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Les Experts
#15.02 : Mauvaise herbe

Llyod Bryant, propriétaire d'une officine qui vend légalement du cannabis thérapeutique, reçoit la visite d'une inconnue, qui lui apprend que sa femme et ses enfants ont été enlevés. Mais alors qu'il vient juste de lui remettre l'argent de la rançon, elle est tuée par l'agent de sécurité de l'officine. L'enquête des Experts débute. Les agents doivent d'abord déterminer l'identité de cette femme, et retrouver la famille de Llyod Bryant. Parallèlement, aidé de Finlay, Russell continue à enquêter sur le tueur de Gig Harbor


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Buzz Kill

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Mauvaise herbe

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Écrit par : Andrew Dettmann
Réalisé par : Frank Waldeck

Avec : Alimi Ballard (Det. Kevin Crawford) 

Guests :

  • Richard Speight Jr. ..... Lloyd Bryant 
  • Alycia Grant ..... Allison Ball 
  • Jama Williamson ..... Dina Bryant 
  • Matthew Tyler Risch ..... Calvin Reynolds 
  • James Ferris ..... Detective Keys 
  • Andrew Fiscella ..... Remi Volero 
  • Jeff Bowser ..... Customer 
  • John Clinton Culp ..... Security Guard 
  • Christopher Poehls ..... Stuart Ball 
  • Jon Farless ..... CSI Tech Murph
  • Asante Jones ..... Swat Captain 

MAN: I bake them all myself. They're pretty damn tasty.

Pretty potent, too.

Of course, edibles are not for everybody.

I would say about 80% of our patients still prefer their cannabis in traditional form.

If anxiety is your main ailment, I'd say you go with Purple Diesel.

It's got the perfect balance of alertness and relaxation.

Leaves you functional, you know? There you go.

(inhales deeply) It smokes a little sweet and sour, with just a hint of pine on the exhale.

Yeah, that's nice.

I'll go with that.


Your best deal, full ounce.

It's $320.

Don't suppose you take a card? Cash only.

(doorbell rings) (door buzzes) Pretty, right? Yeah.

MAN: Get in there.

There you go.




No need to be shy.

We're all legal now.

I just need to see your medical card, and I will set you up with the right strain for whatever ails you.

You should get that.

No, it's it's all right.

It'll wait.

(chiming continues) No.

You need to get it now.

Uh (chuckles) What the hell is this? Please, Lloyd, please just do what they say.


Please, Lloyd, please just do what they say.


Don't, Lloyd.

Think of your family.

Why are you doing this? What do you want? Check your texts.

There should be instructions.

What about my family? When am I gonna see them? I don't know.

Soon, I hope.

Hey, what's going on? Everything all right there, Lloyd? Hey.

Hey, hold it right there! Stop! No! Wait, no! Please, Lloyd.

Please just do what they say.


Please, Lloyd.

Please just do what they say SIDLE: The wonders of technology, right? The threats and the demands both sent to the guy's cell phone.

So the kidnapping's legit? We checked on that? Yeah, cops confirmed.

Guy's wife never showed up to work.

Kids never made it to school.

Whoever sent the video and the text used the wife's phone.

We really got nothing to trace here.


So right now she's our only lead.

What do we know about her, David? At the moment, next to nothing.

She has no I.


, no car keys, no cell phone.

There's not a single thing to identify the body.

Did you run her prints? Yeah.

She doesn't have any.

What do you mean? She has no fingerprints.

Let me see.


SIDLE: Nick, this woman is our only connection to finding that mother and her kids, to getting them back.

STOKES: Well, that security guard only fired one shot.

Let's hope he didn't kill four people.

Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Please, Lloyd, please just do what they say.


Please, Lloyd, please just do what they say.


Why would she do this? Why would she take my family from me? My children? You told Detective Crawford that you'd never seen her before, that she'd never been in here.

What about your house? She and whoever she might be working with were probably watching you, studying your habits.

Did you see any strange cars on the street this morning? No.

Everything was normal.

Dina drops the kids off at school on her way to work.

I helped buckle them in the car.

Kissed them good-bye.

What if that's the last time I ever see them? What if they're gone? Mr.

Bryant, I know this is very difficult, but it doesn't do any good to think like that right now.

Right now let's just focus on getting your family back, okay? Yeah.

What do you think? I don't know, man, she's still a mystery, all the way down to her perfectly smooth fingertips.

I've never seen anything like it.

You got something there with the shoes? There is a foreign sticky substance on the soles.

I didn't see the source for it anywhere in the shop, so she could've picked it up on the way in.

Could tell us how she got here, where she came from.

You know what's bugging me? Hmm? The money.

Almost $300,000? I mean, why did he have that much cash on him? Yeah, yeah.

Hey, Crawford? CRAWFORD: Yeah? What's the deal with all this cash? These people never heard of banks? Yeah, banks, credit card companies-- they didn't want anything to do with the marijuana business.

They're afraid the funds could be seized as drug money.

But this is a legal dispensary.

Legal, according to the state.

The Feds-- they have different ideas.

So, these places are "cash only"? Yeah.

Well, it's no wonder this place was targeted.

I mean, between the money and all this product, there's got to be a million dollars here.

That explains the vault, the cameras, and that armed guard.

A lot of good that did.

Still couldn't protect what really matters.

FINLAY: Jared Briscoe, the Gig Harbor Killer, murdered seven women.

RUSSELL: You think the brothers were working together? FINLAY: I think they still are.

RUSSELL: You want me to resign? ECKLIE: No, I don't want you to resign.

If Briscoe and his brother really are the ones behind these murders, catch them.

Greg told me I'd find you here, lost in Gig Harbor.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I have no idea what I'm thinking.

I don't even know where to begin.

It's like Seattle all over again, just waiting for another body to drop.

I have an idea where we should start.

Winthrop claimed that he didn't know he had a twin brother until he saw him on the news.

We both know that's not true.

Yeah, but knowing something and proving it are two different things.

Yeah, so we need to prove that their paths did cross before the killing started.

How we gonna do that? We go back to the beginning, and then we follow the road from there.

Start with the adoption.


So, I couldn't find any adoption history for Winthrop, but Briscoe was-- as his brother said-- "consigned to the hell" of foster care.

And we do have records for those.

Yes, we do.

I'm not so sure that Ecklie's gonna give us the resources for this kind of fishing expedition.

Maybe he doesn't have to.

I have some vacation days coming up, and I would love to take a trip to Seattle and dig through some adoption records and court files.

You know I like to fish.

Patrol unit spotted it in response to the BOLO.

Belongs to Dina Bryant, dispensary owner's wife.

Well, this street's on the route from their house to the kids' preschool.

Kidnappers must've followed them from home.

Cops said they spoke to a woman who heard tires squealing.

She looked out, saw a van racing away.

A dark blue van? Yeah.

How did you know that? Looks like a fresh dent on the bumper here.

Some blue paint left behind.

(camera clicks) Must have been how they were taken.

Kidnapper bumped the back of the car.

Okay, stay right here.

I'll be right back, okay? (tires screech) BRODY: And then grabbed them when the mother pulls over to exchange insurance information.

No, please! My babies! STOKES: Hey.

I can't figure her out, Nick.

What do you mean? There's just nothing about her that fits.

This crime was well-planned.

Despite the fact that it went sideways, it was smart.

But watching her-- she has no idea what she's doing.

She's nervous, she's tense, hesitant.

She's way out of her element.

Well, I'm still trying to figure out how she even got there.

She didn't have any car keys, the cops checked the parking lot around the crime scene, didn't find a car that could've been hers, so she must have had a ride.

What's that? Oh, yeah.

This is the latest footage from a check-cashing place up the street from the dispensary.

It's kind of hard to see, but the dispensary should be right up there.

Yeah, but look.

That car, double parked.

Looks like a Mustang, black.

Then it suddenly takes off.

Check that time code.

That's just seconds after the security guard fired his gun.

That's got to be it.

That's the partner right there.

There's no way in hell to read the plates.


It's molasses.

What is? HODGES: The sticky substance on the bottom of her shoes-- it's molasses.

Blackstrap molasses to be specific.

Come on.

Who uses molasses these days? Interesting answer: marijuana growers.

For what? Molasses, it turns out, is a common soil additive to cultivating cannabis.

This lady was a grower? I don't buy that any more than I buy her as a kidnapper.

CRAWFORD: The woman-- who could she have been working with? Did you have any problems with anyone opening up your shop? Do you owe money? Do you deal with anyone who could be trouble? Are you kidding me? I'm in the a gray area at best.

My growers are technically outlaws.

My main competition are street dealers and-and delivery services who think I'm stealing their business.

It's the Wild West all over again.

Yeah, I understand that.

But was there anyone in particular? I don't know.

It could be anyone who has any idea how much cash involved.

What now? What am I supposed to do? We wait for the kidnappers to try to make contact with you again.

Now, we already have people-- police-- at your house.

They're setting up your phones.

We're gonna do the same thing here.

That's it? David said you were done.

You find anything? Not what you're looking for.

There are no surgical or cosmetic implants, nothing with a serial number we could trace.

Her identity is still a mystery.

Afraid so.

I can explain the absence of fingerprints, if it's any consolation.

She was on a drug called capecitabine.

One of its side effects is the shedding of fingerprints.

And what is the drug used for? It's given to recovering cancer patients.

She'd undergone surgery for colon cancer.

Successful surgery, it appears.

I thought it was interesting, given how she got here.

Her tox report.

She tested positive for THC.

She was a marijuana user.

Medicinal, probably, because of the cancer.

There was no evidence of heavier substances or intravenous drug use.

You know, maybe we're not beaten yet.

Her axillary lymph nodes are discolored.

I assumed it was due to melanoma, given her history.

But it could be something else.

Something else, like what? Well, let's find out.

Well, the node is easily enough removed.

(grunts softly) BRODY: That looks like ink.

It is.

Tattoo ink.

During the tattoo process, it's deposited in the dermis.

Microphages digest it, and then migrate into the closest lymph nodes.

But she doesn't have any tattoos.

She doesn't now, but she did at some point.

Why don't you hit the lights.

Even if it's been removed, we can still fin.

Why don't you turn her head there.

There you go.

It was laser removed, but there's no hiding from the ALS.

You know what? I've seen this tattoo before.

RUSSELL: Morgan said we had a lead on the dispensary case? Maybe.

Turns out, our mystery woman had a tattoo on her neck.

Ties her to a local gang set, the Bridge Rock Devils.

And those are all devils? I pulled arrest records on every female member arrested in the last ten years.

Wait a minute.

What about that? Could be.

That's her.

Seven years ago.

Allison Ball.

Current address? SANDERS: 1217 Crescent, Boulder City.

Clear! Bedroom's clear! Sorry, Stokes.

No sign of any hostages.

Place is all yours.

Okay, thank you, Captain.

"Teacher of the Year"? Yeah, something's not right.

Does this look like the home of a lady who would kidnap somebody to you? No.

Hey, Nick, her phone.

She got a video, too.

I'm sorry, Ally.

Please, just do what they say, or they're gonna kill me.

I'm sorry, Ally.

Who is he? I don't know, but there's pictures of him up all over the place.

Brother, maybe? Yeah, either that or a boyfriend.

She didn't go to that dispensary to rob the place.

She was trying to save him.

She's not the one we're after here.

And it looks like we have one more hostage to find.

I'm sorry, Ally.

Please, just do what they say, or they're gonna kill me.

I'm sorry, Ally.

Please STOKES: The young man tied up in that video is Allison Ball's little brother.

Stuart-- 24 years old, no criminal record.

Greg's at his apartment right now, checking him out.

Can we trace the phone that sent this? No, no.

Same as before.

The bad guys used the victim's phone.

Same with the text with the instructions on it.

Gave the address of the dispensary.

Told her to go there to be with the owner at 10:15 a.



"If either of you fail to follow instructions, your brother dies.

" Our dead teacher's just a pawn in all of this.

Bad guys who are using her to insulate themselves from the crime.

Well, yeah, that way they don't have to step one foot in that dispensary.

You know? They're never on camera.

It's ingenious.

Why these two? Why were the teacher and her brother chosen for this robbery? Must have just crossed paths with the kidnapper at some point.

Well, she's a teacher.

Maybe we're looking at a parent of one of her students.

She just went through a whole year of cancer treatments; it could be somebody associated with that.

Or could be the demon weed.

You know, Lloyd said that he'd never seen Allison before, that she wasn't a customer.

You think he could've been lying? You think he knew her? If we can prove a connection here, then maybe we're having another conversation with Lloyd.

The common denominator in all of this? Marijuana.

(sniffs) There was this guy, lived in my dorm in college.

Everybody used to call him Space Bob.

Your lab smells like his room.

That's not a compliment to either of you.

Yeah, it is pretty pungent in here.

Uh, especially the Skunkadelic.

Mmm, mm-hmm.

This is all from Lloyd's dispensary? All these strains? I don't mean to sound square, but is there really that big a difference, one from the other? Absolutely.

Each strain has its own unique level of, uh, countless cannabinoids and terpenoids, which gives pot its medicinal value.

Believe it or not, there is a legit medical basis for marijuana use.

Uh, granted, the names don't really help the credibility.

Yeah, well, that's true.


What else did you find out? Well, I'm using Near IR Spectrometry to analyze Lloyd's inventory.

Because of the varying cannabinoid levels of each strain, it produces its own unique wave form or spectrum.

Uh, fingerprint of sorts.


Well, which wave form is from our dead teacher's pot? It's is one here.

Unfortunately, it's not a match to any of Lloyd's stuff.

Allison Ball wasn't buying her marijuana from Lloyd's dispensary? Well, that makes me wonder where she was getting it from.

Well, there might be a way to find out.

There's a database being assembled in Connecticut, with help from the Feds.

They're cataloging marijuana by its actual DNA.

CODIS for cannabis? You know, if Henry can isolate a DNA profile for Allison Ball's marijuana, then we might get lucky and run it against the Feds' database.


What's all this? Allison Ball's life.

Her finances, her health, her job.

All the little lives that she touched.

Well, I, uh, just checked out her brother's apartment.

I'm thinking that he might be a little sketchy.

Oh, what do you mean? What'd you find? Well, it's more what I didn't find.

No evidence of employment.

No check stubs, no bank or tax statement.

Yet he lives in this nice place.

Has a big TV, gaming system and all that.

I don't know, maybe big sister was, uh, helping him out financially.

I-I don't know how.

I I mean, from what I've seen, it looks like her cancer pretty much obliterated her finances.

She basically had nothing left.

Except Wow.

This is weird.

Uh What? How do you think that happened? Hey, Russell, you got a sec? I do.

What do you got? Uh, bank statement for Allison Ball shows a $50,000-deposit made to her account just six weeks ago.

$50,000? From whom? No record.

It was all cash.

So how does a teacher who makes, what, 65K tops come across $50,000 cash? Maybe she wasn't just an innocent victim.

All right Uh, gentlemen? I've got something you might find interesting.

"Us-2-U Wellness.

" It's an online marijuana delivery service.

There are dozens that operate locally.

You can scroll through their various strains-- indicas, sativas, hybrids.

Point, click and the order's at your door in two hours.

And-and what does this have to do with our case? The Feds recently raided Us-2-U.

And the pot that they seized was entered into their burgeoning marijuana DNA database, where they found a match to the pot that you found in Allison's apartment.

So that's where she got her marijuana.

And the guy behind Us-2-U Calvin Reynolds.

Calvin Reynolds drives a black Mustang.

Nick and Sara said that they saw a black Mustang in front of the dispensary.

It took off after Allison was shot.

CRAWFORD: You seem to be running afoul of the law lately, Calvin.

What's up with that? You mean the Fed bust? That's crap.

My attorneys already filed to have the case dropped.

The Web site was back up and running in three days.

Medical marijuana use is legal in Nevada.

Pretty soon, recreational use will be, too.

You got a problem with that, that's too bad.

To be honest, I really don't care one way or another.

This isn't about marijuana for me.

You, uh You know this woman? That's Allison Ball.

Strange thing-- she had molasses on the soles of her shoes when she was shot dead this morning.

Well, molasses is used in the cultivation of cannabis, right? Yeah, sure.

Lot of the growers use it.

Do you? Hey, the only reason I'm asking is because we had a look inside of that black Mustang of yours and we found molasses spilled all on the carpet.

Now, in my mind, that puts Allison in your car and you, Calvin, in front of the dispensary when she was shot.

Hey, buddy I get the motive.

You know, you used to be the only game in town.

Now you have these dispensaries opening up.

I mean, they're stealing your business.

They're stealing your money.

Tell me, why her? Why would you rope a poor, innocent girl into your scheme? Nobody ever roped Ally into anything.

The fact is, she called me.

Oh, so she was the criminal mastermind behind all of this.

(chuckles) Is that it? Ally and me go way back.

We both grew up in Bridge Rock.

We were both Devils.

She got out.

Made a better life.

But she always called me when she needed me.

Like when the cancer came and the doctor suggested pot might help, she called me.

When her medical bills started piling up and the treatment became too expensive, she called me.

So you gave her money? $50,000.

And I'd do it again in a second, gladly, just just because of who she was.

So you helped her out from time to time.

How does that get us to today? She called me this morning.

She was panicked, said said somebody had grabbed up her brother.

And they had, uh, you know, given given her instructions on how to get him back.

But she was, uh she was scared.

She was she was too freaked out to do it alone.

So she called and she asked you to drive.

And I would've done the whole thing for her if I could.

When I realized she she wasn't coming back out, I (sighs) I just left.

She should've just let that bastard rot.

You're talking about her brother-- Stuart? Ally said he'd been running numbers for some bookie.

She thought that's who would be behind the kidnapping.

Okay, Calvin, do you know who he was working for? I need a name.

I need the name of the bookie.


No, Ally didn't know the name.

What's going on? Have you heard anything? No.

Not yet, Lloyd.

I'm sorry.

This doesn't make any sense! They should have called by now! They should have made contact! Why haven't they called?! Lloyd! Listen to me.

Whoever the kidnappers are, they are scrambling right now, trying to come up with a new plan.

We just have to wait.

For how long? I don't know.

But I know they're worth waiting for.

In the meantime maybe you can help me.

Have you seen this guy? His name is Stuart Ball; He's the brother of the woman that was shot in here this morning.

Do you know him? Has he been in here, maybe? No.

I don't recognize him.

Is he involved somehow? He's in business with some bad people.

That's all we know right now.

(phone ringing) Hold on, Lloyd, hold on.

Not yet.

(phone continues ringing) All right, I'm ready.

Go ahead, answer it.

Hello? No.

We're closed right now.

I don't know for how long.

I have to keep this line free.

(cell phone ringing) This is Keys.

You got him.

Where? Yeah.

You were just asking about Stuart Ball? Well, it sounds like our guys just found him.

(indistinct police radio chatter) SANDERS: Blue van.

BRODY: Just like the woman saw speeding away from the kidnapping.

(flies buzzing) It's just Stuart.

No sign of the mother or the kids.

Well, now we know whoever has them isn't afraid to kill.

Just talked to the van's owner; pretty much sure I ruined his Hawaiian vacation.

He's in Hawaii? So the van's stolen? Mm-hmm.

Well, the shot was at close range.

The shooter was in the van with the victim-- most likely in the passenger seat.

Although that's a good amount of high-velocity impact spatter up here.

Maybe a little luminol will tell a better story.

There's blood splatter all over the passenger seat.

Not all of it.

Look there, on the side of the seat.

There's a blood void.

From what? The shooter wasn't up front.

He was in back.

BRODY: He reached between the seats to fire.

His arm kept the blood from hitting that part of the seat.

It settled on his arm instead.

But what about the round? The shot was through-and-through.

Didn't break any windows.

It caught the A-pillar.

STOKES: According to Doc Robbins, Stuart Ball died between six and ten hours ago.

Six to ten-- that's shortly after the robbery went bad.


That can't help our chances of finding the mother and her kids alive.

Stuart Ball had served his purpose, right? Mother and the two kids could still be worth some money.

That might be reason to keep them alive.

Well, I hope you're right.

Hey, guys, I think we just caught a break with ballistics.

I got an IBIS hit off the bullet that killed Stuart Ball.

It matches a round that was fired five years ago in a fatal carjacking attempt.

Did they catch the carjacker? In a matter of speaking.

I guess the carjacker was the fatality.

The owner of the car shot him in self-defense.

So the gun belonged to the car owner-- tell me you got a name.

Remi Volero-- he's kind of a low-rent real estate mogul.

Mostly strip clubs and mini-malls.

But take a look at the rap sheet-- everything on it is related to bookmaking and racketeering.

Guy's a bookie.

Well, Stuart Ball was running numbers for a bookie.

What are the odds? It's got to be the same guy.

That your handiwork, Remi? That is not my handiwork.

I don't know what the hell that is.

You don't know him? Stuart Ball? 'Cause I'm pretty sure he worked for you.

I said I didn't know what that is.

I didn't say I didn't know who.

Yeah, Stuart worked for me running errands.

He worked for you running numbers and making collections as part of your illegal gambling operation.

You're not even gonna ask what happened to him? I can see what happened to him.

Someone capped him.

Yeah, somebody-- with your gun.

Did you forget, Remi? Your gun's in the system.

You used it five years ago to shoot a carjacker.

The thing is, it's not my gun anymore.

I gave it to Stuart a couple years back.

Where are they, Remi! Where's Dina Bryant and her children?! I don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah, you do.

You are underwater on a dozen real estate investments.

That dispensary was an easy mark.

All that cash just sitting there.

This isn't a conversation I'm interested in having.

I want my lawyer.

RUSSELL: It's awfully convenient he gave his gun to Stuart, don't you think? Crawford's willing to hold him for 48 hours, but I don't know if that's gonna help Dina Bryant and her kids.

You said that this Remi guy had a lot of real estate, right? At least 25 properties.

He could be using any of them or none of them.

We have the kidnap van.

The odds are pretty good that wherever the victims are, that van was there.

We keep working the van, figure out where it's been.


What do you mean he's gone? Well, yeah, but how does something like that happen? I'm on my way right now.

BRODY: Nick.

What's going on? Well, Lloyd has ducked out on the cops that were babysitting him; now nobody can find him.

The only reason he would have taken off is if the kidnappers contacted him.

He must have gone to pay the ransom.

Crawford's got a bead on his cell phone; we'll find him.

What's up? LLOYD: No, no, no.

What are you doing here? You can't be here! They said no cops! Who did? No, no! You have to go! If you're here, they won't bring my family.

Who's "they"? Did somebody contact you? Lloyd, where's the money? I dropped it off to them, like they said.

I gave them what they wanted.

Where? And how? Over at the tennis courts, across the park.

Gonna be long gone by now.

Well, please tell me you saw something.

I just want my family back.

But you didn't get them back! You gave the kidnappers their money.

And now they're not worth anything anymore.

STOKES: Well let's just hope you didn't get your whole family killed.

All right, I-I'll pass the word along.

See you when you're back.

That was Nick.

He said the ransom money is long gone and Lloyd, the shop owner, had no contact with whoever took it.

Okay, so where's that leave us? Remi Volero's lawyered up.

Right? So even if he knows where Dina Bryant and those kids are, he's not gonna say anything.

Any ideas? Well, I may have something.

It's gonna be vague though.

The, uh, kidnappers have been really smart at communicating.

They use the victims' phones to send the initial videos and texts.

And when they're not sending, they keep the phones turned off.

Making it impossible to locate, right.

They contacted Lloyd tonight with the ransom demands.

How did they do that? Well, they sent an e-mail using Stuart Ball's phone.

It was on for less than 20 seconds.

I've been going through the cell carrier's cached data to try and pinpoint which cell tower they pinged.

There you go.

Like I said, it's vague.

No, no, that's a good start.

Let's look real hard at this Remi Volero, see what we can link him to inside of that circle.

BRODY: Now, I know Nick is the expert, but this just looks like a common crane fly to me.

They're everywhere in Vegas.

I don't know how they're gonna help us pinpoint where the van has been.

You having better luck on your side? You mean, am I having any better luck with the bird excrement? It's not lost on me that, of all the trace that you pulled, you gave me the poop.

Interesting poop though.

Contains a poison called Meríasol.

Similar to hemlock.

So the birds ate the poison, but they didn't die? Meríasol is poisonous to humans, not to birds.

It comes from the berries they eat.

Where do the berries grow? Apparently, only in the rainforests.

Not in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Unless there is a rainforest in the middle of the Nevada desert.

The Mediterranean Casino has a rainforest garden.

I went there once, my hair went insane.

We just need to know if they have a Meríasol tree.

Put the Mediterranean on the map.

Why? It's not in the circle.

There were bird droppings on top of the van.

They contained a specific type of berry.

Far as I can tell, it only grows at the Mediterranean.

You think the birds were feeding there? Yeah, probably starlings.

According to the groundskeeper, those birds have been all over the berries.

Now, uh, put a circle around the casino, quarter-mile radius.

Apparently, starlings nest within a quarter mile of their food source.

That narrows the area way down.

Greg, zoom in a little more, just the wedge.

Volero owns something there, too, doesn't he? Right here, off Bennett.

He bought it six months ago.

It's an old produce warehouse.

Morgan's starlings.



CRAWFORD: It looks like a kidnapper's kit to me.


These are their phones.

This is definitely the place.

Hey, Nick, shh, shh.

(quiet creaking) Listen.

(creaking continues) Oh, my God! Mrs.

Bryant, calm down.

Are you okay? Where are you children? I don't know.

They're in some room somewhere.

What Come with us.

Stay close.


(TV playing quietly) Stay back.

Oh, my God, my babies! My babies! My babies.

Mommy! My babies.

Everything's okay now.

Okay? I'm here.

I'm here now.


(mouthing) Let me see you.

Oh, my God.

Hi, guys.



How are they doing? Uh, they seem okay, thank God.

Uh, I'm gonna show you a photo lineup.

I want you to tell me if any of these men were involved in the kidnapping.

I-I I can't.

I mean, I never saw a face.

They always had masks on.

That's okay, take a look anyway.

Maybe you've seen one of them in your neighborhood or around the kid's school or (sighs) Okay.

I No, I don't recognize any of these, I'm sorry.

They're here? They're okay? Yeah, yeah, they checked out just fine.

But I can't let you in there just yet.

Why? Well, they still have to be processed.

What do you mean? I have to see them.

I'm sorry, Lloyd, but Sara has to collect their clothes, give them a quick once-over.

You know, even the smallest detail can help us catch the guys who did this to you.

So just sit tight.


(whispers): Hi.

What's up? Haven't you already analyzed every single frame of those? Now I have more to work with.

All we had before were the five-second loops.

Now we have the phones that they were filmed on.

It's only another second or two, but there are heads and tails on each.

At the end of this one, the camera tilts up and catches just a piece of window.

And there's a reflection in it.

Maybe I can enhance it.

Looks like you're getting something.

I can see Oh, my God, Greg.

Last 24 hours must have been pretty trying for you.

Not at all what you expected when yesterday began, huh? God, no.

No, not in a million years could I have thought something like this could happen to us.

No, no, you thought it'd be quick and easy, didn't you? Probably over in less than an hour.

You and Stuart would have the money.

Couldn't have guessed that Stuart's sister was gonna be shot.

Right? I mean, you just thought she'd pick up the money, drop it off where you and Stuart told her to in the instructions.

(scoffs) That's-that's, uh This is crazy.

I (sighs) Mr.

Russell, you can't honestly think that I was involved somehow? I was a victim.

My children were victims.

Certainly looked that way in the video, I have to admit.

I mean, that was that was terrifying.

What was your plan if we hadn't found you in the warehouse? What-What were you gonna do? Were you gonna miraculously escape and then flag down a car, dial 911? You know, I-I don't need to listen to this Hey, you sit down.

Look, I have been through hell.

Okay? And I just I want to go home, and I want to be with my family.


Bryant, we know that you and Stuart filmed the video.

Just the two of you.

No kidnappers.

No Remi Volero.

You filmed each other.

I mean, that is you, isn't it? Uh Look, you you have to know that I didn't want to do any of this.

It was Stuart.


No, no, he-he forced me.

Stuart was just some young kid that you tricked into helping you.

No, he Stuart had a gun.

And he threatened to hurt us.

Well, he didn't have the gun when you shot him in the head though, did he? See, what you don't realize is that we found Stuart's blood on the sleeve of your sweater.


Bryant, we have all the evidence we need.

You're done.


Russell, you look the other way on this and half of what I have is yours.


Bryant, you have absolutely nothing I want.

Man, she's a piece of work.


She's not gonna say where the money is.

Well, she thinks it's gonna be waiting for her when she gets out.

Only, she's never getting out.

RUSSELL: I'm starting to wonder if something's changed.

Some ripple of inhumanity has built into this wave of cruelty and indifference.

Feel like we're being swallowed by this darkness.


That bad, huh? (chuckles) I'm a little moody today, I'll give you that.

I could use some good news, Jules.

I wish I had something for you.

But the, uh records clerk up here hasn't exactly been cooperative.

But I will get you Briscoe's foster care files.

Don't you worry.

I'm just gonna have to be a little bit more clever.

All right.

Do me a favor though.

Don't get into any trouble.

You have history up there.

I wouldn't dream of it.

Hey, hey, hey, I'm serious.

(phone chimes) You be careful.

All right, I'll call you as soon as I have something.

Take care of yourself.




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