEY:  Must've walked here.

BRASS:  Did you hear any gunshots?


BRASS:  Okay, thanks, Bradley.  Good job.

BRADLEY:  No problem.

(BRADLEY and his mom leave.)

BRASS:  Ever see a beat cop anywhere but the strip?

GRISSOM:  And how'd he beat us to the killer?




(Quick CGI POV of:  Bits of plastic in flesh.  The camera pulls back to show the
forceps -pull out a piece of plastic from the flesh ... from the bullet wound

(End of CGI POV.  Resume to Present.)


(ROBBINS goes over his findings with GRISSOM.)  

ROBBINS:  Trace evidence.  Definitely doesn't belong in the wound track.  Did
your guy get shot through a window?

GRISSOM:  No.  We found a lot of this material at the crime scene.

ROBBINS:  Absence of gunshot residue.

GRISSOM:  Maybe he was shot through some sort of object.

ROBBINS:  Well, Mr. Klinefeld was shot once in the front and Mrs. Klinefeld once
in the back.

(Quick flashback of:  CAMERON KLINEFELD gets shot.  MANDY KLINEFELD stands up
and starts running for the door.  She doesn't make it and gets shot in the

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

ROBBINS:  Dare I say the couple that slays together, lays together?

(They turn to look at each other.)



(The body of the college student is wrapped and on a platform.  The WORKERS
there lift and carry the body through the bathroom window and onto a platform on
the roof.)

(CATHERINE and SARA work at scooping the remains out of the bathtub.)

(Several dissolves of CATHERINE scooping the remains out of the bathtub.)

CATHERINE:  (checking the drain)  This drain hasn't been tampered with.  It's
just clogged.  I think this is an accidental.

SARA:  (looking at the medicine cabinet)  There's nothing but young people
stuff.  No meds, except some aspirin.  No prescriptions.

CATHEIRNE:  Well, I don't think that means much.  Chances are he's not getting
his drugs from a medicine cabinet.

SARA:  There's no sign of struggle.  Any prints would have been washed away.  
Where does that leave us?

CATHERINE:  Same place we were when we walked through the door -- with a bloated


[INT. CSI - LAB -- DAY]  

(NICK looks at the pieces of plastic that he picked up from the KLINEFELD'S
carpet.  WARRICK leans on the other side of the table.)  

NICK:  Hey, you know that cell phone Grissom found at the crime scene?


NICK:  Traced it back to a Public Defender.  Said she lost it.  Made life hell
for her while she was in DC.

WARRICK:  Mm ... have you run a sample of this through the GCMS?

NICK:  Mm-hmm. Polyethylene.

WARRICK:  Polyethylene.  I got the results back from Grissom's ant puddle.

NICK:  mm-hmm.

WARRICK:  Corn syrup, glucose, caramel and water.

NICK:  Hang on a second.  

(NICK stands up and walks into the other lab.)

NICK:  Where do you keep the sodium rhodizinate?

WARRICK:  On top of the file cabinet.

(NICK goes over to the cabinet.  WARRICK turns to RICH sitting in the room
behind the table.)

(CC)  WARRICK:  So, what's up?  You and Bobby switched or what?

WARRICK:  Hey, Rich, whatever happened with those bullets?

(RICH looks up at WARRICK.)

RICH:  Six right nine-millimeter.  Beretta, amongst others.  Consistent with an
officer's duty weapon.  

WARRICK:  Consistent with officer commons and Officer Nowlin's weapons?

RICH:  No match.  That includes backups.

WARRICK:  Well, thanks.

(WARRICK returns to his table.)

NICK:  Hey, Warrick.


NICK:  Polyethylene plus corn syrup plus GSR gives you what?

WARRICK:  Polyethylene and corn syrup is... cola in a bottle.

NICK:  GSR on the inside of a plastic bottle means ...

RICH:  Soda silencer.

(Quick POV of:  Person holding a gun and putting an empty plastic bottle at the
end of the barrel.  He fires.  End of Quick POV.  Resume to present.)

NICK:  Poor man's silencer.  Only good for a couple shots.

WARRICK:  So, that shooter was sitting on the house and the surveillance team.  

(Quick flashback to:  That night, the killer empties out the soda, makes the
call and waits for the van to leave.)

WARRICK:  (v.o.)  Empties out his bottle of soda... calls in an "officer down"
... ...drops the phone and takes a walk.

(The killer walks over to the house.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to next scene.)

(NICK and WARRICK share their theory with GRISSOM.)

NICK:  What do you think?  

GRISSOM:  Who do we have around here that could find us a somewhat used soda

(They all look at each other, then they turn and look back at GREG who's working
quietly in the next lab behind them.  He looks up and finds them staring at




(GREG opens the sliding door and walks out of the house to the officer standing
guard out back.  He puts on a pair of gloves and looks around.)

(Cut to:  GREG walks around the side of the house and through the gate.  He
checks out the walk and checks the storm drain.)

(Cut to:  GREG finishes checking the side of the house.)



(NICK is in the print lab working on the electrostatic shoe print taken from the
newspaper on the floor.  He compares the prints to the officer's shoes.  No

(NICK opens the flatbed scanner and scans the print into the computer.  He looks
at the print on the monitor.)


(Cut back to:  GREG puts the bags of garbage back into the trash bin.  He closes
the two trash bins and looks down the sidewalk.)

(Cut to:  As he takes a walk down the front street of the house, he looks


(Cut to:  NICK works on the shoe print on the computer.  He checks the density
levels of the print.  On screen, he separates out the different impressions left
at different density levels.)


(Cut back to:  GREG turns the corner and starts down the second street.)

(Several dissolves of:  Greg gets tired.  GREG jumps up and looks over the
concrete block fence.)

(Finally, GREG notices the storm drain.  He lies flat on the road to check



(SARA is in the lab examining the shirt.  She flips the shirt inside out and
takes a picture of it.  She puts a sheet of plastic over the shirt and makes an
outline of the void impression.)

(CATHERINE walks into the lab.)


SARA:  Floater's shirt.  Took it off his bed.  What does this look like to you?

CATHERINE:  A backwards seven.

SARA:  Yeah, that's what I got.  What's it doing on a DB's shirt?

CATHERINE:  I don't know.

(She lifts up the plastic and touches the smudges on the shirt.  She rubs her
fingertips together.)

CATHERINE:  Some kind of greasepaint or makeup.

SARA:  How do you get paint on the inside of your clothes?

CATHERINE:  Rubs off your chest.  Oh, what kind of guy paints his chest?

SARA:  Performance artist?  A clown maybe?

CATHERINE:  (smiling)  Sports freak.

(SARA squints back at CATHERINE.)



(GRISSOM and BRASS walk through the hallway discussing the case.)  

BRASS:  Well, it's not like you to have a one-track mind.

GRISSOM:  If the evidence points to cops, we chase cops.

BRASS:  Jesse Commons and Bill Nowlin were doing what I asked them to do.  They
were sitting on the house.  Until you can get enough physical evidence to
support a warrant.

GRISSOM:  Somebody knew we were looking at the Klinefelds.  They knew where they
lived.  That's somebody inside.

BRASS:  Cops don't take the law into their own hands.

GRISSOM:  Ha! In what city?

(They turn and walk into GRISSOM'S office.)

BRASS:  Oh, you want to hit below the belt?  You know, a lot of people had
access to the Klinefelds.  Who knows, maybe CSI III, Nicky Stokes opened up his
mouth to another parking lot attendant.

(GRISSOM's silent for a moment.)

GRISSOM:  There was an eyewitness who saw a uniform at the front door.

BRASS:  Oh, come on, a ten-year-old insomniac kid, hyped up on sugar, going
blind on x-box.  Who knows what he saw?

GRISSOM:  So, now you're discrediting your own witness?

BRASS:  All right, let's break it down.  You got a public defender's cell phone,
no prints.  You got officers' weapons taken from the scene, not fired.  You got
officers' shoe prints, not matching the evidence print.  You got three black-
and-whites confirming that Commons and Nowlin responded to a 444.  Give these
guys a break.

GRISSOM:  Just because they weren't the shooters doesn't mean they weren't

BRASS:  Oh, what, so it's a conspiracy?  

GRISSOM:  Oh, please!  You got a bogus 444 call two blocks away.

BRASS:  Oh, come on, you know the deal. You know better than that.  There's
bogus calls come in every day.  Well, maybe you don't, because you're the kind
of guy who goes to serve a warrant without a gun.

GRISSOM:  I'm not a cop.

BRASS:  Well, that's a distinction that could be lost when the suspect's still
inside the house.  Look, I had your back.  Now I expect you to have mine.

GRISSOM:  That's not the way it works.

BRASS:  In what city?

(GREG walks up to the office and into the doorway.  He interrupts the argument.)

GREG:  Hey, guys?  I found something.

GRISSOM:  Not now.

GREG:  No. You need to see this.  Both of you. Now!


GREG:  Please.

(GREG turns and leaves the office.)



(The men stare at an officer's uniform.)  

(Both BRASS and GRISSOM are usually quiet as they stare at the shirt.  
Everything about it looks very authentic.)

(GREG looks from GRISSOM to BRASS, then back to GRISSOM.)

GREG:  Sorry I didn't find the soda bottle.

GRISSOM:  This'll do.





(BRASS examines the uniform and makes note of certain things.)

BRASS:  Star-1 uniforms.  It's the biggest uniform shop in town.  From casino
dealers to cops.  Shirt's wet.

GREG:  I found it in a storm drain.

GRISSOM:  Where exactly?

GREG:  Two blocks west of the house.

BRASS:  (notes)  Opposite direction from the 444.

(BRASS looks over the shirt.)

BRASS:  uh ... Buttons.

GRISSOM:  Meaning?

BRASS:  All the new uniforms have zippers.

(GRISSOM reaches out and checks the uniform collar.)

GRISSOM:  This collar's dry.  It's hot out -- at least a buck twenty-five.

BRASS:  Let's hope whoever was wearing that shirt sweats.

(BRASS touches the badge.)

BRASS:  The badge looks legit.  I'll run the number.

(He turns and leaves the lab.)

(GRISSOM looks at GREG.)



(Camera opens on a green brain in a metal dish on the cart next to the table.  
ROBBINS goes over the findings with CATHERINE and SARA.)  

ROBBINS:  Roommates were unable to make a positive ID due to the accelerated
decomposition, but dental records confirmed Daniel O'Hannissey.  Laceration on
the forehead -- macerated, but not significant.  Contusion with a small
laceration ... here, below the ear.  That did some damage.  There's an obvious
hematoma in the subdural space consistent with a subdural bleed.  Herniation of
the uncinate process on the same side.

SARA:  Doc, uh, why is his brain green?

ROBBINS:  He was steamed.  Turns the brain into lime gelatin.

CATHERINE:  Cause of death?

ROBBINS:  Ruled out drowning.  There was no water in the lungs.  He was dead before he hit the water.  So, you are looking at it -- a blow to the back of the head.  Resulted in a subdural hematoma.  Sort of like a slow leak in a tire.

CATHERINE:  A slow leak in a tire?

ROBBINS:  Odds are Danny had no idea he was bleeding in his brain.  He probably felt fine.  Maybe a little woozy.  Then out of nowhere, he drops.

SARA:  How long do you think he lived after the blow?

ROBBINS:  12 to 24 hours.

CATHERINE:  Well, he had to have been in the water for a couple of days to look like this.  Roommates last saw him Thursday.  So I guess we start there and we work backwards.  Thanks.





FROMANSKY:  I lost my badge years ago.  Filed a report.  Got issued a new one.

BRASS:  Yeah, I'm aware of officers "losing" their badges.

FROMANSKY:  Then we don't have a problem, do we?

BRASS:  No, we got a problem 'cause your badge was found in the proximity of a
crime scene.

GRISSOM:  How'd you manage to lose your badge?

FROMANSKY:  Such is life.

GRISSOM:  That's not the answer I was hoping for.

BRASS:  I've been looking at your jacket.  Reads like a novel.  You got a lot of
entries in here.  You got, uh ... beat-and-release.  You got some stick therapy.  
What's up with this?

FROMANSKY:  Show me a cop without a few entries in his jacket, I'll show you a

GRISSOM:  You referring to me?

FROMANSKY:  Guys like you get to sit on your ass behind a desk because guys like
me are out there doing the real work.

BRASS:  (sighs)  Okay, tough guy, tell me what you know.

FROMANSKY:  I lost my badge.  End of story.

(GRISSOM reaches for a swab on the desk and starts to stand up.)

FROMANSKY:  If I ever find the guy that stole it, be--...

(He stops when he realizes that GRISSOM has a swab in his hand.)

FROMANSKY:  I want my union rep.

BRASS:  I'm it.

FROMANSKY:  I want somebody impartial.  

BRASS:  Well, I was impartial.  Now open up.



(GRISSOM rushes through the hallway to the DNA lab.  He's carrying the bagged
swab.  NICK and GREG are talking.)  

NICK:  You went for a bottle and found a shirt?

GRISSOM:  (interrupting)  This swab is your new priority.

GREG:  I was just filling Nick in...

GRISSOM:  Fill me in first.  The sweat stain?

GREG:  Uh, I was just getting started.  I can do them both together.

(He turns to NICK.)

GRISSOM:  The shoe print?

NICK:  Running it through limbic.

GRISSOM:  How can you be doing that when you're standing here?

(GRISSOM turns and walks into the audio/visual lab.  WARRICK is going through
the call.)

CALLER (MAN):  (on tape)  I'm at the corner of Harmon Hill and 25th.  Just east
of the intersection.  There's been a shooting.  I think a cop got shot.  John,
oh ... just occurred.  I heard shots.

GRISSOM:  Where are we?

WARRICK:  Check it out.

(WARRICK plays it again to show GRISSOM what he's found so far.)

CALLER (MAN):  (on tape)  I think a cop got shot.  John, oh ... just occurred.  
I heard shots.

WARRICK:  I have never heard a citizen that calm.  This 911 caller knew the
drill.  He's using Officers code.  'J' becomes john.  'O' becomes ocean.  J.O.--
Just occurred.  

GRISSOM:  Old habits die hard.  

WARRICK:  I'm only halfway home.  I need a voice exemplar.  Did you get a name
off that badge?





ROOMMATE:  You know, Daniel was from Green Bay.  Big-time diehard football fan.  
He tried to walk-on here, but, uh ... didn't make the team.  But, hey, come game
night, he was always at the stadium.

CATHERINE:  What about the away games?

ROOMMATE:  He watched one game at home and lost all of his chill privileges.  It
was ugly.

CATHERINE:  Define ugly.

ROOMMATE:  Busted the couch, jumping on it.  Neighbors called the cops 'cause he
was so loud.  He was a real bluto.

SARA:  Where else did he 'bluto'?



(CATHEIRNE and SARA interview the WAITRESS.)  

WAITRESS:  Everybody knew Dan-O.  He's the kind of guy that keeps a place like
this in business.  I'm going to miss him.

SARA:  When was the last time you saw him?

WAITRESS:  When was the last rebel game?  Thursday.

CATHERINE:  Did you notice anything?  Did he ...feel okay?

WAITRESS:  Better than okay.  He was pumped.  He was so pumped that him and some
of his buddies got into it with some other guys.

SARA:  Wh-what do you mean?
He started a fight?

WAITRESS:  No, Shirley Temple started the fight.

(Quick flashback to the bar that night.  DANIEL O'HANNISSEY is getting into the
game at the bar.)

DANIEL O'HANNISSEY:  Right there!  Right there!  WOO!

(He motions for the WAITRESS.)

DANIEL O'HANNISSEY:  Hey, see those four guys down there?  Give them four
Shirley Temples.  Shirley temples -- extra cherries.  Keep the change.

(He hands her a large bill.)

(Cut to:  The WAITRESS delivers the drinks.)

WAITRESS:  Shirley temples all around.

(WAYNE and the guys look to see who's delivering the slight.)

DANIEL O'HANNISSEY:  Hey, Wayne, those are for you, buddy.  Those are for you
and your boys.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  How did Shirley take it?

WAITRESS:  Not so good.

(Quick flashback to:  WAYNE is right behind DANIEL O'HANNISSEY.)

WAYNE:  Come here, tough guy.

(Suddenly there's some action on the monitor.  DANIEL O'HANNISSEY turns around
to cheer.)


(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

WAITRESS:  You know how guys are.  They scrap until someone gets a touchdown.

SARA:  Yeah. Yeah, right.

CATHERINE:  Do you see any of those guys in here now?

(The WAITRESS looks around the bar.)

WAITRESS:  There's a couple of Shirleys over there by the big screen.

(CATHERINE and SARA look at each other.)



BROWN:  (v.o.)  Jen, I need a sample of Fromansky's voice.


(WARRICK is back at dispatch.)  

JEN:  (flirting)  What's it worth to you?

(WARRICK chuckles.)

WARRICK:  Drinks?

JEN:  I don't think you understand.

(She flicks the player switch on.)

FROMANSKY:  (on tape) Officer in pursuit of late-model Honda civic.  Possibly
stolen.  Heading northbound on Koval Lane.

(She clicks the tape off.)

WARRICK:  Hold on.

(WARRICK reaches out to stop her.  She grabs his hand.)

JEN:  Now, I've got three full minutes of Officer Fromansky here.  I was
thinking of maybe taking it to the dispatch convention.

WARRICK:  Oh, no, no.  Okay, okay.  Drinks at my place.

JEN:  I can make that dub for you.  What time?

(WARRICK laughs.)



(GRISSOM walks to his car and gets in.  He starts the engine and backs up out of
the stall.  OFFICER FROMANSKY appears near his open window, a hand on his car
door.  GRISSOM hits the brakes.)  

FROMANSKY:  Got a second?

GRISSOM:  You're a suspect in an ongoing investigation.  We're not allowed to
have a conversation.

FROMANSKY:  I wouldn't waste my life on them.

GRISSOM:  Well, if that's true, then your DNA sample will rule you out.

FROMANSKY:  Someday, you're going to need me or my buddies at a scene ... and
wouldn't you know it-- we all hit traffic on the way.

GRISSOM:  Is that how you do your job, officer?

FROMANSKY:  Have a safe night.

(OFFICER FROMANSKY turns and walks away.)



(ARCHIE does the voice print comparison/analysis for WARRICK and GRISSOM.  He
has the two tapes running one on top of the other.)  

FROMANSKY:  (on tape)  Officer in pursuit of late-model honda civic ...

CALLER (MAN):  (on tape)  just occurred  ... I heard shots .

FROMANSKY:  (on tape)  Heading northbound ...

CALLER (MAN):  (on tape)  just east of the intersection.  There's been a ...

ARCHIE:  Pitch, speed, volume -- They're all different.  It's not even close.

GRISSOM:  Maybe he disguised his voice.

ARCHIE:  There's no distortion.

WARRICK:  Fromansky didn't make that call, Gris.

(GREG walks up to the lab doorway.)

GREG:  The, uh, sweat from the uniform not a match to officer Fromansky.

(GRISSOM takes off his glasses.  He realizes that they're concentrating on the
wrong man.)





(GRISSOM is in the breakroom, thinking.  BRASS walks into the room.)  

BRASS:  You're a hard guy to find.

GRISSOM:  I messed up, Jim.  I got ahead of the evidence.  I made it personal,
and I don't know why.

BRASS:  We both got a little stubborn.  Did a little head-butting.  I kind of
liked it.  You were like your old self there.  Anyway ...

(BRASS gets a cup of coffee and sits down opposite GRISSOM.)

BRASS:  Fromansky was my money, too.

GRISSOM:  I still think it's somebody inside.  

BRASS:  Pull off a murder like this, it takes some practice.  So... one thing I
remembered. About six or seven months ago, we arrested a couple of gang-bangers.  
They were popping blackjack dealers on their way home from work, taking their
toke envelopes.  Because of some technicality, Judge Slater let them walk right
out of the courtroom.  I mean, they were talking about this in the precinct for
weeks.  Now this morality play has a very quick and unhappy ending.  Somebody
shot them.

GRISSOM:  Vigilantes?

BRASS:  Maybe.  But still, I don't like a cop for this.

GRISSOM:  So take the cops out.  Who's left?



(NICK has printed all the density levels onto clear plastic.  He puts them
together and comes up with one composite of the shoe print.  He holds up the
clear plastic sheets up as we:  



(Close up of the Nevada Seal:  "All for our country * Nevada)

(Camera pulls back to show the heavy seal on the ground in front of a column.  
GRISSOM and BRASS stand over the seal.)  

GRISSOM:  "All for our country."

BRASS:  That's what he probably told himself.

(They head inside the County Courthouse Building.)



(GRISSOM and BRASS face the JUDGE.)  

JUDGE SLATER:  Like I told you before, if you're here for a warrant, you better
have evidence to back it up.

BRASS:  We're not here to get a warrant, Judge.  We're here to serve one.

(BRASS hands the warrant to JUDGE SLATER.)



(CATHERINE, SARA and O'RILEY interview WAYNE.)  

O'RILEY:  Wayne, you want to tell us about the game Friday night?

WAYNE:  You mean like strategy?  Chalk talk?

CATHERINE:  Start with the Shirley Temples and go from there.

(WAYNE laughs.)

WAYNE:  You're talking about those idiots from UNLV.

O'RILEY:  We have a witness that said you guys had a beef.  Specifically, you
and number seven.

WAYNE:  Dude, I don't even know those guys, okay?  They came in, they tried to
be funny, and we set them straight.


WAYNE:  Gave them a little talking to.

SARA:  Any blows exchanged?  Physical contact?

WAYNE:  Did that punk bitch rat us out?  It was harmless.  It was nothing.

SARA:  Punk bitch?  A kid is dead.

WAYNE:  (surprised)  What?

SARA:  Dan O'Hannissey is dead.

WAYNE:  I didn't do anything.  Hey, that guy left before we did, and he was
fine.  He was still running his mouth.

O'RILEY:  I suppose your buddies will testify to that?

WAYNE:  Yeah, they'll testify to that.  Look, you can ask anybody who was in

(CATHERINE notices his ring.)

CATHERINE:  Interesting ring you've got on.

WAYNE:  The SMU sharks.

CATHERINE:  That's a college ring.  Mind if I borrow it?

WAYNE:  You want to borrow my ring?


(He removes the ring and puts it on the table.)

WAYNE:  Okay.  Take it.  I didn't do anything.

O'RILEY:  You're not under arrest.  You're free to go.



JUDGE SLATER:  You have a lot of nerve walking in my chambers accusing me of

GRISSOM:  I'm not accusing you of murder.  I just want to see your shoes.

JUDGE SLATER:  You've a warrant to search my closet?

GRISSOM:  We need to see all your shoes.

BRASS:  That goes for your bailiff and your clerk as well.  Gentlemen, please remove your shoes.  I'm sure you'd want to set an example for all court employees.

JUDGE SLATER:  The warrant is limited to me, my Clerk and the Bailiff?

BRASS:  The Klinefeld warrant was generated from this office, and only you three had access to their personal information, so ... yeah.

JUDGE SLATER:  I look forward to the day you return to my courtroom, Detective.  

(JUDGE SLATER sits in his seat and raises his shoes to be checked.  BRASS sighs.)

STUART GARDNER:  Who issued the warrant?

BRASS:  Judge Correll.

STUART GARDNER:  Good Judge.  Always count on him for paper.

(GRISSOM checks the bottom of the JUDGE'S shoes.)

GRISSOM:  Not this pair.

(GRISSOM checks the bailiff's shoes.)

GRISSOM:  Not those.

(GRISSOM sees the pack of cigarettes in STUART GARDNER'S shirt pocket.)

GRISSOM:  You a smoker?

STUART GARDNER:  Is that a crime?

GRISSOM:  It's not good for you.

(GRISSOM finds the pair of shoes.)

(Quick flashback to:  SUART GARDNER standing in front of the column and on the seal during his smoke break.  Emphasis on his shoes when he steps away.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(GRISSOM looks up from the shoes to STUART GARDNER.)



(SARA and CATHERINE are in the lab.)  

SARA:  What tipped you to the ring?


SARA:  Peter Benchley's Jaws?

CATHERINE:  No, it was in Steven Spielberg's Jaws.  They had this mechanical shark named Bruce.  And he kept swimming round and round in circles.

SARA:  How come?

CATHERINE:  His dorsal fin was bent.

(Close up of the bent fin on the ring.)

SARA:  How did Bruce's fin get bent?

CATHERINE:  Same way the kid's ring did.  It hit something.

(Quick flashback to:  Back at the bar that night, WAYNE approaches DANIEL O'HANNISSEY.)

DANIEL O'HANNISSEY:  Don't be pushing, tough guy!

(DANIEL turns around and pushes WAYNE back.)

WAYNE:  Come on!

(Suddenly the shouting and cheering on the television has DANIEL'S attention and he turns to cheer and whoop along with the game, turning his back to WAYNE.)

(Rather than wait around, WAYNE swings and hits DANIEL in the back of the head.)

(Quick CGI POV to:  Inside DANIEL'S head, he starts bleeding.  End of CGI POV.)

(DANIEL turns around and rushes WAYNE.  His friends stop him.)

WAYNE:  Come on. Come on!

FRIENDS:  Forget it, man.

(End of flashback.)


[INT. BAR -- DAY]  

(SARA and CATHERINE re-interview WAYNE.)  

WAYNE:  You got to be kidding me.

SARA:  You threw a punch.  Probably a sucker punch.

WAYNE:  Look, I told you, that guy walked away.

CATHERINE:  But he was already dying.  And you're responsible.

SARA:  Now who's the punk... bitch?  



(BRASS is starting his interview with STUART GARDNER.)  

BRASS:  (to tape recorder)  This is detective Jim Brass, Las Vegas Police Department.  Interview room "A."  I'm with Stuart Gardner, County Court Clerk. Please, um, state your name.

(He puts the recorder on the table.)

STUART GARDNER:  Stuart Gardner.  G-A-R-D-N-E-R.

BRASS:  And spell it for the record.  That's right.  You used to be a cop.

STUART GARDNER:  Once a cop, always a cop.  You and I are brothers.

(BRASS leans forward.)

BRASS:  (quietly)  I'm not your brother.  

(BRASS straightens, turns and heads for the other end of the table where he takes a seat.)

BRASS:  You're a murderer.  

(Quick flashback to:  [THE KLINEFELD'S]  CAMERON KLINEFELD looks at the bogus warrant.)

STUART GARDNER:  I have a warrant to search these premises.

CAMERON KLINEFELD:  This is a joke.  You can't arrest me.

(CAMERON turns and walks into the house.)

STUART GARDNER:  I'm not here to arrest you.

(STUART GARDNER lifts up his gun with the plastic bottle silencer at the end of it and fires.)

CAMERON KLINEFELD:  What, wait a second ...

(MANDY sees the shot, stands and runs for the door.  He fires and hits her in the back.)

(STUART GARDNER grabs a towel of the faucet to use to open the back door.  The newspaper on the counter falls to the floor.  He steps on it on his way out.  He closes the door behind him.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

BRASS:  We also found your old uniform shirt, with your DNA on the collar.  What are you going to retire on?  Psych?  Medical?  What?

STUART GARDNER:  Weren't you close to retirement?  After you shot that bystander?

BRASS:  Ah, you want to talk about me, huh?  Oh, you're a clerk.  Get your facts straight.  He wasn't a bystander.  He was a passenger in a felony pursuit.

STUART GARDNER:  So how'd you get promoted to Captain after that?

BRASS:  Must be my good looks.

STUART GARDNER:  You agreed to drive a desk ... at CSI ... with all the sleazy civilians.

BRASS:  Don't knock the CSI, Stuart.  They put a lot of bad guys away.  

(BRASS stands up and walks toward the mirror.)

BRASS:  You know, I'm going to give you a little therapy for free.  You know, if you had only shown a little restraint, they would have processed the DNA after Klinefelds'.  Slam-dunk case.

STUART GARDNER:  Lots of guys get off on slam-dunk cases.

BRASS:  Yeah, I bet you saw a lot of that working for Judge Slater, most liberal judge in the state.  


(GRISSOM, WARRICK and NICK watch the interview.)

BRASS:  (through speakers)  Bet you saw a lot of good cases go south, while you just processed those release forms, huh?  


(STUART stands up and moves to stand directly behind BRASS.  The officer at the back of the room follows close behind.)

STUART GARDNER:  Let me ask you something.  Doesn't it piss you off to put all your hard work in the hands of twelve people too stupid to get off jury duty?


(BRASS turns around.)

BRASS:  (through speakers)  Stuart, sit down.

WARRICK:  This guy's a nut job vigilante.  He's making the whole department look bad.

GRISSOM:  I guess he'd just figured he'd take a shortcut.  You've thought about it.

WARRICK:  Yeah, lots of times ... what about you?

(GRISSOM looks at WARRICK.  Rather than answer the question, GRISSOM stands and leaves the room.)

(He walks out of the OBSERVATION ROOM and into the HALLWAY where he passes by OFFICER FROMANSKY walking in the opposite direction.  OFFICER FROMANSKY looks at GRISSOM as he walks by.)

(GRISSOM stops and turns back to look at OFFICER FROMANSKY.  FROMANSKY doesn't spare him a backward glance.)



(GRISSOM is at the firing range with his gun.  He empties the cartridge.  When he's done, he brings the target up forward where we see that GRISSOM is an excellent shot.  All bullets hit the 9-bullseye target center.)

(Camera holds on the target.)



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