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Les Experts
#15.01 : Castor et Pollux

Un crime a été commis dans un hangar. Lorsque les Experts arrivent sur place, la scène a déjà été analysée, les indices marqués, comme de vrais techniciens de scène de crime l'auraient fait. Russel et Finlay reconnaissent le mode opératoire du tueur de Gig Harbor, Jarred Briscoe, incarcéré pour le crime de sept femmes. Finlay passe la nuit avec Dan Shaw, un ancien policier de Seattle qui avait enquêté avec elle sur l'affaire du tueur de Gig Harbor. Entretemps, il est devenu détective privé et est venu à Las Vegas pour retrouver son associée, Kerri Torres, qui a disparu. Elle avait été engagée avec Dan Shaw par les parents d'une étudiante, elle aussi disparue. Il réussit à convaincre Finlay de le laisser collaborer à l'enquête sur le «nouveau» tueur de Gig Harbor. 


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The CSI Effect

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Castor et Pollux

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Écrit par : Christopher Barbour & Don McGill
Réalisé par : Alec Smight 

Avec : Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Paul Winthrop), Brooke Nevin (Maya), Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie) 

Guests :

  • Bryan Cuprill ..... Seattle Detective 
  • Paul James ..... Bob Warner 
  • Mark Valley ..... Daniel Shaw 
  • Rob Nagle ..... Mark Turner 
  • Jason Gerhardt ..... Anthony Hurst 

(filtered breathing) (sirens wailing) (trembling breaths) (rapid beeping)

CSI Finlay, I'm Sergeant Warner. Don't worry, we're gonna get you out of here. We're pretty good at this.
I'm gonna stick this through, and I want you to grab it, and aim it under your seat towards the bottom, okay? You're doing great.
Looks like C-4.

WARNER: Yeah, the detonator is wired to the vehicle's security system.

We can't break the windows; we can't open the doors.

But if we stop the clock, we stop the bomb.

Okay, we have 13 minutes.

Let's do this.

Hard drive's on its way.

WARNER (over radio): Copy that.

I got it.

FINLAY: Let me guess, the clock's connected to the car's computer.

We give it a new brain maybe I get to keep mine.

That's the plan.

Do me a favor, pop the hood.

(phone ringing) Russell.



I hope you understand you only have yourself to blame for what's happening right now.

Hold on a sec.

Who is this? I would think in the last three days I've made myself clear.

In fact, if you answer this simple question, you can save CSI Finlay's life.

Who am I? I'm not playing this game.

Wrong answer.

(line beeps) (rapid beeping) The clock's changed! It's down to one minute! Control, we got a problem.

You need to extract.


Extract? But, sir That's an order.

Go! You did everything that you could.

Go! RUSSELL: No, no, no, no.

Why are you pulling back? What the hell are you doing? You can't just leave her out there.

There's no time.

Do something else, man! She's gonna die! She's already dead.

(phone ringing) It's me.

Yes? Are you ready to be reasonable? One last chance.

CSI Finlay's life is in your hands.

Answer the question.

(rapid beeping continues) Who am I? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! (sirens wailing) (sighs) I feel like I'm back in high school.

You know, when we were working together in Seattle, I didn't think you were that into me.

I wasn't.

(both laugh) Detective Daniel Shaw is now Daniel Shaw, P.


How'd that happen? Well, you left the job.

I was fired, remember? Yeah, by your buddy Russell.

And now you're here in Las Vegas working with him, together.

There's got to be a story there.

You first.

What do you mean? Well, we just happen to run into each other in LVPD? What brings you to Vegas? Would you believe me if I said it was you? No.

You're not that good a liar.

(phone chimes) Man needs you.

Always has.

You're gonna need to get another ride back to the hotel.

(camera clicking) Hey, I don't think I was, uh running late.

You didn't have to process the whole crime scene yourself.

I would've helped.

Where's the body? Well, that's a good question.

(zipper closing) The body's been removed.

Yeah, problem is, I didn't process this.

Killer did.

I've seen this before.

We've seen this before.

In Seattle.

What are you guys talking about? Jared Briscoe, the Gig Harbor Killer.

He murdered seven women, all of them college students.

Last three victims, he took the bodies, left processed crime scenes for us to find.

His way of mocking us.

He was mocking me.

I was the one he wanted to laugh at.

But you got the last laugh, right? I mean, you caught him.


He's on death row.

Just lost his last appeal.

Scheduled to be executed next week.

STOKES: So, what? You think someone's decided to pick up where your boy left off? Yeah.

Yeah, I do.

MAN: You got yourselves the wrong man.

I mean, that's what you want me to say, right, so that you can beat a confession out of me? It's not gonna happen.

Because I am your man.

You got me.

Just like the newspapers say, I am the Gig Harbor Killer.

DETECTIVE: You sound proud of yourself, Jared.

JARED: Proud? Nah.

I just did what I do-- some things are just in your nature.

Does that include playing at being a CSI? Processing your own crime scenes? That was me just having a little fun with my friend, Mr.


DETECTIVE: Right down to stalking his daughter? How is Maya? DETECTIVE: Those last three girls you killed, where are their bodies? JARED: 'Cause the families want closure, right? But this ain't the movies.

And, trust me, they do not want to see them now.

But maybe someone else does.

(whispers): Is that what you want? Reliving the past? Unfortunately.

Well, unfortunately, I just got a call from the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Apparently, you're still loved up there, enough to pull strings to get Jared Briscoe transferred down here for an interview? I didn't mean to go around you, Conrad.

No, you didn't.

You just ran right over me.

You're pissed.

I'm sorry.

No, it's more than that-- I'm worried.

You're supposed to be the cool head around here.

That's why I hired you.

Conrad, I need to talk to Briscoe face-to-face so I can understand what's going on here in Vegas.

You mean a copycat.

Yeah, I do.

All right, D.


, look, I know what happened in Seattle.

I know Briscoe started to follow his exploits in the news, started to focus on you, the lead investigator, even to the point where he stalked Maya.

Yeah, and that was a mistake.

Well, don't make one of your own by opening up old wounds.

I already lost one friend to ghosts of the past; I don't need to lose another.

How is Jim? Ellie Brass is facing a fight.

I don't think either of them can win, but he says he's not gonna leave her.

Even if that means leaving us.

I need to do this.

(camera clicking) Wow.

Certainly lives up to billing.


I saw Finn outside; she said you could use a hand here.

I haven't had a chance to work any of the blood pools yet.

Oh, well, I'm on it.

You know, this guy really did our jobs for us.

He marked all the evidence.

Including the murder weapon, a fisherman's gaff.

You don't see that much.

Yeah, especially not in the desert.

Even dusted it for fingerprints.

Killer leave us one? (chuckles) No, ma'am.

You know, Finn's right-- based on the volume of blood and this arterial spray, our missing victim definitely died here.


Yeah? Digital recorder? Yeah, just like the ones we use.

Dusted it for prints, as well.

Hit "play.

" DIGITALLY ALTERED VOICE: I'm standing facing south.

Spatter indicates castoff consistent with blunt force trauma.

Murder weapon: a 28-inch fisherman's gaff.

(woman sobbing) (screaming) Turning back toward the center of the room, I follow the gravitational drops to the primary blood pool.

First blush, I'd say our killer played cat and mouse with his prey, until he finally gave her the hook, finishing her.

First blush, of course.

Whoever this is, they knew what they were doing.

I mean, if I didn't know any better, I would say it was one of us.

Or a cop.

Or a CSI.

But even we make mistakes, right? I can start getting this stuff back to the lab.

One thing left to do first.

My hearing may be compromised by twin ear infections, but I know you're there.

So, do you have an answer? (sighs) Forgive me, but some results are sufficiently disturbing to merit a second look.

Including running peptide mass fingerprinting.

Meaning you found proteins? In concentrations that corroborate your rather unsettling suspicions.

So the strings and markers were definitely made from human tissue.


And yes.

Has Henry run the DNA? Not yet.

Your samples are on deck.

Sara is having him expedite the analysis of the blood from the scene.

Did he get an I.


on our victim? DNA got a hit in CODIS to a Seattle college student, Emily Bartson, 19.

Reported missing five weeks ago.

FINLAY: Is this what you're waiting for? What's this? That is Emily Bartson's homicide report.

Missing college student.

Seattle P.


says that her parents hired a P.


to help find her.

Ring a bell? I didn't know Emily Bartson was dead.

Truth is, I didn't even think she was in Vegas.

Then why are you here? My partner.

Keri Torres.

Oh, I know Keri.

She worked Homicide.

Yeah, we left Seattle P.


together, started up an agency.

Emily's parents hired us.

Keri came down here to check out a lead.

I've been having a hard time getting ahold of her.

She's not answering her phone, so I got worried.

So you're here looking for Keri? Look, I'm not sitting here waiting for homicide reports for girls I didn't even know were dead.

Then what are you waiting for? CCTV footage off-Strip.

Last place I know where Keri was.

I already slipped a C-note to one of your dispatchers.

I was thinking maybe you could help.

(scoffs) You want me to help you? After you lied to me? You weren't even that great in the car.

There's something in it for both of us.

We're obviously working on the same case now, right? Are you sure that's even Keri? SHAW: It's got to be.

I trapped her credit card; her last charge was at this coffee shop.

Can you get us a better look? FINLAY: Can't make out the faces.

And the guy she's meeting with has his back to us, so You have no idea who he might be? Keri interviewed Emily Bartson's roommate.

She said she had a weekend lined up with a client in Vegas.

Keri was trying to track the guy down.

A client? Emily dabbled in the sex trade.

She worked occasionally as an escort.

Maybe this is the client, but whoever he is, this video isn't giving us anything.

Wait a second.

Look at that.

Look how he's nervously running his hands along the edge of the table, gripping the underside.

Doesn't show his face, but maybe he left something of himself behind.

Waiters like to wipe down the top of a table, but not the underside.

It's a long shot.

But this is Vegas.


How's it going? Well, I won't be visiting Nell's Street Coffee House anytime soon.

That bad, huh? But it looks like you were able to pull some prints off of this.

(beeping) Yeah, and a hit on AFIS, too.

Jared Briscoe? That's the Gig Harbor Killer.

That's impossible.

Briscoe's been in prison for the last five years.

And I've heard of copycat killers, but never carbon copycat.

Check out which digit is a match.

He's giving us the finger.


(door creaks) RUSSELL: This is Russell.

I need backup and a forensics support team.

West Puget Drive.

Slip 37.

I just (creaking) I just found the Gig Harbor Killer.


I'm not sure who's been dreaming of this moment more.

Me or you.

Show me your hands.

This is a surprise.

In the newspaper, the reporter said you traded your gun for a microscope.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

Show me your hands! Okay.

(gunshot) (gunshots) What are you waiting for? Really? All this trouble just to say good-bye? Mmm.

Crime scene.

Need a little help on a case? You know, I'm pretty good at forensics.

Yeah, apparently so is someone else.

Someone who seems inspired by your work.

You know anything about that, Jared? Can't say that I do.

Victim's name is Emily Bartson.

College student.

(inhales sharply) Sexy.

(chuckles) She sell herself on the side? Her body's missing, Jared.

Just like the private investigator who went looking for her.

And she was last seen outside a coffeehouse where we found your fingerprint.

From your middle finger.

That's rude.

But so's this.

Lost it last year.

Prison fight.

Guy bit it off.

I think he swallowed it, 'cause all I know is I didn't get it back.

But then (chuckles) I'm not really gonna need it, am I? You've had four appeals.

Lost every one of them, right? You think we're gonna offer you a deal? You help us catch the copycat, we're gonna let you go? I have nothing to do with this.

The last thing I would do is share my legacy.

I'm the Gig Harbor Killer.

You know, I have a lot of fans.

Books about me, documentaries.

My point is maybe that guy didn't swallow my finger.

Maybe he sold it to a very sick person.

All work and no play makes Nick a dull boy.

(chuckles) It's a gaff, not an Axe, Kubrick.

Good point.

Good movie.

Looks like Ecklie's purchase of a 3D mapping system is paying off.

Yes, it is.

So much, in fact, that it's pointed out something that's just not adding up for me.

What's that? Well, I reconstructed the killer's movements based on the blood at the scene.

Everything's consistent, except for castoff patterns on the ceiling and on the floor to the south there.

They just don't match up with the murder at all.

You think that blood was planted? Yes, I do.

And the fact that he strung it tells me it must mean something.

How so? Well, Russell mentioned that the Gig Harbor Killer used to get off on-on taunting them.

Yeah, I heard at the last scene, he scrawled Russell's daughter's name on the walls and ceiling.

I didn't know that.

After Russell left the, uh, "processed" crime scene, he called Seattle P.


and requested a protective detail for Maya and her family.

(exhales) Well, if we're looking at a copycat killer here, then he may be leaving some messages of his own.


Any word on Keri? No.

No, not yet.

See you got your visitor's badge validated for another day.

Does that go with the hundred dollars you gave Dispatch? Along with coffee privileges.

Oh, help yourself.

You know, I didn't think that we got off on the wrong foot.

Sex does not buy you a free pass.

You lied to me.

Sin of omission.

Besides, you lied to me, too.

Prison visitor logs, Washington State.

You didn't tell me that the guy Keri met at that coffee house might be a killer.

More than that-- Gig Harbor copycat.

Sin of omission.

Look, we all worked the Gig Harbor case.

You, Russell, me.

Even Keri.

If you let me in, I can help.

Keri's my partner.

I need to help.

So can we get back on the right foot? We can try.

Uh, P.


found Keri Torres's car.

Sara's processing it now.

Talk about clean.


Um, I'm sorry, have you two met? Oh, yeah, we have.

Yeah, P.


Shaw is the one who's been drinking all our coffee, and "clean" is an understatement.

The car was washed and detailed.

No prints, no trace.

There's not a speck of dust.


Even the inside? Yeah, I fumed-- not a single print.

But you do need to see this.


What the hell? FINLAY: Looks like high velocity spatter.

SIDLE: Yeah, that's what I thought at first, too.

But there's no other blood event in the car, and the pattern doesn't make any sense.

It's like someone placed the blood drops deliberately.

So why go to all that trouble? I don't know the answer to that yet, but I do think it had something to do with the Gig Harbor Killer.

Why do you think that? Because Keri Torres thought it before me.

Whoever wanted us to find the blood wanted us to find these, too.

This is Keri's notebook.

And case files.

They were all in the trunk.

You know, we were all thinking that Keri was here investigating the death of Emily Bartson, but most of these files are related to the Gig Harbor Killer.

Well, like you said, she did work that case.

According to this, she's finding similarities between the Gig Harbor victims and Emily Bartson.

She does fit the profile-- blonde, college student, part-time escort.

Seems like Keri was already onto the idea of a Gig Harbor copycat.

And we know she was on the trail of a client here in Vegas who hired Emily for the weekend.

A client who may be the murderer, not only of Emily Bartson, but also Keri.

Did you find something? Keri scribbled in an appointment.

"Monday, 2:30 p.


, Nell's Street Coffee House.

" FINLAY: Last time she was seen alive.

Meeting our mystery man on that video.

Who now has a name.

FINLAY: Mark Turner.

You know who he is? Yeah, thanks to Washington State prison logs.

He's a local guy who just happened to have visited Jared Briscoe five or six times in the past year.

I'm sorry, you can't just walk in here.

This badge says that I can.

TURNER: This offer has to go out tonight.

No one goes home until this is done.

You lost? Mark Turner? That's right.


We need to ask you some questions.

Leave us.

What's this about? It's about Emily Bartson.

Never heard of her.

What about Keri Torres? Who? You met her at Nell's Street Coffee House on Monday.

That isn't me.

I was in D.


on Monday.

Can you prove that? Certainly can.

As general counsel for Winthrop International, my travels are carefully documented.

Same as your visits to the Washington State prison.

Unless you're gonna tell us that you don't know who Jared Briscoe is, either.

I am acquainted with Mr.


However, my dealings with him are privileged information.

Privileged how? If you must know, I have been enlisted to defend a man who has been wrongfully imprisoned.

Wrongfully imprisoned? Says who? MAN: Says me.

I know how you feel.

The same way I felt when I first discovered my brother on the news.

A serial killer, a sadist, sentenced to death, they said.

I didn't know him, yet the face I saw was mine.

So you and Jared Briscoe We were adopted at birth.

And raised in different worlds.

We never knew of each other.

Never met.

We still haven't.

The support I've been lending Jared is anonymous, carried out through my emissary, Mr.


I don't believe this.


Winthrop, why don't you let me Give us the room, please.

I apologize for my rudeness.

We haven't met either.

I'm Paul Winthrop.

And you are? We're investigating the murder of a college student, Emily Bartson.

And the disappearance of an investigator sent to find her, my partner, Keri Torres.

And you think my general counsel, Mr.

Turner, is somehow involved? The evidence suggests he was the last person to see her alive.

Whatever your evidence is, I can vouch for Mr.

Turner's character.

He wouldn't harm anyone.

What about you? Maybe that's you in the photograph.

It's happening again, isn't it? Dead co-eds, missing women, the police searching in the wrong places, accusing the innocent.

Jared Briscoe is not innocent.

Jared is a victim.

First of fate.

Two boys abandoned-- one finds a loving home, the other is consigned to hell in foster care.

But Jared is not the depraved killer you say he is.

Your brother confessed to the murder of seven women.

And it is that confession alone that keeps him on death row.

As Jared's twin, I was prepared to submit my DNA.

But then I was told that my DNA wouldn't help because, to my surprise, Jared was not convicted on DNA.

In fact, I was told that the killer's DNA was never found.

We didn't need it.

There was plenty of evidence on Jared's boat.

Circumstantial evidence.

Of my brother's weak-minded obsession with the exploits of a serial killer.

FINLAY: Not to mention the serial stalking of the lead investigator's daughter.

Maya Russell, yes, I know.

I saw her photo in the newspaper-- beautiful.

Whatever you believe, Mr.

Winthrop, your brother was convicted by a jury.

Four appeals have failed to change that.

Mere proof that the system protects itself.

Because you wouldn't be here if the real killer weren't still out there.

Well, maybe you're right.

Or half right.

Or maybe it's you, Ms.

Finlay, who needs to be right.

We both know why.

(gunshot) (men grunting) What are you waiting for? I got your back.

(sirens wailing in distance) FINLAY: In five years, I have never doubted for one minute that you and I made the right call in Seattle, okay? Except for letting that bastard live.

I hope you're not planning to share that sentiment with anyone.

But being in that room with Winthrop-- D.


, we missed something.

Briscoe had a partner.

You think the brothers were working together.

I think they still are.

Okay, look, guys, I'll admit the situation is highly unusual.

But Paul Winthrop has an unblemished record.

Man was a pillar of the community in San Diego, where he built a real estate empire.

Same's true in Vegas since he moved here last year.

Take advantage of the soft real estate.


I read that article, Conrad.

I just have a different point of view.

Okay? I say that Winthrop moved here because you and I are here.

And he's got a plan to spring his brother, so that they can go on another spree, to mock us.

I already warned one person in this room about making this personal.

And given history, I'm giving you the same warning.

For all we know, Winthrop is on the level.

And the murder of Emily Bartson, here in Las Vegas, with the same M.


? ECKLIE: Could be a copycat, or maybe you didn't get the right guy and Jared Briscoe is just what his brother says he is: a deluded patsy who took the fall for the real killer.

You're being awfully quiet.

I'm thinking.

I have to say, being in the room with Briscoe, this time was different.

You know, maybe it was me.

Maybe five years has given me some perspective.

Obviously, he believes that he's the Gig Harbor Killer, and it's the only thing that gives his unremarkable life any meaning at this point, but So you're telling me that you think he's innocent? No, I'm not saying that.

I'm saying that maybe-- just maybe-- he wasn't the mastermind.

We're saying (knocking) Sorry, I don't want to interrupt, but Henry ran DNA on the evidence markers and the trajectory strings that the killer fashioned out of human tissue.

Results are back.

DNA is a match to Belinda Forster, Nicole Davis and Grace Duncamp.

Those are the Gig Harbor Killer's last three victims in Seattle.

The three women we never found.


So you probably already heard by now, The Shining has nothing on our current case when it comes to twins.

Yeah, I did hear that.

Well, in light of recent events, I think I may have found something.

That is, unless I'm crazy.

So, Sara found this blood pattern in the headliner of Keri Torres's car.

What, do you think it's a message? Well, I kept looking at it and thinking that I've seen this before.

Huh? That pattern is a constellation.


The twins.

You think I'm crazy? No crazier than I am, because I think I tripped over the same thing.

Well, you remember those castoff patterns I said didn't make any sense? Yeah, but were still strung by the killer.


Watch the monitor.

Keep your eye on the green strings, okay? Gemini.

Well, I may have found something even more than that.

The, uh, warehouse where our killer left us the processed crime scene used to house a building and supply company called Castor Novelties, Inc.

Castor? As in Castor and Pollux? Yeah.

And the same company used to own a chemical plant, Pollux Petroleum, off Highway 178.

I found the address in Keri Torres's notebook.

It looked like she was planning a visit there.

All right, I'll get over there and look into it.

Son of a bitch.

I know.

Just when you think this guy couldn't outdo his last one, he goes and does something like this.

Full-on mass grave excavation complete with strings and markers.

Crazy fool even set up a field morgue this time.

I need to see the bodies.

STOKES: He laid them all out just like a doctor would.

Female and mummified, so we're definitely not looking at Emily Bartson or Keri Torres here.


They've been buried too long for that.

And not even in this ground.

I mean, you can eyeball it and see that soil trace is nothing like desert caliche.

Yeah, the whole excavation has been staged, just like everything else.

Yes, sir.

"Rainier Valley College.

" Class ring.

Nicole Davis went there.

Okay, well, Super Dave and the doc are en route as we speak.

We'll collect some DNA I don't need DNA to tell me who they are.

I know these girls.

(camera clicking) Find anything, Doc? Well, based on preliminary observation, all the victims exhibit blunt force trauma to the head and multiple sharp force injuries to the torso.

Beaten and stabbed, just like all the others.

Well, the type of weapon is consistent with a fisherman's gaff.

He also performed his own Y-incision.

Seems to have removed the organs.

That's what he used to make the trajectory strings and the markers.

Five years, we found nothing.

Families had to go without answers.

So now he just gives them back just like that.

So what do you think it means? Maybe he's telling us he's closing the book on Seattle and opening it on Vegas.

So, I collected DNA to confirm I.


, but I think I may have found something else.

One of the victim's nails suggests that she may have fought her attacker.

Did she get a piece of him? Oh, yeah.

Big piece.

She bit him, too.

I found skin and hair between her teeth.

ROBBINS: Five years, so he probably assumed the evidence wouldn't survive.

Well, let's hope he's wrong.

David, why don't you get that over to Nick.

He can run the sample through RapidHit.




I heard they found bodies.

Yeah, not Keri, not Emily Bartson.

Bodies were the last three victims of the Gig Harbor Killer.

You got to be kidding me.

I know.

Who knew that psychopath Briscoe had a twin.


Who may be even more of a psychopath.

Trick will be proving it.

I think we bring in Winthrop and we lean on him.

Yeah, that's where I'm going right now.

Not without me.


Can't come with me on this one.

You're out of your jurisdiction.

Finn, come on.

When have you ever known me not to be able to take care of myself? (car alarm chirps) (rapid beeping) (beeping) Hi.

Confirmed I.


on the victims.

Yeah, what about David's samples? Yeah, running it right now.

You know, Briscoe's brother was so willing to give up his DNA.

I wonder how eager he's gonna be after this result.

Forget reasonable doubt.

Yeah, I say we get two for one.

(computer beeping) What? What do you got? Ah, damn it.

All right, all right.

(phone ringing) Take those samples back to the lab.

Have Henry rerun them, will you? Yeah.


When? (tires screech) (sirens wailing) How long? (phone ringing) Russell.



I hope you understand, you only have yourself to blame for what's happening right now.

Hold on a second.

Who is this? I would think in the last three days, I've made myself clear.

In fact, if you answer this simple question, you can save CSI Finlay's life.

Who am I? No, I'm not playing this game.

Wrong answer.

(line beeps) (rapid beeping) Clock's changed! It's down to one minute! Control, we got a problem.

HURST: You need to extract.


Extract? Sir That's an order! Whoa, whoa.

What the hell are you doing?! You can't just leave her out there.

HURST: There's no time.

Do something else, man.

She's gonna die.

She's already dead.

(phone ringing) It's me.


DIGITALLY ALTERED VOICE: Are you ready to be reasonable? One last chance.

CSI Finlay's life is in your hands.

Answer the question.

Who am I? All right, all right, I'll give you what you want.

Yes, I know who you are.

You're the Gig Harbor Killer.

(rapid beeping) That wasn't so hard, now, was it? (rapid beeping) (gasps) We're clear! Go get her! Now! Now! Go! (officers shouting) It's all right.

Come on.

You're gonna be all right.

ECKLIE: You do know what this is going to do to your career? Yeah, what choice did I have, Conrad? You want me to let Finlay just die? That's not what I'm talking about.

Jared Briscoe's defense has already filed a writ of habeas corpus.

They're going to haul you into court I know that.

I know.

They're gonna rehash everything that happened in Seattle.

They're gonna say that I went after Briscoe 'cause he went after my daughter.

That I built the entire case on circumstantial evidence.

I know all that.

That's right.

They're gonna question your motives there.

They'll question your motives here.

Yeah, just like you did.

Not to mention this new DNA evidence.

Yeah, which didn't come back to Briscoe or his twin, but to an unknown male, who probably is the real killer.


Maybe not.

You still think the twins are behind this? Yes, I do.

So, what-- the DNA was planted, another part of the game? Catch me if you can? Yeah, that's right.

And if they're not? If the DNA is right, and you put the wrong man-- an innocent man-- on death row? Then I will find the right man, Conrad, and I will just have to live with the rest of it.

You're not the only one who'll have to live with it, D.B.

This lab will.

You want me to resign? No.

I don't want you to resign.

I want you to fix this.

If Briscoe and his brother really are the ones behind these murders catch 'em.

(whispering): Do you know whose crime scene this is? It's yours.


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