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Les Experts
#605 : Petit poucet

Sara, Nick, Warrick et Greg se rendent dans l'Est du Nevada afin d'enquêter sur la disparition d'une famille. Le sang présent sur les lieux laisse penser que tous ses membres sont morts, mais Nick doute. Tandis qu'il fouille la maison, une voix de petite fille résonne. Pourtant, les lieux sont sinistrement vides. Nick entend-il de vraies voix ou le fait d'avoir frôlé la mort brouille-t-il sa vision des choses ? Qui en voulait à cette famille et pourquoi ? Les Experts espèrent tous retrouver la jeune victime vivante. Mais le désordre qui règne sur les lieux rend les recherches extrêmement difficiles. 


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Titre VO
Gum Drops

Titre VF
Petit poucet

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Première diffusion en France


Nick & Cassie (VO)

Nick & Cassie (VO)


Nick (VO)

Nick (VO)


Plus de détails

Écrit par : Sarah Goldfinger
Réalisé par : Richard J. Lewis 

Avec : David Berman (David Phillips) Archie Kao (Archie Johnson) 

Guests :

  • Melora Walters ..... Sage
  • Michael McGrady ..... Sherriff Dennis Brackett
  • Scott Paulin ..... Docteur Malcolm Parker
  • Mary Matilyn Mouser ..... Cassie McBride
  • Jennifer Savidge ..... Jill Locke
  • Matt Funke ..... Mark Horvatin
  • Trever O'Brien ..... Peter Locke
  • Lindsey Ginter ..... Chris Daniels
  • Hunter Parrish ..... Jeremy McBride
  • Chase Ryan Jeffrey ..... Luke Daniels
  • Mark Pellegrino ..... Elliot Perolta
  • Don Michael Paul ..... Mark Horvatin Sr. 



(Various dissolves of the camera pulling away from the city and into a small town.) 


(Except for a couple of lights on, the house is dark and in a quiet neighborhood.  The sound of crickets chirp over the whistling wind.)  

(Dissolve to:  Camera moves slowly up the front steps toward the front door.  There's no sign of movement in the house.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  They came to ... my house.



CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  They had a fight.

(In the foyer, we see the large puddle of blood and messy footprints on the floor and on the stairs.  There are no bodies.)  


(Camera pans over the items on the desk in disarray.)  

(It moves continuously over to the foyer table filled with framed photos of various smiling family members.)  

(Camera moves over the photos and across the tossed room to the mantle with more framed photos of various smiling family members.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)   They couldn't find what they were looking for.

(Camera swings around and zooms over to the dining table with a plate of food on it and other items in disarray.)  

(Camera lingers on more bloodied prints going from one room to another.  The camera turns and goes back to the foyer.  It lingers on the pool of blood near an abandoned red sneaker.)

(The camera moves up the stairs to the second floor bedroom.  We see into the master bedroom.  The camera turns and heads over to the little girl's room.)  

(Inside, we find Nick standing at the foot of a little girl's heart-framed bed.  He stares at the unmade bed.  The window above it is open, the light breeze moving the wispy curtains.)



(Sheriff Brackett stands near the front porch as an officer looks around the grounds.)

(Behind him, the door opens and Nick exits the house to join him.)  

NICK:  Sheriff?  Who, uh ... who called it in?


(Nick nods.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Listen, we haven't had a murder in all of Lincoln County in ten years, let alone a quadruple.

NICK:  Without the bodies, I can't confirm there was a murder.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  No offense, Mr. Stokes, but did you see the amount of blood in that house?  Somebody's dead.

NICK:  What do you know about the family?

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Jude McBride -- great guy, stay-at-home dad.  Nina owns a local coffee shop.  Jeremy's a junior in high school, smart kid.  Ten-year-old daughter, Cassie.  Pip-squeak.

NICK:  Sounds like all that's missing is the white picket fence, huh?

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Yeah.  We don't even know where to start looking.

(The sheriff looks out at the group of officers combing through the grounds with their flashlights in the dark.)  

NICK:  Begin at the beginning.





(Various dissolves of individual framed photos of a happy couple and smiling children.  In the background, we see Nick.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  I loved my family.

(Final photo is of Cassie McBride.)  

(Nick is looking at a particular family photo - Jude McBride has his arm around his wife's shoulders in an easy manner, Jeremy stands next to Cassie making rabbit ears with his fingers on the back of her head.  They're all smiling in an easy manner.)  

(He continues to look around the room.)  



(An SUV travels along the long road.  Sara takes the exit to her right.  She
continues driving - over a bridge, through a small town.)  



(Nick is in the kitchen leaning over the counter and looking at the coffee

(Sara walks in carrying two cups - one of coffee, one with tea.  She notes the
bloody prints on the floor.  We hear the coffee machine perking.)  

(She walks into the kitchen.)  

SARA:  Are we having a Taster's Choice moment?

(Nick turns and looks at her.)  

SARA:  Grissom called me from the airport.  He's teaching a human remains
recovery class at the body farm.  He said you needed backup, and I figure you
needed coffee, but ... looks like you already took care of it.

NICK:  Oh, no.  No, I didn't do it.  Coffeemaker's  programmed to go on Monday
through Friday.

(The timer on the coffee maker reads 6:00.)  

SARA:  So, somebody cleaned up Friday's coffee and reset it to go off today?  

(She looks around the kitchen and sees the place a mess.  All the cupboards are
open, the drawers are open and some things are on the floor.)  

NICK:  You'd have to be alive to do that.  

SARA:  Which means whatever happened here happened over the weekend.

NICK:  Blood pools are dry, so, crime scene's at least 12 hours old.


(Nick leads Sara into the main hall.)  

NICK:  There were at least three major blood events -- Here ... here ... and up
the stairs.  Without the bodies, we'll have to confirm the source of the blood
through DNA comparison.

SARA:  I'll collect toothbrushes, hairbrushes ... you know, it's possible it
wasn't the family that died here.

NICK:  The sheriff confirmed the McBrides' cars are parked out front, and their
cell phones, car keys, wallets are all right there.

(Sara turns and looks at the things on the hallway table.)  

SARA:  Can't get far without those.

NICK:  Mm.

(Sara turns and looks around.)  

SARA:  It would also seem to eliminate robbery as a motive.

NICK:  Yeah.

(Warrick and Greg walk into the house.  Warrick takes it in.)  

WARRICK:  (exhales)  What a mess.

GREG:  If you're not gonna clean it up ... why take the bodies?

WARRICK:  Yeah.  Well, I'm gonna start upstairs.

(Warrick heads for the stairs.)  

GREG:  I'll take outside.



(Greg is on the outside of the house examining the window.  He tries to open it,
then takes several photos of it.)  


(Dissolve to:  Sara makes her way down the stairs carrying plastic bags with
shoes in them.  Nick is on the base of the stairs looking through a camera set
up on a tripod.  He takes several photos of one of the blood pools.)  

(Dissolve to:  Nick marks the shoe prints with colored circle stickers.  He
places a yellow sticker next to one of the shoe prints.)

(Several dissolves of Nick continuing to mark the shoe prints throughout the

(Dissolve to:  Near the outside doorway, Sara puts a measuring ruler down near a
print.  She notes it down in her log:  
     shoeprint size 11.5
     multiple prints
     shoeprint size 10.5     )

(Dissolve to:  Nick swabs some blood on the stairs.  He caps the swab tip and
puts it in the box.)  

(Dissolve to:  Sara lifts the shoe print.  She looks up and stands up.)  

SARA:  Based on their shoes, dad wore a nine-and-a-half, mom wore a nine.  
Jeremy wore an eight-and-a-half, and Cassie wore a one.

(Nick notes the size of the shoe print he's working on.)  

NICK:  There is that men's nine-and-a-half between blood pool number one and
blood pool number two.

SARA:  And the barefoot print on the stairs looks smaller.

NICK: Yeah, they're consistent with the mom, size nine.  No matches to Jeremy or
Cassie, though.

SARA:  Let's just assume they were shot.  Maybe they were shot first.  There's
no blood to step in if you're first.

(Quick flash of:  Cassie opens the door and someone shoots her.  End of flash.)  

SARA:  Or mom could have grabbed Cassie up, try to take her away from it all.

(Quick flash of:  Nina McBride grabs Cassie and runs up the stairs.)  

SARA:  (v.o.)  Bullet penetrated both bodies.

(Someone fires one bullet and hits them both.  Nina falls to her knees.  End of

NICK:  Could explain why there are only three blood pools.

SARA:  There are three other sets of shoeprints.  One size 12, two size 11.

(Nick looks down at the blue-stickered shoe prints on the floor.  He also notes
the white-stickered shoe prints.)  

SARA:  Two of the sets appear to be going back and forth from the kitchen area
to the front door.  One set, and only one set, headed upstairs for the bedrooms.

(We note the yellow-stickered shoe prints up the stairs.)  

NICK:  I'll go up there and see what I can find.



(Warrick opens the bag and takes out a JIMMY BUFFET shirt.)  

(Nick makes his way cautiously up the stairs.)

(Warrick opens the bedside table and finds a gun inside.  He takes several
photos of the drawer's contents.)  



(Sheriff Brackett's deputies are out in the yard looking around.)  

(Greg snaps a couple of photos of a tire print in the dirt.)  

GREG:  Sheriff Brackett ... did your deputies drive anything up here with a


GREG:  I got an odd-sized tread here.

(Greg stands up and looks around the area.  He finds some weed.  He picks it up,
then puts it back down.  He looks around and finds some Bubblicious gum near the
front walk.  He snaps some photos of it.)  


(Inside, Nick snaps some photos of bloodstains on the carpet.  He walks over to
the bed and finds some hair strands.  He snaps photos of it.)  

(He puts it in a bindle.)

(Nick leans down under the bed and finds a plate with half-eaten bread on it, a
bottle of cough medicine and a shoe.)  

(He shines his light under the bed and visualizes seeing Cassie McBride huddled
underneath, scared.)  

(He reaches under the bed and takes out the bottle of medicine.  He looks at the

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  I hate the taste of that stuff.

(The label reads:
     Cough Syrup
     Multi-Symptom Relief
     Original Flavor
     Relieves:  Headache, Aches, Pains, Runny Nose, Sneezing, Cough, Sore
Throat, Nasal Congestion, Fever.)  

(Nick reaches under the bed and takes out a shoe.  Inside the shoe is some green
liquid.  He smells it, then pours it into a plastic sample container.)  

(Cut to:  Nick looks around Cassie's room.  On the shelf, she has a row of Nancy
Drew books.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  I like Nancy Drew.  She always gets
the bad guy.

(On the shelf below, he sees a toy bubble gum ball dispenser and other things.)  

(He looks at the photos pinned to the wall next to the shelf.  In one of them,
Cassie's in a swimsuit, hair cap and goggles.  She's smiling with her coach.  He
also sees the medal on the wall with a photo of her with her coach.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  I knew all my lines and Hansel's,

(Also pinned to the wall is a CHILDREN'S THEATRE program book for HANSEL AND
GRETEL.  Above it is a photo of Cassie dressed as Gretel standing next to

(Nick smiles.)  

(He continues to look at the other photos of Cassie pinned to the wall.)  

(Cassie giggles.)

(There's a photo with Cassie blowing a bubble with her gum.)  

(Cassie giggles.)

(Nick looks around, confused by something.  He steps out of the room and into
the hallway.)  

(Cassie giggles.)

(Nick walks over to the next room.)

(Cassie giggles.)

(Nick pushes the door open and walks into Jeremy's room.  He finds Warrick
standing over a keyboard.)  

NICK:  What is that?

(Cassie giggles.)

WARRICK:  If it's labeled correctly, it's, uh, Cassie's laugh.

(Nick walks over to the keyboard to see an "F" key labeled "CASSIE'S LAUGH".  
Warrick presses it and we hear Cassie giggle.)  

(Nick and Warrick look around the room.  Nick looks over by the bed.  Warrick
finds some composition papers on the desk:  
     "The Influence of Classical Philosophy On Shakespeare"
     Jeremy McBride
     5th Period English Literature
     Mr. Rothchild

(The next paper reads:
     'The Relevance of Shakespeare for the 21st Century Student"
     Mark Hervatin
     4th Period English Literature
     Mr. Rothchild

(Warrick sits down at the desk and goes through the stack of papers:
     "The Definition and Uses of Infrared Light"
     Mark Horvatin
     1st Period Physics
     Ms. Bakken

The next papers show:
     Jeremy McBride
     2nd Period Social Studies
     Mr. Sauls

     Jeremy McBride
     5th Period English Lit
     Mr. Rothchild

     Mark Horvatin
     6th Period World Politics
     Mrs. Olviera

     Mark Horvatin
     4th Period English Literature
     Mr. Rothchild

(Finally on the bottom, he sees a composition tablet with some $100 bills in the

(He opens the composition notebook and notes the list and prices of the papers.)  

WARRICK:  Our man Jeremy's a bit of an entrepreneur here.

NICK:  Oh, yeah? How's that?

WARRICK:  He's trafficking in term papers.

NICK:  Whatever happened to just flipping burgers, man?


(Sara is in the kitchen dusting for prints.  She finds prints on the counters.  
She continues dusting.)

(She walks over to the bulletin board and sees the calendar with the stars on
it.  Greg walks into the kitchen.)  

SARA:  I think I figured out when all this happened.  Cassie never got to her
Saturday morning chores.  I was really into gold stars when I was a kid.

GREG:  As opposed to now?

(Greg looks at Sara.  Sara scrunches her eyes, then turns and walks away.)  

(Greg looks at the mail in the mail carrier.  The envelope is from the EAST SIDE
WATER & POWER COMPANY.  He looks through the mail and opens the electric bill.)  

GREG:  Whoa!  The McBrides must have a broken meter.  Even if they left every
light on day and night, it wouldn't add up to $2,000.

(Sara clears her throat and rubs her nose.)

GREG:  Maybe Brass can check it out.

SARA:  I think this print dust is getting to me.  Would you mind finishing the

(Sara passes Greg on her way out.)  

GREG:  Do I get a gold star?

SARA:  (dryly)  Ha-ha-ha.

(Sara walks around the corner and sees some blood on the mat in front of the
door leading to the cellar.  She notes the lock is missing from the door.)  

(She opens the door and looks inside.)

(Sara turns on her flashlight and looks down the stairs leading to the cellar.  
She heads downstairs.  She turns the corner and sees something.)  

SARA:  Greg?  I found something.

(Greg joins her.)  

GREG:  Is it the bodies?

SARA:  No.

(In the cellar, the McBrides have a pot farm complete with artificial light.  
Greg walks down.)

GREG:  Sweet Mary Jane.  The emerald city.  

(Sara walks down the steps and joins him.)  

SARA:  Explains the $2,000 electric bill.  And all the footprints throughout the

GREG:  It's a ganja graveyard.

SARA:  No ... it's motive.





(Sara snaps photos of the various items in the basement.  Warrick comes down the

WARRICK:  Whew ... !  Looks like someone shot out the lock upstairs.  I found
what looked like fragments of two bullets; they may be too m-and-d for a
comparison, but I could probably get type and caliber.

(We see that Nick and Greg are also in the basement processing.  Warrick looks
around.  He notices the empty lines used for drying the plants.)  

WARRICK:  Man.  If those suspects got everything on those lines, they made out
like fat cats.

GREG:  Yeah, but they were only interested in the dried stuff.

NICK:  If this was a territory war, or something like that, wouldn't the dealer
want to take the new growth, to try to put these guys out of business?

SARA:  Maybe one of the customers got greedy.

WARRICK:  Well, we're talking about getting rich, not getting high, you know?  
And these dry ones go a lot faster than those.  The price of an ounce these days
is anywhere from $200 to $400.

GREG:  Don't you guys think it's weird that the McBrides did all this with two
kids in the house?

NICK:  (scoffs)  Yeah, if they didn't care before, I bet they do now.



(One of the sheriff's men carries out a paper bag full of marijuana.  Nick is
standing at the car, the back hood open as he writes on an evidence box.  He
puts the box in the container.)  

(Sara exits the house and walks over to him.)  

SARA:  Well, we took some representative samples of the green plant material.

NICK:  Okay, Ecklie's sending out a tech.  I'll include it with the other

(Sara hands Nick the sample bags.)  

SARA:  Pioche PD's going to hold on to the rest until we can secure it for bulk
transport.  How's it going with the phone records?

NICK:  No outgoing calls from the house after 6:00 P.M. Friday night.  I
scrolled through Jude McBride's recent cell phone calls.  No activity all
weekend until Sunday night.  Several incoming calls, all from the same number.  
According to Pioche PD dispatch, it's the same number as the anonymous 911 call.  
So I had the phone company cross-check it. The guy's local:  Dr. Malcolm Parker.

SARA:  I'll go check it out.

(Nick nods.)  



(Sara drives back into town.  She turns into the PIOCHE MEDICAL CLINIC, A
Satellite Facility of Pioche Medical Group.)  



(Dr. Malcolm Parker and a patient walk out from the office into the hallway.)  

MALCOLM PARKER:  Be careful with those stitches, okay?  I just put them in a
couple days ago.  Your mom will kill me if it scars.


(The patient leaves.  Sheriff Brackett and Sara both stand up from their hallway

MALCOLM PARKER:  Sorry about that, guys.  You had some questions?

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  You placed an anonymous 911 call Sunday night.  Said
you were outside the McBrides' house and you could see blood in the entryway.

SARA:  Right before that, you called Jude McBride's cell phone three times.  
Late night house call ... ?

MALCOLM PARKER:  Dennis, do I have to answer that?

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  It looks worse if you don't.

MALCOLM PARKER:  Well, Jude and I have a standing Sunday night appointment.

SARA:  For what?

(He looks anywhere but at Sara.)  

SARA:  You are aware that it's illegal.

MALCOLM PARKER:  Okay, look, I have no idea what went on out there, before I got

(Quick flashback to:  [EXT. MCBRIDE - FRONT PORCH - NIGHT]  Malcolm Parker is on
the phone outside the closed front door.)  

MALCOLM PARKER:  (to phone)  Hi, Jude, it's 8:00.  Where are you guys?

(He looks in the window and sees the blood on the foyer floor.)  

MALCOLM PARKER:  I called 911.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

MALCOLM PARKER:  I didn't leave my name, because ... because I didn't want to
explain what I was doing there.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  You and Jude are making me look like an idiot.  He's
selling drugs, and you're buying them.  Tell me something, Malcolm.  Are you
high when you treat my daughter?

MALCOLM PARKER:  Dennis, of course not.  And Jude was discreet.  He rarely sold
to anybody in town.  He sent most of it out of state.

SARA:  Dr. Parker, what size shoes do you wear?

MALCOLM PARKER:  What size shoe do I wear?  A ten.

SARA:  And where were you Friday night?

MALCOLM PARKER:  I was here, doing rounds.



(A woman exits her car parked in the driveway.  Nick is sitting on the front
porch drinking his water - his kit open next to him and a writing board on his

(The woman looks around and sees Nick.)  

SAGE:  Hello, there.

NICK:  Hi.  Can I help you?

SAGE:  I'm Sage.  I'm looking for Nina.

NICK:  Yeah?  So am I.

SAGE:  She left work early Friday to see Jimmy Buffet in Tahoe.  But then she
never showed up at the shop today.

NICK:  And what was your name again?

SAGE:  Sage.

NICK:  Sage.  Okay, yeah, maybe you can help me out.  Um, the family, what do
you know about them?  Are they having problems?  Marital problems, anything like

SAGE:  Are you kidding?  Jude and Nina had the marriage we all wanted.

NICK:  Really?

(She looks at Nick and smiles.  She leans forward and gently touches his

SAGE:  You know, uh, your third eye is so open right now.  Are you having
visions or hearing voices?

NICK:  No.

(She suddenly crouches down to look at Nick.

SAGE:  I'm really sorry.  (Nick smiles.)  But you're radiating this crazy
feminine energy.

NICK:  (chuckling)  Really.

SAGE:  Mm-hmm.  Do you believe in past lives?

NICK:  No, ma'am.

SAGE:  How come?

NICK:  Because I'm just trying to make it through this one.

SAGE:  (suddenly very serious)  I think you're doing pretty well.

(Sage suddenly gets to her feet, turns and heads back to her car.  Nick gets up
and stops her.)  

NICK:  Hey ... Sage.  (She looks back.)  Thanks.

(Sage heads for her car.)  



(Catherine is on the phone with Nick.)  

CATHERINE:  Hey, Nick.  Well, there's no hits off the fingerprints from the
kitchen cabinets.  Dozens of unknowns, none of which were in the system -- no
work cards, no prior crime.  So I expanded the search to other databases, and I
did get one hit: a Mark Horvatin, 17 years old, junior ROTC.  His print was in
the kitchen, but not in blood.  Could just be a friend.



(Mark Horvatin leaves the field with his friends.)  

MARK HORVATIN:  That was nice, dude.  That was nice.  You got smoked.


(Mark looks up.  Sheriff Brackett waves.  He and Nick are standing by Mark's
car.  Mark looks at his friends and excuses himself.)  

MARK HORVATIN:  Hey, I'll catch up with you guys later.

FRIEND:  Later, man.
FRIEND:  Later.

(Mark walks over to Sheriff Brackett and Nick.)  


MARK HORVATIN:  Oh, hey, Dennis.

DENNIS BRACKETT:  Listen, we should probably go with Sheriff Brackett on this

MARK HORVATIN:  Oh, okay, Sheriff.

DENNIS BRACKETT:  This is Mr. Stokes from the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

(Nick waves and steps forward.)  

NICK:  What size shoe do you wear?


NICK:  Can I see the bottom?

MARK HORVATIN:  Should I get my dad?

DENNIS BRACKETT:  No, we're just talking.

(He shows Nick the bottom of his shoes.)  

NICK:  Oh, yeah, they're new, huh?

MARK HORVATIN:  Yeah, I got them this weekend.  My old ones were thrashed.

(Mark walks over to his car and opens the back door to put his gear inside.)  

NICK:  Huh.  You know, when I played ball, I used to stick all my gear in the

MARK HORVATIN:  Yeah, well, this is just easier.

NICK:  Parking lot still school property?


NICK:  Why don't you go ahead and pop the trunk for me?


(Mark opens the trunk.  Inside are the dried marijuana plants.)  

(Nick reaches inside and opens the bags.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (whispering)  Daddy's garden was supposed to be a
secret.  Someone must have told the secret.

(Nick turns and looks at Mark.)



(Mark Horvatin is in the interview room.  We hear Sheriff Bracket's voice over
the speaker.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  (over speaker) This doesn't look good, Mark.  Not a
lot of places you can get that much marijuana.  There's no way it could be a
coincidence.  Tell me where the bodies are.

(In the observation room, Nick and Sara watch the interview.)  



(Warrick has the plants on the lit table while Greg is looking the car interior
over with an ALS.)  

GREG:  I'm not finding any blood in here.  Besides, four bodies would never fit
inside this car.  You know, maybe, the pot was stolen after the fact.  Crime of

WARRICK:  (scoffs)  What are you, his lawyer?  Whoever stole the pot ... had a
gun and shot the lock off the basement door.

(Greg finds a receipt in the back of the car.)  

GREG:  Someone went to the ATM at 10:03 Friday night.  Right in the window of
the murders.

WARRICK: Hand that over to Sheriff Brackett.  He can run the account number.

(Greg looks around the inside of the car.  In the back seat floor, he finds a
Bubblicious piece of gum.  He stops and looks at it.)  

GREG:  I found this exact kind of gum in the driveway at the McBrides'.

(Warrick doesn't say anything immediately.  He's looking through a microscope
and getting very frustrated.)  

WARRICK:  (groans)  This microscope I got from the high school is a joke.  How
am I ever going to prove that this is the pot from the house?  Where's that
evidence we collected?

(Greg points.  Warrick turns around and gets the bag out from the closet.  Greg
walks over to him, watching as Warrick empties out the plastic bag.)  

WARRICK:  All right, this is the bag from the house.  And this is the bag from
the car.  

(He lines up the ends of the bags.)  

WARRICK:  The striations line up.  These bags are from the same roll.

GREG:  Nicely done.

(Nick walks in.)  

NICK:  Fellas.  We have a little problem.  Mark's not talking, not even to pass
the buck.  And his dad, Mark Sr., is a lawyer, and he's challenging our search
and seizure, saying that even though we were on school grounds, we lacked
probable cause to search personal property.




[INT. CSI -LAB -- DAY]  

(Catherine spreads out the crime scene photos on the trace table in the same
pattern as it appeared in the house.)  

CATHERINE:  (sighs)  Blood pool closest to the front door, and the size nine-
and-a-half shoe print ... both in Jeremy's blood.

(Quick flash of:  The shooter cocks the gun and points it at Jeremy.  He appears
surprised.  The shooter fires, shooting Jeremy.)  

JUDE:  (o.s.)  Jeremy, what's going on?

(Jeremy falls down the stairs.  Jude runs into the foyer.)  

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)  Jude stepped in Jeremy's blood.

(Jude's shoe slips in a pool of blood.)

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

CATHERINE:  Blood pool number two.  In the hallway,

(Quick flash of:  Jude McBride is dead on the floor in a pool of blood.)  

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)  ...  between the foyer and the kitchen.

(There's a second gunshot.  Jude falls to the floor near Jeremy.)  

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

CATHERINE:  Nina's footprints, dual contribution, Jeremy and Jude.

(Catherine notes, "J & J's blood" on the photo.)

(Quick flash of:  Jude and Jeremy are on the floor.  Nina McBride comes down the

NINA MCBRIDE:  Jude? Jeremy?  Is everything okay?

(She sees Jude on the floor in a pool of blood.  She rushes downstairs and sees

NINA MCBRIDE:  (crying)  Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  Jeremy!

(She kneels down next to Jeremy, her feet slipping in the blood on the floor.  
She hears a sound behind her.)

(From the kitchen, a man walks out.  Nina sees him and runs up the stairs.  Mark
picks up the gun and points it at her.)  

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)  Blood pool number three ...

(He fires and hits her in the back.  She falls on the stairs.)  

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)  ... Nina's blood.

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

(Catherine makes the notation on the photos.  She turns the cassette recorder
off and looks over the DNA results.)  

(She picks up the phone and calls Nick.)  

CATHERINE:  (to phone)  Yeah, Nick, I got the DNA results back.  Blood pools
were confirmed for mom, dad and Jeremy.  None of the blood was Cassie's, so ...



CATHERINE:  (from phone)  ... either her death was a bloodless crime ...

NICK:  ... or they took her alive.  Thanks, Catherine.

(Nick hangs up and heads over to the park table where Warrick, Sara and Greg are
sitting, eating and discussing the case.)  

SARA:  How did Mark know where the pot was, if McBride was as discreet as Dr.
Parker claims?

(Nick returns to the table.)  

NICK:  DNA confirmed to everyone but Cassie.

SARA:  Interesting.

NICK:  Mm-hmm.

(He sits down.)  

WARRICK:  Mark knew the pot was there because of Jeremy.  Come on, I'm sure
Jeremy wasn't voted the most popular boy in school.  He's done everyone's term
paper.  He's a nerd.

(Quick flash of:  Jeremy gets his books from his locker.  He talks with Mark

JEREMY:  So you guys want to come over and hang out?  I could sell you some pot.

MARK HORVATIN:  Now, where are you gonna score fresh herb?

JEREMY:  My parents are going out of town.  My dad has pounds of it.

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)  

GREG:  Yeah, so how does that end up a quadruple murder?

SARA:  One of them was stupid enough to bring a gun.

WARRICK:  I was talking to Tina the other night.  She said something to make me

GREG:  (coughs)  Yoko Ono. (coughs)

(Nick laughs.)  

WARRICK:  Tina's dad is a doctor of anthropology, so, one day, when she was a
little girl, she asked her dad where on her body her anthropology was.  You
know, he's a doctor.  Mark's dad's a lawyer.

(Sheriff Brackett pulls up along the curb nearby and gets out of his car.  He
makes his way toward them.)  

WARRICK:  Maybe Mark was thinking habeas corpus -- "body of the crime"?

SARA:  "Body of the crime" is content of the case, not an actual body.

WARRICK:  Yeah, but a kid could easily misinterpret.  Maybe he's thinking, "no
body, no crime, no crime, no punishment."

SARA:  Does Yoko Ono want a job?

(They chuckle.)  

(Sheriff Brackett puts a basket of muffins on the picnic table.)  


VOICE:  Morning.
SARA:  Hello.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  My wife made muffins.

SARA:  Thank you.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  You're welcome.  We got a lead on the ATM.  The
account belongs to Jim Locke.  He's got a son named Peter, the same age as Mark.  
We pulled some surveillance footage.  It's a little grainy, can't see much.

(He gives the video tape to Warrick.)  

WARRICK:  I'll give it over to Archie and see if he can clean it up.  Thanks.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  All right.  I'll be in the car waiting when you guys
are ready.

NICK:  All right, thank you.

(The sheriff steps out of camera frame.)  

GREG:  You feeling a little homesick there?

WARRICK:  You want to draw straws?

GREG:  No.

WARRICK:  Call me if you need me.

NICK:  All right.

(Warrick stands and leaves.)  

SARA:  All right, let's head over to Locke's house, and see what we can find.

(Greg and Sara gather their things.  Nick stays where he is.)  

SARA:  You coming?

NICK:  No ... no, you go ahead, I'll catch up.

SARA:  You think she's alive.

NICK:  (nods)  You don't?  (Sara shakes her head.)  None of her blood was found
at the house.

SARA:  I think she was drugged, and ... she was lucky if all they did after that
was kill her.

NICK:  I don't think she was drugged.  She's a smart little girl.  She hid that
cough medicine in her shoe; that's like hiding green beans in your napkin, you

SARA:  I hope you're right.  But everything in our experience tells us they're
dead, all four of them.

NICK:  Doesn't mean we just give up.

SARA:  No one's giving up.  It's just that ... you're acting like you're going
to rescue a person, not recover a body.  And on this job ... that's just not
usually the case.

NICK:  (shrugs)  I was rescued.

SARA:  It was not your day to die.  When it's your day, it's your day, you know?

NICK:  I don't think it was Cassie's day.




(Greg and Sara are looking at the boat parked in the driveway.)  

GREG:  That looks like the plant material I found in the McBrides' driveway.

SARA:  And this looks like the same wheelbase as the tread you found.

(Sheriff Brackett talks with Jill Locke, Peter's mother.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  We found something in Mark's car that we think might
be Peter's.  Is that your account number?

(He shows her the receipt:
     Thank you for visiting a Union Interstate Bank ATM
     10/14/05  0217PM  SGI090
     WITHDRAWAL FROM CHECKING     $100.00   )


SARA:  Does Peter have access to it?

JILL LOCKE:  Sure.  He has a limit, but he's never gone over it.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Mrs. Locke, when was the last time you took the boat

JILL LOCKE:  Friday night.  Peter and some of his friends took it out for one
last hurrah before it gets too cold.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Do you know which friends?

JILL LOCKE:  I was already in bed.  Sorry.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Do you mind if the CSIs take a look at it?

JILL LOCKE:  Sure.  Have the boys been drinking beer on the boat again?


[EXT. PARK -- DAY]  

(Nick sits at the park table and looks at a photo of Cassie.  In the background,
we hear the sounds of kids playing.)  

(In front of him, Nick has the file folder open with several photos out on the

(Out in front of him, four children play ball with a dog.  They bounce the ball
between them and laugh as they watch the dog jump for the ball.  The children
laugh as the dog barks.  They continue to play.  Nick smiles.)  

(He picks up twp photos - one of Cassie blowing a bubble with her bubble gum and
the other of Cassie dressed as Gretel and standing next to Hansel.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  Everyone told me I was the best
Gretel ever.

(Nick looks up and watches the children play, bouncing the large rubber ball
between them.  One of the girls lifts the ball to throw it.  Nick stops and
looks at the photo of Cassie blowing a bubble with her bubble gum.)  

(In front of Nick on the table is the photo of a Bubbilicious bubble gum found
outside the house.)  



(Greg looks at the frayed rope.)   

GREG:  My dad used to take me sailing when I was a kid.  Do you know what the
inboard end of an anchor rope is called?  "The bitter end."

(Greg and Sara are both on the boat, looking around on deck.  Sara opens the
compartment and takes out a roll of trash bags.)  

SARA:  This explains why we're not finding any blood.

(Sara climbs out of the boat and puts the roll of trash bags down on a paper
bag.  Her phone rings; she answers it.)  

SARA:  (to phone)  Hey!

NICK:  (from phone)  Hey!  


(Nick is walking back to his car.)  

NICK:  (to phone)  Sara, did you find any gum on that boat?  Any gum at all --
wrapped, unwrapped-- anywhere?

SARA:  Yeah ... how did you know that?

(Sara turns around and walks to the end of the evidence line where the gum is in
a plastic bag.)  

(Nick gets in his car.)  

NICK:  I think Cassie was on that boat -- alive.  I think she was leaving us a
trail ... of gum, "gum drops."  (Sara picks up the plastic bag.)  In the
driveway, in the car, on the boat.  It's like Hansel and Gretel.  Half the
pictures I've seen her in, she's chewing gum.

SARA:  Nick, that's a bit of a stretch.  A lot of people chew gum.

NICK:  You tell Sheriff Brackett I'll meet you at the station.



(Sheriff Dennis Brackett interviews Peter Locke.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Peter, we know you were in Mark's car.  We found your
ATM receipt.  We also know you guys took the boat out Friday night.

(Quick flash of:  Photos of Cassie in her swimsuit with her coach, Peter Locke.  
End of flashes.)  

(In the observation room, Nick and Sara listen to the interview.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  We know that there were three people involved.  Who
was the third?

(Peter doesn't say anything.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Pete, we found your print on a cough syrup bottle,
underneath Cassie McBride's bed.

(Quick flash of:  Cassie scared and hiding under the bed.  The covers lift and
Peter looks under the bed.  End of flash.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Your buddy Mark's not talking.  He's gonna pay for
that.  You be smarter.  You do the right thing.



(In the lab, Archie is working on the security tape from the ATM machine.  He
grids a specific portion of several video frames and extracts the image in

(He works quietly and efficiently.  He goes frame by frame, meticulously
removing the pieces of the image in the back seat of the car.)  

(Once he has the pieces, Archie works on putting the pieces together to get a
single image.  The pieces move, shift and turn on the screen.)  

(Finally, the pieces stop and meld to form one picture:  Mark Horvatin holding
Cassie in the back seat, her eyes closed and sucking her thumb.)  

(Archie looks at the image.)  

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  Dead bodies don't suck their thumbs.

(He sends the image to Nick.)  



(In the observation room, Nick's PDA beeps.  He checks it as the image comes in:
     FROM: [email protected]
     TO:  [email protected]

(The image appears.  Nick looks at it.  He looks at Peter Locke in the interview
room.  His face hardens.)


(Nick exits the observation room and bursts into the interview room, seething
angry.  He walks up to Peter and grabs his wrist showing Peter's injury.)  

NICK:  How'd you hurt your hand?  

(Nick grabs Peter's hair and pulls his head back to look at him.)  

NICK:  What's the matter?  She fight back?  

(Sara follows Nick into the room.)  

NICK:  (to Peter)  You tried to drug her, but guess what?  She was too smart for
you.  You coached the little girls' swim team, 'cause you liked to watch 'em in
their bathing suits, is that it?  You're gonna answer me right now!  

(Nick grabs Peter by his shirt, pulls him to his feet and slams his back up
against the wall.)  

NICK:  (shouts)  No more screwing around!  Where is she?!

(Peter doesn't say anything.  Sara and the sheriff watch.)  

NICK:  Where is she?

(Peter starts crying.)  

NICK:  Where is she?




[EXT. PIER -- DAY]  

(Officers are around the pier.  Sara stands on the pier talking with an officer.  
Nick rushes up to her.)  

NICK:  Okay, my guess is the guys stopped at the ATM to get cash for gas.  
That's cash only, and Eddie over there says he filled the tank to the top Friday

(He points to the man filling up the boat with gas.  Sara looks and nods.  Her
mind is on another matter.)  

SARA:  Can I talk to you for a minute?

NICK:  Sure, what's up?

SARA:  I-I think I need to talk about what happened at the station.

NICK:  Oh, yeah.

SARA:  I'm slightly concerned about its effect on the case, but more than that,
I'm concerned about the case's effect on you, Nick, and I'm absolutely sure
that, six months ago, you wouldn't have lost it like that.

NICK:  I know, I'm sorry.  I apologize for that.

SARA:  How much gas was left?

NICK:  Three-quarters of a tank.  Took an eighth to get out there, an eighth to
get back.  (He pulls out a map.)  And according to the gas mileage, on the
Lockes' boat, that would have been about three miles out from this launch point
right here.

(He points and motions for Sara to follow him.)  

NICK:  Come on.

(Sara takes a step to follow him.  She stops and checks under her shoe and
removes a piece of Bubblicious gum.)  

SARA:  Nick?

NICK:  Yeah?

(She shows him Cassie's gum.  Nick takes a breath and looks at his map again.)  



(The patrol boat is out on the lake.)  

PATROL:  (to Sara)  This is the three-mile mark.

(Sara nods.  The boat's engine is cut.  Nick opens the kit next to him and takes
out the underwater remote camera.  They put it in the water and wait.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  I used to love going to the lake, but
not anymore.


(They gather around the monitor as the underwater remote camera moves under the

(After a while, they find something.)  

PATROL:  There's something there.

(cc)  CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  They killed my whole family.

(On the monitor, they find Jeremy, Nina and Jude dead, their heads sticking out
of the plastic trash bags wrapped around them.)  

(The remote continues past Jude, but they find nothing, but the weights tied to
the body.)  


(The diver opens the body bags.  Sara snaps several photos of Jude, Nina and

SARA:  Where's the fourth?

DIVER:  We only found three.



(Robbins goes over the findings with Warrick.)  


ROBBINS:  Gunshot wound to the chest.  (He picks up Jude's hand.)  Though it
appears to have gone through his hand first.

(Close-up:  The bullet hole in Jude's hand.)  

WARRICK:  Dad wrestled with the gun, huh?

(Quick flash of:  Jude wrestles for the gun.  The gun goes off.  End of flash.)  

WARRICK:  Anything else?

(Robbins points to Jeremy's body on the second exam table.)  

ROBBINS:  Contact wound on the boy.  (Warrick turns and looks at the body.)  
Shot up-close and personal.

(Standing behind Robbins, David is writing on a clipboard.)  

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Mom was shot twice in the back.  Not up-close.

(Robbins picks up a metal dish with the bullet inside and hands it to Warrick.)  

ROBBINS:  Rinsed and ready for you.

(Warrick picks up the bullet and looks at it.)  

WARRICK:  ..22 ... probably from a revolver.  (He puts the bullet back in the
metal dish.)  Six shots.  Four in the bodies, two in the lock.  Well, that would
explain why we didn't find Cassie's blood in the house.  They ran out of



(Warrick is walking through the hallway; he's on the phone with Sara.)  

WARRICK:  Sara, the bullets pulled from the bodies were from a .22-caliber
revolver.  Ibis bounced back a hit.  They were entered into Ibis from the
Department of Wildlife, for shooting a deer with a small caliber handgun.  
Firearm was returned to the owner -- a Chris Daniels from Pioche, Nevada.



(Chris Daniels is grilling steaks on the barbeque.  The steaks sizzle as he
prods them with the fork.  The sports announcer is on the radio in the

(Sheriff Dennis Brackett and Sara walk alongside the house.)  

CHRIS DANIELS:  Hey, Dennis, what's up?  Hey, just in time for steaks.

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  Mr. Daniels, do you, uh ... do you own a .22 revolver?

CHRIS DANIELS:  You know the answer to that.  You cited it and fined me two
hunting seasons ago.

SARA:  Sir, I'm Sara Sidle from the Las Vegas Crime Lab.  It's evidence in a
homicide investigation.  I'm going to need it.

LUKE DANIELS:  (o.s. from the house)  Dad, how long on the steaks?

(The back door opens and Luke stops in the doorway.  He sees Sheriff Brackett
and Sara.)  

SHERIFF DENNIS BRACKETT:  We're going to need to speak to Luke.

CHRIS DANIELS:  What did you do with my gun?  (Luke doesn't say anything.)  If
you did anything to jeopardize that football scholarship of yours, you're done.

(Chris turns to look at Luke.  Luke glances down at the cooking fork in his
dad's grip.  Sara also notes Mr. Daniels tightening his hold on the fork as he
glares at his son.)  



(Sara exits the front door onto the porch.  Sheriff Bracket escorts Luke out of
the house.)

(From his car, Nick watches them head for the officer's car.  Chris Daniels
remains behind on the porch.)  

(Sheriff Brackett helps Luke Daniels into the back of his squad car.  Luke has
his wrists handcuffed behind him.)  

BRACKETT:  Duck your head.

(Chris Daniels turns and heads back inside.)

(Sara carries the evidence bags to Nick.  She shows him the large hunting

SARA:  Found this in his pocket when I patted him down.  Tested positive for

(She shows Nick the shoes.)  

SARA:  As did these.

(Luke is in the back seat of the police car.  He turns and levels a cold stare
at Sara talking to Nick and showing him the evidence bag.)  



(Luke Daniels sits in the hallway under the watchful eye of an officer.  Sara
exits the room and sits in the seat next to him.)  

SARA:  You just wanted to intimidate Jeremy, right?  Scare him a little?  But
Mr. McBride was still home and he didn't scare so easily.

(Quick flashback to:  [MCBRIDE HOUSE - FOYER - NIGHT]  Jeremy meets with Mark
Horvatin, Luke Daniels and Peter Locke.  Jeremy is trying to get the guys to

JEREMY MCBRIDE:  You guys have to go.  My parents are still home.

LUKE DANIELS:  Dude, I thought you said there were pounds of pot.

(Jeremy pushes them toward the door, but they don't go.)  

JEREMY MCBRIDE:  You guys got to get out, okay?  Please, just get out of here,
all right?

PETER LOCKE:  Just listen to him, man.  Do what he said.

(Luke takes out the gun and points it at Jeremy.)  

JUDE MCBRIDE:  Jeremy!  Jeremy, what's going on?

VOICE:  What the heck?

JUDE MCBRIDE:  Jeremy, what's going on?

(Jude steps out from the kitchen.)  

(The gun fires and hits Jeremy in the chest.  Jeremy falls to the floor.)  

(Jude grabs the gun.  Luke fires and Jude falls to the ground.)  

PETER LOCKE:  What the hell did you just do?

(End of flash.)  

SARA:  Mrs. McBride came downstairs, so you had to shoot her, too.

(Quick flash to:  Luke fires and hits Nina McBride in the back.  She falls on
the stairs.  End of flash.)  

SARA:  Peter went upstairs to deal with Cassie ...

(Quick flash to:  In Cassie's room, she hides under the bed.  The bed covers
lift and Peter finds her.  End of flash.)  

SARA:  ... while you and Mark bagged the pot and wrapped the bodies in garbage
bags.  But ... Peter couldn't do it.  He couldn't kill Cassie ... so he tried to
drug her.  You guys got in Mark's car, you went to the ATM, you got cash, you
picked up Peter's boat, you went back to the McBrides' and you loaded the bodies
onto the boat.

(Quick flash to:  On the boat, the boys wrap the bodies in the trash bags and
tie them together.)  

SARA:  (v.o.)  You were out of bullets, way out on the lake.  One small, loose
end to tie up.

(Peter gently brushes the hair from Cassie's face.  Her eyes are closed and
she's leaning against the side of the boat.  He looks back at Luke.)  

LUKE DANIELS:  Bring her over here.


LUKE DANIELS:  She can identify us!  There's no way she's staying alive.

(Peter stands up and punches Luke.)  

PETER LOCKE:  I said she was a strong swimmer.  I didn't say we could throw a
drugged ten-year-old into the lake.

(Luke opens his knife and pushes Peter aside.  He heads over toward Cassie.)  

(He kneels down and puts the knife to Cassie's neck.)  

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

SARA:  Did it make you feel like a man?  To kill a little girl?



(Nick and the Patrol are out on the boat searching the waters for Cassie's body.  
They reach the edge of some rocks and trees.  They shine their flashlights,
looking for any sign of Cassie.)  

(They follow the line where the water meets the land.  Nick sees something
partially hidden in the grass.  He doesn't take his flashlight off the object.)  

NICK:  Stop the boat.  Stop the boat.  Let me out.

(Nick takes his cap off and tosses it aside.)  

NICK:  Let me out.

(Nick jumps in the water and rushes over to the shore.  On the ground, he finds
Cassie.  He checks for a pulse.  We see that her face is white and dirty, her
eyes closed.)  

(Nick checks her hand and sees the rest of her Bubblicious gum in her grip.)  

(Nick looks back at the boat and around.  He puts a hand on Cassie's head.)  



(Cassie is on the ground, her eyes are closed and the knife cut evident on the
left side of her neck.)  

(Cassie, young and healthy, smiling as she blows a bubble with her gum for the

(The McBride family photo.)


(With every fade out/in, we hear a heartbeat.)  




(Cassie is in the hospital bed, sleeping.)  


(Cassie's eyes are open.)


(Cassie's awake and coloring.  She looks up when she hears someone enter the room.  In the background, we hear the heart monitor beeping.)

(Nick walks up to Cassie's bed.  She stops coloring.)  

NICK:  Hi.

(He puts his things down on the bedside table.  Cassie gives Nick the card she's been working on.  The cover has a picture of a house and a lake.  It reads:

     Thanks for finding me!

(He opens the card:


(Nick is touched.  He smiles.)  

NICK:  You're welcome, sweetie.

(He puts a hand on her head.  Cassie writes in her notebook:  


(She looks at Nick.)  

NICK:  They're in Vegas.

(Cassie writes:  

     DON'T BABY ME !!!

(She underlines the words several times.)  

NICK:  Their bodies are in the coroner's office, honey.

(Cassie puts her notebook aside.)  

NICK:  Hey, Cassie ... I know when bad things happen, it's hard to remember.  But if I give you some details, do you think you could tell me the story of what happened to your family?

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (hoarse whisper)  Okay.

NICK:  Okay.  We'll go slow, okay?

(Nick sits down next to the bed.)  

NICK:  And we'll just begin at the beginning, okay?

(Nick puts a hand on her arm.  She struggles for a while, then starts.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (hoarse whisper)  They came to ... my house.


(Out in the hallway and through the glass in the door to Cassie's room, we see her in bed.  Camera is pulling back.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)   They had a fight.

(A nurse walks past.)  


(Camera is pulling back down the hallway. More people walk across the hallway, in and out of camera frame.)  

CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper)  They couldn't find what they were looking for.

(She takes a deep, shuddering breath and exhales.)  


CASSIE MCBRIDE:  (v.o.)  (hoarse whisper) I loved my family.


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