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Les Experts
#420 : À bout de course

Lors d'une compétion organisée par les Services de Police de Las Vegas, Grissom, lui-même participant, découvre le corps inanimé d'un des coureurs à un endroit du parcours. L'enquête, qu'il se voit confiée, se révèle très compliquée à mener dans la mesure où la plupart des suspects sont des policiers ripoux. Pendant ce temps, Sara et Warrick tentent d'élucider le suicide apparent de deux policiers, retrouvés mort dans une chambre d'hôtel or les preuves retrouvées sur place indiquent qu'il s'agirait plutôt d'un double homicide. 


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Titre VO
Dead Ringer

Titre VF
À bout de course

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

Plus de détails

Écrit par : Elizabeth Devine
Réalisé par : Kenneth Fink 

Avec : Alex Carter (Det. Vartan), Wallace Langham (Hodges), Romy Rosemont (Jacqui Franco), David Berman (David Phillips) 

Guests :

  • Brian D. Johnson ..... Manny Santana 
  • Leslie Bega ..... Leah Banks 
  • Steven Culp ..... Larry Mendez 
  • Jennifer Gatti ..... Patricia Fielding 
  • Tom Parker ..... Rick Adams 
  • Tina Holmes ..... Wendy Senteno 
  • Chris Coppola ..... Clyde Grimes 
  • Dash Mihok ..... Steve Webster 
  • Kim Rhodes ..... Lydia Lopez 
  • Neil Giuntoli ..... Vincent Drake 
  • Shawn Doyle ..... Archie Lopez 
  • Chad Williams ..... Tim Coleman 



(Open on a dark screen.)

(Off in the distance, we make out the horizon.  Just beyond that is the faint impression of lights approaching in the distance.)

(The lights arrive.  They bounce up and down in the night.  More lights appear showing us a group of people far off in the distance carrying flashlights and running.)  

(From up above, a search light from a flying helicopter appears to be shining down on the approaching group of people.  As the people get closer, we see added red and blue lights in the background from police officer cars slowly following them.)  

(Leading the way are two police officers on motor bikes.  Following the motorbikes is the group of runners.)  

(They get closer to the camera, we see that they are Desert runners out on a competitive run.  The first wave of runners pass the camera.  The middle of the group approaches.  Taking up the rear are eight police cars.  The last plane car carries a sign on its roof:  THE LAW ENFORCEMENT DESERT RELAY.)  

(It's a healthy group of people running a relay.  The approaching group heads toward the second group, in the runners grips are their batons.)  

(In this current group, SARA holds the baton as she runs.)  

(One by one, runners hand off their baton to the next runner up on deck.)  

(SARA hands off to NICK, #88.  He grabs the baton and takes off.  SARA finishes her leg of the race and catches GREG in a hug as she comes to a stop.)  

(NICK takes off.  Several dissolves shows him running, grabbing a water bottle off the water stand for hydration and continuing his run.)  

(Dissolve to:  WARRICK runs the next leg.) 

(Dissolve to:  An overhead shot of the race as it continues.)  

(The opening music fades and the sounds of the helicopter flying overhead takes over.)

(Dissolve to:  CATHERINE runs the next leg of the race to sounds of Vangeliss' "Chariots of Fire".  She glances over at GRISSOM driving the car next to her.)

CATHERINE:  (irritated)  What the hell kind of music is that?

GRISSOM:  Inspiration.

CATHERINE:  Sedative.


(He changes the radio station and a country song plays.)

 Sitting single / drinking double ...

GRISSOM:  How's this?

CATHERINE:  How about something that doesn't twang?

(He changes the station once more.)

 I said are you gonna be my girl?


(Rock music plays and CATHERINE continues to run.  Off in the distance, a flashing red light catches GRISSOM'S attention.)

  one, two, three, take my hand and come with me / because you look so fine / that I really wanna make you mine / I say you look so fine...

(CATHERINE continues to run straight ahead as GRISSOM turns the car and makes his way toward the flashing red light.  CATHERINE stops)  

CATHERINE:  (shouts)  Hey, Grissom!

(GRISSOM takes off.)

CATHERINE:  Grissom!

(CATHERINE stops running and watches as GRISSOM speeds off and away, a cloud of dust in his wake.)

(CATHERINE sighs and takes off after him.)

CATHERINE:  Grissom!

(Cut to:  GRISSOM stands just outside his parked car.  He shines his flashlight down on the ground in front of his feet looking at something.)

CATHERINE:  (panting)  Gris-s-som!

(She falls against the park car, pissed more than ever at him.)

CATHERINE:  God!  What, are you taking a leak?  

(She limps over to him, still not seeing what he's looking at.)

CATHERINE:  (angry)  The follow car is supposed to stay with the runner.  We've been training for months, man.  Twenty CSIs.  A hundred twenty miles.

GRISSOM:  Don't blame me.  Blame him.

(He points to the dead body in front of him.)

GRISSOM:  I saw his flasher from the road.

(CATHERINE immediately goes into work mode.)

CATHERINE:  Good call.

GRISSOM:  Fresh cut on his forehead.  But the corneas usually take days to gloss over.

CATHERINE:  Weird.  The race just started.  

(They both kneel next to the body.  CATHERINE reads the badge patch on the dead runner's jacket.)  

CATHERINE:  L.A. County PD.  Special Enforcement Squad.  Badass.  Hardcore badass.  Give me some more light here.

(GRISSOM shines the flashlight on the dead body's knuckles.)

CATHERINE:  That looks like a recent injury.  There's no scab.  Fight?

GRISSOM:  Maybe.

CATHERINE:  Would you give me your phone?

(GRISSOM hands CATHERINE his cell phone.  She makes a call.)

CATHERINE:  (to phone)  Uh ... Uh, this is CSI Willows.  

(GRISSOM notes the dead body's runner's number plate, 3.)

CATHERINE:  (to phone)  I'm at highway 160, halfway through leg 16 of the Desert Relay.  We got a 419, officer down.  Notify Captain Brass.

(GRISSOM sees a fiber just barely latched onto the dead body's outfit and flapping in the wind.  GRISSOM grabs it and looks at it in his flashlight.  She hangs up.)

CATHERINE:  Barehanded, huh?

GRISSOM:  Well, collect it or lose it.  Ten years ago nobody would've known the difference.

CATHERINE:  Ten years ago we wouldn't have been able to get DNA off that fiber.

GRISSOM:  I'll find something in the car to bindle it.

CATHERINE:  Time of discovery: 4:32.  I'll put it in the report.

(CATHERINE exhales.)

CATHERINE:  So much for the race.

GRISSOM:  Well, at least we didn't come in last.





(The wind blows the sand away from a shoe print as CATHERINE tries to take a picture of it.  DAVID PHILLIPS is with the body logging in the necessary information.)  

(Down below on the main road, runners continue to pass by.)  

(GREG stands nearby as he draws the crime scene noting the "power tower", the "clearing" and the distance from the road (69'-3").)

(On the side, BRASS talks with DET. VARTAN.)

(CATHERINE tries to snap the photo of the shoe print.  She lifts the camera, looks at the print, puts the camera down and sighs.  GRISSOM is looking at something on the ground nearby.)

CATHERINE:  So much for that shoe print.

(GRISSOM notes the red stain on the underside of a rock.)

GRISSOM:  This could be blood on this rock.

(GRISSOM reaches for a bag.)

CATHERINE:  How many cops are in town this weekend?

GRISSOM:  Twenty thousand.  And the road is closed to civilians.

CATHERINE:  Spring break with a badge.  (GRISSOM bags the rock.)  Well, this ought to be fun.  Every suspect's in law enforcement.

(Meanwhile, DAVID PHILLIPS finds a receipt in the dead body's pants pocket.  He tucks it in a plastic bag.  GREG continues drawing the scene.  Next to them is LT. MENDEZ.  He stands over them watching them processes the crime scene.)

DAVID PHILLIPS:  So, how was your run?

GREG:  I'm still alive.

DAVID PHILLIPS:  That's everything.

(DAVID PHILLIPS hands the bag of contents to GREG.  GREG takes the bag and looks at the receipt for a $300.00 ATM withdrawal on 04/27/04 from:


GREG:  ATM receipt.  No card, no cash?

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Well, he was in a race.

GREG:  Maybe someone took his wallet.

(BRASS talks with LT. MENDEZ.)

BRASS:  So, Lieutenant Mendez, tell me about your teammate.

MENDEZ:  Tim Coleman.  Newest boot.  Two months in.  Came right out of patrol.  Best cop at Carson Station.

BRASS:  Well, I mean, he's got to be in shape.  I heard your training's as tough as SWAT.

MENDEZ:  SWAT's LAPD.  We're S-E-S. We're better.  Better conditioned, better prepared.  (He points to GRISSOM & his team working the crime scene.)  Those the best you got?

BRASS:  Yeah.  Yeah.  You got lucky.

MENDEZ:  (helpfully offers)  Well, if they're not, I'll fly mine in.

(BRASS chuckles.)

BRASS:  Let me put it to you this way, I'd want them investigating my murder.




(DR. ROBBINS goes over his preliminary findings with GRISSOM as they both stand around the body on the table.)  

ROBBINS:  Other than the fact that he's deceased, this guy is in excellent physical condition.

GRISSOM:  (points)  Except for that head wound.

ROBBINS:  Eh, superficial.  Could be from a fall.  Your bloody rock may be incidental.

GRISSOM:  (points)  What about the bloody knuckles?

ROBBINS:  Injury on the back of his hand.  Maybe an altercation of some sort.

GRISSOM:  So cause of death?

ROBBINS:  No cerebral issues.  No primary indicators.

GRISSOM:  We go to the fallback position.

ROBBINS:  Cardiac arrest.

GRISSOM:  This guy was 25 years old.

ROBBINS:  Didn't say I was finished.  Clouded corneas tipped me off.  Look at the liver.  (He hands the metal dish with the organ inside to GRISSOM.  Camera zooms in for a close up.)  His serosal surfaces are unusually dry.  His urine was minimal and dark brown.

GRISSOM:  Dehydration.

ROBBINS:  Well, the race isn't the only reason these guys come to town.  It's a good party.

GRISSOM:  Too much running, too much partying?

ROBBINS:  L.A. S-E-S.  They go all out.

GRISSOM:  Work hard, play hard, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.

(Camera holds on the body on the table.)



(GRISSOM enters the hallway looking through a file folder.)

CATHERINE:  Grissom.  

(CATHERINE joins him and they continue walking down the hall.)

CATHERINE:  Tox came in.  Tim Coleman had 75 mics per mil of furosemide in his system.

GRISSOM:  Blood pressure medication?  There's no history of that in his medical records.

CATHERINE:  And it was a high dose, but not a lethal one.

(They walk into GRISSOM'S office.)


(GRISSOM leans back against his desk.)

GRISSOM:  But it is a diuretic.  Could explain the dehydration.

CATHERINE:  And the drug can also cause muscle cramps, ...

(Quick flash to:  [EXT. DESERT - NIGHT]  A lone runner is confused and running in the desert.)

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)  ... dizziness, confusion, blurred vision, restlessness.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  That could explain how Tim Coleman ended up where he did.

GRISSOM:  How'd the furosemide get in his system in the first place?

(CATHERINE shrugs.)


[EXT. - DAY]

ANNOUNCER:  (over P.A.)  Listen up, people.  ... Are one hour out and the
party's raging here at the finish line.


WILL WARSHALL:  Too bad you guys bet on the wrong horse.

(MENDEZ throws his drink to the side, offended.)

MENDEZ:  Maybe you forgot.  One of our own died out there in the dirt.

WILL WARSHALL:  Yeah, I'll drink to his memory.  You want to make the toast?

CATHERINE:  Am I interrupting something?


WILL WARSHALL:  Later, Pogue.

(WILL WARSHALL walks away.  CATHERINE nods toward the bags.)

CATHERINE:  Um, are those bags brought in from the race?

MENDEZ:  Yeah.

CATHERINE:  I'm going to need Tim Coleman's.

MENDEZ:  Sure.  On the job, we come across a scene like this, we call them a
bunch of degenerates.  We'd be rounding half these guys up.  I am not going to
miss this.

(He takes a drink out of his beer bottle.)

CATHERINE:  You're not going to miss the competition?

MENDEZ:  I just made lieutenant.  I got nothing to prove anymore.

CATHERINE:  A man with nothing to prove.  Now that would be a first.



(NICK is walking through the hallway when GREG catches up with him.)

GREG:  Got a second?

NICK:  Sure, what's up?

GREG:  On a hunch, I ran a bank trace on Tim Coleman.  I got a hit.  A three
hundred dollar withdrawal on his ATM card, 4:06 A.M. today.

NICK:  That's about nine hours after he died.  Good hunch, Greg-o.

(GREG stops walking; NICK continues down the hallway.)

GREG:  Thanks.  (beat)  I also got surveillance video from the bank.

(NICK stops in his tracks.)



(GREG shows NICK the video of ATM #94286 from Holyfield/Maryland Pkwy at 4:06

GREG:  This ATM's on the corner of Holyfield and Maryland parkway.  Since that's
definitely not Tim Coleman, maybe it's our killer.

NICK:  Or at least, a thief.

GREG:  Well, all we got to do now is match a name with the face.  Write up a
description, send it off to dispatch for broadcast.

(GREG starts to write out the forms.  NICK looks at the video and sees something
in the background.)

NICK:  There might be an easier way.

GREG:  Huh?

(NICK points to the sign at the establishment across the street.)

GREG:  Fast 'n Fresh Burgers.

(NICK then points to the MAN'S shirt with the matching logo.)



(GRISSOM looks through the scope.)

(Scope view.  Camera pushes in through the scope at the fiber magnified.)

DAVID HODGES:  (v.o.)  This is the thread you pulled off the runner's body.

GRISSOM:  Natural fiber?

DAVID HODGES:  Mercerized cotton.  Extremely strong.

(Quick CGI POV to:  A close up of the fiber in a red background liquid solution
which is drawn into the fiber.)

DAVID HODGES:  (v.o.)  Fibers are placed in a caustic solution, splitting the
fibers apart and providing an increased surface area to absorb the dye.  Once it
dries, it's exponentially stronger.

(End of CGI POV.  Resume to present.)

DAVID HODGES:  This kind of thread is used in machine quilting and embroidery.

GRISSOM:  Like on a sports uniforms.



(The crowd cheers as the runners slowly reach the finish line.)

ANNOUNCER:  (over P.A.)  Here they come, folks!  It's still SWAT and SES
fighting for the lead.  

(GRISSOM makes his way through the crowd.  He watches as two runners, numbers 3
and 2, race to be the first over the finish line.)

ANNOUNCER:  (over P.A.)  It's down to SWAT and SES!

(The crowd cheers as runner #3 makes it over the finish line first.  The time
clock reads:  13:24:00.52.)

ANNOUNCER:  (over P.A.)  LAPD SWAT wins the first time in eight years.  Coming
in at 13 hours, 24 minutes.

(GRISSOM watches as runner #3 celebrates with his team mates and other people
from the division.  He looks carefully at the runner's jacket and notes the red

(He smiles.)





(GRISSOM interviews RUNNER #3.)  

RUNNER #3:  For the last six years, I ran the toughest leg of the relay ...
against the same guy from SES.

BRASS:  But this year, there was a new guy.

RUNNER #3:  Yeah, this cocky kid shows up.

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  As RUNNER #3 warms up, TIM COLEMAN walks up to
him to psych him out.)

TIM COLEMAN:  You're my competition?  I thought this was supposed to be the
hardest leg.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

RUNNER #3:  Typical SES, all mouth.

BRASS:  What'd you do?

RUNNER #3:  Ignored him.

(GRISSOM notes RUNNER #3's head wound.)

GRISSOM:  Looks like you got in a fight?

RUNNER #3:  Hey, I was here to race.  He cold-cocked me.  I never threw a punch.

GRISSOM:  We found red fibers on him that may match your jacket.

RUNNER #3:  I'm SWAT. I subdued him.

(Quick flashback to:  [EXT. NIGHT]  RUNNER #3 and TIM COLEMAN are fist fighting.  
End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  Mind if we take your jacket to confirm?

(He removes his jacket and gives it to GRISSOM.)

RUNNER #3:  Knock yourself out.  Not going to find any blood on it.

(GRISSOM notes the frayed embroidery on the jacket.)




(NICK interviews CLYDE GRIMES, the ATM user.)

NICK:  Had a real good talk with your manager, Clyde.  How's Fast 'n Fresh
treating you?

CLYDE GRIMES:  I'm up to $8.75 an hour.

NICK:  I guess this kind of beats saving up, huh?

(NICK puts down the photo of CLYDE in a wide-mouthed yawn in front of the ATM

CLYDE GRIMES:  Look ... is my wife here?  (He points to the mirror.)  Is she
behind the glass or something?

NICK:  I'll be talking to her soon enough.

CLYDE GRIMES:  Oh, come on, now.  Is that really necessary?  I mean, I'm just a
regular guy ...

NICK:  Hey, regular guys don't steal $300 with a dead cop's ATM card, man!

CLYDE GRIMES:  Dead cop?! What are you talking about?  Those three bills --
that's-that's my money.  All right, technically, it's my wife's, but
...(whispers) ...  I-I sell this tight little Asian chick a three dollar tasty
meal.  She says for $300, I can get a very tasty meal.  (normal voice)  I was
about to go on my break anyway.  My wife's not behind that glass, right?




(DET. VARTAN fills in WARRICK and SARA as they head to the hotel room through
the hallway.)

DET. VARTAN:  Hotel security came up on a noise complaint.  Found two DBs.  
Room's registered to a uniform officer, Manny Senteno.

SARA:  One of ours?

DET. VARTAN:  Laughlin PD, but he carries tin, so that makes him family.

(They open the hotel room door and step inside.)


(They immediately see the first body on the floor near the bed.)

DET. VARTAN:  Female vic's Patricia Fielding.  Also PD.  Bakersfield.

(SARA puts her kit down by the female victim.  WARRICK snaps a photo of the
second body on the other side of the bed.)

WARRICK:  He check in alone?

DET. VARTAN: Yeah, day before yesterday.  Issued one key, but his itemized bill
shows lots of room service for two.

SARA:  A wife or girlfriend would probably be on the register.

(WARRICK snaps more photos.  He looks at the things on the dresser counter, the
luggage and the other counter.)

WARRICK:  Looks like it's all his stuff.  I don't see a purse around here.  
Guy's away from home, unwinds with some opportunity sex ... (He sees the condoms
on the dresser.)  Looks like he came before he went.

(SARA picks up the gun from PATRICIA FIELDING'S hand.)

SARA:  Glock 19, standard police issue.

(WARRICK snaps another photo.)

SARA:  There's something on the slide.

(She takes out something from the gun, looks at it and puts it in a bindle.  She
checks the cartridge.)

SARA:  Fourteen rounds left.  Fifteen-round magazine.

WARRICK:  Any good cop keeps one racked in the chamber.  Two bullets, two

points the gun at MANNY SENTENO.

MANNY SENTENO:  Put it down!

PATRICIA FIELDING:  You dare me?!  Put it down!

(She fires.  He falls.  She shoots herself.  She falls to the floor.)

(End of scenario.  Resume to present.)

WARRICK:  I'm thinking straight-up murder/suicide.




(CATHERINE and GRISSOM look through the contents of TIM COLEMAN'S gym bag.)

CATHERINE:  Tim Coleman's gear bag.  Gym clothes, towel, vitamins, pocket knife.

GRISSOM:  Protein bar wrapper, empty water bottle, banana peel.  Why the trash?

CATHERINE:  Well, you know, there's a five-minute penalty if you litter the race

GRISSOM:  Oh.  What's the best way to get chemicals into your system?

CATHERINE:  Injection.

GRISSOM:  But there was no evidence of that.  Second best?

CATHERINE:  Ingestion.

(GRISSOM picks up the water bottle labeled, "COLEMAN".)

(Cut to:  GRISSOM tests the water in the water bottle.)

(Cut to:  CATHERINE tests the vitamins.)

(Several cuts of both GRISSOM and CATHERINE testing their stuff.)

(GRISSOM gets the Trace Lab Print out.)

GRISSOM:  Trace amounts of furosemide in his water bottle.

CATHERINE:  Someone spiked his drink.



(There's a party at the hotel/motel.  CATHERINE makes her way through the pool-
side party toward BRASS who is talking with the WILL WARSHALL, the man in the
yellow shirt.)


BRASS:  Will Warshall, this is Catherine Willows from the crime lab.

WILL WARSHALL:  Hi.  There is something very wrong in the world if a woman like
you is only handling test tubes.

CATHERINE:  Well, if you think that's all I handle, you're not as smart as you
think.  So, you're the L.A. County team medic, right?  That means you're
responsible for making sure that all your team mates are well hydrated.


CATHERINE:  Including Tim Coleman.

WILL WARSHALL:  Yeah.  Hell of a thing, that.  

BRASS:  You're currently #1 on the SES's transfer list.  Same spot you were two
months ago when they bypassed you to transfer in Tim Coleman, right?

WILL WARSHALL:  Six months I'm on the top of the list.  January 31 comes, and
they reach over me and take Coleman.

BRASS:  That's the cutoff date to run in the race.  Coleman was a ringer.

WILL WARSHALL:  Ding-ding.  SES transferred him in for speed, not skill.  Might
not be another opening for years.  I'm not getting any younger.  And after all
of that, Coleman doesn't even run.

CATHERINE:  He had a good excuse.  Did you give it to him?

WILL WARSHALL:  If I'm going to kill a guy, I'm not going to do it with twenty
thousand cops around.

CATHERINE:  Well ... sounds like you've been giving it some serious thought.

WILL WARSHALL:  Well, every cop does.  My way?  A sniper shot ... two hundred
meters out.  Coleman'd never even hear the "am" in "blam."




(The door opens.  SARA and DET. VARTAN walk in with MRS. SENTENO.  They stop in
front of a cloth-covered body on one of the morgue tables.)

(DET. VARTAN walks over to the head of the table.  He looks at MRS. SENTENO to
see if she's ready to identify the body.)


(She braces herself and nods.  DET. VARTAN pulls the sheet away.)

DET. VARTAN:  Mrs. Senteno, is this your husband?

MRS. SENTENO:  He doesn't wear his hair like that.

(SARA watches her with concern.  DET. VARTAN glances back at SARA, then
addresses MRS. SENTENO.)

DET. VARTAN:  There's some forms for you to sign, then we can talk in the

(DET. VARTAN moves to put the sheet back, but MRS. SENTENO stops him.)

MRS. SENTENO:  What happened?

SARA:  Mrs. Senteno, we haven't finished our investigation yet, but your husband
died from a gunshot wound.

MRS. SENTENO:  Who shot him?

SARA:  We don't know.

MRS. SENTENO:  Where was he found?

SARA:  In his hotel room.

(She notices the second body on the table in the room, a toe tag hanging from a
well-pedicured painted toe.)

MRS. SENTENO:  He wasn't alone, was he?

SARA:  No.

MRS. SENTENO:  I married a cop.  With that comes alcohol and women to take the
edge off.  First time ... he said it meant nothing.  He promised never to do it
again.  By the third time ... I told him to stop confessing.  I wasn't going

SARA:  Don't ask, don't tell.

MRS. SENTENO:  I wasn't willing to trade my family for the flavor of the month.  
That doesn't make me pathetic.



(WARRICK steps out of the room and catches SARA in the hallway.)

WARRICK:  What happened?  Break the bad news to the wife?

SARA:  Oh, I didn't have to.

WARRICK:  Women always know, huh?

SARA:  Not always.

WARRICK:  I think so.  Women always know when the man is straying.

SARA:  What are you, the voice of experience?

WARRICK:  (laughs)  No. I'm a really nice guy.

SARA:  Oh, I believe you.

(They head for the labs.  WARRICK shows SARA the file folder he's carrying.)

WARRICK:  Well, you need to believe this.  There was one bullet in each of the
bodies.  They both came from the glock.  And the prints on the glock are from a
female, so it's still looking like a murder/suicide.

(She takes the file folder from him and turns to walk into the trace lab.)

SARA:  All right.  


(SARA walks up to DAVID HODGES.)

SARA:  Hey. You anywhere on my fibers?

(She puts the file folder on the counter.)

DAVID HODGES:  I'm dealing with a lot of things today.  My phone has been
ringing off the hook.  CSI is taking a ton of crap because we didn't finish the

SARA:  There was a dead cop in the desert.

DAVID HODGES:  That's what I kept telling them, and they tell me, "good excuse."  
(He shows the test results to SARA.)  The white fibers found on the gun slide is
tissue: The common nose-picking variety with gun oil residue.

SARA:  Are you saying that the gun was wiped down and the prints were planted?

(Quick flashback to:  Someone wipes down the gun before putting it in the dead
woman's grip.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

DAVID HODGES:  No, you're saying that.  I don't get to say that.  But somebody
else could've pulled the trigger.

(Camera holds on SARA'S surprised look.)





(JACQUI FRANCO shares her findings with SARA.)  

JACQUI FRANCO:  Manny Senteno's prints are all over the room, including the
champagne bottle and one of the glasses.

SARA:  What about Patricia Fielding's?

JACQUI FRANCO:  Hotel room door, inside knob.  And the murder weapon.

SARA:  That's it?  (JACQUI nods.)  Are you sure?

(She turns and looks at SARA, surprised to even be asked that question.)  

SARA:  I-I'm sorry.  It just doesn't make any sense.  The sex kits came back
negative, and now this.  I mean, that room reeked of musk.

JACQUI FRANCO:  Well, maybe he swapped fluids with someone else.  There was a
third set of prints.  I ran it through AFIS.  Got a hit on a cop.  Another one.

SARA:  Lydia Lopez, Bakersfield PD.  That's the same division as Patricia




CATHERINE:  Well, according to histology, Tim Coleman's muscle cells were hyper-
hydrated, yet his body was dehydrated.

GRISSOM:  Well, that condition's normally associated with drug abuse.

CATHERINE:  Right.  But apart from the furosemide, his tox was negative.  So, I
took another look at the guy.

(CATHERINE puts the autopsy photos on the table in front of GRISSOM.)  

CATHERINE:  Buff, cut, aggressive.  Made me think steroids.

GRISSOM:  Kind of risky for a cop, considering they're subject to random drug

CATHERINE:  Well, steroids are controlled, but creatine isn't.  It's a legal way
to bulk up.

(She shows GRISSOM the test results.)

     Drugs             Level
     Analyses          Found
     --------          ------
     Steroids          Negative
     Creatine          Positive

CATHERINE:  Tim Coleman was using it.  Creatine pulls the potassium from the
blood and moves it into the muscles.

(Quick CGI POV to:  The muscles thicken.  Cut to:  The runner sets up and
prepares to run.  End of quick CGI POV.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  Dehydrating the body in the process.

CATHERINE:  Exactly.  And you add furosemide to it, and you get a severe
electrolyte imbalance.

GRISSOM:  Leading to arrhythmia, and consequently cardiac arrest.

(Quick flashback to:  TIM COLEMAN runs his leg.  His heart is beating too fast.  
He trips and falls.  Quick CGI POV to:  Close-up a beating heart.  He struggles
to get to his feet.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  So, what's our problem?

CATHERINE:  The dose.  (GRISSOM grabs the test results.)  There wasn't enough
furosemide in the water to make that happen.



(WARRICK and SARA head back to the hotel room.)

WARRICK:  Lydia Lopez -- the girl next door.

(SARA knocks on the door.  There's no answer.  She calls out.)

SARA:  CSI.  Hello.  (She knocks again.)  Her division captain wants every
professional courtesy extended to her.

(SARA opens the door.  The place is a mess.)

SARA:  Interesting.

(He sees a high heeled shoe in a champagne glass.  SARA puts her kit down.)

WARRICK:  Yeah.  Her clothes are still here.  But I guess if you offed two
people, you're not going to stick around to pack.

(SARA opens the adjoining door and looks into the next room.)

SARA:  Adjoining door's open.  Maybe they wanted it that way.

WARRICK:  So, Manny and Lydia were boning.  How does Patricia Fielding fit in?

SARA:  I don't know.  Isn't the prevailing male fantasy two on one?

WARRICK:  (scoffs)  So, let's say three of them were going at it.  How did two
out of three end up dead?

SARA:  Well, if Lydia said no, and Manny went for it anyway ...

(SARA snaps a photo.  WARRICK picks up pieces of red lingerie on the bed.)

WARRICK:  Well, someone was pissed.  This is, like, a two- $300 la Perla
Nightie, ripped to shreds.

SARA:  Oh, looks comfortable.

WARRICK:  It's not designed to stay on that long.

(SARA finds a ring on the bed sheet.  She picks it up.)

SARA:  This is a man's wedding ring.

(WARRICK holds out a bindle; she puts the ring inside.)


(SARA'S phone rings.  She checks her messages.)

WARRICK:  Manny was wearing a ring.  Was Lydia Lopez married?

SARA:  I'll ask her.  She walked into LVPD ten minutes ago.



(LYDIA LOPEZ is interviewed by DET. VARTAN and SARA.)

LYDIA LOPEZ:  My C.O. calls and tells me that Patty Fielding's been murdered,
and you're about to broadcast a citywide for my twenty.  What the hell's going
on in this town?

DET. VARTAN:  That's what we'd like to know.  I hope you've got your story

LYDIA LOPEZ:  Didn't know I needed one.

(SARA sits down.)

SARA:  Patricia Fielding was killed in the room adjoining yours.

LYDIA LOPEZ:  Manny's room?  Where's Manny?

SARA:  Manny's on a slab next to Patricia.

(LYDIA'S shocked by this news.  SARA glances over at DET. VARTAN; he nods to her
to go ahead and ask her questions.)

SARA:  Look, we know that you and Manny were together.

LYDIA LOPEZ:  Once a year for seven years running.  Desert relay is our time
together.  Then we go back to our lives.

DET. VARTAN:  That's sweet.  What was Sergeant Fielding doing in your lover's

LYDIA LOPEZ:  I don't know.

DET. VARTAN:  You don't know.  You know, I heard that Manny Senteno was a real
player.  Maybe he moved on, and you didn't like that.

LYDIA LOPEZ:  Who told you that?  Manny doesn't mess around.

SARA:  Except with you.


SARA:  How could you know that if the only part you know is his body?

LYDIA LOPEZ:  Pedestal's a little high, don't you think?

SARA:  Your best friend, your lover are dead.  What do you expect me to think?

LYDIA LOPEZ:  I don't know what happened.  I do know that Manny loves his wife just like I love my husband.  It's just an itch we scratched every twelve months.  It doesn't mean anything.

SARA:  It meant enough to someone to trash your room.


DET. VARTAN:  Archie -- your husband.


DET. VARTAN:  Did he catch the two of you together?

LYDIA LOPEZ:  No. He wasn't even supposed to be in Vegas.  This is my time.  And
I heard he was looking for me.  He must've got a key from the front desk.  
Probably took one look at the room and went ballistic.  Did you see what he did
to my teddy?  That was Archie's gift to me.

DET. VARTAN:  Hey, most husbands who buy lingerie expect that they're the ones
who're going to be enjoying it.

LYDIA LOPEZ:  I look good in it.  Archie didn't do this.  He couldn't.



(NICK and GREG are in the lab going back through the ATM video.  The time on the
video is 4:06.  NICK goes through the statements.)

NICK:  The manager says Clyde Grimes took a break around three.  That's
consistent with bank records.  Three hundred dollar withdraw to Clyde's account
registered at 3:06.

GREG:  But the video shows him using Tim Coleman's card at 4:06.

NICK:  Yeah, one hour later.

GREG:  Well, maybe I'm not the only one who gets screwed up by daylight savings time.  What if the ATM and the camera were out of synch?

NICK:  How?  The camera's part of the ATM.

GREG:  Video is controlled by the branch office.  ATM connects to the national network.  Separate systems.  If the clocks weren't synchronized ...

NICK:  Then the guy who used Tim Coleman's card should be on video one hour later.

(NICK fast forwards through the video and finds another man in front of the ATM pulling out money.  The time clock reads:  5:06.)

(He continues to fast forward.)

NICK:  He's, uh, emptying the ATM.



(Camera pans down the list of names of the cash withdrawal statement.)

     First Monument Bank
     32 Point View
     Las Vegas, NV  89102

     ATM Transaction Record
     Location:  Holyfield / Maryland

(The list reads:

     List          Customer Name     Withdrawal
     04:06 am / TIMOTHY COLEMAN / 300.00
     04:07 am / RAHJEEM ROBINSON / 300.00
     04:09 am / TYSON GREEN / 300.00
     04:10 am / PAULINE DEARDEN / 300.00
     04:11 am / KATHERINE DAZARON / 300.00
     04:13 am / JESSICA DEAN / 300.00
     04:14 am / NINA ELAM / 300.00
     04:16 am / CHARLOTT MERIDIAN / 300.00
     04:18 am / ETHAN KELSO / 300.00
     04:19 am / CONNOR CRAWFORD / 300.00
     04:21 am / PATRICIA LANG / 300.00
     04:23 am / ALLISON SHERMAN / 300.00
     04:25 am / LAWRENCE DEAN / 300.00
     04:26 am / JULIA SWANSON / 300.00
     04:27 am / DIANA SAPIEN / 300.00
     04:29 am / KELLY ...

(NICK studies the list.)

(He picks up a second statement for the SUMMARY OF ATM USAGE.)
     04-15-04 - 04-27-04
     900 ALHAMBRA
     LOS ANGELES, CA  9002

(He notes:
    04-26 / DEBIT LOCATION # 79461 SILVERLINE BRANCH NV 9:32 am  (40.00)

    04-27 / DEBIT LOCATION # 94286 HOLYFIELD / MARYLAND PKWY BRANCH NV 4:06 am  (300.00)

(He puts that statement down and picks up a second SUMMARY OF ATM USAGE
statement for:
     311 SEPHILL RD
     TALLAHASSEE, FL  3230--

   DEBIT LOCATION # 62230 MOUNTAIN VISTA BRANCH 3:11 pm  (40.00)
   DEBIT LOCATION # 79461 SILVERLINE BRANCH NV 8:12 am  (80.00)

(He picks up the highlighter pen and starts marking the statements looking for a
pattern.  He highlights "SILVERLINE" on several statements.)



(Open on an ATM machine:

(NICK approaches the machine and waits as a WOMAN stands in front of it using
it.  He puts his kit down on the sidewalk.  He watches as the woman presses in
the code.)

(She takes her money.  NICK puts on his latex gloves.  He watches as she takes
her receipt and walks away.)

(NICK steps up to the ATM machine.  He checks out the panel and notices the fake
card slot.  He uses a knife and removes it.  On the fake card slot, there is an
electronic card reader behind it.)

(On the pamphlet holder, NICK finds a transmitter.  He removes the transmitter.  
In the background, we hear a car engine starting and gunning.  Tires screech as
a red car takes off.  NICK turns around to look.)

(As the car speeds off, it smashes into the back end of an SUV.  NICK runs over to help.)

NICK:  Hey, is everybody all right?

(The DRIVER of the SUV gets out of his car.  NICK runs over to stop any fight from happening.)

DRIVER:  Hey, you stupid jackass!

NICK:  I'm with the Vegas crime lab.  (He peers into the open window.)  Yo, yo, where's the fire, my man?

(The driver of the red car has a bleeding cut on his forehead.  NICK looks into the car and sees the fake credit car gear.)

(He also sees the video receiver in the car.  NICK holds up the video transmitter and smiles.)

(The DRIVER groans.)

NICK:  Ha!  No wonder you were in a hurry.





(NICK interviews MR. DRAKE.  His forehead cut is stitched up and tended to.  An OFFICER stands nearby.)  

NICK:  Well, Mr. Drake.  I suppose this is one way to make eight years in an injection molding factory pay off.  You're certainly good with plastics.

(Quick flashback to:  [ATM -- NIGHT]  MR. DRAKE installs the fake card slot on the ATM machine.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(MR. DRAKE doesn't say anything.)

(Quick flashback to:  [ATM-NIGHT]  Someone inserts an ATM card in the slot.

NICK:  (v.o.)  It was a good scam.  Your reader transmits the card number to you, and the camera records the sucker's pin number.

(Camera shows a reflection of the lens in the transmitter of the user punching in their PIN number.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

MR. DRAKE:  I should have used better transmitters.  I wouldn't have had to stick so close.

NICK:  You raked in over $13,000 off 62 skimmed accounts.

MR. DRAKE:  That was just the first two days.

NICK:  And I checked the bank records.  All of the cards you stole belonged to cops.

MR. DRAKE:  I know.  You know, I'm facing multiple felony counts here.  Comprehensive theft, card fraud.  I'm going away for years.  But when I got booked, they wrote me up for two moving violations.  I hate cops.

(NICK scoffs.)



(DET. VARTAN walks the hallway with WARRICK and fills him in along the way.)

DET. VARTAN:  I picked up Lydia Lopez's husband at Cheetah's.  He was groping the strippers.  Classic drunk-and-disorderly.  When I got there, the bouncer was just about to tune him up.

WARRICK:  For what?

DET. VARTAN:  Yakking on his suit.




DET. VARTAN:  Archie Lopez.


WARRICK:  Your prints were found in your wife's hotel room, including the doorknob to the adjoining room.


DET. VARTAN:  Patricia Fielding was killed in that room.  So was Manny Senteno.

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  Hmm.  My heart bleeds.

WARRICK:  Are you still drunk?

(He laughs.)

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  Yeah, I'm probably still drunk, yeah.  Must have been the tequila.  I don't drink that much.

WARRICK:  Well, it takes a lot of drinking to forget a murder.  I didn't kill anyone.

(Quick flashback to:  [HOTEL ROOM]  ARCHIE LOPEZ opens the hotel room and sees the lingerie on the bed.  He opens the adjoining room door and looks inside.)

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  (v.o.)  I wanted to surprise Lydia.  Manager gave me a key.

(He checks the baggage tag.  He picks up her red lingerie and smells it.  He tosses the flowers aisde and goes into a rage, tearing the lingerie.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  And then I left.

DET. VARTAN:  Where did you go?

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  I went to the hotel bar.

(Quick flashback to:  [HOTEL BAR]  ARCHIE LOPEZ turns and sees PATRICIA FEILDING.)

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  (v.o.)  That's where I saw Patty.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  That woman's been to my house.  She's eaten my food.  She smiled in my face, all the time ... all the time knowing that Lydia was banging someone else.

WARRICK:  So, where did you go then?

ARCHIE LOPEZ:  I went somewhere else.  I drank some more.  I drank ... a lot, I guess.  I don't ... I don't remember anything.

WARRICK:  We're going to need your clothes.



(CATHERINE walks into the lab as GRISSOM looks through the scope.)

GRISSOM:  Tim Coleman drank from this bottle.  What does this look like to you?

(Scope view of food bits.)

(Quick flash of:  TIM COLEMAN drinks out of his waterbottle.  Camera pushes in
on the container to show the floaty bits of food.  End of flashback.  Resume to

CATHERINE:  Backwash.


[INT. CSI -- LAB]  

(Open on some autopsy photos.  CATHERINE picks up the discarded protein bar
wrapper.  She sees the knife hole in the wrapper.)  

(Quick flashback to:  Someone uses a knife and cuts a hole in the wrapper, picks
up a huge-ole white pill and sticks it in the knife hole.  He uses the knife and
pushes the white pill into the candy bar then craftily pushes the foil back over
the hole - to cover it, of course.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(CATHERINE fumes the protein bar wrapper.  She finds a print.)




MENDEZ:  You know, I don't appreciate being kept in the dark this long.

BRASS:  We don't release details of our investigation until we're sure of our facts.  Now we're sure.  

CATHERINE:  Tim Coleman died of a drug-induced cardiac arrest.

MENDEZ:  If I'd known he was on drugs, he'd never have gotten into SES.

CATHERINE:  Actually, he was only on one drug.  Creatine.  You made it plural.  You gave him a protein bar that was laced with furosemide.

(Quick flashback to:  [RACE NIGHT]  LT MENDEZ walks up to TIM COLEMAN and gives him the candy bar.)

MENDEZ:  Hey, you got to keep up your strength.  Don't make us look bad.

(MENDEZ walks away.  TIM COLEMAN opens the candy bar and starts eating it.  End
of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  The combination of the two drugs is what killed him.

MENDEZ:  I want my union rep.

BRASS:  That's your right.

CATHERINE:  We're going to need to see your pocketknife.

BRASS:  On the table, please.

(MENDEZ hands the pocket knife over.  CATHERINE puts one a pair of gloves and looks at the tip of the knife which still has some visible residue from the protein bar on it.  She looks at MENDEZ.)

MENDEZ:  I said I want my union rep.  We're done here.



(Close up of the label on an evidence pouch:

     Case #42-9624     Pouch 1 of 3
     City: Bakersfield
     Date of Birth:  02/14/67
     1.  Cell Phone
     2.  Key Chain
     3.  3 keys
     4.  Leather Wallet
     5.  $35 cash
     6.  2 show tickets- "Celine"
     7.  Luggage Tag "torn"

     T. MORGAN
     Date:  04/26/04       Time 21:25
     Agency:  LVPD
     Owner's Signature:  {Archie Lopez}

(WARRICK opens the bag and takes out the leather wallet, the tickets, the cell phone and luggage tag.)

     Address:  4246 G Drive
     Laughlin NV
     Telephone:  908-555-2641

(SARA pulls up various photos on the computer.)

(WARRICK tests the items for GSR.

SARA:  Archie Lopez's clothes are negative for GSR and blood.

WARRICK:  Ditto on his personal effects.  But I know Archie was in Manny's room because he has Manny's luggage tag.  Guy wants to find out who was sticking it to his wife.

SARA:  Is there an address and phone number on that?


SARA:  What do guys do when they're drunk, and they have a number burning a hole in their pocket?

(WARRICK picks up the cell phone and dials.  He counts the number of times it's been dialed on the phone.)

WARRICK:  He called this number six times.

     CALLED NUMBER:  708 555 2641
     DURATION:  12 minutes 35 sec.

WARRICK:  The last call was twelve minutes.

SARA:  Maybe Archie found someone who can share his pain.




(SARA and DET. VARTAN interview MRS. SENTENO.)

SARA:   It must be very hard to hear that your husband's been cheating on you.

(MRS. SENTENO glances from SARA to DET. VARTAN.)

MRS. SENTENO:  We've been through this.  I didn't care about Manny's indiscretions.

SARA:  Even when you hear about it from the other woman's husband?  Archie Lopez called you.

MRS. SENTENO:  So I talked to him on the phone.  He was drunk.  He was raving.  I didn't understand half of what he said.

SARA:  I think you heard him loud and clear.  You got in your car, and you tore ass to Vegas.

MRS. SENTENO:  I was in Laughlin with my son.

DET. VARTAN:  Highway patrol caught you speeding on interstate 15.  Southbound.  Most cops won't issue tickets to fellow cops families.  Professional courtesy.

SARA:  But your tag still gets logged.  You were leaving Las Vegas before you even found out that your husband was dead.

MRS. SENTENO:  I don't understand what you're talking about.

SARA:  Yeah, you do.

(Quick flashback to:  [HOTEL ROOM]  PATRICIA FIELDING is standing near the door when MRS. SENTENO rushes into the room.  She sees her husband standing bare-chested near the bed.

MRS. SENTENO:  Oh, you bastard!

MANNY SENTENO:  It's not what you think.

(MRS. SENTENO grabs the gun off the dresser and shoots PATRICIA FIELDING.)


(She turns and shoots her husband.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

MRS. SENTENO:  You can't prove that.

SARA:  Well, that's why we got a warrant to search your house.

(She puts the DNA test results on the table to show that the test was a POSITIVE MATCH.)

SARA:  And we found Patricia Fielding's blood in the lining of your purse.  From the tissue that you used to wipe the gun.

(Quick flashback to:  [HOTEL ROOM]  MRS. SENTENO uses a tissue and wipes the gun down.  She puts the gun in PATRICIA FEILDING'S hand.)  

(She tucks the used tissue into her purse.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

MRS. SENTENO:  She was nothing.  He jeopardized our family for that?

DET. VARTAN:  Not for her.

SARA:  Patricia wasn't the one having the affair with your husband.

MRS. SENTENO:  Oh.  (sniffs)  I caught her with him.  She answered the door like she belonged there.

SARA:  Mrs. Senteno, you killed the wrong woman.

(Quick flashback to:  [HOTEL ROOM] )

MANNY SENTENO:  (o.s.)  Wendy, it's not what you think.

(She fires at PATRICIA FIELDING.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(Camera holds on MRS. SENTENO'S shocked face.)




(GRISSOM walks up to MENDEZ' cell.)

MENDEZ:  Where's your kit?

GRISSOM:  Actually, we have all the evidence we need.

MENDEZ:  Then what the hell are you doing here?

GRISSOM:  I have a question.  Off the record.

MENDEZ:  I wasn't trying to kill him.

GRISSOM:  Then why did you do this?

MENDEZ:  Leg 16 was mine.  I ran it eight years in a row.  I won every time.  Then the bosses transfer in that kid, kick me upstairs, and give him my race.  No way I was going to let him do better than me.

GRISSOM:  Sooner or later, everybody gets replaced.

MENDEZ:  Talk to me when it happens to you.



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