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Les Experts
#514 : La peau de l’ours

Sofia, Sara, Grissom et Greg sont chargés d'une affaire de disparition. Une femme, qui regagnait son domicile tard dans la nuit, s'est mystérieusement volatilisée. Sa voiture a été retrouvée, vide, abandonnée sur le bord d'une autoroute. Les enquêteurs découvrent que la disparue avait passé une grande partie de la nuit avec un ami, qu'ils interrogent, mais sans pour autant en apprendre plus sur ce qui les préoccupe. Pendant ce temps, Catherine, Warrick et Nick sont envoyés sur une autre affaire : un chasseur a été retrouvé mort, la dépouille d'un ours brun qu'il venait d'abattre à côté de lui. 


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La peau de l’ours

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Première diffusion en France

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Écrit par : Josh Berman & Carol Mendelsohn
Réalisé par : Kenneth Fink 

Avec : David Berman (David Phillips), Louise Lombard (Sofia Curtis), Wallace Langham (David Hodges), Eric Stonestreet (Ronnie Litra), Gerald McCullouch (Bobby Dawson), Joseph Patrick Kelly (Officer Metcalf) 

Guests :

  • Brad Rowe ..... Mark Kyman
  • Sara Foster ..... Amy Maynard
  • Deanna Russo ..... Lori Kyman
  • Forbes March ..... Brad Himmel
  • Jane Lynch ..... Ranger
  • Lolita Davidovich ..... Diane Hoytt
  • Jon Wellner ..... Sam Tracy
  • Veanne Cox ..... Faith Hollis
  • Greg Pitts ..... Valet
  • Michael Raymond-James ..... Aaron Colite
  • Meredith Scott Lynn ..... Carol Allred
  • Palmer Davis ..... Margaret Finn 



(Camera pulls back from the city.)


(Parked along the stretch of empty road, officer car lights flash.  Brass and Grissom walk toward the abandoned car where Sofia Curtis is examining the possible crime scene.)  

BRASS:  (to Grissom)  Bolo out on the vehicle.  Missing persons: Lori Kyman.  Husband said she went out with some girlfriends earlier this evening, and never came home.


GRISSOM:  What's an F-O-S?

SOFIA CURTIS:  Friend of the sheriff.  How else do you get listed as a missing person so quickly?

(Grissom tries the door handle.)  

GRISSOM:  Doors are locked.  No key in the ignition.  No sign of struggle or foul play.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Flat tire.  Couple of smudges.  Okay, pop it.

(Sofia steps aside.  The tech steps forward and pops the trunk open.  It's empty.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  So, she gets a flat.  There's no gas station around.  It's a Lexus, so there's no On-Star.  She must have had some kind of emergency roadside service.

BRASS:  I ran her cell phone log.  She made one call to her husband at 9:30. Said she was coming home at eleven; that's it.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Maybe some good samaritan offered her a lift.

GRISSOM:  Yeah, and evidently didn't take her where she wanted to go.






(Sara and Brass interview Mark Kyman.  Lori Kyman's best friend, Amy Maynard, is there carrying the baby, Joey.)

MARK KYMAN:  Lori hadn't gotten out much since Joey was born.  She needed some time away from the baby, and from me.

AMY MAYNARD:  Girls' night out.  We've been best friends since high school.

BRASS:  Where'd you go?

AMY MAYNARD:  The Top Floor.    

(Brass and Sara turn to look at each other.)  

BRASS:  That's right next to O'Shea's.

(He winks at her.)  

(Sara gets it.  She stands up.)  

SARA:  Amy, why don't you and I go into the other room?


(They turn to leave.  Mark looks at Amy.)  

MARK KYMAN:  (to Amy)  He's going to need his bottle soon.

AMY MAYNARD:  I'll take care of it.

(Amy and Sara leave the room.  Brass resumes the interview.)  

BRASS:  So, Mark, you were home alone with the baby last night?

MARK KYMAN:  No. Uh, I, uh, I manage the steakhouse at the Tangiers.  I got home around nine.  My mother-in-law was taking care of Joey.

BRASS:  Your mother-in-law.  I'll need to speak with her.

MARK KYMAN:  Yeah, she's on her way over.


(Sara talks with Amy Maynard in the other room.  Joey is playing with a teething toy and cooing.)

AMY MAYNARD:  She's in love with her baby.  She wouldn't go anywhere without him.

SARA:  What about Mark?

AMY MAYNARD:  Mark loves Lori.  He would never hurt her.

SARA:  When a wife disappears, it's protocol to look at the husband.

(Amy sighs.)

AMY MAYNARD:  I promised I would never say anything.  Before the baby was born, she suspected he was cheating.  (Sara nods.)  But then Joey came, and last night at the club, Lori said things were great.

SARA:  Did anything unusual happen last night?

AMY MAYNARD:  There was this one guy who kept moving in on Lori.

(Quick flashback to:  [THE TOP FLOOR - BAR - NIGHT]  Amy and Lori are sitting at the bar nursing their drinks when Brad Himmel walks up to Lori and starts talking with her.)  

BRAD HIMMEL:  Hi. Could I ask you a question?  It's critical.


BRAD HIMMEL:  Am I your type?

LORI KYMAN:  I'm married.

BRAD HIMMEL:  Oh, yeah?  Nice try.  (He points to her bare ring finger on her left hand.)  Ring.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

AMY MAYNARD:  I think his name is Brad.

SARA:  Does Lori always go out without a ring?  

AMY MAYNARD:  She had lost some weight.  It was being resized.


BRASS:  So, Lori calls you at 9:30 to check on the baby.

MARK KYMAN:  Yeah. Said she missed him.  Said she was going to be home at eleven.  I, uh, passed out on the couch waiting for her.


AMY MAYNARD:  We stopped drinking at ten.  Left about an hour later.

SARA:  What about the guy -- Brad?

AMY MAYNARD:  He didn't get the hint.  

(Quick flashback to:  [EXT. TOP FLOOR - PARKING LOT - NIGHT]  Lori closes her car door.  Brad leans over the open window.)  

BRAD HIMMEL:  Last chance.

(He steps away; Amy rolls her eyes and leaves.)  

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

AMY MAYNARD:  He seemed harmless.  Horny ... but harmless.


MARK KYMAN:  I, uh, I woke up, must have been about 2:00.  I called her on her cell.  No answer.  And then I called Amy.  (He swallows.)  And then I called you guys.

BRASS:  So, you haven't left the house since you got home last night?

MARK KYMAN:  We, uh, only have one car right now.  My lease ran out.

(In the background, the front door opens and closes.  Diane Hoyt, Lori Kyman's mother, rushes down the stairs.)  

DIANE HOYT:  Any news?

(Mark stands up and hugs Diane.  Brass clears his throat.  They pull apart and Mark explains.)  

MARK KYMAN:  They found her car off Boulder Highway.

DIANE HOYT:  Oh, my God.

(Mark makes the introduction.)  

MARK KYMAN:  This is Diane, Lori's mom.


BRASS:  Diane, I want you to know we have every available officer out looking for your daughter.

DIANE HOYT:  Thank you.  (to Mark)  Where's Joey?

MARK KYMAN:  He's with Amy.

(Diane puts her handbag down on the dining room seat intending to go check on the baby.  Brass stops her for a moment.)  


BRASS:  You know, I just got a quick couple of questions.  Can you confirm you were here last night when Mark came home from work?

DIANE HOYT:  Yes.  I was baby-sitting.

(Diane removes her coat.)  

BRASS:  What time was that?

DIANE HOYT:  Uh ... I'd just put Joey down.  A little after 9:00.

BRASS:  And when did your daughter call?

DIANE HOYT:  About half an hour later.  We both talked to her.

BRASS:  So 9:30.  Thanks.  That's all for now, thank you.

(Mark nods.)  

DIANE HOYT:  Excuse me.

(Diane leaves the room.)  

MARK KYMAN:  What do I do?

BRASS:  I'd take care of your family, Mark.  And if Ms. Sidle asks, volunteer your fingerprints and DNA.




(The Ranger shows Nick and Warrick to the body where David Phillips is already there gathering his data.)  

RANGER:  I was making my 16:45 scan when I saw the body.  I confirmed he was deceased.  Then I called you guys.

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Hey.  There's no I.D. on the vic.  Lividity is set.  Rigidity is still present.  Dead no more than twenty-four hours.

WARRICK:  Look at those claw marks.

DAVID PHILLIPS:  His carotid artery is ripped to shreds.

WARRICK:  He's got a high-powered rifle.  He's obviously a hunter, huh?

NICK:  Safe to say he was mauled by a wild animal?

RANGER:  Yeah.

NICK:  Your call came in as "suspicious circs."  Is there something else we should know about?

(She points off to the side.)  

RANGER:  Yeah, that would be the other body.  Um -- Follow me.

(The Ranger leads Warrick, Nick and David Phillips to the second body:  A large Kodiak bear.)  


RANGER:  It's a Kodiak.  It's nonnative to the continental US.  Shot twice in the head.  The stomach's been cut open.

WARRICK:  That's a pretty deep cut.  You think the hunter was just trying to defend himself?

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Well, I didn't find a blade on the decedent.

RANGER:  And there's no way a person can come this close to a live bear.

NICK:  Got some broken branches over here.  

(Nick is checking out the bushes nearby.)  

NICK:  Directionality faces away from the victim and the animal.  

(He finds and picks a piece of torn material stuck on the branches.)  

NICK:  Looks like someone even tore their pants.  Khakis.  Vic's wearing jeans
and a nylon vest.  I bet somebody else was out here, and they were running for
their life.



(Catherine walks in and grabs her lab coat.  She walks over to Dr. Robbins'
examining table where the large Kodiak bear is.)  

CATHERINE:  I had to see with my own eyes.  You're actually autopsying a bear.

ROBBINS:  It's called a necropsy.  And as the head M.E., it falls under my purview.  I'm going to write an article for the journal.  They love this sort of stuff.

(Catherine looks over at the other table with the dead hunter on it.)  

CATHERINE:  Yeah. You have a cause of death on him?

ROBBINS:  I can confirm he was killed by an angry bear.  As for the bear -- two bullets to the head.  The first, nonfatal, was a straight-on shot.  Bears' foreheads are sloped, so the bullet ricocheted off the skull, leaving a copper jacket, which peeled away and embedded in the hide.

(He removes the bullet and puts it in the pan.)  

ROBBINS:  The, uh, fatal bullet entered through the ear, lodged in the brain.  I removed it already.

(She picks up the bullet from the tray and looks at it.)  

CATHERINE:  It's lead.  No copper jacket.  So, the copper jacket had to have come from his rifle.  But this is from a handgun.

ROBBINS:  So, he shot one bullet with his rifle and another with his pistol.

CATHERINE:  Except he didn't have a pistol.  Or a knife, for that matter.  And
his stomach has been slashed open.

ROBBINS:  Yeah, and the gallbladder removed.

(Robbins points to the cut.)  


ROBBINS:  Postmortem.  I can't tell you why.



(Warrick snaps photos of the victim's clothes.)  

(He documents in the file whatever he finds on the clothes.  He cuts a piece of
something off the clothes and looks at it.)  

(Nick walks into the lab.)  

NICK:  Hey, man.  I ran the vic's prints.  Didn't get a hit.

WARRICK:  We found this guy twenty-five miles from civilization.  Where'd he
come from?

NICK:  We know someone else was out there.  Maybe he drove.

(Warrick picks up the watch and hands it to Nick.)  

WARRICK:  Check out this guy's watch.  It's pretty high-end.

(Nick puts it against his wrist to look at the watch face.)  

NICK:  Yeah.  Hunting's not exactly a poor man's sport.  U.S. presidents still hold up dead ducks for photo ops.

WARRICK:  But it just doesn't match with the guy's clothes.  They're kind of raggedy.  He's got dirt stains.  I could smell the B.O. from the guy's shirt from here.

NICK:  Some hunters think soap and deodorant tip off their prey.  Truth is, body odor's much more pungent.

(Catherine joins them.)  

CATHERINE:  So, Robbins confirmed that our vic was killed by the bear.

NICK:  Okay. Case closed.

CATHERINE:  Uh, not quite.  I spoke with the Ranger.  There's no way that a
Kodiak bear just wanders into Nevada, so whoever smuggled him in could be
charged with homicide.

WARRICK:  How's that?

CATHERINE:  The bear could be considered a lethal weapon.



(Greg is checking out the screw on the car's tire.  Sofia walks into the

GREG:  Screw.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Excuse me?

GREG:  Tire's valve stem was unscrewed.  Two full turns.

SOFIA CURTIS:  A slow leaker.  Print around the fender.

(Greg prints around the fender and finds a print.)

(Quick flash of:  The person braces himself against the fender as they unscrew
the tire.  End of flash.  Resume to present.)

(Sofia smiles.)



(Greg runs the print through the database.  He finds a match to BRAD HIMMEL, previously arrested for a 462.2 "Drunk and Disorderly".)  



(Brass and Greg interview Brad Himmel.)  

BRAD HIMMEL:  Yeah, I was at The Top Floor.  I hit on a lot of girls.  You can't arrest me for that, right?

BRASS:  Tell us about Lori Kyman.

BRAD HIMMEL:  Yeah, I remember a Lori.  Said she was married.   Yeah, right.  You dress up like that and go to a club ... you're looking to get some.

GREG:  I found your fingerprints on her car's fender.

BRAD HIMMEL:  So? I walked her back to her car.  I am a gentleman.

GREG:  Is that when you messed with her tire?  

BRAD HIMMEL:  Is that what this is about?

BRASS:  I don't get out much.  Why would you do that?

BRAD HIMMEL:  I was hoping it would go flat on her way back home, and I'd come
along and fix it for her.

BRASS:  And then she'd be appropriately grateful, and what, sleep with you?

BRAD HIMMEL:  Seemed like a good idea at the time, yeah.  'Course I was tanked.

GREG:  Okay, so Lori's tire went flat.

BRAD HIMMEL:  Well, that's the thing:  It didn't.  I mean, I followed her for
like twenty minutes.  Way off strip.  And, come on, how long can you follow
someone for, right?

BRASS:  She never made it home.

BRAD HIMMEL:  I don't know anything about that.

GREG:  We're going to need a sample of your DNA.  Any objections?

(Brad Himmel shakes his head, no.)  

(An officer enters the room.)  

OFFICER:  Excuse me.  Excuse me, Captain.

(Brass walks over to the officer.)  

OFFICER:  (loud whisper)  Found a dead female in Sutor.  Description matches Lori Kyman.

(Brass looks at Brad.)  

BRASS:  Make yourself comfortable.




(Brass and Sofia walk over to David Phillips, who is taking down the body stats.)  

BRASS:  Guy walking his dog found her.

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Liver temp's 71 degrees.  Given the ambient temperature, her T.O.D's roughly thirty-six to forty hours ago.

(Sofia looks up at the white birch trees near the body.)  

(She kneels down next to the body and brushes the hair away from the victim's neck.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Bruises on the neck suggest strangulation.

(She snaps a couple of photos.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  No attempt to hide the body.

BRASS:  Maybe the suspect was in a hurry.  Or he just didn't give a damn.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Are you gonna tell the family?

BRASS:  Yeah, how do you tell a little boy he'll never know his mother?





(Grissom and Sofia are collecting evidence off of the body.  Sofia combs out the
debris from the victim's hair.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  She was dumped under a white birch.  Her hair was full of pollen
and tree vegetation.

(Grissom tape lifts fibers off the clothes.  Sofia picks up a tree pollen and
looks at it.)  

GRISSOM:  Red fibers and blue fibers on her dress.

SOFIA CURTIS:  White powder on both palms.

(Grissom finds a strand of hair with a tag on it.  He looks at it under the magnifying glass.)  

GRISSOM:  A brown hair with a follicular tag.  A person's entire identity balled up in a few nanograms of matter.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Assuming one's identity can be wholly quantified by our DNA.

GRISSOM:  Well, genetically, it can.  We're completely programmed as soon as the sperm hits the egg.

SOFIA CURTIS:  So we're defined at a cellular level?

GRISSOM:  More or less.

SOFIA CURTIS:  No.  Identity is the totality of our life experiences and our brain neurons process our relationship to the world and each other.

GRISSOM:  I stand corrected.  DNA is what we are, not who we are.

SOFIA CURTIS:  What we are never changes.  Who we are never stops changing.

GRISSOM:  Yeah. Whether we like it or not.



(Robbins and Catherine are standing over the bear.)  

CATHERINE:  What's up?

ROBBINS:  Well, when I fluoroscoped the bear, looking for other bullets, I
noticed a microchip between his shoulder blades.

(Robbins shows Catherine the x-ray.)  


ROBBINS:  I removed it, called animal control to borrow a magnetic reader.  
Check it out.

(The AVID Power Tracker II reader shows:  AVID*061*032*517.)

ROBBINS:  I tracked it down:  Clark County Zoo.



(Catherine and Warrick talk with Sam Tracy at the Clark County Zoo.)  

SAM TRACY:  Are you sure the bear came from our zoo?

CATHERINE:  Well, the microchip was registered to you.
Take a look.

(She shows him a photo of the bear.)  

SAM TRACY:  Oh, God.  It's Tippy.  What happened?

WARRICK:  You mean you didn't know he was missing?

SAM TRACY:  We sold him to a broker a few weeks ago.  He said he found him a
home at the Columbus Zoo.

CATHERINE:  A broker?

SAM TRACY:  Animal broker.  Visitors want to see babies.  The brokers find other
zoos to purchase our surplus adult animals.  You know, Tippy was so gentle, he'd
eat grapes right out of my hand.

CATHERINE:  Well, we're going to need to see some paperwork.

SAM TRACY:  Yeah, I'll pull the file, but ... I remember the broker's name.  
It's Ken Bovitz.  Out of Chicago.  He mailed me his broker's license and
documentation.  The board approved the sale last fall.  (He sighs.)  They'll
want to know what went wrong.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, so do we.



(Sara is testing the car tires.  She and Greg sit in front of the turning tire.  
Sara is holding a stopwatch.)  

GREG:  You giving the car a workout?

SARA:  Well, you know how you said that the suspect admitted to following Lori,
but when the tire didn't go flat, he gave up?  Grissom wants me to disprove his

GREG:  How long has the wheel been going round and round?

SARA:  Three hours and nine minutes.

GREG:  She left the club around eleven.  Time of death was between midnight and
1:00 A.M.

SARA:  Lori died before the tire went flat.



(Warrick is looking at a web page on the computer.  Catherine is sitting next to

WARRICK:  I think I know why someone snagged that bear's gallbladder.  
Apparently, in the southeast Asian community, some men believe it enhances their
virility.  It contains some chemical called ursodeoxycholic acid.  These
gallbladders are going for $500 a pop.

CATHERINE:  I, uh, talked to the zoo in Columbus.  They never heard of Tippy.

WARRICK:  Hmm.  Any luck with the broker?

CATHERINE:  The Department of Agriculture never issued a license for a Ken
Bovitz.  Documents are fake.  I sent them to Q.D. for analysis.

(Nick walks into the lab.)  

NICK:  We may have an ID on our hunter.  Uniforms found an abandoned Mercedes.  
Plates came back to a Mr. Rod Hollis, who had hunting permits that included tags
for wild goats, deer, and bighorn sheep.

CATHERINE:  And what about Kodiaks?
NICK:  That would be a no.  Mr. Hollis's wife's on her way to P.D., so I'm gonna
head over there right now.



(Nick interviews Faith Hollis.)  

FAITH HOLLIS:  To be honest, I haven't seen my husband in over a year.

NICK:  You were separated?

FAITH HOLLIS:  He made it big in venture capital.  Retired at 32.  That's when
we started having problems.  The officer said Rod died while hunting.  Can I ask
what happened?

NICK:  He was mauled by a bear.  Ms. Hollis, I have reason to believe there was
somebody else out there with him.  Any idea who?

FAITH HOLLIS:  No.  In our circle of friends, he was the only one who owned a
gun.  We used to fight about his sport.  I showed him studies about how the
animals suffer, how even the best hunters don't always get center shots.  Well
... I guess brutality begets brutality.



(Robbins goes over the body with Grissom.)  

ROBBINS:  C.O.D. is asphyxia due to manual strangulation.
Petechiae in the eyes and mouth and extensive bruising in the strap muscles of
the neck.

GRISSOM:  Sexual assault?

ROBBINS:  No abrasions or contusions to the vagina.  No semen on the SART exam.

GRISSOM:  Is this a burn?

ROBBINS:  No tissue reaction means it's post-mortem.  If she were alive at the
time, it'd have a red edge.  This one's bland.  Burn extends subcutaneously, so
the skin made contact with something hotter than 150 degrees.



(Sofia walks into the lab.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Talk to me, Hodges.

DAVID HODGES:  Well, you kind of inundated me with work.  I should be cranky.  
But, uh, I don't get cranky.  Let's start with the white powder you found on
your victim's hands.  It's talcum power without the talc.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Excuse me?

DAVID HODGES:  Talcum powder can contain asbestos fibers.  Who wants to put
asbestos on their baby?  So, today's baby powders are made from cornstarch, and
are technically talc-free.  Did your victim have her baby with her at the club?

SOFIA CURTIS:  No, he was at home.

DAVID HODGES:  So maybe the baby powder was on her hands when she left the

SOFIA CURTIS:  Well, we know she was drinking, so she was probably peeing.

DAVE HODGES:  And unlike some of the men in this lab, whose initials are Greg
Sanders, she probably washes her hands.  So the baby powder shouldn't even be

SOFIA CURTIS:  Tell me about the fibers we collected from her clothing.

(He hands her the print-out results.)  

DAVID HODGES:  Blue ones have a high twist rate and are composed of nylon and
polyester olefins.  I'd say synthetic berber.  And the red ones are under the

(Sofia looks at the scope.)


SOFIA CURTIS:  Trilobal.  From a car.  Vic's clothing was covered in them.

DAVID HODGES:  My guess, she was rolling around in someone's trunk.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Can you be more specific?

DAVID HODGES:  You bet.  It's Wilton wool.  Very high-end.  And given the unique
shade of red, I'd say that you're looking at the world's fastest four-seat
coupe:  the Bentley Continental GT.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Thank you.

(Sofia leaves.  Hodges watches her go.)  




(Brass and Sofia talk with the valet.)  

VALET:  Yeah, I was here last night.

SOFIA CURTIS:  You park a Bentley?

VALET:  Oh, man, my memory's not so good since, um ... well, I can't really

BRASS:  You don't remember a Bentley?

VALET:  Let me see what I got.

(He turns around to check his log.)  

BRASS:  Yeah.

VALET:  Yeah, here you go.  One Bentley.  Came in at 8:32.  Parked it in spot

BRASS:  Do you remember, uh, what the driver looked like?

SOFIA CURTIS:  Male?  Female? Black?  Caucasian?

BRASS:  Young? Old?  He have a hat on?

VALET:  (shakes his head)  Sorry.  

BRASS:  Okay.

VALET:  Sorry ...



(Amy Maynard is sitting in the waiting room when Sara walks in.)

SARA:  Amy.  (They shake hands.)  Thanks for coming.

AMY MAYNARD:  Of course. How can I help?

SARA:  The other night at the club, I was wondering if you happened to notice
anyone driving a Bentley.

AMY MAYNARD:  That would be me.  Birthday gift from my father.

SARA:  Would you mind if I took a look at it?

AMY MAYNARD:  You want to see my car?  Why?

SARA:  We found fibers from a Bentley on Lori's clothing.

AMY MAYNARD:  Lori was in my car all the time, especially last week.  (Sara
shakes her head.)  Mark was using hers.

SARA:  The fibers we found are from the floor or a trunk.

(Amy takes the key off her ring and gives it to Sara.)  

AMY MAYNARD:  It's in the lot.  I'll call my father.  He'll pick me up.

(Amy stands up to leave.  Sara stops her.)

SARA:  Amy ... did Lori use the ladies' room at the club?

(Amy sits down.)  

AMY MAYNARD:  Yeah.  We both did.

SARA:  Do you know if she washed her hands?

AMY MAYNARD:  Why are you asking me all these questions?

SARA:  We're pursuing a lead.

AMY MAYNARD:  Lori was like a sister to me.  Investigate me all you want, but
when you're done, you should take a look at Mark.

SARA:  Mark.  I thought you said ...

AMY MAYNARD:  (interrupts)  I know what I said.  That was before she turned up
dead.  And I'm not saying he did it, and Lori ... she never said anything.  It's
just sometimes, um ... he can get rough.

(Sara makes a note on her paper.)

SARA:  And you know this because ... ?  (Sara interprets Amy's look correctly.)  
You were the other woman.

AMY MAYNARD:  One of them.  I'm not proud of it.

SARA:  Did Mark get rough with you?

AMY MAYNARD:  That's why I ended it.





(Sara opens the trunk to Amy Maynard's car.  She looks into the trunk and sighs

(Greg walks into the garage.)  

GREG:  You started without me.

SARA:  Actually, I finished without you. Take a look.

GREG:  Carpet's black.  Fibers on the vic's clothing were red.

SARA:  Obviously, we can rule out this car.

GREG:  I don't mean to pry, but you want to talk about what happened with you
and Ecklie?

SARA:  Not really.

GREG:  I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm a good listener.

SARA:  I blew up at Ecklie.  It was very unprofessional.  And very satisfying,
and now I'm moving on.  Thanks for asking.

(Sara closes the trunk.)  




(Mark shows Sofia and Grissom into the nursery.)  

MARK KYMAN:  (quietly)  Joey just fell asleep, so please, keep your voices down.

SOFIA CURTIS:  All we need is a sample of baby powder.

(Mark walks over to the crib.  Grissom notices the carpet.)  

GRISSOM:  (loudly)  This is Berber carpet, isn't it?

MARK KYMAN:  Yeah, Lori thought it'd be good for a boy's room.

(Sofia takes a sample of the baby powder.)  

GRISSOM:  I'd like to take a small sample.

(Grissom puts his kit down.)  

MARK KYMAN:  What's going on?

GRISSOM:  Just collecting evidence.

MARK KYMAN:  You're coming after me?  Because I've cooperated.  I've let you
swab my mouth and let you take my prints.  I love my wife.  I miss her.

(He turns back to look at Joey.)  



(Sara turns the corner and walks down the hallway.  Inside the break room at the
end of the hallway, she sees Grissom and Sofia sitting side-by-side at the table
with their backs to the door.  They appear very comfortable together.)  

(Sara walks into the break room.  They turn around when she speaks.)  

SARA:  DNA from Lori's shirt came back.  It matches her husband.

SOFIA CURTIS:  That could be probative.

(Sara nods.)  

GRISSOM:  Or casual transfer unrelated to the case.

SARA:  I also picked up your trace results.

(She hands the print results to Grissom.  The findings read:

GRISSOM:  Baby powder on Lori's palms is consistent with the baby powder we
found at the Kymans' residence.

SARA:  According to her girlfriend, Lori washed her hands at the club.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Which suggests that Lori came home before she was killed.

GRISSOM:  Which contradicts the husband's account.

SARA:  I hate to state the obvious, but maybe the husband is lying.

SOFIA CURTIS:  All right, well, let's say she came home first.

(Quick flash of:  [NURSERY]  Lori is changing Joey.  Mark walks up to her and
puts his hands on her shoulders.  Lori looks at him and smiles.  He starts
choking her.  End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Mark killed her, drove her out to Sutor, and dumped the body.

GRISSOM:  One problem.  Mark doesn't have a car and the carpet fibers we found
on Lori's clothing are inconsistent with her Lexus.

SARA:  Or, maybe Lori came home, she and Mark had a fight.  Maybe she found out
he was fooling around again.

(Quick flash to:  [BOULDER HIGHWAY - NIGHT]  The car travels quickly on the

SARA:  (v.o.)  She takes off, drives around.

(The tire bursts.)  

SARA:  (v.o.)   Tire eventually goes flat.

(Lori pulls off the side of the road and gets out of the car.)  

SARA:  (v.o.)   She pulls over to the side of the road  and a stranger comes
along and abducts her.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  (disbelieving)  A stranger driving a Bentley?

(Sara nods sideways.)  

GRISSOM:  (to Sofia)  Hey, the rich are just as deviant as the poor.



(Bindle label:

(Bobby Dawson processes the bullets.)  



(Warrick walks into the ballistics lab.)  

WARRICK:  Hey, Dawson.


WARRICK:  Any progress on those bullets?  Well, the copper jacket came from your
vic's rifle there.  A .30-caliber Winchester, model 70.

WARRICK:  What about the fatal bullet?

BOBBY DAWSON:  That came from a .357 magnum revolver.

WARRICK:  A .357?

BOBBY DAWSON:  Ran the baby through IBIS and get this: The gun was used in a '98
robbery.  The suspect was arrested but released on insufficient evidence and the
gun was returned.

WARRICK:  You got a name for him?

BOBBY DAWSON:  Aaron Colite, from Henderson.




(Aaron Colite shows Warrick, Nick and an officer into the living room.)  

WARRICK:  Why don't you just stand up by the counter, sir?  Here's your warrant
that we have here for your .357 magnum revolver.  We know you once used it in a
'98 robbery.  Serial number ML5684.  We don't want you to get it.  Why don't you
just point and show us where it is.

AARON COLITE:  What's this about?

NICK:  Where's the gun, sir?

AARON COLITE:  Right under the TV.

(Nick opens the door to the cabinet under the TV and removes the gun.)  

NICK:  Okay, Mr. Colite, this gun is going into evidence.

AARON COLITE:  Look, I was cleared in that robbery years ago.

NICK:  You know, someone killed a Kodiak bear up in the Black Mountains the day
before yesterday.  You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

AARON COLITE:  Yeah, I did. I killed it.

NICK:  Excuse me?

AARON COLITE:  I killed it.  Look, I was ... I was out hunting.

(Quick flashback to:  Aaron Colite is out in the woods.  He looks through his
binoculars and sees Rod Hollis being mauled by a bear.)  

ROD HOLLIS:  Help!  Help me!
ROD HOLLIS:  Stop! Help!
ROD HOLLIS:  Help me! Help!

(He takes out his gun and fires.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

AARON COLITE:  By the time I shot the bear, the guy was already dead.

NICK:  You mind if I have a look around?

AARON COLITE:  Yeah, I do, actually.

WARRICK:  You just admitted a felony of killing a bear.  Why didn't you report

(Nick looks around the place.)  

AARON COLITE:  I've been through the wringer with you guys once before.  I
figured a guy was dead.  There was nothing I could do about it.  I took off.

(Nick finds blood smudges on the wall.)  

AARON COLITE:  Look, I've got a hunting license with tags.  I was out hunting
deer.  Tried to save a guy's life.  That's it.

(Nick opens the freezer and finds a ziplocked bag with the bear's stomach
inside.  Nick takes the bag out.)  

NICK:  Whoa, Mr. Colite.  I just have one more question for you.  How long have
you been storing gallbladders with your ice cream?

AARON COLITE:  It ain't illegal to cut up a dead animal as long as it's already
dead.  That's the law.

WARRICK:  Could you lift your pants leg for me, please, sir?

AARON COLITE:  For what?

WARRICK:  Someone snagged their pant leg on a tree, probably cut themselves.  I
wanted to see if it was you.

(Aaron takes his pants off and pushes it down past his knees.)  

AARON COLITE:  Take a look.  Wasn't me.

(There's no cut on his leg.  Warrick turns to the officer and motions him toward
Aaron Colite.)



(Catherine and Nick walk through the hallway.)  

CATHERINE:  So Robbins sent the bear's blood to tox.  It turns out there were
elevated levels of ketamine in its system.

NICK:  Barbiturates?

CATHERINE:  (scoffs)  Yeah.

(Nick pauses for a long moment, thinking.)  

NICK:  I think I know what's going on here, Catherine.



(On the monitor, video of a rhino being shot is shown.)

NICK:  They're called canned hunts.  Going on all over the country.

CATHERINE:  I'm sorry.  There's just no sport in that.  It's just sick.

NICK:  Well, you got that right.  Point is, you don't have to go to Africa to
hunt wild game anymore.  If you've got the money, Africa comes to you.

CATHERINE:  And they drug the animals?

NICK:  To guarantee a kill, yeah.

CATHERINE:  But in our case, both the hunter and the prey ended up dead.

NICK:  Something went wrong.



(Grissom sits behind his desk.  Sara knocks on the door and walks into his

SARA:  Hey.  Oh, filling out reports?

(Sara sits down.)  

GRISSOM:  They tell me it's my job.  (She smiles at him.)  You doing okay?

SARA:  Yeah.  Thanks.  I, uh, did a DMV search.  There are only five Bentleys
with red interior registered in Clark County.  Two are leased.  Two are
privately owned.  I ran the ROs.  Nothing suspicious.  PD is following up.

GRISSOM:  What about the fifth one?

SARA:  Well, that one is owned by a Boutique Rental Car Agency.  I subpoenaed
the rental history.  Diane Hoyt, Lori's mother, had the car for the last two
weeks.  She returned it the day after Lori disappeared.

GRISSOM:  Where is it now?



(Greg stands in front of the Bentley, admiring the car.  Sara and Sofia walk up
behind him.)  

GREG:  If you've added up every cent I've made in my entire life, I still
wouldn't be able to afford half this car.

(They walk up to the car.)  

SARA:  Yeah, but why would you want it?  The insurance premiums are sky-high.  
Not to mention theft, scratches.

GREG:  It's art.  And I'd have every girl in the neighborhood after me.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Not when they saw your apartment.

SARA:  You've been to Greg's apartment?

SOFIA CURTIS:  Who hasn't?

(Greg opens the trunk.  The carpet is red.)  

GREG:  Red carpet.  Same as the interior.

SARA:  Recently vacuumed.

SOFIA CURTIS:  We got better vacuums.


(Sofia vacuums the trunk of the car.)

(Quick CGI of:  Particles are picked up through the vacuum nozzle, zooms through
the tubing and catches on the filter.  End of CGI.  Resume to present.)  

(She removes the filter and puts it in the bag Greg holds open.)

(Sara opens the car engine and looks inside.  She finds a pod inside.)

(Quick flash of:  [SUTOR]  Camera pans up to the trees.  A pod from the tree
falls and hits the windshield.  It slips down under the engine hood.  End of
flash.  Resume to present.)  

SARA:  You found pods in the victim's hair, right?

(Sara picks up the pod.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Same shape, size, color.  Too bad we can't ID this pod and tie it
to that tree.

GREG:  Who says we can't?  Plant DNA is no different than human DNA.  In fact, a
plant genome is larger.  I'm on it.

SOFIA CURTIS:  If we can prove the pod came from that dump site, you know what
that means?

SARA:  Lori's mother is a viable suspect.






(Greg processes the pod.)  



(Brass and Sofia interview Diane Hoyt with her lawyer, Carol Allred.)  

CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  Why are you asking my client about a rental car?

BRASS:  It may be probative to our investigation of her daughter's death.

DIANE HOYT:  I'll answer anything they want.  I backed my car into a telephone
pole.  So I put it in the shop.  I had to rent a car.

BRASS:  At a grand a day, a Bentley's a little extravagant.  I mean, I usually
rent a Taurus.

DIANE HOYT:  It's a fantasy car.  Ever since Amy got hers, I've wanted one, so I

BRASS:  Was the vehicle ever out of your possession?

DIANE HOYT:  You mean, did I let anybody drive it?

BRASS:  That's what I mean, yeah.

DIANE HOYT:  Lori and Mark both did.  But I was always with them.

BRASS:  Ms. Hoyt, did you drive your car to Sutor, Nevada?


CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  Where are you going with this?

SOFIA CURTIS:  On the hood of the vehicle, which affirmatively matched the plant
material we found in Lori's hair.  All of which came from the same tree in

CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  Okay, but my client returned the Bentley the day before
yesterday.  It was washed and then rented again, so perhaps that individual
drove through Sutor on his or her way out of town.  Or, as you know, that "pod"
could be weeks or months old.

SOFIA CURTIS:  We also collected a number of errant hairs from the vehicle.  
Several are consistent with Mark and Lori's DNA and also Joey's, but not yours.

CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  Okay, I'm sorry.  You don't have a DNA sample of my
client's for comparison purposes.

SOFIA CURTIS:  No, but we have her daughter's.  You're not Lori's biological
mother, are you?

DIANE HOYT:  I'm her stepmom.  That's not a secret.  (chokes)  I couldn't have
children of my own.  Ever since Lori's father died a few months ago, she's all I

(Sofia stands up.)  

DIANE HOYT:  Look, Mark is devastated.  I really should get back to my grandson.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Before you go, could we take a DNA sample?

CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  You do not have to do that.

BRASS:  Yeah, but if she has nothing to hide, it's no big deal.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Could you open your mouth?

(Sofia takes a swab.)  

CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  All right.  That's it.  We're finished here.  Let's go.

(Carol stands up and leads Diane Hoyt out of the interview room.)  


(The interview room door opens.  Carol Allred and Diane Hoyt leave the room.)


(Brass remains sitting in the chair.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  What are you thinking?

(Brass sighs.)

BRASS:  We have nothing to arrest her on.

(He gets up and leaves the room.)  


(Brass steps out into the hallway and stands in the doorway.  Sofia steps out of
the room.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  And we have unexplained evidence placing Lori back at the house
after her night out.

(They start walking down the hallway.)  

BRASS:  That's why I like the husband.  Maybe they're in it together.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Well, when two people of the opposite sex conspire to kill one of
their partners, sex or money is almost always involved.  Now, Lori's friend,
Amy, did say Mark was a player.

BRASS:  Hello, Mrs. Robinson.

SOFIA CURTIS:  I had this boyfriend back in college, and when he got his first
Harley, well, let's just say we sat face-to-face and went for a ride.

BRASS:  A Bentley is a lot more comfortable than a bike.

(She chuckles.  They continue down the hallway.)



(Sofia is using the ALS on the Bentley's upholstery.  She finds something.  She
takes a swab of it.)  

(Cut to:  Kneeling in front of her kit, Sofia puts the swab in the box.  She
notices some flesh hanging off the exhaust pipe.)  



(Ronnie Litre goes over his findings with Catherine.)  

RONNIE LITRE:  Document was forged by taking an official license issued by the
Department of Agriculture and scraping away the top layer of information.  
Document was then photocopied, and the bogus info was typed in.  Take a look.

CATHERINE:  Mm-hmm.  A simple forgery, but it doesn't get us any closer to our

RONNIE LITRE:  Actually, it does.  See, a couple years back, some photocopier
companies started imbedding their machines with serial numbers less than a
millimeter in size and visible only under a blue L-E-D light.

CATHERINE:  Of course.

(Ronnie shines the light and exposes the number:  2407270313.)  

CATHERINE:  (smiles)  I see it.

RONNIE LITRE:  It's as good as fingerprint.




(Warrick and Catherine re-question Sam Tracy.)  

SAM TRACY:  And you think the broker's documentation was forged here on my

CATHERINE:  We know it was.

WARRICK:  Mr. Tracy, tell us about canned hunts.

SAM TRACY:  Uh, a wild animal is released into a controlled area where a hunter
pays a fee to kill it.  The promoters guarantee a trophy, so no kill, no pay.  
They're illegal in Nevada.  Is that what happened to my bear?

CATHERINE:  Aaron Colite worked here, right?

SAM TRACY:  Yeah. Maintenance.

CATHERINE:  You fired him?

SAM TRACY:  About six months ago.  We let a lot people go.  Cutbacks.

WARRICK:  Well, the evidence places Aaron at the crime scene.

SAM TRACY:  Wait, so you're thinking he forged the broker's document and took
Tippy under false pretenses?

WARRICK:  No. We spoke to your distributor.  Your copy machine was only
installed two months ago.  We think you created the false document.

CATHERINE:  We suspect that Aaron figured out a way to make a buck, and he asked
for your help.

WARRICK:  So Aaron organizes this canned hunt.  A few days ago, you guys meet up
with Rod Hollis up at Lake Mead .

(Quick flash to:  [WOODS - NIGHT]  Rod Hollis, Aaron Colite and Sam Tracy walk
through the woods.  Aaron Colite points out the bear to Rod Hollis.)  

AARON COLITE:  Rod, Rod, Rod, Rod!
AARON COLITE:  Right there.  You see him?

(Rod sees the bear.)  


(He shoots and hits the bear in the head.  The bear goes down.)  

ROD HOLLIS:  Yes!  I got him!

AARON COLITE:  Yep, you got him.

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

CATHERINE:  Mr. Hollis probably thought that he had killed the bear, and he
raced over to claim his trophy.

(Quick flash to:  [WOODS - NIGHT]  Rod Hollis walks over to the bear.  The bear
gets up and whacks Rod on the side of his head.  Sam Tracy stares in shock.  He
turns and runs.  The bear attacks Rod.)

(Aaron takes out his gun.)  

ROD HOLLIS:  Help! Help! Help me!  Help!

(Aaron fires.)

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

CATHERINE:  His shot only stunned the bear.  It was Aaron's shot that killed it.

SAM TRACY:  You can't prove I was there.

WARRICK:  Would you lift up your pants legs, please, sir?


WARRICK:  I have the judge on speed dial.  You want to save me some time here?

(Quick flash to:  [WOODS - NIGHT]  Sam Tracy turns and runs.  In his panic, he
bumps into the bushes and scrapes his leg on the branches.)

ROD HOLLIS:  Help! Help! Help me!

(Aaron fires.)  

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

SAM TRACY:  I got this gardening.

WARRICK:  We subpoenaed Aaron's bank records.  Rod Hollis sent Aaron a check for
$16,000.  Aaron sent you a check for $8,000.  That's a 50-50 split.

CATHERINE:  You're looking at grand larceny and obtaining property under false

WARRICK:  That's about twenty years right there.

CATHERINE:  I'm recommending to the DA that he add another charge:  Second
degree murder ...

(In the background, we hear the sounds of a vehicle and of dispatch over a
police band radio.  Sam Tracy turns around and sees the officer get out of the
car.  He closes the door.)

CATHERINE:  ... for the death of the hunter.

(Sam Tracy closes his eyes and shakes his head.)



(Sara interviews Brad Himmel with his attorney, Margaret Finn.)  

SARA:  We found your client's semen mixed with a vaginal contribution from Diane
Hoyt in the back of her rental car.  You said you had nothing to do with Lori's
murder.  Would you like to revise that statement?

BRAD HIMMEL:  No.  I met Diane, uh, two weeks ago at Rain.  Banged the cougar
that night, but I had no idea she was anybody's mother.

SARA:  So you haven't spoken to her since?

BRAD HIMMEL:  Well, that's the whole point of banging a cougar -- you never got
to see 'em again.

SARA:  One lie after another.

MARGARET FINN (LAWYER):  Are you questioning my client's veracity?

(Sara puts the phone record on the table.)  

SARA:  These are your client's cell phone records.  Semen in the car was enough
to get a warrant.  On the night that Lori was murdered, he called Ms. Hoyt on
her cell phone at 11:23 P.M.



(Sofia interviews Diane Hoyt with her attorney, Carol Allred.)  

DIANE HOYT:  No, I don't know him.

SOFIA CURTIS:  You've never seen or spoken to this man?

DIANE HOYT:  No, not that I remember.

SOFIA CURTIS:  Hmm.  Do you remember the men you have sex with?

CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  Ms. Curtis, that is uncalled for.


SARA:  Here's the deal.  Lori left the club around   eleven.  By your client's
own admission, he followed her for about twenty minutes, waiting for the tire to
go flat.  When it didn't, you called her mother.


SOFIA CURTIS:  It was all a setup.  Brad was going to strike up a conversation
with Lori at the club, and on her way home, abduct her.  And then, one or both
of you were going to kill her.

(Diane bursts out laughing.  Her lawyer chuckles along.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  But when you got his call ... You went to plan B.

DIANE HOYT:  I left Lori's house, drove home and went to bed.

SOFIA CURTIS:  You never left.  Mark fell asleep in the living room, and you
waited for Lori to come home.

(Quick flashback to:  [NURSERY - NIGHT]  Lori is changing Joey's diaper when
Diane walks into the room.  She grabs Lori from behind and starts choking her.  
End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Lori's body was too heavy for you to carry, so you called for help ... on Mark and Lori's phone.

(Sofia shows the phone log to the lawyer.)  


SARA:  You got her call at 1:17 A.M.  Coroner puts Lori's death at some time between 12:00 and 1:00 A.M.

BRAD HIMMEL:  Well, which means I didn't kill her, like I told you.

MARGARET FINN (LAWYER):  Brad, be quiet.

SARA:  Oh, I never thought you did kill her, but you did help get rid of the body, and that is conspiracy after the fact.


CAROL ALLRED (LAWYER):  Now, Mark would've heard something, and if he's claiming he didn't, I'd be looking at him.

SOFIA CURTIS:  The living room's at the other end of the house.  He was asleep.


SOFIA CURTIS:  I don't need to.  We found something of Lori's on the rental exhaust pipe:  Her skin.

(Quick flash of:  [SUTOR - NIGHT]  Diane backs up the car.  Brad is in the passenger seat.  She backs up too much and bumps into Lori's dead body, skinning her leg with the exhaust pipe and searing the flesh at the same time.  End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Your client's on record.  The vehicle was never out of her possession.


SARA:   You drove back to the house, picked up Lori's Lexus, drove back into town.  Tire went flat off Boulder Highway.

MARGARET FINN (LAWYER):  You can't prove that.

SARA:  When we suspected Brad's involvement, we printed the interior of the Lexus.  Your prints are on the steering wheel.

(Margaret Finn whispers to Brad Himmel.)  

MARGARET FINN (LAWYER):  Is there a deal to be made?

SARA:  Why did Diane Hoyt want Lori dead?

BRAD HIMMEL:  I don't know.  The lady paid me 2,000 bucks.  Um ... said she was having a fight with her daughter and wanted to make good ... um, only Lori wouldn't return her calls, so it was my job to get 'em together.  When she called me and asked me for my help later that night, she said she'd pay me $2,000 more.



(Sofia and Sara are walking down the hallway when Greg walks up to them from behind.)  

GREG:  I know why she did it.  While you two were at P.D., I called the family lawyer.  He faxed over a copy of Lori's father's trust.  Estate's worth $50 million.

SOFIA CURTIS:  He left it all to Lori?

GREG:  No, to her son.  Lori was the trustee with a stipend of $2.5 mil a year.  If anything were to happen to Lori, guess who takes her place?

SARA:  Her stepmom.

GREG:  Yup.

(Sofia chuckles.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  Listen, you guys, I'll catch up later.

(Sofia walks away.  Greg turns to Sara.)  

GREG:  Hmm.  She's fitting in pretty well, huh?

(Sara turns and walks away.)  



(Sofia walks into Grissom's office.)  

SOFIA CURTIS:  You got a minute?

GRISSOM:  Sure.  You did a nice job on the case.

SOFIA CURTIS:  I, uh ... I just wanted you to know that I've enjoyed working with you.

(Grissom turns around and looks at Sofia.)  

GRISSOM:  Well, I've enjoyed working with you as well.

SOFIA CURTIS:  No, it's time I made a change.  I don't like the direction the lab's headed.

(Grissom takes off his glasses.)  

GRISSOM:  You mean Ecklie?  You can't pay any attention to him.

SOFIA CURTIS:  No, you got a good team, but I was a supervisor.  My demotion was undeserved, and every day I'm here, I'm reminded of that.

(Grissom thinks about it.  He looks at Sofia.)  


GRISSOM:  Well, someone once said, "What we are never changes, but who we are ... never stops changing."  

(Sofia smiles at Grissom.)  

GRISSOM:  Let's have dinner, shall we?



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