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Les Experts
#505 : Echanges

Une femme, Vanessa Keaton, est retrouvée morte dans une fontaine après une soirée échangiste avec des amis, les Brady. Grissom, Sara et Greg découvrent que l'eau contenue dans ses poumons provient de la piscine d'un des convives. Pendant ce temps, Nick et Warrick sont sur une autre affaire : un meurtre à la scie, commis dans une salle de jeux d'arcade. Au cours de leurs investigations sur les lieux du crime, ils découvrent un second cadavre. Le premier est celui du propriétaire des murs, l'autre celui de la compagne du locataire. 


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Titre VO
Crow's feet

Titre VF

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Écrit par : David Rambo, Naren Shankar & Carol Mendelsohn
Réalisé par : Danny Cannon

Avec : Aisha Tyler (Mia Dickerson), Jose Zuniga (Dét. Cavaliere), Wallace Langham (David Hodges), James Patrick Stuart (Avocat Adam Matthew), David Berman (David Phillips), Victoria Prescott (Judy Tremont) 

Guests :

  • Pruitt Taylor Vince ..... Marty Gleason 
  • Dina Meyer ..... Meg Cunningham 
  • Henri Lubatti ..... Charles Pinscher 
  • Doug Savant ..... Paul Brady 
  • Dedee Pfeiffer ..... Erin Brady 
  • Robert Curtis Brown ..... Dan Keaton 
  • Ed Quinn ..... Tom Cunningham 
  • Danielle Savre ..... Amy Keaton 
  • Penelope Alexis ..... Mallory Stone 
  • Amy Benedict ..... Mrs. Bassengi 
  • James Distefano ..... Mr. Bassengi 
  • Pam Green ..... Vanessa Keaton 
  • Desirae Klein ..... Partenaire sexuelle voisine 1 
  • Tammi Land ..... Partenaire sexuelle des voisins 2 
  • Brock Lumarque ..... Policier du N.D. 
  • Ted Mattison ..... Alex Stone 
  • Alex Quijano ..... Partenaire sexuel des voisins 2 
  • Erin Spencer ..... Melissa Poolie 
  • Doug Woodbury ..... Partenaire sexuel des voisins 1 





(Various flashes of a Man and a Woman nearly-naked and kissing passionately.)  


(A man quickly walks out from his driveway, his wife struggles to keep up with him.)  

WIFE:  Honey, slow down.

(He pauses for a moment as she catches up with him.  They keep going.  She's trying to put her heels on as they cross the street to the neighbor's house.)  

WIFE:  Hold on a second.  Hold on.

HUSBAND:  (hurrying)  Leave it alone.  We're already late.

WIFE:  Well, if you hadn't told the sitter the wrong time ...

(They're nearly there.)  

WIFE:  How do I look?

(He doesn't look.)  

HUSBAND:  You look great.

(They continue on to the neighbor's house.)


(The doorbell rings.  Erin Brady, the Hostess of the party, opens the door.  She's wearing a see-through black teddy as she greets her guests.  There are others at the party also semi-dressed.)  

ERIN BRADY:  Well, hey.

HUSBAND:  Sorry we're late.

ERIN BRADY:  No, I'm so glad you guys could make it.

(She reaches out and grabs the bottle of champagne the Husband is holding.  She turns and motions them inside the house.)

(The party is well under way.  The guests are half-naked and making-out on the couches and wherever there's space.)  

(As the hostess heads into the house, a woman party guest is leaving.)  

PARTY GUEST:  Hey, sweetie, I gotta run.  Thanks for everything.

ERIN BRADY:  Gotta be safe.

PARTY GUEST:  (to the husband and wife)  Bye-bye.

(The party guest leaves as the hostess heads further into the house.)  

ERIN BRADY:  You guys want a drink?

WIFE:  Mm ... I'll have champagne.

ERIN BRADY:  Coming up.

(The Husband reclines on the couch next to a woman in her black, lacy underwear.  The woman smiles and meets the wife as the wife heads off in a different direction leaving her husband with the woman.)

(On the dining room table, a man and a woman, party guests, are necking.)

(The Wife continues walking through the house.  She stops in the kitchen and greets another couple.  In the middle of the kitchen, she removes her dress.)  


(A woman jumps into the pool.)

(At poolside, a Man is kissing a Woman on his right.  He turns and kisses the woman on his left.)

(The party continues.)



(A dog barks.)  


(Inside, the party continues.)

(A woman screams.)

(Everyone stops and looks in the same direction.)  

WOMAN GUEST:  Did you hear that?



(There's a dead woman's body in the water fountain in the center of the road.  David Phillips leans over the edge of the fountain as he waits for the water to be turned off.)

(Brass walks up to him.)

BRASS:  What's the matter?  Can't do your work?  (yells)  Hey, fellas, what's the holdup?  Come on.  I told you half an hour ago turn the damn fountain off!  Give me a break.

(Together, Grissom and Sara duck under the crime scene tape on the way to the fountain.  Just outside the tape are the party-goers.  Grissom puts his kit down.)  

BRASS:  (to Grissom)  You can't find good help.

GRISSOM:  As Lord Byron once said, "In the desert, a fountain is springing."

BRASS:  Well, this one sprung a dead woman ... Vanessa Keaton.  She lived over there.  (He indicates the house nearby.  Grissom turns to look.)  A neighbor walking her dog found her.

(Grissom takes note of the crowd around the tape.)  

GRISSOM:  This is a pretty well-dressed crowd for this time of night.

BRASS:  Well, you know, it's a shindig.  43 Niagara Circle.  The vic was there with her husband.  Who left the party early.  That's Dan Keaton, and that's his daughter Amy.

GRISSOM:  You know, you might want to sneak some photos of this crowd.

SARA:  A gated community, middle of nowhere -- if this wasn't an accident, they're all suspects, aren't they?

(Sara turns around and snaps photos of the people in the crowd.)  

(The water in the fountain is still running.  David does the best he can as he looks at the body.)  

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Foam in her nose and mouth.  It's consistent with drowning.  Abrasion on her forehead is fresh.  And ... (He reaches for her wrist.) ... lividity is unfixed.

GRISSOM:  Well, since water motion has no effect ...

DAVID PHILLIPS:  She's been dead less than two hours.

(The fountain water shuts off.)  

BRASS:  Thank you. Finally!

GRISSOM:  Still waters run deep.






(Brass interviews Dan Keaton who is moaning and rubbing his head.)  

DAN KEATON:  I can't do this right now.

BRASS:  What, a little hung over?  Too much to drink, maybe?  We'll have a police officer get you some water.

(Brass turns to the officer standing behind him.)  

BRASS:  Danny, help him out.  

(Danny leaves to get the water.)  

BRASS:  So, the last time you saw your wife was at the party?

DAN KEATON:  Erin and Paul Brady's.

BRASS:  But you left early without your wife, right?

DAN KEATON:  Yeah, I wasn't in the mood.  She was.

BRASS:  For what?

DAN KEATON:  Partying.

BRASS:  What time did you leave?

(Amy Keaton walks down the stairs.)  

DAN KEATON:  Around 11:00, I think.

BRASS:  Anyone see you come home?  Maybe your daughter?  This is Amy, right?

AMY KEATON:  I went out with friends.  (She sits next to her dad on the bottom stairs.)  My curfew's 1:00.  I was a little late.

BRASS:  So, Amy, did you see your parents when you came in?

AMY KEATON:  My mom was in Detroit.  Vanessa's my stepmom.  The tv was on in their room.  I snuck into my room and went to bed. The sirens woke me up.

BRASS:  (nods)  The sirens, huh?



(The Coroners remove the body on the gurney.  Sara and Greg watch.  Greg is holding the camera.)  

SARA:  You know, they never go home until they see the body taken away?

GREG:  Necrophilic voyeurism.

(The crowd starts to disburse.  Sara kneels down next to the fountain and looks inside.  She picks up a black shoe.)  

GREG:  Hot shoes.

SARA:  You think these are sexy, huh?

(Greg shrugs.)  

SARA:  Did you know that shoes like these put degenerative stress on the hip joints, throw off the curve of the spine, and the tilt to the pelvis, over time, women get headaches, sore backs, shortened calf muscles and bunions, of course.

(Sara stands up.)  

GREG:  I take it back.

SARA:  First thoughts?

GREG:  Vanessa Keaton was walking home.  She had a few.  Her feet hurt.  She takes off her shoes.  Dolce vida.

(Quick flash to:  [NIGHT]  Vanessa Keaton is barefoot and playing on the fountain.  She walks on the concrete side, laughing.  She slips and falls into the fountain, hitting her head on the concrete center.  End of flash.  Resume to present.)

SARA:  There's no sign of blood or hair.  Nothing to suggest contact.

GREG:  The fountain was on.  Maybe the action of the water washed away evidence.

SARA:  How do we know it was an accident?  Maybe she wasn't alone.

(Greg things about it.)  

GREG:  We don't know that.

SARA:  We're going to need a water sample and a bag for the shoe, of course.

GREG:  Okay.

(Greg walks over to his kit to get the things.)




(Nick and Warrick duck under the crime scene tape.)  

NICK:  You okay to drive?

WARRICK:  No.  After a triple and three back-to-back scenes, I'm tired.  I'm going to take a ten in the car before we head back.

NICK:  That's better than bouncing off the curb, I guess.

WARRICK:  Yeah.  Okay, you ready to run it?

NICK:  (sighs)  Sure.

NICK:  Landlord's working late, trying to fix up the place for the new tenant, kicking up dust, paint fumes.  Door's open for ventilation.  Killer strolls in.  Next thing you know, landlord's deli meat.

(Quick flash to:  The Landlord is leaning over the saw as he works.  The saw is running; his back is to the door.  Someone walks up to him and pushes him down into the saw.  He screams.  Blood spatters on the wall.  End of flash.  Resume to present.)

WARRICK:  Well, we have this eviction notice.  So, that means no business.  No business, no cash, so that could rule out robbery as a motive.

NICK:  I'm having Detective Cavalier run down the evicted tenants.  It's a
Melissa Poolie and a Charlie Pinscher.

(A man dressed in a white worker outfit walks into the door.  The officer tries to stop him.)  

OFFICER AT DOOR:  Sorry, can't let you in.

(He points to his hat.)  

MARTY GLEASON:  Take a look.

(He heads into the place carrying his kit.)  

MARTY GLEASON:  Hey, you guys call yourselves investigators?  You've been here
four hours.  You haven't figured this out yet?

NICK:  Crime scene cleanup.

WARRICK:  Blood bucket brigade.

MARTY GLEASON:  Hey, I prefer bio-recovery services.

NICK:  You know, it's funny.  I don't see an American bio-recovery badge.

MARTY GLEASON:  See, all you really need is a strong stomach, a thorough
knowledge of solvents, a little sensitivity, a little tact.  (He sees the bloody
wall.)  Whoa.  Man!  (He walks over to the wall.)  There must be three quarts of
blood in there.  Hey, you're using anhydron.  I charge extra for that.  Cha-
ching, cha-ching.  You got photos, swabs.  (He turns back toward Nick.)  Did you
finish the sketch?

NICK:  Yeah.

MARTY GLEASON:  Great.  Hey, you guys have done everything but leave.

WARRICK:  What's the rush, Marty?

MARTY GLEASON:  Ah, the wife of the deceased, she would like this mess cleaned
up as soon as possible.  New tenant moves in on the first.

NICK:  Okay, Marty.  I'll have the Detective release the scene.

MARTY GLEASON:  All right.  (Marty puts his kit down on the ground.)  Well, I'll
get my gear.

(Marty heads out.)

(Nick yawns.)  



(Robbins finishes stitching up the Y-incision.  Grissom stands next to the table watching.)  

ROBBINS:  One of the most attractive women I've had on my table.  But beauty's skin deep and inside, we all look pretty much the same.


GRISSOM:  (points)  What about this abrasion?

ROBBINS:  Have you no poet in you?

GRISSOM:  Beauty is truth, truth, beauty.  That is all you know on earth and all you need to know -- except cause of death.


ROBBINS:  Pulmonary edema due to drowning.  I sent samples of the water in her lungs to trace.  The abrasion's serious enough to cause loss of consciousness.  You may want to look at this though.  You want to come over here?  Let's turn her over.

(Grissom walks around the table.  They turn over the body where Robbins points out four holes in her back.)  

GRISSOM:  Puncture wounds?

ROBBINS:  Four, uniform diameter, perimortem, non-lethal.  No corresponding
holes in her dress.

GRISSOM:  So she wasn't wearing it when she was stabbed.

ROBBINS:  Collected lubricant from the labia.  Which means, uh ... I don't know if she had a date with her husband or herself.  I sent an SAE kit to DNA.  Personal observation - (Robbins picks up the black lacy underwear and shows it to Grissom.)  -- you don't wear la perla to a tupperware party.

GRISSOM:  La perla?

ROBBINS:  Very expensive.  I gave some to my wife once.  She accused me of having an affair.  You know, sex on the steel.

GRISSOM:  Lubricant and lingerie.  I don't think the evening turned out the way she planned, do you?






(Det. Cavaliere interviews Charlie Pinscher.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  So your business goes bust and Mr. Basengi evicts you.

CHARLES PINSCHER:  Pac-man, Pong, loved these games.  Thought it was a sure

(Nick walks into the room.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  Well, today, it's all 3-d interactive.  You know, I got kids.

CHARLES PINSCHER:  You want some advice?


CHARLES PINSCHER:  Never go into business with somebody you're sleeping with.

NICK:  Melissa Poolie?


DET. CAVALIERE:  We haven't been able to find her.  You know where she is?

CHARLES PINSCHER:  We broke up.  At least I think we broke up.  She skipped town
without telling me, stuck me with the rent.

(Det. Cavaliere walks around the table and sits down.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  So you were angry at her, you were angry at him.

CHARLES PINSCHER:  I didn't kill him.

NICK:  He was holding your inventory hostage.  How much you got tied up in Centipede and Space Invaders?

CHARLES PINSCHER:  Every penny I got.  About 20k.

DET. CAVALIERE:  You must have wanted it back.  Hey, did you stop by the store last night?

(Charlie hesitates.)  

CHARLES PINSCHER:  (carefully)  No, but I called him.  Asked if we could maybe work something out.  Told me to go screw myself, he'd see me in court.

NICK:  Mr. Pinscher, I'm going to need to go ahead and get your fingerprints.

(Charlie Pinscher groans.)

CHARLES PINSCHER:  You're going to find my prints all over that place.  It was my store, mine and Melissa's.

NICK:  I expect to find your prints in certain places, sir.  We're just doing this to rule you out.




(Mia Dickerson is in the lab putting her latex gloves on.  David Hodges walks by in the hallway and notices something.  He opens the lab door and walks inside.)  

DAVID HODGES:  You alternate hands when you double glove?

MIA DICKERSON:  Yes.  And I don't like being watched.

DAVID HODGES:  If you alternate, there's more contact between the exposed latex
of the first glove and atmospheric microbes.

(She stares at him for a beat, then starts removing her latex gloves.)  


MIA DICKERSON:  (annoyed)  You know, it would have been better if you didn't say anything, but you did making it impossible for me to concentrate, and now I have to sanitize and start over.

(The opposite door opens.)  

GREG:  Hey, Hodges, you got the results of our drowning victim?

(Hodges turns to look back at Greg.)  

DAVID HODGES:  Yeah, in five.  I'm in the middle of the rest of my life.

GREG:  (insistent)  Well, I kind of need them now.

(Hodges turns and smiles at Greg.

DAVID HODGES:  (to Mia)  I'll be back.

(Mia rolls her eyes at Hodges and Greg leave the lab.)


(Hodges and Greg walk back into the Trace Lab.)  

DAVID HODGES:  Good thing you didn't have to take a spelling test to work the

(David picks up the jar and shows the label to Greg.)  

DAVID HODGES:  "Funtain" water?

(The label reads:
     Article:  QORPAK     Exhibit No.  47-104B
     Date Found, Located or Developed:  3/21  BRADY HOUSE
     Where This Article was Found:  FUNTAIN
     Investigation Officer:  G. SANDERS
     Cat. No.:  47-10-43     1037ZKIX   )

GREG:  My people are Norwegian.  That's how we spell it.  So, is the "funtain" water in her lungs?

DAVID HODGES:  All bodies of water contain unicellular algae.

(Hodges sets up the scope.)  

GREG:  Called diatoms.  They're unique, like fingerprints.  Diatoms from one body of water don't match those from any other.

DAVID HODGES:  Well, you're roughly right.  Here, take a look.

(He moves aside and lets Greg look through the scope.)  


(There are two sets of diatoms.)  

DAVID HODGES:  The diatoms on the left are from the water found in your victim's
lungs and the diatoms on the right are from the fountain.  Not a match.

GREG:  Not even close.  Which means she didn't drown there.

DAVID HODGES:  I'll throw you a bone.

(Hodges turns around to get something from the counter.)  

GREG:  She blew you off, didn't she?

(Hodges turns back with a test tube.)  

DAVID HODGES:  The water from the fountain is heavily chlorinated.  No, she
didn't blow me off.  I didn't ask her out.  But this sample, found in your vic's
lungs, contains polymethylhexalene biguanide ... and anyway, I heard she blew
you off first.  It's a chlorine alternative.  It's less irritating.

GREG:  Vanessa Keaton died in a pool.

DAVID HODGES:  Or a spa ... and by the way, that's spelled S-P-A in any



(Nick and Warrick are going through the crime scene photos they spread out on the table in front of them.)  

NICK: Only new items brought into the arcade post-eviction were the tools, tarps and paint cans.  No prints from Charlie Pincher on any of them.  Just the landlord and some unknowns on the saw.

WARRICK:  No hits off of AFIS.

(Nick shakes his head.)  

WARRICK:  According to Cavaliere, the table saw was a rental.  So, there could have been any number of prints on that one.

NICK:  Yeah, but you don't just lie down when somebody's trying to kill you, man.  There had to have been a struggle.

WARRICK:  Yeah, from that spinning blade, there was blood everywhere.  Some of it had to transfer to the killer's clothes and shoes.

NICK:  I still like Charlie for this.  I know we don't have enough for a warrant

(There's a knock on the door.)  

SECRETARY:  (o.s.)  Excuse me, guys.  There's a Mr. Gleason to see you.  I told
him you were busy.  He won't leave.

(Warrick and Nick look at each other.)



(Nick and Warrick head out through the hallway.)  

WARRICK:  What's the problem, Marty?

MARTY GLEASON:  You and you.  You treat me like a janitor, like a garbage man.  
I'm a professional, same as you ... an unsung hero that's worthy of respect.

NICK:  Okay, Marty ...

MARTY GLEASON:  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  The smell back at the
store.  I know decomp as well as you, maybe better, okay?  So what was it?  Your
lunch?  Rotten shrimp? Clams, maybe?  Whatever you hid there, I am going to

WARRICK:  We didn't even bring lunch there, Marty.  And this wasn't a decomp

MARTY GLEASON:  You're jealous.  You're stuck in a dead-end civil service job
while I'm grossing six figures.

NICK:  Oh, six figures.

WARRICK:  Yeah.  Picture that.

MARTY GLEASON:  We're colleagues.  My job starts where your job ends.  You
should not be messing with me!

WARRICK:  (shakes his head)  Nobody's messing with you, Marty.

(Nick shakes his head.  Warrick and Nick look at each other.)  



(Warrick and Nick return to the Video Arcade with Marty Gleason.  They step into
the arcade and smell it immediately.)  

WARRICK:  Phew ... ooh ...

NICK:  It's decomp.  Subtle, but it's in here.

MARTY GLEASON:  The nose knows.

WARRICK:  How'd we miss that?

NICK:  We were tired.

(They take out their flashlights and start looking around the place for the
source of the smell.)  

WARRICK:  Did you steam clean?


WARRICK:  The heating process must have brought the smell out.

MARTY GLEASON:  You know, I don't get paid until this place smells like Eternity
for Men.

(Nick and Warrick continue to look around the arcade.)  

NICK:  Could be a dead rat.

WARRICK:  Lot of possibilities.

NICK:  I don't know, Rick.  Your guess is as good as mine.

WARRICK:  I know how to find it.

(Warrick motions for Nick to follow him.  He turns the thermostat all the way

WARRICK:  (to Marty)  Okay, rich guy.  Shut down your gear, you're taking us to

(Marty nods.)




(Sara interviews Dan Keaton as they stand outside the empty pool in his back
yard.  Amy Keaton sits on the pool's edge a short distance away from them.)  

DAN KEATON:  Crack runs right through the deep end.  Had to drain it.  Half the
neighbors have cracked slabs, leaky roofs.  This was perfect when Vanessa and I
moved in.  Place isn't built to last.

SARA:  Mr. Keaton, I know this must be hard for you and your daughter.

DAN KEATON:  Why are you here?

SARA:  Your wife didn't die in a fountain.  We're taking water samples of every
pool and spa in this community.  Was there swimming at the Brady's party?


SARA:  Routine question.

DAN KEATON:  Some, I guess.  It was that kind of party.

SARA:  Was your wife in the pool?

DAN KEATON:  She could have been.  After I left.  What does this have to do with
her accident?

SARA:  Did anyone behave inappropriately towards her?

DAN KEATON:  We were with our friends.  Our best friends.  I wouldn't have left
her there if I didn't think she was safe.

(Dan looks over at Amy who looks away.)



(Greg takes a sample of the pool water.  He takes the sample as Grissom logs it
on the clipboard.  Brass is interviewing Erin Brady, the party hostess.)  

ERIN BRADY:  No one's allowed to treat their pools with chlorine.  It's in the
homeowners' regulations.

(Paul Brady walks outside and joins them.)  

PAUL BRADY:  What the hell is going on?

ERIN BRADY:  They have a warrant.

PAUL BRADY:  A warrant for what?

GRISSOM:  When was the last time you had your pool cleaned?

PAUL BRADY:  Guy was here this morning. Why?

BRASS:  We're asking the questions, Mr. Brady.

ERIN BRADY:  Look, look ... we're all in shock.  Vanessa was one of those people
who was so alive, so much fun.  

BRASS:  So, tell me about last night.  Was it a special occasion?

ERIN BRADY:  We just had the neighbors in for cocktails.

PAUL BRADY:  We do it once a month.  We, uh ... we all take turns.

GRISSOM:  Was Mrs. Keaton wearing this dress last night?

(Grissom shows them a picture of the dress.  Erin Brady looks at it and nods.)  

ERIN BRADY:  Yes.  I noticed -- I have the same one in pink.

BRASS:  You notice anything else, anything out of the ordinary?  Like an
argument or a fight?

PAUL BRADY:  No, no, no.  We are a friendly group.

GRISSOM:  Did she leave alone?

ERIN BRADY:  Yes.  Her husband left about an hour earlier.

BRASS:  He seem upset when he left?

ERIN BRADY:  Not that I noticed.  Vanessa's death was an accident, right?

(Greg finishes putting the label on the sample jar.  He stands up.)  

GREG:  Got it.

GRISSOM:  May we take a look inside your house?

(She steps aside.)  

ERIN BRADY:  Look wherever you want.

(Grissom walks by her between her and her husband.  He glances at Brass who
smiles at him.  Grissom heads into the house.)


(Grissom puts on his latex gloves and looks around the clean living room.)  

GRISSOM:  (loudly)  Well, by the way you've cleaned up, Mrs. Brady, I wouldn't
even know you had a party in here last night.

(Erin and Paul stand inside the living room.)  

ERIN BRADY:  Thank you.

GRISSOM:  What kind of party was it?

ERIN BRADY:  A mixer.

(Grissom and Greg look at each other.  Grissom heads into the kitchen while Greg
lingers in the living room.)


(Grissom looks around the kitchen.  He opens the case on the counter and finds
two of the four skewers in the case.  He takes one out.)  

GRISSOM:  (calls out)  Mrs. Brady, would you join me in here, please?

(Erin Brady walks into the kitchen.)  

GRISSOM:  Where are your other skewers?

ERIN BRADY:  I don't know.

(The dishwasher finishes.  Grissom walks over to it and opens it.  He pulls out
the top rack in the dishwasher and picks up a light-colored dildo.)  

GRISSOM:  Well, cleanliness is next to godliness.

(Erin shrugs.  Paul looks back at Greg who can't help but chuckle.)






(Marty Gleason carries out two red plastic bags from the arcade as Nick and
Warrick sit on the sidewalk curb eating their lunches..)  

MARTY GLEASON:  After overhead and costs, fifty cents a pound for waste
disposal, I clear about three to five bills a job.

(Marty puts the two bags in the back of his van.)  

WARRICK:  How many cases do you get a week?

MARTY GLEASON:  How many cases do you do a week?

WARRICK:  Rate gets us ten to twenty.


NICK:  You trying to tell me you make between three and ten grand a week?

MARTY GLEASON:  You've got to be authorized to clean up biologicals.  If some
high school wage slave mops up a nose bleed at Mickey D's, they're breaking the
law.  I've got three employees making thirty bucks an hour.  If you guys are
interested in earning a little extra on the side?

WARRICK:  Working for you, no thanks.

MARTY GLEASON:  Crime rate is on the rise, my friends.  You'd be wise to get in
on the ground floor.  I am thinking about starting a franchise in Arizona.  
Retirees die messy.  Like, bodies been on the floor for a while.  Sometimes you
got to replace the entire floor.  Oh, look, I install floors, and drywall.

(He hands each of them his card.)  

(A car horn beeps.)  

MARTY GLEASON:  Ceilings, too, and homeowner's insurance picks up the tab.

(A black SUV pulls up.  Marty walks over to Mrs. Basengi.)  

MRS. BASENGI:  What's going on, Marty?  You're still here?  You promised the
place would be clean.  I found a contractor to finish the work.

MARTY GLEASON:  (southern accent )  It's out of my hands, ma'am.  The lab boys,
they haven't quite released the scene yet.

(He indicates Warrick and Nick behind him.  Warrick and Nick look at each other
and shake their heads.)  

MARTY GLEASON:  They're moving at the speed of government.  How are you doing
with the funeral arrangements?

MRS. BASENGI:  Your cousin is taking very good care of me, thank you.

MARTY GLEASON:  We are here for you.  Now, I tell you what, I'm going to call
you as soon as I'm done, okay?


MARTY GLEASON:  Thank you, ma'am.

(Mrs. Basengi drives away.)  

NICK:  You should be ashamed of yourself, Marty.

MARTY GLEASON:  Oh, no. The bereaved often find a southern accent very

(Marty heads back into the arcade.)



(Marty Gleason, Nick and Warrick walk back into the arcade.)  

MARTY GLEASON:  Comfort is what I give these people, living victims.  The kind
you guys never deal with.  I see people on the worst day of their lives.  In a
small way, I make their world normal again.

(Marty heads into the back of the arcade to pick up the large tub.  Warrick and
Nick notice the smell immediately.  They look around and find that it's coming
from one of the plastic-covered machines.)  

(Nick pulls the plastic off of the video machine and the smell immediately hits


WARRICK:  Well, it smells like Eternity for Somebody in here.

(Nick puts on his gloves.)  

NICK:  The plastic must have covered the smell.

(Warrick opens the coin slot and the smell is more pronounced.)  


(Nick gasps and starts breathing out of his mouth.)  

(Cut to:  Nick and Warrick remove the screws holding the video machine's back
panel in place.  Marty Gleason looks over their shoulders as Warrick removes the
panel.  Inside the machine on the bottom is a dead woman's body wrapped in

MARTY GLEASON:  Holy mackerel.  Bitch in a box.

NICK:  Hey, hey, hey.

MARTY GLEASON:  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I get paid by the body.

(Warrick coughs from the smell.)




(Mia Dickerson goes through the things Greg brought back from the house.)  

MIA DICKERSON:   Nine vibrators, five plugs, four strands of beads.

GREG:  (smiles)  And a partridge in a pear tree.  (Mia throws Greg a look.)  
Some kids are happy playing in the sand box, others want every toy in the store.  
And apparently these are dishwasher safe.

MIA DICKERSON:  I'll swab the nooks and crannies for semen, vaginal secretions
and epithelials, but don't get your hopes up.

GREG:  (cheerfully)  Oh, my money's on bag number two.

MIA DICKERSON:  (oh great)  Twenty-six used condoms.

GREG:  Just like being back in college, right?

MIA DICKERSON:  Sara said you didn't lose your virginity until you were 22.

(The smile freezes on Greg's face.  He changes the subject.)  

GREG:  Grissom and I figured that they practiced safe sex, so we processed their
trash.  Check them inside and out, please.

MIA DICKERSON:  I've analyzed condoms before, Greg.  Just not in bulk.

(Mia reaches into the third package and takes out another plastic bag.)  


GREG:  Yeah, screen them for blood.  Possible weapon.

(Greg leaves the lab.)  



(David Phillips cuts through the plastic wrapped around the body.  He's assisted
by Nick, Warrick and a Coroner.)  

(Nick snaps a photo of the body as they work.)

(Cut to:  Warrick hands the boots to David.)

(Nick takes more pictures.)

(Cut to:  David continues to cut through the plastic.  Nick snaps more photos as
they peel away the plastic from the dead woman's body.)  

(Cut to:  Robbins takes a swab from the woman's ear.  He takes a swab from the
woman's mouth and another from the woman's nose.)



(Nick puts a photo of the dead woman on the table.)  

NICK:  Dental records ID'd the body found in the arcade machine.  

(Nick and Det. Cavaliere are interviewing Charles Pinscher.)  

NICK:  Your ex-girlfriend Melissa Poolie.

(Nick puts more pictures down on the table.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  She didn't leave town after all.  You want to revise your

(Nick throws another photo on the table.)  

NICK:  We also found semen in her vaginal cavity.  It matches your dead

DET. CAVALIERE:  Your girlfriend was paying rent on her back and you didn't like

(Quick flashback to:  Charles Pinscher is yelling at Melissa Poolie.)  

CHARLES PINSCHER:  You had sex with our landlord?

MELISSA POOLIE:  At least I got off my ass and did something about it.

(He pushes her and she falls to the floor.  He turns and grabs the plastic
covering off of a nearby arcade machine.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

CHARLES PINSCHER:  That didn't happen.  She told me she convinced Basengi to
give us more time on the rent.  I-I didn't know she was banging the guy.

DET. CAVALIERE:  We don't care why you killed her.

CHARLES PINSCHER:  I didn't kill her!

DET. CAVALIERE:  Basengi evicts you, keeps your stuff and now you've got a big

NICK:  Yeah, the dead body someone crammed into Ms. Pac-man.

(Quick flashback to:  Basengi is using the saw.)  

CHARLES PINSCHER:  You can keep the rest of it!  All I want is Ms. Pac-man!

MR. BASENGI:  Get the hell out of here.

(Basengi continues using the saw.  Charles Pinscher grabs Basengi and slams him
down on the saw.)  

(Basengi screams.  Blood spatters on the wall.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(Charles Pinscher looks at Nick.  Nick takes the seat next to Charles Pinscher.)

NICK:  Mr. Pincher, when someone is killed with a table saw, blood gets
everywhere -- your hair and your clothes.  You would have had to take a long,
hot shower, wash your clothes, clip your nails, toss your shoes.  Are you sure
you got it all, Charlie?  Hmm?

(Nick looks down at Charlie's watch.  Suddenly, Charlie appears increasingly

NICK:  That's a nice watch.

CHARLES PINSCHER:  It was my dad's.

NICK:  I was admiring the band.  Lots of open spaces and nonporous surfaces.  
That's a perfect place for blood to hide, don't you think, Chris?


NICK:  There's a chemical I use called phenylthaline.  It can detect a speck of
blood the size of a pinprick.

(Camera zooms in and focuses on the watch band where it stops on some blood
caught in the band.)  

NICK:  I bet if I take that watch it's going to tell me more than time, isn't

DET. CAVALIERE:  You mind baby-sitting him while I get a warrant?

(Det. Cavaliere stands up.)  

CHARLES PINSCHER:  I just went to the arcade to scare him.  Things got out of

NICK:  Did you kill him?

CHARLES PINSCHER:  It was an accident.  You guys have got to believe me, I did
not kill Melissa.  I didn't even know she was dead.

(He starts crying.)  



(Catherine follows Grissom into his office.  He's holding an open book in his
hand, reading through it as he heads for his desk.)  

CATHERINE:  I know that you got the memo, I'm not sure that you read it.  Eckley
is being promoted to Assistant Director.  They are taking applications for his
supervisor spot on days.  I want it.

(Grissom sits down and doesn't say anything.)  

CATHERINE:  What?  You want the day spot for yourself?  You're worried about
giving me a good A.P. score and breaking up the team?  Or maybe you just think
that I'm incapable of the position?  Not worthy of the promotion?  Is that it?  

(She rolls her eyes and scoffs.)  

CATHERINE:  I'm just always, always, always defending myself to you.  

(Catherine sits down.  Grissom still hasn't said anything.)  

CATHERINE:  I'm unbelievable.  I have a daughter who is so starved for my
attention, she is thumbing rides to Fremont Street to see her grandfather.  The
last person I want her around.  I mean, not that it's much better with my
mother, who sees Lindsay much more often than I do.  (It starts to get too much
for Catherine.)  I am missing out on my daughter's life.  I have no life of my
own.  Would you just stop me and say something here?

(Grissom takes off his glasses and looks at Catherine.)  

GRISSOM:  You want the job because you're worried about Lindsay?

CATHERINE:  That's part of it, but ...

GRISSOM:  The position calls for leadership, Catherine.  You have to inspire
others, solve problems, which means you have to leave your own problems at home.

CATHERINE:  I want the job because I can do it.  I'm qualified, I'm motivated
and I'm ready, Gil.  You know that I am.

GRISSOM:  I do.  Which is why I already sent in your A.P.  I gave you 100%.  I
even put in a good word with the Director.  The rest is up to you.  And ... I
hope you get it.

(Grissom puts his glasses back on.  Catherine's touched.)  

CATHERINE:  Thank you.

(Catherine stands up and walks out of the office.)  

(Grissom sighs as he watches her go.)  



(Mia Dickerson has the condoms each in their own dish.  She's taking swabs from
both the inside and outside of the condoms.)  



(Mia reports her results to Greg and Grissom.)  

MIA DICKERSON:  I couldn't get anything from the items in the dishwasher,
including the skewers.  No results.   However, the condoms produced.  I
extracted DNA from the semen.  Results indicate ten males.

(Mia stands in front of the whiteboard that has her results listed on it.)  

MIA DICKERSON:  The lubricant, which seemed to be popular, was good at retaining
both epithelials and vaginal secretions.
11 females, no CODIS hits.

GRISSOM:  Is our victim represented?

MIA DICKERSON:  Yes. F-7.  We can match her with the semen from four different

GREG:  M-4, M-5, M-1, M-8.  (Greg turns and looks at Grissom.)  She was the
belle of the ball.



(Brass and Grissom interview Erin Brady.)  

ERIN BRADY:  My husband and I have a very strong marriage.  But yes, we enjoy
the lifestyle.

BRASS:  The lifestyle?

ERIN BRADY:  We play.

BRASS:  No kidding.

(She turns and looks at Grissom.)  


GRISSOM:  Wife swapping.

ERIN BRADY:  Paul and I had a rough patch a few years ago.  We almost called it
quits.  Swinging saved our marriage.  It was being with other people that made
me realize just how much I love my husband.


(Sara interviews Paul Brady.)  

PAUL BRADY:  Erin is the greatest wife in the world.

SARA:  But you still had sex with Vanessa Keaton?

PAUL BRADY:  Yeah.  Yeah.  It's fun.

(Quick flashback to:  [PARTY]  Paul Brady meets with Vanessa Keaton at the party
and they both run up the stairs hand-in-hand to the bedrooms.)

(End of flashback.)


BRASS:  How do you feel about Vanessa Keaton?

ERIN BRADY:  Very attractive woman.  She was the reason we invited the Keatons
to the parties.  She was into it.  Dan really wasn't.


SARA:  How did your wife feel about you and Vanessa Keaton?

PAUL BRADY:  Well, it's not like we were having an affair.  That'd be breaking
the rules.

(Sara perks up.)  

SARA:  The Rules?

(Sara starts taking notes.)  

PAUL BRADY:  No, means no.  Arrive as a couple, leave as a couple.  Drugs,
never.  Condoms, condoms always.  


ERIN BRADY:  No affairs.  Sex with someone other than your spouse is only
allowed at the parties.  No photos, no video.  And the kids must never know.


PAUL BRADY:  I came home one night.  I parked the car in the driveway and went
to the fridge to grab a beer.  It was the wrong beer.  I was in the wrong house.  
Anyway, it just got all the neighbors talking.  Variety is a good thing.  And if
you get the right group of people together, a couple of drinks, you'd be
surprised what can happen.


ERIN BRADY:  Everybody fantasizes about other people.  (She glances at Grissom.)  
Even you, Mr. Grissom.  A neighbor, a friend ... girl at the office.


(The door opens.  Paul Brady walks out of the hallway.  Erin Brady walks out
into the hallway.  Sara is sitting in the hallway chair watching them.  She
watches as they meet and kiss.)  

(Grissom walks up to Sara and takes the seat next to her.  He's holding two cups
of coffee.  He hands her a cup.)  

SARA:  Thank you.  I know I'm supposed to be objective ... but I think I have a
problem with the lifestyle.

GRISSOM:  Well, they're consenting adults, it's not illegal.  At most, they only
hurt themselves.

SARA:  Tell that to Vanessa Keaton.  Everyone has a jealousy gene.

GRISSOM:  You think it was a crime of passion?

SARA:  (nods)  Yeah.  When you have to go outside a marriage for passion, you're
in trouble.  And you're asking for trouble.

(He looks over at the Brady's.)  

GRISSOM:  Well, they say they're happily married.  

SARA:  You think they're happy?

(Grissom doesn't answer as he considers the question.  He doesn't get to answer
as his phone rings.  He answers the phone.)  

GRISSOM:  (to phone)  Grissom.  (pause)  Very good, thanks.

(Grissom hangs up.)  

GRISSOM:  (to Sara)  Hodges matched the water in Vanessa Keaton's lungs.  He
knows where she drowned.




(Brass and Grissom interview Tom and Meg Cunningham.)  

BRASS:  So Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, was Vanessa Keaton here the night she died?


GRISSOM:  Well, we matched the water in her lungs to your spa.  And I see what
appears to be a blood smear on the stone.

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  Well, sometimes we forget to lock the gate.

BRASS:  So your neighbors come in and use the spa?

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  It's possible.

BRASS:  Yeah, I guess so, I mean, you share everything else.  Why not?

BRASS:  So what time did you leave the party?

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  Around 11:30.

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  But we didn't come right home.

BRASS:  Where'd you go?

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  We went to the Bellagio.  A nice, romantic night out, just the
two of us.

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  Sometimes being with others gives you the urge to be alone.

(Tom puts a hand casually on Meg's shoulder. She instinctively stiffens and
glances at the hand before relaxing.  Grissom notes the movement.)  

BRASS:  I see.

GRISSOM:  Well, we're going to compel a DNA sample, so we'll know if you were
intimate with Vanessa Keaton.

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  I admit I had sex with her and ... Karen Brady, and Mallory

BRASS:  Three strikes you're out.

(Tom Cunningham smiles at Brass.)  





(Robbins is in the autopsy room with the Melissa Poolie's body when Warrick
walks in putting on a pair of gloves.)  

ROBBINS:  Heard your suspect's looking pretty good.

WARRICK:  You heard right.  Charlie confessed to killing the landlord.  And the
blood on his watch is a match to Bassngi's DNA.

ROBBINS:  What about her?

WARRICK:  Swears he has nothing to do with it.  You got a C.O.D.?

ROBBINS:  Blunt-force trauma to the occipital region.  No trace in the wound

WARRICK:  Do you have any idea what hit her?

ROBBINS:  Yeah.  The impact's deep.  Weapon was probably heavy.  (He picks up
the ruler and places it against the body's forehead to measure the wound.)  
Radius of curvature, roughly three centimeters.  Could be a pipe.

WARRICK:  Could be anything.



(Brass interview's Meg Cunningham.)  

BRASS:  Mrs. Cunningham, you told us that you spent last night at the Bellagio
with your husband.

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  That's correct.

BRASS:  Are you sure about that?

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  D-do I need a lawyer?

BRASS:  I mean, that's your call, that's your right, but let me point out that
if you're covering for your husband, that's conspiracy after the fact.  Now, are
you prepared to go to jail over this?

(She chuckles.)  

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  Look, I-I answered your question.

BRASS:  Okay, what if I told you the hotel maid told us that you weren't with
Tom, what would you say?

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  I'd say she was lying.

BRASS:  You know, I'm trying to help you out here, and I want to help you out,
okay?  But you got to cut the crap.  Okay?  Come on, tell me what happened.  I
mean, security confirmed that you were with a female.  Late 20s, blonde, I mean,
she even paid for breakfast with her credit card.  So ... I'll tell you what,
why don't we start over, okay?  And you tell me what happened.

MEG CUNNINGHAM:  Look, Tom asked me to think about our son.  He begged me to say
we were together.  I swear, I don't know ... anything that went on between him
and Vanessa.  I don't know.




(Grissom and Sara walk into the house.  In one of the rooms, a boy is playing
video games in front of the television set.  Grissom and Sara continue through
the house.  Sara heads upstairs as Grissom heads into one of the rooms.)  


(Sara walks into the home office and looks around.  She looks at the shelf
contents, then opens the desk drawer.  She finds under the "Vegas Life", she
finds "Big Bodacious Babes".)  

(Grissom walks into the study.)

SARA:  Found some porn.

(She stands and hands them over to Grissom who leafs through them.)  

GRISSOM:  Well, nothing new about this stuff.  The Frescos at Pompeii were more
explicit.  The Kama Sutra and Decameron.

SARA:  Yeah, but that's art; this ... is not art.

(Sara holds up the issue of "Bondage".)  


(Grissom again opens the magazine and finds something recognizable.)  

GRISSOM:  Here we go.  Webcam photo.  And she's wearing La Perla.

(Grissom shows Sara the photo of the "headless" woman wearing black underwear.)  

SARA:  Vanessa Keaton.




(Warrick and Nick walk into the Video Arcade.)  

WARRICK:  The first victim was killed with a weapon of opportunity, the table saw.  The second victim gets a crack on the head.

NICK:  So you're thinking the weapon is still in here?


NICK:  Why would the killer leave it in here?

WARRICK:  Well, the killer left the body here.

NICK:  That's true.  Mr. Pinscher had a cash-only business.

WARRICK:  Yeah. And he didn't have a gun license.

(Warrick heads around the cash register counter.  Camera moves down to show the bat under the counter.)  

(Nick looks around the area.  Warrick finds the bat.)  

NICK:  You got something?


(Warrick takes a digital photo of the bat.)

(Camera zooms down the bat through the grooves in the wood.  Resume regular view.)

(Warrick removes the bag from his holding place under the counter.  He shows it to Nick.)  

WARRICK:  A little store security.



(The Police officer leads a handcuffed Mrs. Basengi through the hallway.)  

MRS. BASENGI:  Liars, liars, all men are liars!

(Marty Gleason steps out of the room and sees her being led away.  He turns and sees Warrick and Nick.)

MARTY GLEASON:  Hey, did you -- ?

WARRICK:  (nods)  It seems that the Missus caught her husband collecting rent from the late Melissa Poolie.  She just waited till he left the building.

(Quick flashback to:  [VIDEO ARCADE]  Mrs. Basengi and Melissa Poolie argue.)  

MRS. BASENGI:  You slut! I don't care what he told you, you still have to pay rent.

MELISSA POOLIE:  Go to hell!

(Melissa Poolie turns to leave.  Mrs. Basengi grabs the bag and hits her on the back of the head.  Melissa Poolie falls to the floor.)  

(Mrs. Basengi drops the bat and grabs the plastic sheeting.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

WARRICK:  Luckily, she left her prints behind.  We had them on file from an assault case in '98.

NICK:  Yeah, she went a little further this time.

MARTY GLEASON:  Yeah, from what I hear, she did a lousy job cleaning that bat.  Amateur.  You know, you guys, you could have waited till after she paid me to arrest her.  What did I ever do to you?  Oh, except crack your case wide open.

NICK:  Don't worry, man, Grissom talked to the Sheriff, said he's gonna pick up your tab.


NICK:  Mm-hmm.

(Marty chuckles.)

MARTY GLEASON:  Thanks.  Hey, you think this could mean a nice, fat city contract for me?

(Not wanting to touch that one, Warrick and Nick both leave.)  

WARRICK:  Good to see you, Marty.

NICK:  See you around, Marty.




(Grissom opens the morgue cabinet with Vanessa Keaton's body inside.  He pulls out the table so he and Sara can compare the body with the photos.)  

(Grissom lifts the sheet to look at her belly button.  It doesn't match with the photo.)  

GRISSOM:  (points to photo)  Innie.  Outie.  (He points to the body.)  

(Sara changes the photo to one with moles.)  

GRISSOM:  ... and Vanessa doesn't have any moles on her torso.

SARA:  The woman in the photo is not Vanessa.

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Oh, you got my message.

SARA:  What message?

DAVID PHILLIPS:  To meet me here.  I was preparing a body for a mortuary pickup, and I noticed something.

(David lifts the body to show them the bruising on the back around the puncture wounds.)  

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Postmortem bruising.

GRISSOM:  Well, it can take a day or two after autopsy for the bruises to percolate through the soft tissue and become visible.

SARA:  Vanessa wasn't stabbed four times with a skewer.  She was stabbed twice with a two-pronged instrument.

(Quick CGI POV:  Someone screams.  A two-pronged instrument is stabbed into her back.  End of CGI POV.)

(Grissom looks at Sara.)




(Greg is back in the Cunningham's backyard.  He looks around and finds the hanging bar-b-cue utensils.  He puts his kit down and takes a picture of the fork.  He tests it and finds blood.)



(Grissom walks into the lab where Sara is working on the laptop.)  

SARA:  I just started combing through Tom Cunningham's computer.  I haven't I.D.'d our mystery woman, but there's just lots of back and forth between Cunningham's e-mail account and Keaton's.

GRISSOM:  Any attachments?

SARA:  Yeah.  Got one for the Keatons' account.  "U axd 4 my pic so here.  Sweetkeat."

(She clicks on the picture and finds the photo.  It's the same photo.  Grissom shakes his head.  Sara glances at him.)  

GRISSOM:  Any reply?

SARA:  Yes. From ... cunning1.  (She clicks it open.)  "Can you handle it?  Midnight.  Behind the skate park."




(On the monitor is security tape footage from behind the skate park.  It shows Tom Cunningham meeting with Amy Keaton.  He opens the back of his SUV and climbs in.  She removes her top as she prepares to climb inside also.)  

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  You can stop the tape.

(Brass turns the tape off.)  

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  Amy came on to me.

BRASS:  She's fifteen.

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  Does she look fifteen to you?

ADAM MATTHEW (LAWYER):  Tom, be very quiet.

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  They got me on tape.  I'm trying to explain.

BRASS:  She's a minor, you're an adult.  What's to explain?

ADAM MATTHEW (LAWYER):  We have information pertaining to Vanessa Keaton's death.  Get me the D.A.  We want a deal.

(Brass stares at them for a long moment.)  

BRASS:  Too late.



(Sara compares the photo with Amy Keaton.  Sara and Grissom interview Amy Keaton with Dan Keaton in the room.)  

SARA:  You are an inny.  Amy, you e-mailed this photo of yourself to Tom Cunningham.

DAN KEATON:  What's she talking about?

AMY KEATON:  I have no idea.

SARA:  You were having an affair with Tom Cunningham.  He's just been booked on statutory rape.


AMY KEATON:  It wasn't rape.

(Dan gets to his feet.)  

DAN KEATON:  I'm gonna to kill that son of a bitch!

AMY KEATON:  Like you care who I have sex with?  I know about your parties, all the kids know, so don't get all righteous on me.  (Amy turns to Sara.)  I want to see Tom.

(Dan grabs Amy's hand.)  

DAN KEATON:  Let's go.

GRISSOM:  Mr. Keaton, sit down, please.  We're not done yet.

(Dan, Amy and Sara sit down.  Grissom takes out the bar-be-cue fork in a plastic bag.  He puts it on the table.)  

GRISSOM:  We retrieved this from the Cunningham's backyard.  Your stepmother's blood is on the tines, and your fingerprints are on the handle.  (He looks at Amy Keaton.)  

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  Tom Cunning and Vanessa Keaton are in the pool kissing when Amy Keaton walks into the back yard.  She sees them together and grabs the fork.  She stabs Vanessa in the back twice.)

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  Easy, easy.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

SARA:  The stab wounds weren't fatal, but your stepmother was knocked unconscious.  It took two or three minutes for her to drown.

GRISSOM:  That's a long time to stand around and watch someone die.

AMY KEATON:  It wasn't like that.

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  After stabbing her, Amy shouts at Tom as he holds her wrists trying to calm her down.)  

AMY KEATON:  (shouts)  How could you!


(They both turn to look at Vanessa in the pool.)  

TOM CUNNINGHAM:  You need to go home, right now.

AMY KEATON:  Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

(Amy turns and leaves.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

AMY KEATON:  (to Grissom:  He was trying to protect me.  (to Sara)  So we put her in the fountain.

(Grissom looks from Dan to Amy.)  

AMY KEATON:  He loves me.  Can I see him?



(Sara and Grissom step out of the interview room.  Together, they walk down the hallway side-by-side.  For a moment, they're silent.)  

SARA:  Arrive as a couple, leave as a couple.

GRISSOM:  No photos, no video.

SARA:  No affairs.

GRISSOM:  And the kids must never know.



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Mr. Mayor | Diffusion US de l'épisode 2.10 avec Ted Danson (Serie Finale)

Mr. Mayor | Diffusion US de l'épisode 2.10 avec Ted Danson (Serie Finale)
Ce soir, NBC propose le tout dernier épisode de la série de "Mr. Mayor" avec l'épisode 2.10 : The...

Mr. Mayor | Diffusion US de l'épisode 2.09 avec Ted Danson

Mr. Mayor | Diffusion US de l'épisode 2.09 avec Ted Danson
Ce soir, NBC continue la diffusion de la Saison 2 de "Mr. Mayor" avec l'épisode 2.09 : The...


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'Jour les 'tits loups ! Monk vous attend avec un nouveau sondage. Venez nous parler de vos phobies sur le forum.

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Bonjour, Morgane sur le quartier HPI a besoin de votre aide pour retrouver le gâteau d'anniversaire des 1 an du quartier

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Voyage au Centre du Tardis : Les ennemis du Docteur, lequel avez-vous adoré, vous a marqué ou foutu la trouille, on attend vos photos

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'Jour les 'tits loups ! Monk vous attend avec un nouveau sondage. Venez nous parler de vos phobies sur le forum.

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