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Les Experts
#15.03 : Le virus dans le sang

Sara et Greg se rendent sur une scène de crime. La victime, un homme, a reçu une balle dans le cou, mais ses yeux sont remplis de sang. Les enquêteurs soupçonnent aussitôt une fièvre hémorragique. Le CDC, l'agence de prévention et de contrôle des maladies, est immédiatement dépêchée sur les lieux et les deux enquêteurs sont mis en quarantaine à l'hôpital. L'agent pathogène est identifié : il s'agit du virus Ibare, un filovirus de type Ebola. Les enquêteurs découvrent que le défunt était un chercheur en maladies virales tropicales, récemment licencié par son employeur, Ryne Biomédical. Or la consultante nommée par le CDC était son ancienne collègue. Tous deux avaient sur la conscience une épidémie survenue dans un village bolivien, dix ans auparavant. 


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Bad Blood

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Le virus dans le sang

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Écrit par : Tom Mularz
Réalisé par : Louis Milito 

Avec : Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie), Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Paula Francis (Elle-même)

Guests :

  • Rick Otto ..... Jack Weaver 
  • James Lesure .....  Docteur Emmett
  • Lauren Stamile ..... Docteur Heather Lanning
  • Walter Pérez ..... Rudy Adela 
  • Jake Richardson ..... Shawn Steubens
  • Hugo Bianqui ..... Village Elder 

MAN: It will come to pass! It's just a matter of time. You can only lie to yourselves for so long. We pretend that we're not afraid. But when it happens and that day comes nothing will stop the world from bleeding. Nothing! (Door opens)

I spoke with responding officers.
Landlord came by here to pick up the rent, saw him and turned right around.
Tenant's name is Jack Smith.
He lived alone.
Sounds like a throwaway name. Paid all cash, no I.D. on file.
Lifestyles of the broke and anonymous.
There's blood on the floor.
all over the place.
Blood void.
Got a spent shell over here.
Nine-mil casing.
SIDLE: GSW to his neck.
Looks like he bled out pretty quickly.
Yeah? Then how did blood get all over the room? Expirated blood on the wall here.
Possible fight before the kill shot? , if we're lucky, maybe some of this blood belongs to his assailant.
This whole bookshelf is about world-ending plagues, biological disasters The wall is just plastered with paranoia.
Uh Greg? Yeah? This man was sick.
What do you mean? I mean, don't touch anything.
I'm, uh, I'm gonna ca.
His eye.
Have you ever seen anything like that before?
SANDERS: Yeah, in biology textbooks. Viral epidemics.
SANDERS: The pathogen could be in all this blood. It could be airborne.
Try not to panic.
I'm just trying not to breathe.
SIDLE: This is CSI Sara Sidle from the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
I'm at a crime scene with what appears to be a possible hemorrhagic fever.
One decedent.
Two others may have been exposed.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who , you, you Are you! Let's go! Get the windows sealed.
Secure the perimeter! No entry without Level Four coverage.
Keep it moving! Clock is ticking! PHILLIPS: Hey.
I'm so sorry.
I should've been the first one here.
You were just doing your job.
Coroner's office? Yeah.
He'll get you suited up for entry to remove the infected decedent.
Of course.
Supervisor Russell? Yes.
Emmett, CDC Emergency Response Specialist.
Any idea what we're dealing with here? Undetermined, but the symptoms suggest a virus.
We're treating the house as a hot zone.
Extracting the potentially exposed subjects.
Those "subject"" are my CSIs.
I just spoke to them on the phone.
They're a little concerned about what's happening next.
They'll be suited up and transported to hospital quarantine.
They mention having removed anything from inside the house? No.
No, no, no.
All their gear, their collected evidence, is still inside.
It'll stay there.
Once the subjects are out, we'll nuke the place.
Wait, wait, I'm sorry.
What do you mean, "nuke"? Blast it with UV light and formaldehyde fog, killing any living organism in there.
There's our artillery now.
RUSSELL: Well wait a sec.
The dead man in there was-was killed by a gunshot.
I heard.
Not his day at the tables.
What I'm saying is there was at least one other person-- the shooter-- inside that room.
And he might be infected.
So frying all the biologicals in there might stop us from tracking the guy down.
A valid point.
But no match for the holy gospel of protocol.
I'll keep you updated.
(helicopter whirring, indistinct radio chatter) You okay in there? We had to leave the evidence behind.
SANDERS: Scene's getting completely stepped on in there.
We uploaded our photos to the cloud.
It might be all we can salvage.
I'm not concerned about that right now.
EMMETT: Folks, we need to keep moving! RUSSELL: If they've been infected, we may not know for days.
Viral incubation period could be up to two weeks, you know, so they'll be tested, observed, and I don't know, we just wait, I guess.
This is rough, D.B.
State's sending resources.
Area hospitals are on alert.
I mean, soon the story's gonna hit the news, and then everything gets cranked up.
I've got Morgan and Nick going over the crime scene photos.
On top of all this, we have a a murder to solve.
Yeah, right.
Gunshot in the throat almost feels quaint, doesn't it? Supervisor Russell? Yes.
Dr.Heather Lanning, from RyneLab Biomedical.
My counterpart at the CDC informed you I'd be here? Yeah.
This is Sheriff Ecklie.
I understand the situation's overwhelming.
I'm here to help.
RyneLab is a private research facility right here in Nevada.
The only Biosafety Level Four site in the region, equipped to handle the deadliest organisms.
CDC brought us in to assist on this case.
So your lab's gonna tell us what kind of bug we're dealing with here, right? Because two of my team may have been infected.
I understand.
If I can start with a look at the damage inflicted Okay, I got this.
Why don't you check in with your team? Right.
Right this way, please.
(saw buzzing) Surgical scissors would be safer.
You risk puncturing your suit with that blade and infecting yourself.
(saw stops buzzing) This is Dr.
Lanning from RyneLab.
Helping with the case.
I appreciate your concern, but believe me, I've never cut more carefully in my life.
ECKLIE: So what do we have, Doc? Well, starting with the gunshot wound, it's a through-and-through.
There's no sooting or stippling.
The entry wound is irregular.
It suggests a ricochet before impact.
(saw buzzing) I found no I.D. or possessions in his pockets, and there was no print match through Mobile AFIS.
ECKLIE: So we're still not even sure of his name.
A true "Patient Zero.
" No way to build a profile who or what he may have had contact with.
(exhales) ROBBINS: The lungs are soft, hemorrhagic, and the spleen is mushy.
Consistent with a filovirus infection.
Like Marburg or Ebola.
No, I disagree, Jules.
I don't think you should fly back.
I mean, if this thing turns into a real outbreak, I think you're better off in Seattle.
Well, how long till we have an update on Sara and Greg? RUSSELL: They're still being tested, so they couldn't take any calls.
I wish there was something I could do to help.
I know.
You could tell me you've found something on our Gig Harbor twins.
I am still trying to put together Winthrop and Briscoe's backgrounds.
You know, both men have lived without leaving much of a trail.
But I'm going through hospital records right now, and searching for identical twins born to unwed Seattle mothers.
Ages that would obviously be right for them.
You know, I just need a birth date.
It would really help me with foster searches.
All right.
Well, it's a start.
Enough to keep fishing, don't you think? Mm-hmm.
Will you call me if you hear anything? Of course I will.
So I talked to the CDC rep.
I told him that we need to be in that house as soon as possible.
I know all that DNA evidence is gonna be destroyed.
All we have right now are the photos that they uploaded.
Overalls, uh, shots of blood spatter.
I don't know what we're going to get from these.
Just like any other case, we need to find out who this victim is first.
Maybe some small detail will tell us where he's been, who he's been hanging out with Who else might have been infected.
Yeah, exactly.
So I'm just scanning these, looking for an I.D.badge, a piece of mail Yeah.
What about that book? Seconds to Apocalypse.
Yeah, it's got a library tag on the spine.
That might just work.
He might have a-an account at the library.
It could help us with the I.D.
It's worth a shot.
(phone chiming) Yeah, there's Russell.
He's in Layout.
He's got some news.
Let's go.
I'm here to tell you that RyneLab has identified the pathogen.
EMMETT: It's called the Ibare virus.
A blood-borne filovirus, not unlike Ebola in viral structure.
It replicates at a staggering rate, decimating the host's cells and causing massive hemorrhage.
SIDLE: Are there treatments? Antivirals? Nothing effective.
So you know everything about the virus except what to do about it.
How does this virus end up here? CDC is baffled.
The only prior outbreaks were in rural South American villages.
Vegas is a global city.
People come here from places all over the world.
And head back to those places, if you want to play a nightmare scenario.
All it takes is one infected carrier.
Sneezes in line at the airport.
Infecting half a dozen more.
By the time the wheels are up, the pathogen's on planes to four continents.
That's just getting started.
Ibare has a rapid incubation period: within 48 hours.
If you experience a fever, muscle soreness The fatality rate.
Thank you, Doctor.
Appreciate that.
There's nothing we can do about Greg or Sara right now except just just wait.
So let's-let's focus on the case.
Somebody else walked out of that bloody room.
Yeah, the killer.
Who could be anywhere in the city now just spreading the infection.
STOKES: Quicker we determine who that is and where they are Better chance we have at stopping this outbreak.
All right.
SIDLE: Don't let your mind go there.
That did not happen.
We were careful.
We always are, working with blood.
I know.
We had a scare like this before.
Yeah, the dead jock with the killer mold in his wall.
A quick shared shower in the middle of the street, and we were fine, right? This might not be that easy.
We're going to be fine.
(computer beeping) Hello, Nick? Hey! How are my two favorite people doing? Happy for the distraction.
Yeah, I heard they hooked you guys up with some computers.
Is that right? Yeah.
How's the case going? Well, we just caught a break on the victim's I.D.
Got it off of a library book from the photos you guys uploaded.
Registered to a guy named Jack Weaver.
And listen.
This is not this guy's first encounter with a microscopic killer, if you know what I mean.
SIDLE: "Hunting Viruses."Dr.Jack Weaver travels the world stalking the planet's deadliest organisms.
" Yeah, now, that article is from about eight years ago.
That's right around the time his trail starts to fade.
There's no employment records, no Internet presence, nothing.
So, what happened to him? I'm not sure about that, but I do know somebody that has the answer.
Should have told us already.
That is Heather Lanning.
Uh, she's an old coworker of Weaver's.
They used to do some research together over at RyneLab.
And listen, she was in autopsy, she saw the body and never mentioned once that she knew the guy.
MAN: As counsel for RyneLab, I want to be clear that Miss Lanning is here in the spirit of cooperation to aid in the investigation.
Where was that spirit when you neglected to identify Jack Weaver's body? I didn't realize Ma'am, you worked with him for years.
No, RyneLab employs over 500 individuals along with countless affiliated That face is a ghost of the man I knew.
So you knew him.
Thank you.
Why don't you tell me about him.
Jack was brilliant.
He made breakthroughs in viral research that we're still wrapping our heads around.
But the fieldwork RyneLab's global outreach sends researchers around the world to sites of epidemics Weeks spent slogging, neck-deep, in disease.
Watching mothers fight for a last embrace of their dying child.
Those trips took a toll on Jack.
Even when we were back safe in the lab, he wasn't the same.
Eventually, he had to be let go.
It was a tragedy which apparently continued.
A virus hunter becomes the virus-hunted, years after the job is left behind.
So how did his old prey catch up with him? Ibare has never been discovered in the U.S. Weaver's passport records don't show any recent international travel. The only specimens of the virus within a thousand miles were the ones in RyneLab's freezers. All of which have been inventoried and accounted for. None went missing.
Wait a minute.
You're saying that this company keeps a stockpile of this virus here in Nevada? That's exactly what I'm saying.
With the Defense Department's blessing, of course, and generous funding.
Why? Military can't use biological weapons like that.
Which is why the program goes under the heading "Bio-Defense"" See, this company cultivates and studies these organisms to prepare for the awful possibility that one day they may wind up on U.S. soil.
Police records popped something on Jack Weaver.
Field investigation card from last week.
Officer responded to a street where Weaver was drunk and prophesizing about a plague.
Plague! The world is bleeding! (siren whoops) Cop just told him to move on.
And a week later his prophecy came true, at least for him.
Well, let's not forget, now, he was shot.
I can't help but believe that this shooting and the infection are related in some way.
What are you thinking? Weaver was broke and bitter, but he still knew a lot about deadly pathogens.
May have even had access to one of those connections.
Maybe making him the perfect wingman for a bioterrorist.
Yeah, but the only terror so far happened to Weaver himself.
So, something goes awry with the plan.
Second thoughts.
Sloppy execution.
Weaver ends up infected.
Coconspirator shoots him to silence him.
And that same person makes off with the viral ammo.
I saw something in the photos.
I wasn't sure what it was.
I think I do now.
The void in the blood.
It's rectangular.
It's got round corners.
Could very easily be a briefcase.
BRODY: The kind you might use to transport a deadly pathogen.
Conrad, we need to get in that house ASAP.
CDC is saying it's not safe yet.
Yeah, but it's safer than leaving a killer and a deadly virus on the street.
Well, you put it that way (phone beeping) I'll get you in there.
BRODY: The UV light and formaldehyde nuked all biologicals, so there's no DNA.
And no virus.
STOKES: Everything's just how they left it.
Lead would still survive.
Gunshot was a through-and-through, right? Yeah.
So there should still be a bullet here.
Let's go to work.
Body was right here.
Robbins' report said that the bullet was ricocheted into the Vic, right? Right.
Well, there's a there's a bullet skip mark here on the floor.
Impacted at a low angle.
For Weaver to get shot in the neck means he must have been laying down.
STOKES: Which means the bullet would have to stay low.
Oh Morgan.
I think I've got something.
I just found the bullet.
BRODY: Greg marked the case right here by the door.
Killer would have needed some distance to account for the low-angle bullet skip, so Shooter stands here Fires at Weaver, who's prone, sick on the ground.
Takes off with the briefcase.
And whatever lurks inside of it.
That works.
Clock is ticking, Sara.
It's your move.
What if it is starting? An epidemic.
What if yesterday was the last normal day? What happened to the optimist who used to share this fishbowl? I'm just thinking.
You know how quickly everything could change.
You have a headache or a fever.
You think it's just a day off of work.
Instead You're booking a trip to Costa Rica.
'Cause when we're cleared from here, something good's gonna happen.
Motivation for a vacation.
Is that really what it takes? Something like this? To do the things you've been putting off.
I'll take reminders where we can get them.
Booking your own tropical vacation? Not exactly.
WOMAN: Greg? Hi, Grandma.
How have you been? Good.
So nice of you to check in on me.
How are you? I, uh It's been an interesting day.
Looks sunny there.
It's been nice all morning.
The garden looks great.
Yeah? Well, that's actually why I was calling.
Thinking about coming up there to see you and check it out.
Oh, Greg, I would love that.
Me, too.
RUSSELL: Heard you found a match on the bullet that killed Weaver.
A recovered round from a gas station holdup six months ago.
Case wasn't solved, but we did have a very strong suspect.
Northtown nuisance Shawn Steubens.
Priors for weapons violations, robbery.
Doesn't look like a bioterrorist.
Let's get him to prove us wrong.
Shawn Steubens.
Open up.
Shawn! It's very important that we talk to you! (faint groaning from inside) (faint groaning from inside) STOKES: This guy's infected.
Tell me that's the cure.
It's for your pain.
And then what? You want to tell me what happened? Shawn, what's happening to you may be happening to other people.
two friends of mine that I care about very much.
Shawn I'm begging you, man.
Help us out here.
Driving around the other night, late saw someone go into that house, wearing a big rubber suit like the guys who brought me here.
A Hazmat suit? Going in Jack Weaver's house? Yeah.
That suit, that part of town, I figured they had a meth cook going on inside.
Then what'd you do, Shawn? Grabbed my nine-mil.
Went in to rip the place off.
Saw what was really inside.
Briefcase looked important.
So I grabbed it.
#]I figured maybe it was stuffed with cash.
Then that suit was coming at me.
I panicked.
Shooting that guy was an accident.
I swear.
You didn't get a good look at who was in that Hazmat suit, did you? No face, no eyes.
And the briefcase, what happened to that? It's at my house.
Spent a little while trying to bust it open.
Kind of lost interest in the briefcase when, you know, my eyes started bleeding.
Well, I'm I'm gonna leave you to it.
Amateur video from the scene shows CDC vehicles and personnel at the North Las Vegas residence.
Officials have not released details of what drew this emergency response, but sources report that The story's still under wraps.
At least nobody's panicking.
Additionally, it's reported that two veteran Crime Scene Investigators were Did she just call us "veteran"? 'Cause now I might panic.
I can turn this off if it's bugging you.
No, no, it's fine.
spokesperson isn't releasing any information on their condition at this time.
Desert Palm and other local hospitals declined to comment when asked if they had recently Sara? Are you? Sara! Sara! We need a doctor! Sara! Somebody! Somebody, please help! Sara! Sara! (muffled): Sara! SANDERS: Hey, Russell.
They said that you have a But her viral antibody tests are still negative, so it could just be a common bug or the stress of all this or I'm so sorry.
They wouldn't let me come any sooner.
We know.
Russell, I need you to do something for me.
Yeah, of course.
If we're gonna die, we need to go out fighting, okay? So, put us to work.
Neither one of you have my permission to die.
You got that? All right.
Uh Morgan recovered the stolen briefcase.
The only thing in it was Jack Weaver's computer.
She'll upload his hard drive.
She'll get it to you guys.
Yeah, we'll start digging.
RUSSELL: So, you found anything interesting yet? Well, Jack Weaver was obsessed with the Ibare virus long before he was infected with it.
His Web histories, cached articles, all dwell on that particular pathogen.
SIDLE: Especially one outbreak of it in 2006.
The disease tore through a village in Bolivia called Campiza.
We know why this was Jack's focus? He did witness the carnage firsthand.
He and Heather Lanning were sent to the village to study the outbreak and help with the infected.
Yeah, but Weaver did fieldwork at a lot of those outbreaks which is why he burned out, according to Lanning.
Wha-What makes that one different? Yeah, we're not sure yet, though, speaking of Lanning, Weaver had been e-mailing with her right up to a week ago.
She told me that she hadn't spoken to him for years.
Weaver was sending her rambling messages saying that they had to talk about Bolivia.
Lanning shut him down.
"Jack, you're a troubled man.
You need help.
You need to move on.
" That was five days before we found him dead.
RUSSELL: Okay, now, Lanning said she didn't recognize Weaver's body, and I let that slide.
But obviously she's hiding something.
MAN: Mr.Russell?
My name is Rudy Adela. We met earlier.
Yeah, you're the attorney for RyneLab, right? I was informed by our research tech at RyneLab of a missing agent.
A vial of the Ibare virus.
You got something there? I, uh, asked Dr. Lanning about it.
(click, beep) LANNING: Rudy, the loss cannot be reported.
ADELA: We can't just ignore it.
LANNING: You don't say a word to anyone.
How much was in that vial? It's ten cc's.
virion particles.
And each one a potential death sentence.
Your company lost a potential weapon of mass destruction, and then you covered it up, at the very least.
What are you accusing me of? I'm here without an attorney.
Doesn't that tell you something about my Tells me something about your attorney's conscience, actually.
Now, contrary to what you told us, you were in contact with Jack Weaver.
These are the e-mails.
He wanted to talk to you about Bolivia.
I told you he wasn't stable.
He needed help.
Ms.Lanning, we're working with the CDC now, under a federal order.
As we speak, we're tearing apart your offices.
Every file, every hard drive.
And we just got this in from your building surveillance.
That's you walking Jack Weaver into the facility, after hours, a week before he died.
I thought bringing him there, talking, might remind him of all the good work he did.
No, that's not true.
Once again, these are the e-mails.
He demanded to meet you there.
And because you went along with it, I'm guessing he had some sort of leverage.
He had my pity.
I was trying to help him.
Ms.Lanning, a man who's obsessed with the Ibare virus visits the lab.
A vial of that virus goes missing.
And that same pathogen kills him within days.
You think he No.
I didn't let him near anywhere near the specimen storage.
So, he was never out of your sight, even for a moment? Maybe for two minutes.
He went to use the men's room, but Uh-huh, yeah.
That man had worked in that building for years.
He knew how to access the specimens.
He could have gotten in and out of there in two minutes.
And you know it.
Here's what I think.
I believe that you realized your mistake, so you went to his home.
You wanted to keep track of Jack and the missing vial.
Kind of damage control.
No! That's not By the time you got there, Jack Weaver had already infected himself.
And what? I just let him die? That's what I think, yeah.
I think you realized that if your mistake came out that your labs would be shut down.
So you watched him crash and bleed out.
And then you were gonna dispose of his body, but someone came along and ruined your plan.
So you panicked and you left behind the body and the blood for my CSIs to walk into.
I'm done talking about it.
I want an attorney.
Good idea.
Russell spins a hell of a theory, but we still don't know why Weaver took the vial or how he ended up infected.
I think infecting himself with that virus was the whole point.
Conrad, he knew the dangers.
This was no accident.
What do you mean? I'm saying that Weaver knew something about RyneLab, something major.
What? I don't know yet, but he hints about it in his e-mails.
I think exposing himself to this virus was his way of exposing that whole company.
All right, so he got our attention.
What did he want us to know? Morgan and I are going over the files right now, but my gut tells me '06 Bolivian outbreak seems to have been his obsession.
Well, let's make it our obsession-- and quickly.
RyneLab's got a lot of juice in DC.
Our investigation could get shut down any minute.
I'm on it.
Reports all tell the same tale.
Lanning and Weaver arrived at the Bolivian village two days after the first infections were reported, identified the pathogen as Ibare.
Yeah, they treated and contained the sick in a field hospital.
Then the virus just ran its course.
Her field reports, her journals, they're all consistent.
So, what are we missing? What is it? It was collected from Lanning's desk at RyneLab.
What is that? It's from Bolivia, to Heather's home address here.
Postmarked around the end of the outbreak.
It's a letter from Heather to herself.
Why would somebody do something like that? Because she couldn't tell anybody else.
Read it.
"Let the reports and lab records tally "the dead and the lucky.
"But for my own sanity, I need to put down what I saw.
"To remember that it happened.
So that it never happens again"" It's not our call, Jack.
The directive for RyneLab was clear.
Lie to them.
Tell these people their family members aren't dying in there.
We don't have the manpower to deal with a panic.
We need to maintain the quarantine.
MAN: What is happening in there? (villagers speaking Spanish) You tell us nothing.
It's a fever.
It's just a fever.
They're gonna be fine.
Fever? (translating in Spanish) Then we will care for them at home.
You can't go in.
We need to treat them here.
(speaking Spanish) Stop! Please don't touch them! Wait.
BRODY: "The official reports "will simply show "a spike of 15 new infections, "12 of them fatal.
"But Jack and I know the truth "about the numbers.
And we will have to live with it.
" Well, it sounds like she figured out how to live with it, but he didn't.
Well, suicide wasn't enough.
It's too easy.
No, he infected himself because he wanted to empathize with these victims.
To feel the pain his lie caused.
We have to prove it.
We have to prove that he stole the virus from RyneLab's facility.
Any luck? One tiny partial print-- it won't be any help, except to tell us that somebody opened this container without wearing gloves.
Well, the swabs I took didn't find any touch DNA.
No useable prints, no DNA.
There is something else to try.
Morgan, what's unique about this room? Freezers full of exotic death.
Aside from those contained organisms, there's no life in here, but the room's kept spotless.
Every person who enters, per protocol, is wrapped in rubber.
Except for one person who broke protocol.
You're thinking microbial forensics.
You're familiar with the process? I-I've read a little bit about it, but This is the perfect chance to try it.
The only microbes living on that surface would have been contributed by that single ungloved person.
Every person has a a unique mix of organisms on their skin.
Some they're born with, some they accumulate.
The combination is as singular as a fingerprint or DNA.
Other scenes, there are far too many microbes on every single surface to ever distinguish between contributors, but here There's only one contributor: whoever stole the virus.
I'll call Russell see if we can commandeer RyneLab's equipment, do a microbial analysis.
So, I cultured the microbial population from the swab I spread it over various agars, each formulated to breed particular organisms if they're present.
Each positive I.D.
we get of a species gets us one step closer to a microbial profile.
And our suspect.
(phone chimes) Hey, Nick.
What's up? I was going over the Bolivia files with Russell, you know, explaining everything.
Yeah? We noticed something in one of the photos of the village.
What? Prepare to have your stomach drop.
Eight years ago half a world away (sighs) but that's you.
I haven't seen this photo.
But I remember everything.
Your family were among those who were infected in the village, right? Both of my parents my sister all killed.
I was, um the lucky one.
Can't be a coincidence that you're working for RyneLab now.
Same organization that handled the outbreak all those years ago.
The company looked out for us.
The kids left behind.
Oh, I heard that.
I heard that they they sent you to school in La Paz, right? They paid for your college? I wanted to work for them.
Help study monsters like Ibare.
Turns out I didn't have a mind for science, but a law degree got me in the door.
Rudy we know you found out what happened in your village.
I mean, the real story.
We took your fingerprints off of Heather Lanning's letter, which you found hidden in her office.
I heard rumors back then that RyneLab had caused the deaths, so I used my access to get answers.
And when you got your answers and you found out that Jack Weaver was responsible, you wanted revenge.
I understand.
Rudy my CSIs have developed a microbial profile of the hand that that opened the refrigeration unit and stole the vial of Ibare.
A zoo of different organisms all living in harmony on a on a fingertip.
And that same unique combination of life was found on this-- your recorder.
You stole the vial, Rudy.
And you infected Jack Weaver.
My entire family.
They didn't deserve it.
He did.
(gasps, grunts) I stayed there.
I watched him suffer.
Then I watched the company lie to you.
Distance themselves.
Cover up.
Just like they did all those years ago.
Which is why you recorded Dr. Lanning.
You wanted to bring down the whole company, so they couldn't toy with any more viruses, breed any more monsters.
I would be the last.
Sara? Are you? I'm fine.
Dr. Emmett said that I could tell you the news.
No sign of infection, and tests are showing that the virus dies within two hours of exposure to air.
Weaver's house wouldn't have been infectious when we entered.
CDC's gonna keep an area watch, but there haven't been any other infections.
We're clear.
(sighs) We're free to go.
(gasps in disbelief) (sighs) What are we waiting for? I'm sorry.
Me, too.
Hey, Dave.
I spoke with your doctor. You're both okay.
Uh, we were about to grab a bite to eat. Want to join us?
I'd love to but I'm actually here for work. Shawn Steubens, the kid who got infected He didn't make it.
PHILLIPS: He wasn't so lucky. It goes without saying but I'm just really glad you're both okay.
Goes without saying.

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