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Les Experts
#15.04 : Mauvais sorts


Chet Messner, professeur de chimie, est très populaire dans le lycée où il enseigne. Une expérience scientifque en laboratoire qui a mal tourné semble être à l'origine de son décès brutal. Mais dès les tout premiers éléments, les enquêteurs établissent que l'homme a en réalité été empoisonné à l'aide d'une feuille de papier. Ils découvrent également que la victime, ainsi qu'Ed Lusk, le concierge, un autre professeur et le principal de l'établissement, faisaient tous partie de la même secte. Ce groupe prône le culte "Wicca", constitué de croyances magiques, chamaniques et celtiques. 


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Titre VO
The Book of Shadow

Titre VF
Mauvais sorts

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Écrit par : Gavin Harris
Réalisé par : Brad Tanenbaum 

Avec : Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Alimi Ballard (Det. Kevin Crawford) 

Guests :

  • Nathan Gamble ..... Mason Brewer
  • Mark Chadwick ..... Chet Messner
  • Annabella Avery Thorne ..... Hannah Hunt 
  • Myndy Crist ..... Rebecca Brewer/Witch
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur ..... Principal Dawn Meadows 
  • Taylor John Smith ..... Rob "Turk" Turkla
  • Skipp Sudduth ..... Ed Lusk 

Welcome to Jefferson High, home of the Pelicans.
Pelican pride.
Pelicans are, by the way, a shore bird-- Pelecanus occidentalis.
A water bird mascot in the desert? Ooh, here comes Principal Meadows.
(laughs) Hi.
Did you have a good weekend, Mason? Mm-hmm.
Um, what about that football game? Ah, Turk was fantastic.
Oh, go Pelicans! Wait! Turk can't name the vice president.
No joke.
And he's one failed test away from flunking out.
Ooh, but don't take my word for it.
Hey, Turk.
Oh, Chugga-Brew.
I want to talk to you.
Uh, I'm busy, Turk.
Come on, man.
This vertex of the para-boola is driving me nuts.
You're the only one who can explain it to me.
Maybe next time.
I almost feel sorry for him.
GIRL: What up, boy? Aw, is Mason making a little selfie video for his mommy? Hi, Mason.
Come on, Hannah, give it back.
Wow, this thing is, like, five generations old.
Pretty lame for a tech geek.
What do you want? World peace, Mason.
World peace.
Great talk.
You know, I still can't believe you don't have a girlfriend.
Right here, Mason Hannah's my next-door neighbor.
We used to play kick the can and hang out, but then she got her braces off.
Hey, sweetie.
Remember to take the car in after school-- oil change.
I know.
You told me a billion times.
(sighs) That's my mom.
She teaches earth science here.
Ah, famous Pelican cheerleaders.
Good news, bad news.
Bad news-- it's eighth period.
Good news-- it's eighth period.
(booming) (screaming) Holy crap, he's My God, someone call 911! Grab a blanket, get some water! Call 911! I got you, Chet, I got you.
Call an ambulance! Now! Ed is he? PRINCIPAL: Everybody, report to your homerooms.
ED: Everybody, go back to class, come on.
(indistinct chatter) SANDERS: Hey, Dave.
Any I.
on our burning man? Chet Messner.
Taught chemistry.
Sadly appropriate, given his extreme thermal and chemical burns.
Fourth degree charring.
No one's gonna survive that.
Any luck retracing his steps? Yeah.
Uh, looks like the Vic was in the classroom when something went wrong.
That's an understatement.
Clearly there was an explosion.
It appears he was doing some prep work for an experiment.
So, we're looking at an accident.
Maybe not, actually.
Look, I, um, I found his cell phone.
He received an anonymous text this morning.
“Epic fail, Messner.
“Do the right thing, or suffer the consequences.
” So much for an accident.
Well, looks like Messner did the wrong thing.
And got burned.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! PRINCIPAL: I still can't believe it.
I mean, my goodness, Chet's always been so careful.
Makes an explosion in his lab all the more puzzling.
So, I understand it was eighth period.
Wasn't he teaching a class? Uh, no.
He normally grades papers then, or makes his lesson plans.
Did you know Mr.
Messner well? Oh, yeah.
About five years now.
He'd always throw great barbecues on the Fourth.
The whole faculty would go.
And what about his students? Did he get along with them? You don't think someone deliberately hurt Chet? We don't know yet.
But I am going to need a list of all of his students' names.
The students loved Chet.
He put in a lot of time here.
In fact, right now he would be setting up for tomorrow's Pelican rally if he hadn't Well, I'm sorry for your loss, Ms.
Thanks for your time.
How was your meeting with the principal? According to her, everyone just loved good old Mr.
Until someone didn't.
We need our, uh, bunny suits? I did a sweep.
Air samples are clear of hazardous chemicals.
So you get to be bunny-free.
Well, I guess that means we're late for class.
Aren't you gonna carry my kit? No.
First responders said the sprinklers put out the fire.
The gas was still on, so they shut it off.
And it didn't look like the gas line had been tampered with at all.
But take a look at this.
Bunsen burner says that Mr.
Messner was working on one of his lesson plans.
The burn marks that are radiating outwards say that this may be the point of origin.
Question is-- what set it off? Fire needs an accelerant.
So, what are you thinking? The scorching marks are going this way.
I think I might have found our accelerant.
Whatever was in here must have shot across the table like a rocket.
Yep, singed and blackened.
How am I doing so far? Ms.
Brody? Hey, you're not paying attention.
It's 'cause I'm forming my own theory, professor.
It's here-- gummy bears.
On his crazy-tidy shelf.
You know the saying that, uh, sugar gives you energy? Yeah.
I think that Messner was gonna try to prove that.
It's on his whiteboard there.
Tomorrow's lesson plan.
That's what he was prepping.
Molten potassium chlorate combined with glucose.
Potassium chlorate-- that's an accelerant, used in fireworks.
Makes for quite a show.
BRODY: In fact, it's such a powerful oxidizer, that when you add the gummy bear or the sugar, it reacts violently.
Makes a loud noise, causes lots of flames.
It's kind of like a Roman candle.
Well, like a Roman candle, there should be no explosion.
It was supposed to be a controlled experiment.
Until you add the X factor to the equation.
The killer.
(screams) “Epic fail, Messner.
Do the right thing, or suffer the consequences.
” We traced this text to your phone, Mason.
I-I'm sorry.
I was just venting.
I didn't really mean it, I swear.
You sent a threatening text, Mason.
In this day and age, these things are taken very seriously.
Look, Mom, it was stupid.
I know.
Russell, this is really unlike him.
I'm not just speaking as a mom, I'm speaking as a faculty member.
Mason's on the honor roll.
He is a good kid.
You good at chemistry, too, Mason? I sent a text, all right? But I did not inferno Mr.
I-I was mad.
He gave me a B+ for the semester.
I missed a few days here and there.
I was sick.
And he wouldn't give me a break.
Why didn't you talk to him? I did.
Like a lot of people around here, he held me to a higher standard.
Chet could be very stubborn.
And that does not justify what you did.
The consequences you said that Mr.
Messner would suffer, what'd you mean by that? I heard those lines from a movie, it was it was just a bluff.
I just wanted my “A.
” Because people expect big things from me.
(choking up): And I didn't want to let you down.
And I know I know how much all this means to you.
And Mason.
You could never let me down.
Russell, does my son need a lawyer? No, not at the moment.
Doc, can you explain this text I got from Hodges? Okay, “Nobody knows what the nose knows until the nose knows it.
See Doc”" Our friend, Hodges, has the gene that allows him to smell the bitter almond odor of cyanide.
It's a gift.
Mmm, he has so many gifts.
Oh, yeah.
Note this pink lividity.
Indicative of cyanide poisoning.
Messner would have been a goner, fire or no fire.
So, Messner was poisoned before the explosion.
Killer did not push him into the flames, but he did dose him with cyanide.
In sufficient quantity to cause him to seize at a most inopportune time.
(screams) Well, that changes everything.
Killer didn't have to be in the classroom.
Do you know how he was dosed? Normally cyanide presents in the stomach lining and nasal passages.
But I found no signs of this.
So he didn't eat it, and he didn't snort it.
What else do you know about him? Uh, he was single, been in Vegas for about five years, no record.
Why? Well, he was wearing this.
It's called a life rune.
It's a gang symbol.
Two weeks ago, I saw the same symbol.
It was tattooed on a dead biker's ass.
Blended nicely with his swastikas.
So, our lovable teacher, Chet Messner, may have had a dark secret.
This a bad time, Russ? I got something for you.
Come on in.
I ran Messner's credit cards.
Now, one thing really popped out.
He's been ordering monthly shipments of red phosphorus powder.
Man's a chemistry teacher, though, right? He got it from some shady supplier online.
And he got it delivered to his house.
Some little place out on Sloan Canyon.
What are you thinking? We both know what red phosphorus powder is used for.
Chemistry teacher dealing meth.
Good show.
I'm just saying, Messner may have some enemies we haven't considered.
Maybe he stepped on the wrong dealer's turf.
Yeah, and then that dealer goes back to that school, and gives Messner a big old fat “F” in meth class.
Go get 'em.
(siren wailing) Main house is clear.
Really? All right, we'll check the shed.
STOKES: There's a knife.
With what looks like blood on it right there.
This doesn't look like a meth lab to me.
Man, these are some creepy-ass tapestries.
CRAWFORD: I think it might be more than just that.
I've seen this stuff before.
Double in the Alphabets.
This, uh, this whack-job he killed a couple as a sacrifice.
To the moon god.
So, what is this, devil worship? No, not exactly.
Book of Shadows.
What's that? It's like a book of spells.
This is a ceremonial altar and a cauldron.
The only thing that's missing is a broom.
Our chemistry teacher's a witch.
Air, fire, water, earth, elements of astral birth, I call on thee, and offer these gifts.
RUSSELL: “I call you now “Attend to me.
“This is my will.
So mote it be.
” What happens next? No, wait.
Don't tell me.
Let me guess.
Lightning strikes, right? No, coven meeting starts.
Sounds like you've been to one.
Actually, my parents befriended a Wiccan couple back in the '60s.
So I know a little bit about it.
It's a pagan religion.
They use spells to harness the earth's energy to grant positive wishes.
That's the sign of the devil right there.
The five-pointed star? No, that's a sign of balance and strength, actually.
It's a protective symbol.
I always thought it was a sign of the devil.
Well, you're wrong.
This is our red phosphorus right here.
I think Messner was making magic, not meth, in here.
Yes, the question is-- did magic lead to murder? Well, they were in here mixing up potions.
Maybe one of them made a cyanide spell.
There's a singed hair in here.
Looks human.
A burnt human hair in a cauldron? How does that work in the hocus-pocus business? Well, that's a little disturbing, actually.
Why don't we turn this place upside down, see if they left more than a human hair behind.
And he's wearing a robe.
Helps me get into it.
Come on, this is Vegas.
Anything goes.
Where can't you find a relic Druid robe? Well, did the robe help? It did.
I think I know what our witches were cooking in the Wiccan kitchen.
And if you'll step into my Wiccan kitchen, I'll be happy to explain.
Using a two-quart cast-iron cauldron you add human blood, a teaspoon of red phosphorus, then garnish with human hair.
You heat it all up until there is a gloomy smoke, and then you have A group of sad lost people inhaling toxic fumes? No.
A banishment spell.
ALL (chanting): Charge this by your powers.
Break this circle.
Banish the leper.
Let us be reborn.
Since when are you a Wicca expert? Dated one in college.
Uh, she was intense.
Perhaps too natural? Truth be told, uh, she didn't have a bathing spell in her Book Shadows.
Okay, okay, let's just get back to this spell.
Are you saying that Messner was being banished? Thou art correct.
I found one drop of unburned blood on the lip of the cauldron.
Now, per the spell, it means that Messner was the target.
Suggests motive.
Maybe Messner wasn't willing to go quietly into that witchy night.
So, another witch concocts a deadly brew to silence him.
Toil and trouble, let the cyanide bubble.
Any luck with the hair in the cauldron? Henry found DNA on the follicle.
Unknown female, no hits in CODIS.
But the prints on the candle shed more light.
In fact, I.
's four of our witches.
Turns out that Wiccans come from all walks of life.
Our first witch is a postal worker, currently on vacation in Florida.
Okay, postal worker's out.
Witch number two is a pharmaceutical saleswoman with a DUI on her record.
She's on the road this week.
Alibis her.
But school was in session for two of our other witches.
Requiring that their fingerprints, too, were in the system.
Witch number three is our own Ms.
Earth science teacher, spell caster.
Brewer? Didn't see that coming.
How about the man who tried to save Chet Messner? I call on thee SANDERS: The janitor's a witch? Why didn't you tell us that you and Chet Messner were part of a secret society? There you go.
It's a secret.
Yeah, but secret-time kind of goes away when it's a homicide.
Our religion had nothing to do with what happened to Chet.
Maybe it did.
Could be a nervous witch, you know, makes a cyanide potion to stop a fellow witch from outing your gang.
Isn't that what you guys are really about? Curses and revenge? You have a wrong idea about us.
Well, give me the right one.
Wicca saved me, Detective.
Saved you? I came to Vegas to hustle cards.
It ate me up.
Left me a broke alcoholic.
I found serenity in the power of nature.
Fact is, peace is at the core of our belief.
That's what we're about.
If someone hurt Chet, it came from the outside.
The whole thing was a shock to me.
It was my second gathering.
Oh, so you're new to the craft.
Yes, Chet asked me to join.
And then he's banished.
I didn't think that it was fair, but I was new.
And who was I to question the coven? They all wanted him gone.
Chet had been speaking publically about coven activities.
Shoot his mouth off to complete strangers.
He thought it was a way of getting out the message.
How'd that make you feel? Not good.
But not bad enough to kill.
Talking out of school is why Chet was banished; it's not why he was murdered.
A Wiccan doesn't kill.
We have one unidentified female member of the coven, but I need some names.
I'm not allowed to divulge names.
I'm sorry.
Well, I'm sorry, too.
Because talking to members of the coven, people who knew Chet well-- that's our best shot at figuring out who hurt your friend.
I have been lost since my husband passed.
And this might sound corny, but there is a holiness to the cosmos.
A harmony.
It helps me get through the bad days.
I owe it to them to protect their privacy.
I can't break a sacred oath.
RUSSELL: What did you think? You're asking me-- do I think they're protecting themselves or someone else? Yeah.
(sighs) I'm not sure.
Well, they could be telling the truth, right? I mean, I like to think that society's a little more tolerant nowadays.
Do we really think that a member of a coven would be willing to kill another member for fear of being exposed? I don't know, a banishment spell for loose lips? I mean, that tells me the first rule of witch club is, “Don't talk about witch club.
” Greg.
“Hop off the broom, join me back on Planet Earth.
” He's very funny today.
Hey, what do you got? Well, I think Messner was making more than just Roman candles in his classroom.
He was also making a synthetic brew.
I took a Dumpster dive behind the school-- you're welcome-- and I, uh, found this vial.
Now, it's got to be from Messner's lab because his prints are all over it.
Also found traces of androstenedione and clostebol in it.
So he was making drugs.
Just not meth.
Nope, steroids.
I also found this dosing schedule.
His own “book of steroids.
” He was supplying PEDs to a lot of Jefferson student-athletes.
He even used code names.
Note the, uh, most popular client.
“QB”? Not very subtle.
No, apparently code names weren't his strong suit.
“Quarterback” is Rob Turkla.
Now this is Mason Brewer's selfie video of Messner's last seconds.
Now, check out the QB's locker.
What is that, a traveling medical kit? Complete with syringes for your exotic destinations.
Yeah, I'm thinking that Turk doesn't travel much beyond the football field.
I, uh, pulled Messner's phone records.
Was he talking with Turk? Every Friday.
So, we have a teacher and a student involved in a highly illicit scheme.
Could have been bad for either one of them if it had come out.
But Messner had other student clients, so why Turk? Well, first off, Messner was broke.
He had big credit card problems, five cards he couldn't pay.
Teacher's salary-- selling drugs solves the problem, right.
Well, two days ago, Messner sent Turk an e-mail, threatening to expose him.
“No cash, no college career for you “if this comes out.
Be smart for once”" I think QB was stiffing Messner, and Messner wasn't having it.
So he called an audible.
Nice work.
I'll have Crawford pick Turk up.
(indistinct radio chatter) Got your text.
I got your suspect.
I don't think he's gonna be talking much.
Hey, Dave how's his head look? Well, I'm seeing blunt force trauma to the back of the skull.
I'd say about PHILLIPS: Yeah.
That would do it.
Well, the weight room's just over there.
I'm thinking that the killer grabbed the murder weapon from there, followed Turk from the weight room, then clocked him here by the pool.
PHILLIPS: I think he was alive when he went in the pool.
There's a thin band of foam at his mouth.
Suggests drowning.
One-two punch.
Blunt force trauma knocked him down pool finished him off.
Cleaning crew found the body shortly after 6:00 a.
Are there any security cameras around here? No.
Swim team, they have the pool, uh, up until 7:00, so nobody saw anything.
We have a suspect turned Vic.
So what do you think? Two murders, two days, one high school Maybe the QB knew something about the Messner murder.
And drowned men tell no tales.
BRODY: This is one sheet of 92 that were exposed to the fire in Mr.
Messner's classroom.
I processed every single one.
Why is this one special? It's the murder weapon.
This is getting fun.
The one thing we still haven't been able to deduce is how the cyanide got into Mr.
Messner's body.
But I have an idea.
Contact with the paper.
This paper is coated with a combination of cyanide and dimethyl sulfoxide.
A solvent.
One that can carry substances into the skin.
In this case, cyanide.
A massive dose.
Kind of like a chemical hypodermic needle.
I don't think Messner was the intended target.
This isn't just any piece of paper.
This is the answer key to Mr.
Messner's Chem IV final, which was left in a drawer for his worst student, Rob Turkla.
Wait a minute.
How do you know that part? I found a very suspicious VidTree image buried in Turk's deleted phone data.
RUSSELL: “Touchdown.
Your A+ is in Messner's top drawer.
” Sent the day he died.
Do we know by whom? VidTree snapshots disappear after a couple seconds.
Kids use them, 'cause they think that they can send something without their parents ever finding out.
But in reality, all the data is still saved up in the cloud, where we can eventually find it.
I'm doing a search on the sender as we speak.
RUSSELL: So, if you're right, then this answer key was left in Messner's classroom for Turk to find.
BRODY: And Messner found it first.
Messner was a neat freak.
If anything was out of place, he would've noticed.
With DMSO acting as a skin absorbent for the cyanide anybody who touched that answer key was doomed.
Always better to study, kids.
Got a hit on the sender.
Oh, my gosh.
BRODY: Nice résumé, Hannah.
National Honor Roll.
President of the French Club.
Literacy Volunteer of the Year.
Captain of the swim team.
Is that right? That's right.
Your specialty is the butterfly? Yeah, how'd you know? This here is, um Mr.
Messner's steroid dosing schedule.
See the code there? “B-fly”? Look, I swear, I only took the drugs once.
You'd do anything to win, right? On the field, in the classroom I looked at your e-mail.
Looked like you and Turk and a few other kids were planning on stealing Mr.
Messner's Chem IV final.
That-that was all talk.
Not for Turk.
And not for you.
In fact, you used it as a murder weapon.
What are you saying? The message you sent to lure Turk to Mr.
Messner's classroom, where you left an answer sheet laced with cyanide.
Bad luck for you, Messner touched it first.
So you scheduled a make-up with Turk.
At the pool.
I didn't kill Turk.
And I didn't kill Mr.
Look, I didn't I didn't send this.
It's from your account.
Someone must've hacked me.
I mean, it's-it's not like it hasn't happened before.
Why would somebody do that to you? Hannah, you have to talk to me.
You want to know why someone would hack my account, and kill Turk at the pool? Because I am your best suspect.
I wanted him dead.
Why? Because of what he (clears throat) Because of what he did to me.
He a-attacked me.
Why didn't you report it? To who? The cops? What, because they're gonna believe my word over Mr.
Friday Night Football? Turk was the best class I ever took.
Taught me what the world's really like.
You wouldn't understand.
Just so you know, I leave early on Thursday nights from practice.
Coach thinks I'm at tutoring.
But really I'm at a women's shelter for counseling.
(sniffs) I'll look into that.
Go ahead.
They'll tell you I was there.
ROBBINS: QB's lungs are overinflated, heavy with fluid.
Confirms drowning was C.
Jaundice and liver damage are consistent with chronic anabolic steroid use.
All to score a bunch of touchdowns.
Well, as expected, I found syringe marks on this QB's posterior.
Usual target for injecting PEDs.
But I can't explain this target.
Another injection site.
Why is that different? Well, it's not his usual injection site.
Needle hit the median cubital vein.
Take a look here.
What's even more unusual is this two-inch section of vein leading away from the puncture site.
It's devoid of blood.
The killer withdrew blood from Turk after he died.
There was no blood pumping, otherwise the vein would have refilled.
That's crazy.
The median cubital vein tells no lies.
Can it tell us why somebody took the blood of a dead man? Afraid not.
So I, uh, I made some calls, and your story checks out.
About the counseling.
I'm so sorry for what Turk did to you.
You have every right to be angry.
I'm not angry.
My eyes are just open now.
For what it's worth there are far more good people out there than there are Rob Turklas.
Don't close your eyes to that.
STOKES: Did you hear about Turk's body? RUSSELL: Yeah.
I know these folks are your people, okay (laughs) but this hocus-pocus stuff isn't sitting well with me.
Well, what are you thinking? Well, it's not what I'm thinking, it's what I know.
I processed Turk's car in the garage.
Found a used condom in the backseat.
The DNA from the vaginal fluid was a match to the hair in the cauldron in Messner's shed.
Well, that-that's that's great.
That's our unknown female.
I think so.
So our quarterback was boffing somebody in the coven.
Our mystery witch didn't just leave behind her DNA.
She, uh, also left her prints all over Turk's window.
Well, that begs the question which witch? This is just dandy.
You actually think I hurt Turk? Nonsense.
Really? Yeah.
You were sleeping with a student who's now dead.
Murdered in your school.
I was not sleeping with Turk.
My gosh.
We have your fingerprints on the inside of his car windows and your DNA on his condom from the backseat.
Do-do I need to go on? Turk was 18.
He was perfectly legal.
What we had was real.
Did your husband find it real? Your marriage, your job you had a lot to lose.
Russell every day, I play pretend.
I pretend that Pelican sports matter.
I pretend not to resent the fact that I'm a failed interior decorator.
But mostly, I pretend to not know that my husband's having a weekly tryst with a stripper named Tangerine.
Now, I did not kill Turk.
But I can tell you this I would kill to bring him back.
Did you know that-that Turk's blood was removed from his body after he was murdered? And that suggests a Wiccan ritual or a spell, and that suggests you.
When you people secret-shovel, you sure dig deep.
The coven said that we'd be persecuted.
No, slow-slow down.
I don't care who or what you worship, I just care about the truth.
I didn't kill Turk.
You said that the killer took Turk's blood.
Yes, that's right.
Our high priest thought that my relationship with Turk was-was a threat to the coven.
Your-your high priest? Ed.
Ed, Ed Lusk? The janitor? He doesn't have power in this life.
He's determined to find power within the coven.
Turk was a threat to that power.
By having sex with you, he could create a-a scandal.
Ed said I was a bit reckless.
He would do anything to protect the coven, but I'm afraid if he took Turk's blood, that this goes way beyond that.
How so? There's an ancient power spell called “the Kratos.
” It uses the blood of a sacrificed youth.
It goes back to the Druids.
To perform this-this “Kratos” spell, Ed would have to take Turk's blood to an altar, if-if I'm right.
The timing is very important.
The quicker the offering, the more powerful the spell.
The two attempts on Turk's life came at the school, so maybe Ed had a-an altar at the school? Mm-hmm.
Do you know where it is? Ed Lusk hasn't been seen since lunch.
(school bell rings) Well, his ride's here, so he's probably around here somewhere.
(chuckles) SANDERS: All we have is an altar to the cleaning gods.
Not a Wiccan candle in sight.
(grunts) Looks like our janitor missed something.
Directional blood drop.
Maybe a drip from the needle he used to draw Turk's blood.
I got another one here.
And here.
(sighs) You don't belong here! LVPD.
Put down the knife.
We need you to come with us, Ed.
Put the knife down and no one gets hurt.
We just want to talk to you.
May the blackest of darkness smite you down into the ground.
Try me.
(knife clatters) So, Ed Lusk has lawyered up.
High priest is not talking, huh? The blood drops in his closet are.
DNA matches Turk.
Hope he's got a good lawyer.
Yeah, really.
(rattling) Ah, my brethren.
I was about to use the foul modern text device to summon you.
What are you doing? I beseech you to enter my sacred domain.
I welcome you on the day of the Mabon Moon David whence we I'm tired.
I'm spell-casting to prove a point.
I understand that our high priest is mum, but his cauldron isn't.
I ran the ingredients found in it, discovered trace amounts of cherry opal gemstone.
Wiccans believe the cherry opal amplifies vibrational energies within the bloodstream.
We have been assuming that this is a power spell, but the truth is this soup's a healing spell.
So, what are you saying? That Ed Lusk is sick? No, but someone else is.
Someone who borrowed Turk's blood and availed themselves to Lusk's altar.
As I expected, I found Turk's blood in the cauldron.
But unexpectedly, I found a second blood contributor.
Not Lusk, but someone whose blood contains traces of methotrexate.
That's a chemo drug used to treat blood cancers.
Thou art correct.
And Henry hath run said blood.
He found a male familial match to touch DNA from a candle recovered from Messner's altar.
The match was not to Ed Lusk, but to a different wicked witch.
Brewer? Haven't you asked my son enough questions? Enough is enough.
We asked you to bring Mason here because we're concerned.
Concerned? About what will happen to him.
I don't understand.
You need to come with me, Mrs.
We know that your son, Mason, is sick, Rebecca.
That he has Langerhans cell histiocytosis.
The blood cancer that affects children.
He missed a lot of school last semester.
His grades started to falter.
We know that he was receiving treatment, but you were seeking help of a higher power.
I'm not following.
We found Ed Lusk's cauldron.
We know that you're the one who prepared the ritual with your son's blood.
BRODY: And Turk's.
You needed it to save Mason.
CRAWFORD: You're the one who killed Turk and Messner.
Your original plan wasn't too bad.
I mean, you heard the rumblings around school that Turk was looking for the Chem IV test answers.
It's pretty easy, setting him up.
This is you entering the school library at 1:16.
That's the same day that Chet Messner was killed.
And at 1:19, you logged on to a computer using Hannah Hunt's password.
You logged on to VidTree, and you sent a message to Rob Turkla.
Telling him where to find the cheat sheet, but Messner found it instead.
CRAWFORD: And so you had to try and kill Rob again.
You knew Turk's schedule.
You knew where to find him.
Why, Rebecca? Was Mason getting worse? Why? The cancer spread to his bones.
The doctor found vertical lesions and gave him six months to live.
So you were running out of time.
We get it.
Why does a piece of crap like Turk get to live? Why does a good boy Why does your Mason have to die? Where's the harmony in that? We searched your car.
We found your Book of Shadows.
Inside there was a healing spell dedicated to Mason.
The spell's materials were all the same items that we found in Ed Lusk's cauldron.
I can Please.
Listen, I know that you love your son.
No doubt.
It's all right here.
“If I could set my own soul free “to save you, I would, “but I'm earthbound, “so I can call on thee, gods.
Let the rising sun sear the cold serpent of disease.
” BOTH: “My child” “let the wind carry your pain away.
” “Let the waxing moon alight the darkness within you.
” And let this blood of the powerful allow you to heal.
My son, you shall be reborn.
You shall be reborn.
My son doesn't deserve to die.
(sniffles) I'm not an evil person.
Ed told us that they were healing spells.
And-and medicine hadn't worked, and I was desperate to try anything.
Two people died because of this.
The Book of Shadows is very, very clear.
It says that a spell will only work if the sacrificed dies so that the other one can live.
I had to save my boy.
And you ended up losing him anyway.
Mason? I'm so sorry.
There anybody I can call? Any family? Ever since my dad died, it's just been me and Mom.
This is when I get dumped in an orphanage with Oliver Twist, right? No, that's not gonna happen.
You still getting your treatments? (sighs) Yeah.
I start a new round of chemo next month.
Doctors said they're gonna be tweaking the protocols.
(sighs) Think maybe things might turn around.
I'm homeless, but I'm not hopeless.
HANNAH: He can stay with my family.
My parents already said it was okay.
Hannah, what What are you doing here? I heard about your mom.
I'm really sorry.
Yeah, me, too.
You've always been really sweet to me, even when I was so mean to you.
And I couldn't be more sorry.
So if you want to play kick the can or something We're not little kids anymore, Hannah.
I know that, but what do you say? (laughs, sniffles) Come on, let's go.
(sighs) Poor kid.
How could a mother's love get so twisted? Well, at least Hannah stepped up.
Kind of gives you hope, right? That'd be nice.

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