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Les Experts
#814 : Meurtres à tous les étages


Deux femmes sont retrouvées mortes dans des appartements situés l'un au-dessus de l'autre. Les enquêteurs découvrent rapidement un lien : Drops, directeur artistique de boîtes de nuit et vieille connaissance de l'équipe de Grissom, est le propriétaire des deux logements. Drops est alors libéré provisoirement pour aider la police à retrouver le coupable. 


Note : Le personnage de Drops, joué par le rappeur Method Man, est déjà apparu dans la série. Sa libération temporaire rappelle Eddie Murphy dans 48 heures. Drops mentionne d'ailleurs ce film.


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Titre VO
Drop's Out

Titre VF
Meurtres à tous les étages

Première diffusion

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Écrit par : Dustin Lee Abraham, Naren Shankar & Allen MacDonald
Réalisé par : Jeffrey G. Hunt 

Avec : David Berman (David Phillips), Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Liz Vassey (Wendy Simms), Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell) 

Guests :

  • Method Man ..... Drops 
  • Anya Monzikova ..... Jessica Jaynes 
  • Grant Sullivan ..... Walter Jaynes 
  • Nikki Disanto ..... Valinda Carlisle 
  • Omi Vaidya ..... College Student 
  • Octavia Spencer ..... Sherry 
  • Al Shearer ..... Dale D 
  • Cara Santana ..... Dana Espinoza 
  • Ludo Vika ..... Maria Espinoza 
  • Terra Jole ..... Mini-Britney 

We've got two entry wounds and two exit wounds.
Any ID on her? No wallet, no purse, no cell.
Brass is tracking down the lease.
None of the neighbors seem to know her.
Buildings like these get a lot of transients.
People who tend to keep to themselves.
Looks like the drawers have been rifled through.
Maybe she walked in on a robbery in progress.
Yeah, except there's no sign of forced entry.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven casings, which means there's seven bullets to look for.
Got a strange blood drop.
It's pretty far from the vic.
Could belong to the suspect.
It's circular.
No directionality.
Suspect would have had to be standing perfectly still.
It's gravitational.
Greg, could you get the Hawkeye, please? Here you go.
Mitch, could you check the apartment immediately above this one? You got it, Doc.
Mack, James, upstairs.
Open up! Open the door! Get the ram.
It looks like this crime has a second story.
Maria Espinosa, organ donor.
Heart was in the right place.
Unfortunately, her head was in the wrong place.
No exit wound.
Bullet probably hit bone and fragmented.
So a stray bullet rips through the floor and Mrs.
Espinosa winds up collateral damage.
SANDERS: Hey, guys.
I found something.
What do you got, Greg? Urine.
There's no sign of any pets in here.
Maybe the shooter freaked out and wet himself.
Not exactly a hardened criminal.
You know, the bullet trajectory and the location of the facial wound suggest that she was in this position when she was shot.
She was probably trying to hear what was going on downstairs.
MAN: Shut up! Guess it doesn't pay to be a nosy neighbor.
Yeah, but Brass said that the neighbors heard the gunshots, but they didn't hear any raised voices or arguing.
What was she listening to? Tramp stamp.
Looks more like a tramp belt.
Help me roll her.
So, hot girl with dollar-sign tats and a mostly empty apartment.
Prostitute, right? Maybe.
Mae she just loves money.
You know, it's the love of money that is the root of all evil.
Most people think it's just the money.
Oh, sage.
Hey, Catherine, are you collecting trace from Blondie's body? As we speak.
So I've collected seven bullets and seven shell casings from the apartment where she was shot.
So what's the problem? One of these bullets is supposed to be in Mrs.
Well, maybe you recovered a bullet from a different event.
Have you checked Blondie for GSR? Hang on-- not yet.
Sodium rhodizonate test on right hand.
Positive for GSR.
She had a gun of her own.
Ballistics confirms that all these nine-millimeter casings were fired in the same weapon, but Doc Robbins pulled thisullet fragment from Mrs.
It's cannelured.
So Blondie had a revolver.
Hence no shell casings.
Okay, so she goes back to her apartment packing heat, and somebody's already there waiting to light her up.
(two gunshots) one ot goes through the ceiling, accidentally killing Mrs.
Welcome to the O.
Yeah, Jim? I just got off the phone with the apartment manager.
Yeah? Did you get an ID on Blondie? It's not her apartment.
The name on the lease is Kellen Tyford.
Drops? The nightclub promoter? Yeah, and get this.
He leases the upstairs apartment, too.
That's a lot of apartments for a guy who's getting free room and board.
Well, well, well.
What's a convict to do? Check and mate.
Whoo! He played right into it.
MAN: Oh, man, that was Did you see that? I totally got him.
Looks like something more than forensics be jamming a brother up in here.
Man, y'all some jinxes, man.
You know, this is a setup.
Don't you get it? Ivy League college student versus a high school dropout convict.
You got no chance.
And so said a jury of your peers.
Look, eight months on a weak-ass weapons charge? It's a vacation.
Vacation, huh? So who's this? Your house-sitter? We found her at your apartment over on Vegas Valley.
What's her name? Jessica Jaynes.
everybody calls her.
But what happened to her? She drowned.
So what was she doing at your apartment? Don't know.
You pimping her out, Superfly? Pimping her out? Nah, pimping ain't easy, and you know I'm all about the easy, okay? J.
used to come to my club.
She was a club rat.
Sometimes she worked atmosphere.
Oh, atmosphere.
What's that, like turning into a smoke machine? No, more like an ATM machine.
You sit her on a couch, tourists start to buy her drinks, she makes me money.
Yeah, especially when the tourist leaves with her.
So what's your cut, Easy? Look, if the customers like the atmosphere then I try to Chuck Woolery that.
Okay? I want my customers happy.
You know any unhappy customers, Chuck? Look at her.
She even looks good in that picture.
Yeah, I admit, she looks a whole lot better than Mrs.
Espinosa upstairs.
Who did it? If I knew that, I wouldn't have driven all the way out here to this frying pan in the desert to ask you.
This woman took care of me when I was a kid.
Went homeless a couple of years ago so I moved her into my house.
When the tax dudes took that, I had to rent the apartments.
Top bunk was hers, bottom was mine Figured it was the least I can do, being as she had to wipe my snot nose all the time.
What was J.
doing downstairs? I told you.
I don't know, so unless you want me to start lying You never stop.
If that's the way you feel, I'm out.
Jaynes, we'd be happy to have someone watch your son while you're doing this, you know? He stays with me.
Jaynes, is that your wife? Yeah, and his mommy.
Do you have any idea what your wife was doing at the Glanville Apartments? She has lots of friends.
She always came home every night to me.
To our baby.
We almost got all the way around, girl.
Maybe these will help out a little? Or would you two prefer to be alone? Ah, very funny.
So, Grissom comes up with a theory, and we get to do the reenactments and the photo docs.
Well, it's good to be the king, I suppose.
Sure is.
Damn it.
Hey, Nick, hang .
What? That look like a bullet hole to you? Yeah.
It sure does.
38 cannelured revolver round.
I like it when the king gets it wrong.
Keeps him human.
STOKES: The bullet we found in Mrs.
Espinosa's ceiling was fired from the same revolver as the bullet that went into her cheek.
Yeah, but there were two bullets in the apartment.
And only one hole in her floor.
Which means the kill shot had to be a separate event.
I think we got the timeline backwards.
Looks to me like J.J. shot Mrs. Espinosa first.
Then went downstairs ?? where somebody returned the favor.
Who's the somebody? 'Cause the only name on the lease is Drops, and he has a really good alibi.
Yeah and even if he knew who it was, he's not going to just give them up.
He may not have to.
So that urine sample that Greg found in the downstairs apartment, had female epithelials in it.
Now, I ran it through CODIS.
I didn't get any hits, but the suspect has half her DNA in common at every marker with Mrs.
It's her daughter? Mm-hmm, Dana Espinosa.
Dana's got a record.
She was charged with attempted murder for something involving a Japanese businessman with his nose full of blow, skydiving out of the eighth story of The Palms without a parachute, but the point is this: there was a defense witness whose testimony exonerated her.
Care to guess who? Drops.
I don't know, Kellen.
I'm having trouble with this idea that you're such a nice guy.
I mean, renting your apartment to a little, old lady and her daughter? You're right.
I'm not a nice guy.
But you plant your seed in a woman, you got to take care of it.
Dana's pregnant? Due next month.
That explains the urine at the scene.
No bladder control, especially in a gunfight.
So make a ho a housewife.
I saw that movie.
Look, man, first of all, Dana was no ho.
I scooped her out the atmosphere before she could get touched.
You sure about that? STOKES: Why would J.J. kill Mrs. Espinosa and then try to kill Dana? I mean, ey roll in the same clique.
I-I can't explain these women.
One minute, they're sending each other cupcakes on Facebook, the next, they're trying to kill each other over a broken curling iron.
But I do know that if J.J. tried to creep on Dana, Dana ain't just gonna just sit there.
She a bad bitch.
If someone's gunning for her or she's gunning for somebody else, we need to find her.
You ain't gonna get her.
She badder, sneakier, more dangerous.
I'll warn the SWAT team.
Let's give her a call.
What's her phone number? Phone call? Yeah.
From your cop phone number? Yeah.
No chance.
And she won't answer an unknown caller either.
I'll text in "sugar daddy.
" No, this is the kind of girl you have to find in person.
Then give us some addresses.
What are you going to do? MapQuest her ass? That's not going to work.
There's only one way to find this girl.
Let me out.
No, for real.
I mean, I can have her to you today.
You think we can just pop you out of jail? Yeah.
Like 48 Hours.
You know, the flick.
Nolte busts Eddie out of jail.
They get the bad guy.
Everything's cool.
You think this is a joke, man? Dead bodies are piling up around your new family.
Now, that would worry me.
But if you want to angle for some weekend pass instead of helping us out, that's fine, man.
I understand.
Let's get out of here.
Hey, we out.
Are these the text messages that came from Jessica Jaynes phone? Yep.
No physical phone required.
Everything's stored on the server.
You ever worry that you could be replaced by a computer? Every day of my life.
Last text she sent was to her husband's number, about a half hour before the apartment shootings.
"Wit Val she knows where D stashed our money.
"Yay! Be back soon wit phat pockets.
Kisses to you and Bebe.
" Sounds like this girl was looking for a big score.
We didn't find any money in either of those apartments.
Well, maybe that's what got the old lady killed.
"D" for Dana or Drops? Pull up her voice calls.
Okay, the last call she got was from Valinda Carlisle.
Let's see what Val has to say.
MAN (on phone): Hello? Uh, yeah.
Hey, uh, is Val around? Catherine? Warrick? I'm afraid she's unable to come to the phone now.
How'd you get this number? Valinda called my apartment homicide vic last night.
Are there any witnesses? Unis talked to a couple of guys that went to the strip club across the street.
I think they said they saw a pregnant woman getting into the vic's car from the passenger side.
We've got a BOLO out on Dana Espinosa in connection with the apartment homicides.
She's considered armed, dangerous and pregnant.
Ooh, raging hormones and a gun? We've got to get that off the streets fast.
What's the plan? Look who it is.
Mom and Dad.
One big happy family, huh? Yeah, sort of.
Get in the car.
I got a feeling I'm going to regret this.
i already do You have reached the voice mail of Bruce Zagberg, Registered Financial Planner.
Please leave a message.
Voice mail again.
DROPS: It's 'cause you don't call Zig-Zag Bruce.
He calls you, man.
Is there a burger joint or something around here? No, but what makes you so sure Dana would go to this guy Bruce anyway? If Dana's on the run, she gonna need some on-the-run money.
Let's say Zig-Zag handles certain aspects of my finances.
What, like laundering the street vig? No.
Actually, my 401k.
Why are you always tossing the pimp card at me, man? I guess to you, a black man in a suit is a pimp.
Did I hurt your feelings? So, is this the place? What? You just gonna leave me here? BRASS: Yup.
Zig-Zag Bruce ain't gonna tell you squat.
Wonder what the schools are like around here.
What? DROPS: You know, seems like a nice neighborhood.
Yeah, probably some sweet little foreclosures coming up soon, too.
Sounds like you're thinking about settling down.
Looks like you were finally right about something.
Single nine-millimeter shell casing.
Consistent with the other murders.
GRISSOM: How about the neighbors? Nobody at home.
Parents at work, kids at school, and nannies don't like talking to cops.
What about Drops? He give us anything besides more bodies? STOKES: No, not yet.
I'll process.
So, who else would Dana go to for help? Zig-Zag doesn't seem to be a very big talker.
You're a lot funnier than I remember, Crime-Lab.
You been going to cop comedy school? BRASS: Answer the question, Kellen.
I got a stepsister, Sherry.
Her and Dana are pretty tight.
If Dana's not with her, Sherry should at least know something.
Jackson and D.
Let's go.
Jackson and D.
We're going to the hood.
Yeah, that's her right there.
The round one.
Check this out here, fellas.
Y'all gonna have to let me do this one solo.
Sherry's allergic to badges.
Okay, look at this.
Instant antihistamine.
Look, man, the cop entourage just ain't gonna cut it.
I need to be alone.
I mean, come on.
Where am I going? You got your game boy on me.
Okay, check it out.
I'll cover the street.
What about the cuffs, yo? Cuff? (sighs) Now, why the hell would anybody talk to someone that's already arrested? Okay.
Okay, Kellen, give me that.
Give me that.
(laughs) What about a business card? You know, just in case Dana ain't around, Sherry can get in contact with us, you know? Okay.
Don't make me look bad.
Do the right thing.
(laughs) Cool.
The Church on the Move.
Hey, Sher.
Oh, uh-uh.
You escape from jail?! No.
Hell, no Oh, so they just let you out, huh? Well, I mean Lying sack! You don't think I see 'em? You trying to get everybody you know arrested, or maimed, or killed? Huh?! You a snake now?! A rat?! Wait a minute.
Miss me with the BS, all right, Sher? I'm just looking for For what?! For another damn shortcut?! Dana's mother was killed.
J.J. was killed, too, and Dana's missing.
Now, the cops got me out to help find her.
I thought maybe you might know where she is.
Last time I talked to her was the night before last.
She wasn't feeling too good.
Had to cancel her regular Bingo night with her mama.
Well, listen, all right? If she does come around here, or calls you, I need you to call Captain Jim Brass, or Nick Stokes at the Crime Lab.
Don't look at me like that, Sherry, please, all right? Just do it.
SHERRY: Hold on.
Stop where you are, Kellen, and drop the bag! Why?! Drop the bag! What did I do? Drop it! I didn't even do nothing.
Hands above your head.
Don't move.
Oh, that is funky.
What is that nasty stuff?! Chicken gizzards! Hey, we're not on a lunch break here.
At least in jail, I got one.
What'd she tell you? Nothing.
She told him nothing.
All right, come on, Kellen.
We're going to jail.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
No, no, no, no, no! There's one more place to go.
Where? The office at my after-hours spot.
Why would Dana go there? Maybe to check out the big-ass safe I got.
Let's go.
Ugh! AUTOMATED MALE VOICE: Display last destination.
Hey! Got the autopsy report on Valinda Carlisle.
Thought I'd save you a trip to the morgue.
I found Jessica Jayne's purse in the glove compartment.
Really? And address to the Glanville Apartments on the GPS.
So they were in it together.
Valinda drives J.J. to shake down Drops' family for some cash.
It goes bad. J.J. kills the mother, Dana kills J.J., Valinda flees the scene, and, the next night, the pissed-off pregnant chick tracks down Valinda and pays her back.
That seems plausible, but there's something still off.
The bullet entered through the back of the skull, and it exited through the forehead, and out through the open window.
I think you got lucky.
The buet grazed the window frame on its way out.
Gives you a trajectory.
Well, that's good, but the witnesses say that Valinda was in the driver's seat when Dana got in the car, and if that's true, then, Dana had to shoot Valinda like this, not like this.
(gunshot) That seems kind of awkward, don't you think? Yeah, but awkward or not, it definitely lines up the shot.
Well, it seems to me that the shot came from the back seat.
There was someone else in the car.
Yeah, Dana was here about an hour ago.
She was with some NASCAR-looking dude.
STOKES: And what exactly does a NASCAR-looking dude look like? Kind of like you.
But this guy's all inked up.
He's got that loco look.
You just let a complete stranger into your boss' office? I thought you were a smart businessman.
I mean, it was Dana, your girl.
I didn't ask questions.
What is this? And where's the DJ? That's Mini-Britney.
It's what the people want.
Anybody hungry? I'm going on a sandwich run.
At least let me get that.
Warwick, take me back to jail.
Yeah, see, I got cameras all over this place, man.
Let's see who she's with.
Let's run this back an hour.
Looks like Dana cleaned you out, man.
Nah, wasn't nothing in that safe, man.
Only Dana didn't know that.
So, how come you never told us that before? You guys sprung me to help find her, and that's what I'm doing.
There she is.
BRASS: Wait a minute.
That's Jessica Jaynes' husband, Walter.
What's Dana doing with him? Beats the hell out of me.
Walter's J.
's pimp.
Your favorite word.
He all about the cash.
Dude's a man-bitch.
Takes care of the kid while she goes out and makes the money.
Ev tattoos her waist every time she pulls a high-roller trick.
Another notch on her belt, I guess.
STOKES: I think Now Walter's after it, and he's taken your girlfriend hostage to get it.
BRASS: Where's the money, Kellen? 'Cause I'm betting that's where we're going to find the both of them.
Well, talk to my lawyers.
Better yet, talk to the tax dudes.
They know where it is.
House special, times three.
BRASS: Oh, come on, get out of here, man.
What's this look like, a party? STOKES: Okay, I'll check the outside cameras, see if we can see where they went.
I need to put a BOLO out on Walter Jaynes.
I'm gonna put some more mayonnaise on this dry-ass sandwich.
Kellen! LVPD.
Move! Move! Move! Move! In, uh A piece-of-crap blue station wagon.
Nevada plates, K-C-Z.
That's all I got.
A blue station wagon, partial plates, Kilo-Charlie-Zebra.
Dale?! What did you give Drops? Turkey sandwich.
You want to play around with me, huh? You're under arrest.
For what, serving sandwiches? Aiding and abetting.
Cuff him.
Hey, man.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look Look, um Look, it was a GPS jammer melt.
A what? DROPS: I need you to call Captain Jim Brass, or Nick Stokes at the Crime Lab.
Don't look at me like that, Sherry, please, alright? Just do it! Get him out of here.
Come on, man.
I told you everything.
(phone rings) You still gonna arrest me? I was just taking orders, man.
Hey, Grissom, don't worry.
We're gonna get him.
The undersheriff will be pleased to know that.
The nine-millimeter casing found at the business manager's apartment, and the one from Valinda Carlisle's car were fired in the same gun.
No surprises there.
Yeah, but it's not the gun that was used to kill Jessica Jaynes.
I think Walter Jaynes is the one who's on a rampage here, and he's dragging Dana Espinosa with him.
Any idea where? No.
No, not yet.
You might want to work on that, Nick.
We got a lead on the station wagon that scooped up Drops.
The registered owner is Walter Jaynes.
He must have had Dana in t car with him.
Walter wouldn't just let him in the car to protect the girl.
Drops must have something he wants.
The money.
What we have here is a misunderstanding.
I understand it just fine.
My J.J. bangs one of your whales 24-7 from Christmas to New Year's, and you stiff us.
Stiff you? I got busted.
I went to jail.
Technically, I'm still in jail.
And my baby doesn't have a mother.
Neither does Dana.
I'm sorry.
I thought she was gonna kill me, too.
Shut up! DROPS: Calm down.
Look, look, look at me.
Walter, look at me.
Don't even listen to her.
Walter! Walter, look at me! See this here? Look.
I won't even take my cut.
That's very generous.
So, uh, we good to go? You owe me something else.
What? The vig? What's that, 25 more? You can take the whole couch if you want to.
No, no, no, no.
I got my pay.
I need my payback.
I lost my wife.
I'm going to let you choose which one you lose.
Either your girl or your baby.
Drops' GPS just came back up.
(trilling and beeps) He's definitely at the apartment.
Well, either the jammer died, or Yeah, or he's calling for help.
Okay, listen up.
We got a hostage situation at the Glanville apartment, 6555 Vegas Valley.
We're gonna make a silent approach.
Everybody copy? Look I can't choose.
Either you choose, or I choose.
Choose! Okay.
The choice is made.
(sobbing): No! Get that scumbag out of here! Oh, man! Oh, Damn! BRASS: We have two gunshot victims at the Glanville Apartments.
Code Three.
(groans) Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Her water broke.
Trauma from the shot.
One of the victims is a pregnant woman.
She's going into labor.
That's all I got right there.
Oh, the baby's coming! Just keeping breathing, Dana.
Just keep breathing, okay? Paramedics are on their way.
That's it.
That's it.
He looks healthy.
How are you? You good? Sore.
I want to hold him.
No? That's my son.
I don't want you to hold him, Kellen.
Because of you, I heard my mother die.
Where's the money?! MARIA: I don't have anything! Drops' money! MARIA: Who?! Just take what you want and leave, or I'm calling the police! (gunshot) DANA: I didn't even know it was JJ.
What was I supposed to do? I shot her and ran, and then Valinda called.
She said she heard what happened.
Said she wanted to help me.
Thank you, Val.
I am so freaked out right now.
I am so sorry.
DANA: Walter made Val call me.
She was just bait.
Walter said you owed him some money.
You told me you didn't have anything.
So I took Walter to Zig-Zag, thinking he would help.
And when he didn't, he killed him, too.
And for what? So that you could hide all the money and keep it for yourself? I had to.
The tax dudes would have taken it.
And, technically, I didn't hide it.
I left it with your mother.
Don't BS me, Kellen.
Babe, listen, okay, seriously.
Seriously, you would have spent it.
Then, where would we be? Hmm? Hmm? That was for our future, Mommy.
We don't have a future.
When you get out, we'll be gone.
You can't do that.
We're not married, and you're a convict.
I can do what I want.
STOKES: Okay, Drops, that's it.
Time to go, man.
We got to get you transferred back to the prison hospital, okay? Is Dana gonna do any time for offing J.J.?
Oh, I doubt it.
Sounds like a pretty good case of self-defense to me.
What about the money? I'm not expecting anything.
Just wondering.
Well, technically, it's the mother's.
It was her apartment.
Dana's the only beneficiary, so the money's really hers.
And my kid's.
For once, I did something good in my life.
Oh, your life ain't over yet, Kellen.
It ain't over yet.

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Dernière session du Ciné-Emojis avant la pause estivale, sur le quartier HypnoClap !

Luna25, Hier à 17:59

Le nouveau calendrier est arrivé sur les quartiers Legends of tomorrow et Reign.

Viens chatter !