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Les Experts
#15.06 : Le Paradoxe des jumeaux

Titre VO : "The Twin Paradox" - Titre VF : "Le Paradoxe des jumeaux"

Première diffusion US : 16 novembre 2014 (CBS)
Première diffusion FR :
 30 Décembre 2015 (TF1)
Ecrit par : Christopher Barbour
Réalisé par : Phil Conserva

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Avec :

Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Mark Valley (Daniel Shaw), Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Paul Winthrop/Jared Briscoe), Tina Huang (I.A. Detective Karen Park), Floriana Lima (Keri Torres), Yvette Freeman (Cynthia Hughes), Colleen Flynn (Sister Alice), Anadel Baughn (Dr. Lisa Webb), Elizabeth Ann Roberts (Nurse), Andrea Bogart (Blonde Woman), Phillip Marshall Tyler (I.A. Detective Lionel Ford), Patricia Arquette (Avery Ryan), Rob Nagle (Mark Turner)

Résumé :

La frustration s'intensifie pour les experts, alors qu'une autre victime a été assassinée selon le même modus operandi que celui utilisé par le tueur en série de Gig Harbour. La police interpelle comme principal suspect, Paul Winthrop. Le frère jumeau de ce dernier, Jared, se trouve en prison à Seattle, dans l'état de Washington. Au cours de leurs investigations, les enquêteurs apprennent que Paul est mort selon les registres de l'état civil. En exhumant les restes, ils découvrent, dans le cercueil, une poupée, une photo de la mère des jumeaux, assortie d'une mèche de cheveux. Les policiers cherchent à comprendre le mystère entourant Paul Winthrop. 


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CSI Finlay, I'm gonna need you surrender your firearm.
Let the record reflect that CSI Julie Finlay's service weapon was received with seven live rounds in the magazine.
One live round in the chamber.
It was a good shoot.
Jared Briscoe was about to kill Lab Director Russell.
What I don't understand is what you and the lab director were doing out there.
We had a warrant, based on evidence that was recovered outside of Maya Russell's apartment.
Lab Director Russell's daughter.
Evidence that confirmed Briscoe's stalking of Maya.
I called Judge Vincent, and he issued me a warrant over the phone.
Judge Vincent? Of course.
And what is that supposed to mean? I think we both know.
What the hell, Keri? Well, you look like you were gonna cry.
You know she doesn't even know you exist.
Not true.
We had coffee last week.
With Lab Director Russell.
Baby steps.
For you or her? Everyone knows she has the hots for the boss.
He's married.
Take a little advice from Dr.Torres-- stay away from that one.
She's trouble.
(knocking on the door) Hey.
Did Eddie call? No, not yet.
Hope you didn't bring me all the way up here to Seattle on a wild-goose chase.
Don't worry, Eddie's lead's gonna pan out.
Trust me.
Six weeks-- nothing.
If this guy's gonna drop Keri's body on us, why doesn't he do it now? Dan, I'm really sorry.
I know this is really hard.
If Paul Winthrop wanted to get his brother free by creating reasonable doubt another body, another "processed crime scene"-- that's gonna help his cause, right? Yeah, I think you're right.
But I do not think that Keri is gonna be the next body that we find.
She just does not fit the profile of the Gig Harbor Killer's victims.
You know, this guy gets off on messing with our minds.
That's why it's been so quiet.
It's not gonna be quiet for long.
You've got to hear this.
MAN: Please, I can't help you (woman screams) if you don't give me your location.
What is this? (woman screams) came in a few minutes ago.
Tracing it now.
This is how the call started.
MAN: SCRAMBLED MALE VOICE: I'd like to report a murder.
WOMAN: Please! Stop! Don't! No! No! He's killing her right now.
He wants us to hear him do it.
Talk to me.
Got a cell tower.
Phone's pinging off it.
Pulling data now.
I got it.
Phone has GPS.
(woman screaming) (woman screaming) (woman crying) Miss? Miss, are you still there? this is CSI Sara Sidle.
On scene with officers.
Code Four.
He's back.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Just like last time, he took the body with him.
But the volume of blood says that the victim is dead.
STOKES: Blood's dry and flaky.
Murder could have happened weeks ago.
So, he returns to the scene of the crime.
He dials 911.
He knew we'd trace it.
He knew how much time he'd have to get away.
That, plus all this, again tells me we're dealing with somebody who knows police procedure.
Says to me he's feeling confident, too.
Me, too.
We'll catch him.
These cameras are old-school, huh? Not digital.
Exposed film.
Found the same in that camera.
It's probably in all of them.
So, what, this guy's taking crime scene photos for us now, as well? It's been a long time since any of us was in a dark room.
SIDLE: Greek-- Theta Pi.
Theta Pi? College sorority.
SIDLE: Probably a student like the others.
Good bet she was moonlighting in the sex trade, too.
Digital recorder.
Hit it.
SCRAMBLED MALE VOICE: I'm standing at the north wall where I'm finding blood inconsistent with the crime.
Perhaps stringing will yield more.
But no blood.
Kill the lights.
"People lie.
Follow the evidence"? Hmm.
We're really good at that.
SCRAMBLED MALE VOICE: Before I register my preliminary findings, I can't help but share some thoughts on the suspect dubbed "The Gig Harbor Killer," but whom I would more accurately describe as "The Crime Scene Killer.
" Clearly our suspect is intelligent, analytical, creative-- an artist whose medium isn't paint or plaster, but flesh and blood.
Victimology suggests the women are chosen carefully.
Seemingly innocent.
But far from it.
With nine victims already, I see no end in sight.
No end to the violence because our killer is a ghost, untouchable, who walks between the raindrops and exists in the shadows.
Not a bad bit of psychoanalysis.
Emphasis on the "psycho.
" So, his mocking us has graduated from crime scene analysis to profiling.
Can we compare the altered voice to samples of Paul Winthrop? Unfortunately, no.
But I did find something on the other recording that the killer left us.
The one he made of the murder.
(intermittent screaming) Keep listening, I was able to boost the background.
(metallic object drops) You can hear the killer drop the weapon, begin to walk away.
(footsteps resounding) And then there's more footsteps.
Walking to the recorder and turning it off.
Either our "ghost" can fly Or there were two people in that room.
If Winthrop is the killer, he's found a new partner to sub for his brother.
Question is-- who? (cell phone beeps) Oh.
Maybe I'll ask him myself.
I expected treatises by Locard and Lombroso.
Dry volumes on criminology.
But you're a man of letters.
The Prince and the Pauper.
I've always loved that one.
What do you want, Mr.
Winthrop? The same thing you want-- the truth.
Mistakes have been made.
The killer is out there.
I'm sure you've heard that my brother, Jared, is going to have a new day in court.
I heard.
So, I've enlisted an expert to conduct a psychological evaluation to explain why an innocent man would confess to crimes he didn't commit.
But that's only part of the story, isn't it? You tell me.
You discovered physical evidence, DNA, that exonerates my brother, but that unfortunately also casts an unflattering light on your previous findings.
I wouldn't go that far.
I'd like to give you an opportunity, Mr.
Between you and me, I come here requesting your services as a "friend of the court.
" You want me to help you and your brother? Help yourself, as well.
Oh how's that work? We both know you'll find more dead women.
Perhaps you have already? Only by freeing my brother will you be able to free yourself, push away the clouds of doubt you must feel, enabling yourself to have the vision you'll need to find this predator.
Well, thank you for the offer, but I think I'm going to pass.
Because, just between you and me, I think you're a sociopath.
I thought we could have a meeting of the minds, but I misjudged you.
I make a better friend than enemy.
SHAW: Eddie.
Yeah, listen.
Could you have her come down to PD for a conversation? Just off the record.
It's not gonna be easy.
I know.
I'll owe you one.
All right.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Told you Eddie would come through.
What do you got? His gal at the Hall of Records in Tacoma has a birth certificate for Jared Briscoe.
Thing is, there's no record of a twin.
How's that possible? I don't know.
The mother's listed as Cynthia Hughes, still alive.
Eddie's setting up a meeting right now.
Cynthia Hughes? That's right.
You're Jared Briscoe's mother? I'm Daniel Shaw.
I'm a private investigator.
This is Julie Finlay.
She's with the Las Vegas Police Department.
CYNTHIA: The detective who brought me here told me.
But obviously, he didn't tell you, despite what it says on the birth certificate, I'm not Jared's birth mother.
He neglected to tell us that.
After I adopted Jared, I petitioned the court, I needed a birth certificate.
They put my name on it.
So, you don't know who Jared's birth mother is? No.
But I know I have to live with the fact that I'm responsible for what's become of him.
" Why do you say that? My husband and I didn't have the best marriage.
He'd fly into rages.
And poor Jared he paid the price.
Is that why Jared went into foster care? I tried to get him back many times.
Miss Hughes, we haven't found any records of adoption for Jared.
And you won't find any.
Jared was dropped at my doorstep by a friend.
She worked at a convent, a place where girls in trouble often went.
So, you're saying that Jared's mother was one of these "girls in trouble"? Yes.
Do you know that Jared has a brother? A twin.
I did not.
This convent, is it still around? Do you remember the name? St.
Nick was right.
The killer has added taking crime scene photos to his M.
DNA from the blood at the crime scene didn't pop on CODIS.
But now that we have a face, maybe it can help us get a name from another database.
You got anything? Well, the first images on some of the rolls all look the same.
As if the killer, when loading the camera, advanced the film and accidentally popped off a few exposures at the head.
And they're blurry, but doesn't this look like an "H" to you? Yeah, maybe from a sign, or a billboard.
Uh, there were no signs or billboards anywhere near the crime scene.
I think I know a way to enhance these.
If we can figure out where this is, then this could help us find where the killer is.
Gabriella's Convent.
To be honest, I didn't know places like this still existed.
SHAW: Nun I talked to on the phone said she might be able to help us.
FINLAY: Well, let's hope so.
Sister Alice? Mr.
Miss Finlay.
Any luck? Unfortunately, my predecessors here didn't believe in computers, but I found this.
It's a ledger listing births to young mothers during the years our convent took in girls in need.
I found the entry you're looking for.
June 18, 1976.
Twin boys born.
Given names "Jared" and "Paul.
" Mother is listed as "Nancy Harper.
" Any indication of adoption? Uh no.
It was before my time, but I understand it wasn't uncommon for babies born in that sort of circumstance to be given informally to families deemed worthy.
Well, we know where Jared ended up.
What about Paul? I can answer that.
There was a fire some years ago.
Records were lost.
But a certain Sister Bernadette made notations from memory.
There was a "C-13" noted in the ledger speaking to the fate of a "baby Paul.
" The child never left us.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
This is a cemetery.
Yes, for infants that died during childbirth or shortly thereafter.
If you're searching for this "Paul Winthrop," your search ends here.
, I got a court order to exhume the grave.
Didn't make Sister Alice very happy.
Well, she'll survive.
Just like Paul Winthrop did.
Which begs the question-- who's buried in Grant's Tomb? Yeah.
I'm working on that, but, uh, there's something else.
You know how Winthrop claims that he didn't have a brother until he found out about him on the news? Right.
So, what, you got something? Well, there was a fire here, and all the records were destroyed.
But this one nun tried to reconstruct them from memory, and made a note in the visitors log.
Turns out that we are not the first people to come around here asking about Jared and his brother.
Was there a name? No, but the visitor was from San Diego.
That's Paul Winthrop's hometown.
When was this? One year before the Gig Harbor murders began.
Let me know what you find in that grave, will you? I'll have an answer soon.
You isolated the different colors.
I don't know how much good it's doing me, though.
Well, first message was in the green strings, right? "Gemini," the twins' way of announcing themselves, daring us to catch them.
STOKES: Didn't find any Gemini this time.
You're looking for other constellations.
I've been spinning these webs for hours, just coming up empty.
Maybe the answer's not in the strings.
"People lie.
Follow the evidence.
" What are you thinking? What's different about this crime scene? For starters, the cameras.
Last time, the message was in the bird's-eye view of the crime scene.
All these cameras.
How about we connect the dots.
Here's the constellation.
Right? It's Virgo.
The virgin.
The killer said that the women were chosen because they were "seemingly innocent," virginal.
But they were all in the sex trade, too.
So, this wasn't about the killer or killers; it was about the victims.
Madonna-whore complex.
First, Winthrop tells us who's doing the killings, then he tells us why.
Mommy issues.
It's a doll.
Head's really loose.
There's something inside.
She looks like a teenager.
I'm guessing we're looking at Jared and Paul's birth mother.
Well, look at this.
Think this could possibly be the hair of the mother? Maybe DNA will confirm.
Yeah, but it still won't tell us why somebody went through this whole charade.
I-I get why Jared was given up for adoption.
But why pretend his twin brother died? Maybe that's the same question Winthrop was asking when he came here looking for his brother.
Looking for a partner in crime.
WOMAN: Let's talk about your brother.
When did you first know of his existence? Physically, astrologically or otherwise? WOMAN: You choose.
Two little mutants, clinging to each other in a sack of blood and urine and excrement.
There's an obvious bond there.
Until they reach in and-and tear them apart.
WOMAN: You're talking about your separation.
JARED: Yeah.
They ripped me away from my brother, took me away from the only mother I ever knew, the only woman who ever wanted me.
WOMAN: You mean your adoptive mother.
You know what it's like to be handed from foster family to foster family.
They just want the check, that's all.
I mean, come on.
How can they expect me to be anything other than a serial killer? WOMAN: Is that what you really think? Is that why you confessed to all these crimes? I don't want to talk anymore.
I'm gonna ask you one more time, Jared.
Do you really believe that you are the Gig Harbor Killer? If I'm not, then who am I? Who am I? Turn the camera off.
Turn it off! Whatever Winthrop's paying that psychiatrist, it's not enough.
Well, it is if this performance convinces a court that Briscoe's mentally ill.
I'm not so sure it is a performance.
Abandoned and abused in the foster care system, it would make him vulnerable to a stronger will, especially if that will was a reflection of himself.
Dominant twin manipulates the weaker, uses him to commit his crimes.
Let's him take the fall.
Then why does Winthrop save Briscoe from death row? Without the reflection, the narcissist dies, too.
BRODY: Hey, Henry.
Heard Hodges found human tissue in the strings again.
He told me you found DNA.
Two contributors.
Both female.
One was a match to the blood at the crime scene.
Our victim, who now has a name-- Pamela Kramer.
Ran facial recognition against the college database.
She was a student at WLVU.
Notified next of kin.
They're sending over DNA exemplars to confirm.
Unfortunately, I won't need exemplars to identify the second female contributor.
What do you mean? I found a match in CODIS.
(cell phone buzzes) It's Keri Torres.
I guess, given everything, her fate should come as no surprise, but still Are you sure about that second DNA? Yeah.
I mean, I ran it twice.
Why? 'Cause Keri Torres was just brought into Desert Palm.
RUSSELL: Where was she found? At the intersection of Jefferson and Sahara.
She was staggering through the cars.
Police said she was combative, incoherent.
They thought she was a meth-head until they ran her.
Looks like she's been through hell.
She's got ligature marks on her wrists and her ankles.
An incision mark on her abdomen, where he opened her up He didn't let her go.
He was still playing with her.
But she got away.
Nah, she fought her way free.
BRODY: He underestimated her.
He finally made a mistake.
Keri's going to make it.
Tox report says she was drugged.
Combination of opiates and hallucinogens.
So there were signs of torture? RUSSELL: Yeah.
Including taking a piece of her to make more of his strings.
SHAW: I don't get it.
Why didn't he just kill her? I'm sure Winthrop was probably trying to get information out of her.
We know she was close to learning the truth.
Did you get DNA results on the hair you found in the coffin? Yeah.
It was a definite match to Briscoe and Winthrop's birth mother.
, Winthrop was definitely at that convent.
He was there searching for his brother.
We can't prove that, though, right? FINLAY: Oh, we will.
We're gonna catch the first flight back.
We're on our way to the airport right now.
All right, fly safe.
I can't believe she's still alive.
Can't imagine what she went through.
No no.
No stop Stop.
Please! Stop! Keri, Keri, hey, hey.
(gasping) It's okay.
You're okay.
You're safe now.
I'm Morgan.
I'm a CSI.
(exhales) (sobs) I got away.
Yeah, you did.
But right now, I need your help.
Do you remember anything? No, I can't I just I just remember a room.
(grunts) There were strings.
Strings? You mean like trajectory strings from a crime scene? No, um they were just hanging there.
Like fishing line hung out to dry.
How did you get away? For days, I thought there was water all around me.
It was blue.
Like the ocean.
And then I realized it wasn't water.
It was glass.
I was able to cut my way out.
I found a vent.
I saw light daylight.
And I just kept crawling forward, toward the light.
I didn't care where it led-- Heaven, hell I didn't care, I just kept going.
I just kept going (sobs) I I can't remember much more than that.
No, that's good.
You're-you're doing really good.
I have just one more question.
Before you were taken, you met with a man.
At a coffee house.
Yeah, I remember.
His name was, um Turner.
Mark Turner.
He was a lawyer.
This is a picture of him.
Do you recognize him? No.
I mean, no, that's not the man I met.
What about this man? Yes.
That's him.
(people talking, laughing) Little young for you, don't you think? I don't think so.
But then again, I don't have a daughter.
I hear that makes a difference.
You here because you changed your mind about helping my brother? Or you need a lift? You two meet online? That's none of your business.
Young lady, there's a taxicab right over there.
I suggest you go home.
Your client and I have a few things to discuss.
Thank you for dinner tonight.
I'll call.
Yeah, a little heads-up there.
This guy's a murderer.
So if he calls, hang up.
That was subtle.
You lied to us.
It wasn't your lawyer that met Keri Torres at the coffee shop.
It was you.
And that was right before she disappeared.
I didn't lie.
Your people just never asked me the question.
This is one big game for you, isn't it? You think you're smarter than we are.
All those crime scenes, leaving your brother's fingerprint under the table You don't see what's going on here, do you? Or maybe you don't want to.
What's that supposed to mean? I confess.
Yes, I met with Keri Torres.
Because she reached out to my attorney with evidence that my brother was innocent.
Framed by someone in Seattle PD.
Oh, is that right? That's right.
She was going to provide even more information the next meeting.
But she never showed up.
So forgive me if I chose to be less than forthcoming, especially when the person who was asking me the questions was the cop who shot my brother.
I think you'd better leave CSI Finlay out of this.
Kind of hard to.
I think you and I are on the same side here.
You just don't know it yet.
See, I almost forgot to tell you.
We found your grave.
Nancy Harper, right? That's your birth mother? Interesting.
You know what else is interesting? We have Keri Torres.
And she's alive.
That's great news.
I look forward to seeing her.
Hey, welcome back.
Morgan said you're working on finding the killer's location? Yeah.
And we got lucky.
He took photos of what I think is the same landmark, using different cameras at different exposures.
How does that help? Well, each photo has detail in the light and dark areas unique to that photo.
So using high-dynamic-range software, I can overlap them to create a more vivid composite.
Whole's greater than the sum of its parts.
You know, before, I thought this here was an "H.
" Like on a sign.
But now it looks like some kind of structure.
I feel like I've seen this place bore.
So, I ran the glass Morgan pulled from Keri Torres's foot.
Refractive light index found the usual silicon dioxide mixed with potassium and zinc oxide.
But there was an element that did stand out.
What's that? Tin oxide with hamachi indigo dye.
It's found in Japanese Blue Bark textured glass, which is used in making tiles, statuary and objets d'art.
Which I am familiar with because my mother's a collector.
In fact, funny story Hodges Hodges, you're a genius.
I am? I got it.
I figured out what that is.
It's the gate that you walked through to enter The Mizu Hotel.
Built in '62.
Went belly up in the '70s.
Developers tried to renovate it but quit.
But the place was known for its blue glass ceiling and wall tiles.
They were meant to resemble the ocean.
Which I would assume came pouring down during the aborted renovations.
The reason why this place was abandoned was because of its lousy location.
The Alphabets.
Now we know how he makes them.
These, too.
Looks like we found his workshop.
Now,here is he? (sirens approaching) (thumping sound) No! (screams) (screaming, whimpering) It's okay.
We're the police.
We're here to help you.
The girls the girls What girls? There's others.
He has them.
Where? The room the room where he does things to them, to us Where? I I Where is the room? Uh there.
I'm gonna go find them.
All right, I'm gonna stay here with her.
Uh, Dispatch, this is Charlie-0-5-Sanders.
I need immediate medical to my location.
Are you really the police? Yes.
And don't worry, I'm not going to leave you.
Okay? Oh I'm so cold.
(shuddering) Please.
Okay, just let me find something.
Uh All right, uh, here.
Just take this (yelling) (groaning) (panting) Don't! No, please.
You don't understand.
I'm here to save you.
No, you're not! FINLAY: Yes, he is.
We both are.
Then why are you pointing a gun at me? Why don't we both put our guns down? And we can talk about how we're gonna get you out of here.
MITCHELL: Charlie-0-5-Sanders, respond.
It's just my police radio.
When it fell on its side, it sent out an alert.
You're lying.
You're trying to trick me.
No, he's not.
We're here to help you.
Charlie-0-5-Sanders, respond.
You have to let me answer that.
Because if you don't and they come in here and see you pointing a gun They're gonna kill me! I won't let that happen.
But you need to let me answer that now.
Charlie-0-5-Sanders, talk to me! Charlie-0-5-Sanders! Are you there? No! No! Stop! (gunshots) MAN: CSI Finlay, I need you to surrender your firearm.
I know the drill.
Yes, you do.
Note: I've received CSI Finlay's SIG Sauer P-232.
Four live rounds in the magazine.
One live round in the chamber.
So why don't you just start from the beginning? I've been in that room before.
We both have.
Any I.
on that woman yet? No.
All we know is that it looks like she was being held like Keri.
From what I heard, Finlay did what she had to do.
She always does.
(door opens) Hey.
You okay? I was trying to help her.
And I keep thinking to myself maybe I could've said something different.
Or maybe I could've done a better job of making her feel safe.
Greg, it wasn't your fault.
I mean, she was probably drugged.
God knows what else was done to her.
When the police found Keri Torres, she was delusional, she was aggressive.
I know.
I know.
But we were there.
And I could've saved her.
And now she's dead.
How am I supposed to live with that? You did the best you could.
You need to know that.
In time, you will know that.
As far as how you live with what happened I wish I knew the answer to that.
PHILLIPS: I could not imagine what Greg and Finn are going through.
Let's just hope they don't rush to judgment.
You sent her DNA to Henry yet? Yeah.
Why? There's scar tissue in her pelvic area.
Our victim's undergone surgery.
It's not surprising.
The killer performed surgery on all of his victims.
Harvesting their tissue for his strings.
That's not what this is.
What do you mean? Take a look for yourself.
Our she was once a he.
Look, I know you wanted to see me.
So, let me guess.
Two-week suspension with pay, pending the outcome of the I.A.
No, you're not gonna be suspended, Jules.
Matter of fact, you're probably gonna get a medal.
What? Well, apparently you just took down the Gig Harbor Killer.
The unknown male DNA that we recovered from the bodies in the desert-- you remember that? Well, that DNA's a match to the woman you just shot.
I do not understand.
We still don't know who she is, but apparently Doc said that she had a gender reassignment surgery.
Possibly as long as a decade ago.
DNA's still XY.
She's got to be another part of Winthrop's game.
The unknown male DNA was planted on those bodies.
That woman that I shot is just another victim.
She was kidnapped, she was used by Winthrop, she was drugged and reduced to a paranoid state.
Just like Keri Torres.
Yeah, and like Keri, he knew how she'd react the minute we barged into that room.
And he is probably getting off right now on the idea that I killed an innocent woman.
We cannot trust the evidence anymore, D.B.
You know how crazy that sounds? Do you disagree? It doesn't matter whether I agree or not.
If we can't trust the evidence, then how are we gonna stop this guy? Well, we still have Keri.
She was in that room being held.
And if we are right, she will put Winthrop in there with her.
Morgan says she can barely remember anything.
She was a cop.
And a good one.
She's gonna remember.
It's just gonna take a little time.
I'm gonna reach out to a friend of ours.
Why don't you go back to the hospital and check in with Keri? See what you can do.
Hey, it looks like you're getting some rest.
The doctor should be by in a few minutes to get some readings.
You should be out of here soon.
(gasping) Sir, you can't be here.
I'm just a friend.
I don't think now is a good time.
Ms.Torres needs her rest.
That's okay.
I can wait.
There's a lounge downstairs.
If you give me your name, I can have you paged.
That's all right.
I'll-I'll check back.
(laughs): Oh.
D.B., good to see you.
Thanks for doing this.
I know you're a busy lady.
I'm never too busy for you.
Glad I had that layover.
Did you get the e-mail files I sent you? Oh, interesting reading.
I'm always a sucker for twin serial killers.
Well, given the games they're playing, I could really use an expert in criminal psychology.
Cyber or otherwise.
Well, I can tell you this much.
As far as killers go, Winthrop is a profiler's dream.
How so? His behavior suggests that he is incapable of working alone.
Seems he needs a dominant-submissive partnership in order to kill.
Which is why he sought out his brother.
Jared was easily manipulated, easily led.
All the way to prison.
Winthrop let his brother take the fall.
But, in doing so, he lost that loving feeling.
Which is why he wants to spring him now.
He wants his old partner back.
But in the meantime, he's a serial killer.
He enjoys killing.
But he needs help.
And we think he found it.
Based on our audio analysis of the last crime scene, we heard somebody else in that room.
He has an accomplice.
With Jared in prison, it's more like a temp.
And we both know temps are never fully committed to the job.
So, the partner's the key.
The little bit of profiling I'm doing right now tells me I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.
You read the part of the file where Jared Briscoe stalked my daughter Maya? And you put a security detail outside her house.
Was that a mistake? No.
You have to protect her.
But she is also your best chance of catching a man who is going to kill again.
The greater good.
D.B., if you're not willing to put Maya into play in some kind of a way, you need to take yourself out of the equation.
You know what you're asking me? The same thing you're asking yourself.
You've been a bad boy.
Get in.

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