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Les Experts
#15.18 : Le début de la fin

Titre VO : "The End Game" - Titre VF : "Le début de la fin"

Première diffusion US : 15 février 2015 (CBS)
Première diffusion FR :
 6 Janvier 2016 (TF1)
Ecrit par : Christopher Barbour
Réalisé par : Alec Smight

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Avec :

Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie), Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Paul Winthrop), Mark Valley (Daniel Shaw), Eric Roberts (Brother Daniel Larson), Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Barry Bostwick (Collin Winthrop), Brandon P. Bell (Kyle Ellis), Kathryn McCormick (Nicole), Shannon Baker (Amelia Vance), Shauna Baker (Margo Vance)

Résumé :

Emilia et Margot Vance, de séduisantes jumelles trentenaires, sont retrouvées assassinées. Les Experts pensent que l'«assassin de Gig Harbor» est de retour. C'est une statue représentant Castor et Pollux, les célèbres jumeaux de la mythologie grecque, ainsi qu'un doigt humain retrouvé dans un bocal, qui mènent Finn et ses collègues sur la scène de crime. Paul Winthrop est bel et bien de retour, plus résolu que jamais. 

En +:
Dernière apparition du personnage de Nick Stokes (George Eads).


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Animals are most dangerous when they're cornered.
(buzzing) I don't understand any of this.
Why am I here? This was not the plan.
You said if I make a sacrifice, in return, I would live forever.
Look at me.
Look in my eyes.
My eyes are your eyes.
My heart is your heart.
Hey, D.B. I heard you Whoa.
How long's it been? Like, a week? Yeah.
My wife's not too crazy about it.
She'd like to see me all cleaned up like you.
Yeah, well, there's something to be said for a close shave, yeah.
I spoke with Ecklie.
He and I both heard from the lab director down in San Diego.
I didn't know he was actually gonna call you guys.
He did more than that.
He put you on the top of the list of candidates to succeed him.
No, he shouldn't have done that.
Why not? It sounds like a good opportunity.
You trying to kick me out of here now? Last thing I want is you leaving.
But I would support you making the move.
FINLAY: Sorry to interrupt.
I sent the samples over to Hodges, and I'm heading out.
All right.
See you later.
Mom, what did you get me this time?
Castor and Pollux. The twins.
WINTHROP: Did you get my present? If you wanted my attention, you've got it.
Oh, I want more than your attention.
Because this is just the beginning.
Or should I say the beginning of the end.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! That son of a bitch put my mother's name on the package, so I had to get the Philly cops to put protection on her house.
Yeah, as soon as I got your call, I did the same with Maya and with Barbara.
So what do you think it all means? Mythology says that when Castor was killed, Pollux went to Zeus and asked him to let him share his own immortality with his twin.
To keep them together.
Zeus agreed, and so they were cast into heaven.
The constellation Gemini.
So cutting off his finger is part of the message that he and his brother are now one? RUSSELL: He's saying we may have taken his brother, but he's more powerful than ever.
All very interesting, you guys, but here on planet Earth, I thought Winthrop had a partner while his brother was in custody.
Didn't you hear another set of footsteps on the recording of Pamela Kramer's murder? We did.
And you don't think it's Daniel Shaw? I mean, come on, this whole thing with the estranged daughter could still have been a setup.
It was not a setup.
You sure about that? I am.
Then why is Shaw's lawyer saying his client has information on Winthrop that he's willing to trade for a deal? It's the first I'm hearing this.
Yeah, me, too.
Guess I need to go talk to Shaw.
I checked with World-Send.
The tracking number and the bar code were bogus.
I'm guessing that Winthrop faked them.
You got something? Yeah, we've seen this before.
The strings are made of human tissue.
Take a look there.
SIDLE: Yeah, thinner gauge than the trajectory strings but same idea.
We'll have Henry confirm, see if DNA can tell us who it is.
Sounds good.
Hey, let me ask you something.
Is this about San Diego? Because Finn mentioned something.
Yeah, Nolan is stepping down as the lab director there.
And, um, he seems to think I'll make a good replacement.
You would.
So what's the problem? (chuckling): It's just like I said, I have a lot of friends here, and it's a big responsibility.
Yeah, but there's a beach.
And it's a four-and-a-half-hour drive.
You'd see me all the time.
You know, Sara, after all these years, I realize what's important to me.
It's not a promotion.
Well you know what Grissom would say.
You got to go where you can do the most good.
SHAW: This is what you got, huh? How many times I got to tell you I am not doing this? I'm not playing the game.
I don't want a deal.
I want to cooperate.
If you can't get that through your thick head, there's the door.
Need a new lawyer? Yeah.
Looks like I'll be representing myself from here on in.
Yeah, I don't think that's the best plan.
Why break a losing streak? So I've heard that you have information that you'd like to trade for a deal.
Yeah, that wasn't my idea.
That was my lawyer's.
Besides, I'd rather talk to you.
I'm listening.
Look, I know your boss, the sheriff, he thinks that I'm Winthrop's partner.
That's just not true.
I know that.
But given everything that happened, it's pretty hard to make that case.
Not if you and I can find the real coconspirator.
Before Winthrop abducted my daughter, I was working on a lead.
I figured his-his partner was helping him get the girls, the victims.
Through the escort service.
I thought Rebecca Lowell ran Lady Aquarius.
She did.
But she had a connection here in Las Vegas.
The important thing is this same guy was getting a lot of money from Winthrop's company.
Who is it? He's not gonna talk to you.
But he will speak to me.
Are you asking me what I think you're asking me? You get me a 48-hour pass, you and I can nail this guy.
Sheriff already doesn't trust you.
You do.
Just a little bit.
I'm gonna need a name.
Well, it's someone you've had a run-in with before.
A certain preacher-pimp.
Goes by the name of Brother Larson.
WOMAN: I can't go back up there.
I can't even look at that man.
Calm down.
Brother Larson is here, and Brother Larson is listening.
Now, you tell me, did he hurt you? No.
He didn't touch me.
And that's just it, I don't want him to touch me.
All right, then let's talk about that.
You don't want him to touch you how? I came to you.
I came to your church because I wanted to get out of the game.
I don't want to do this anymore.
I hear you, baby.
I feel you.
But here's the thing.
Here's the Word.
Our Creator has bestowed upon us gifts.
You have a gift.
The only shame there is in life is squandering our gifts.
You feel me? I guess.
Here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna go home, get some sleep.
You're gonna forget about tonight.
I will see you in the morning.
I'll bring you some breakfast.
One more thing.
Did that man give you an envelope? Bless you, baby doll.
(engine starts) Get out of here.
Damn, you're good, Larson.
And you're taking liberties with my car.
Been a while, Daniel.
I been reading the papers.
You been in the lions' den.
Surprised to see you.
Police think I'm Winthrop's partner.
They think I'm a killer.
But you know me.
You know that's not true.
And how would I know that? Because I know about the money.
I used to help you and your business in the past.
Now it's your turn to help me.
Unless you want me to give this information to the police.
I always liked you, Daniel.
Always trusted you.
Until now.
Tell me something.
Do they shave you down there before they tape that little wire onto you? I'm not wearing a wire.
Then I'm guessing we're not alone.
You guessed right.
CSI Finlay, as I recall.
Was all this really necessary? I've always been a friend of the police.
I've helped you before.
All you had to do is ask.
All right, then I'll ask.
Are you Winthrop's partner in all of these murders? Direct.
I like that.
The answer's no.
The cops are onto the money trail.
They know you provided the girls.
Help us find Winthrop, and maybe you won't get the death penalty.
Being misjudged has been my constant cross to bear.
Yes, I provided escorts.
It's what I do.
And I received a finder's fee.
Also what I do.
What I don't do is harm women.
Or anyone.
All right? All right.
I guess I'll just have to arrest you.
H-Hold on a minute.
I said I was gonna help, I'll help.
The money I got, it didn't come from the son.
It came from the father.
Collin Winthrop.
In fact, when the first girls went missing, I suspected him, but, uh, given events, I see now how this could be a family business.
You're saying the father's the partner? That'd be my suspicion.
Sometimes the apple doesn't fall from the tree at all.
So say we believe you.
Where can we find Paul Winthrop's father? I stopped dealing with Collin a long time ago.
I do still receive contributions to preserve his good name.
It's called extortion.
That is such an ugly word.
Look, if you guys want to arrest me, go ahead, but know that my lawyer will have me out and about in a Las Vegas minute.
You good? You good? Me, too.
Got your text.
Please tell me you have answers.
Well, let's start with the finger in the jar.
Now, it turns out the finger was not suspended in saline and blood-- as I expected-- but saline and something else.
I sent it off to Hodges for analysis.
And you're sure that it's Paul Winthrop's finger.
It is.
And the story would end there.
Except I found blood on the statuette.
Well, Paul Winthrop's blood, right? That's what I thought.
And because we're dealing with twins, in order to distinguish them, I ran an antibodies profile.
Not only was it not Winthrop, but the sample was female.
Two females, to be exact.
Identical twins.
How much blood did you find? Well, there were only a couple of usable traces for testing, but take a look.
He wasn't just sending us a message.
Winthrop sent us a murder weapon.
You got to be kidding.
(chuckles) I know.
It's not really me, is it? Yeah, I picked up these sleeves at the costume shop down the block.
Just wanted to see what it would feel like to be a serial killer.
So I pulled the booking photo of Jared Briscoe's tats.
Now, this liquid that Winthrop sent us his severed finger in is a mixture of saline solution and Cryers #2 Vermillion Ink.
Let me guess.
Used in tattoos.
Well, not just any tattoos.
These tattoos.
I've discovered in my research that certain tattoo artists are quite particular about which inks they use.
And Cryers #2 Vermillion is very rare.
So rare, in fact, that I was able to identify Briscoe's artist.
Okay, but what does that have to do with the jar of ink that Winthrop sent us? Briscoe's artist lives in Seattle.
He has an ex-wife who moved to Vegas last year to live with her twin sister.
Henry found blood on the Castor and Pollux statuette consistent with identical twins.
Unknown females.
Not unknown now.
I've got names and an address.
Building manager confirmed the loft's rented to Amelia Vance.
What about the sister? Name's Margo.
She signed onto the lease a year ago.
Manager said he stopped by yesterday 'cause they complained the AC wasn't working.
No one answered.
Amelia Vance, LVPD.
SIDLE: Another processed crime scene.
Strings and blood suggest two events.
Two victims.
Again, he took the bodies.
Russell's theory was right.
Winthrop and his brother have become one.
Dead ringers.
Just like old times.
Everything's been dusted, everything's already processed.
Something is different this time.
What do you mean? Well, not everything's been dusted, and these green strings-- Gemini? He didn't even try to hide them among the other strings.
Different murder weapon, too.
No gaff.
This time, he bludgeoned them to death with a marble sculpture.
And this rope he used? Never seen anything like it.
Looks hand-braided.
Unusual fiber.
Some kind of powdery trace on it.
It's yellow.
It looks organic in nature.
Suggests secondary transfer.
How's it going with your new toy? Oh, camera's acquired the image.
Just loading it now.
So this thing is gonna give us T.
on our victims? Well, it's worth a try.
We've had this hyperspectral imaging prototype in the lab for over a month.
I've been waiting to field-test it.
How's it work, exactly? Well, it's all about the hemoglobin in the blood.
As a bloodstain ages, the blood reacts with oxygen and breaks down.
Right, which is why blood changes color from red to brown.
Well, this camera records those changes.
And then maps them on a visible reflectance spectrum.
So here is the crime scene blood drop.
I'm comparing it to a preset baseline of a fresh blood drop.
Software does the rest.
Calculating the difference between the two spectra, thereby computing the age of the blood.
And we got our answer.
The murders took place So something is different.
Yeah, I mean, the other murders took place weeks before we discovered the crime scenes.
And he took days to stage them.
Winthrop has accelerated his time frame.
But why? If anything holds from the past, I'm sure he's eager to tell us.
DISTORTED VOICE: Clearly, our killer's behavior has altered.
Two victims this time.
Not college age.
Selected for other purposes.
One being a tattoo artist.
Elementary profiling would say the killer's psychosexual fixation has given way to a transformative agenda.
WINTHROP: Is that what you'd say, Mr.
Russell? Games are over, right? We can finally be honest with each other.
I'm sure you've realized your mistake.
It's one others have made.
From the very beginning, this world tried to separate Jared and me.
So many have paid for that injustice.
But those truly responsible have escaped our wrath.
Until now.
So I ran audio analysis.
There's no evidence of anyone else on the recording.
He has to have somebody else helping him.
And it's not his brother's ghost.
Right, I mean, the guy was wounded.
So he had to lay low.
Somebody's been hiding him.
He also doesn't have any access to his bank accounts, so somebody has to be supporting him.
Larson says that it's Winthrop's father, Collin.
Do you believe him? All right, I'm going to follow up on both of them.
You were right about the rope from the crime scene.
It's unusual.
Definitely not your standard bondage gear.
If anything, it tends more towards a fetish of gardening.
Gardening? You are looking here at a handwoven plant fiber.
Specifically Apocynum cannabinium.
Otherwise known as dogbane.
It's an invasive species.
Grows like a weed almost anywhere.
So, not particularly helpful.
But the trace that you pulled from the rope-- that's a different story.
You were also right-- it's organic.
These are pollen spores from a cactus called the Artemis bloom.
Goddess of the hunt.
Artemis was also the daughter of Zeus, twin sister to Apollo.
So I'm thinking that perhaps it's another message.
Is there anything more you can tell me about the plant? Uh, the Artemis bloom is very rare, very delicate and also very expensive.
It's the ultimate hothouse flower.
Prized only by serious enthusiasts with deep pockets.
Now you're talking.
And you're thinking that if Winthrop isn't our flower enthusiast, perhaps he's spending time with someone who is.
Maybe his partner.
FINLAY: Collin Winthrop.
Wealthy recluse, plant hobbyist.
Who spawned a bad seed.
Looks like our weekend botanist had some practice.
Yeah, not just cultivating the sick impulses of his son, but seems to have some of his own.
accused him of sexual assault.
Case never went to trial.
Rumors of more women and more allegations.
Well, Larson's theory about Winthrop Sr.
is getting better and better.
There's just one problem.
Says here that he reportedly fled to Mexico.
Which means that he could still help his son from afar, but couldn't participate in the murders.
Unless Dad never left the country.
These are my files, right? The ones from my hotel room after I was arrested? Yeah, why? What have you got? Well, like I said, I was following the money.
I was looking into the Winthrop company financials.
I remember a series of transactions, donations to a nature conservancy.
I thought it was a front, but Here it is.
Tax records show there actually was a charity devoted to the preservation of exotic plant species.
How much you want to bet that money went straight into Papa Winthrop's pockets? Place is in Briar Creek, California.
San Diego County's a little out of your jurisdiction.
You know, I think I know a guy who knows a guy.
(sighs) Hey, Finlay, what's your 20? Shaw and I are about five minutes out.
All right, I'm gonna get the lay of the land out here and I'll call you back.
Copy that.
You Ellis? Yes, sir.
Good to meet you, CSI Stokes.
(chuckles) Call me Nick, please.
I got it.
Lab Director Nolan said to extend you every courtesy.
Did he? And from what I hear, I may be working for you full-time soon.
Oh, we'll see about that.
What's the situation out here? We've got the place surrounded.
Warrants in hand.
There's no activity in the main house.
But we have eyes on Collin Winthrop.
He's working in the greenhouse.
What about Paul? No sign of him.
But my money's on the guesthouse.
Shades are drawn, place is secluded, and has easy access to the back gate.
Okay, why don't you and I take the guesthouse.
We'll have your team search the property.
When my guys get here, they'll take Daddy Winthrop.
Collin Winthrop.
I'm CSI Finlay, LVPD.
I have a warrant to search your property.
No warrant for my arrest? SHAW: Depends on what we find.
What do you expect to find? Your son.
SHAW: Maybe some evidence linking the two of you to the five women who were murdered in Las Vegas.
My son and I are innocent.
We are the victims here.
Oh, yeah.
How do you figure that? Well, Paul and I share a natural appetite for certain pleasures.
Society may not approve, and the law may attempt to prohibit, but when they are both impotent to stop us, we are accused of brutalities.
Is that why you fled to Mexico? It's not a crime for a man to want to abandon his life for a time and wander in the desert in search of beauty.
Like you see here.
Winthrop, where is your son? You know if you're not going to arrest me, I would like you two to leave.
STOKES: Oh, yeah, look at this.
Winthrop was licking his wounds.
STOKES: Yeah, Winthrop was definitely here.
ELLIS: And he's gone now.
ELLIS: Freezer chest.
What do you think? That's never good.
(creaking) (over radio): Finn, it's Nick-- I've got two bodies here in the guesthouse.
Copy that.
You're under arrest.
SHAW: Well, there's half the battle.
FINLAY: It's not gonna help us find his son.
So we'll find him.
(phone ringing) "We"? You mean I'm never gonna get rid of you? WINTHROP: I see you met dear old Dad.
I know what you're thinking: "chip off the old block.
" But that's where you're wrong.
Get down, everybody! (gunshot) (frantic chatter) Get down! (gunshot) (grunts) Daniel! (Shaw groaning in pain, Finlay gasping) Oh, God! This is CSI Finlay.
I need medical at my location, code three.
Get down.
The ambulance is gonna be here any minute.
Come on, hold on.
Breathe! Breathe! Found the sniper's nest on a ridge above the property He had a clear shot.
Did you scramble the search team? Got every available unit on it.
The problem is, Winthrop probably knows this area better than any of us.
Gives him the upper hand.
You gonna process the rifle? I thought you'd want to do it yourself.
RUSSELL (over phone): You sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
, Shaw took the bullet for me.
I'm sorry, Jules.
Were you able to confirm that that Winthrop was the shooter? Uh, Nick, uh, just processed the gun.
His prints are on it.
Units are searching, but still no sign of him.
Son of a bitch is long gone.
I'm gonna stay here and collect the evidence.
Nick's coordinating with the San Diego crime lab to, uh, transport it all back to Vegas.
No, no.
You need to get back here now, Jules.
I told you, I'm okay.
No, you're lucky-- Winthrop's beyond targeting college girls now.
He shot his father, and he tried to kill you.
This is getting personal.
I agree with Conrad.
All right, I will transport Shaw's body and the others back to Doc.
All right, but afterwards, you go straight home.
No arguments.
I confirmed C.
's on our female victims.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
Women had so many fractures to the body and skull, I almost lost count.
ROBBINS: It's not just the blunt force trauma-- Winthrop's M.
's seemed to have changed as well.
With his earlier victims, there's no sign of sexual activity.
You found semen? Yeah.
On both victims.
ROBBINS: Latent bruising plus the ligature marks suggest, at the very least, rough sex.
All right, let's get the DNA to Henry.
Hello? Hi, Mrs.
My name is Julie Finlay.
I work with the Las Vegas Police Department.
Uh, I need to speak with your granddaughter, Amy.
It's about her dad.
What'd you get? So, Collin Winthrop had extensive HD surveillance at his house, all over the property.
I mean, it's no surprise that cameras caught Paul Winthrop in his guesthouse, but this is what I wanted you to see.
RUSSELL: That's Collin Winthrop, right? Who's he arguing with? BRODY: Our friend, Brother Larson.
RUSSELL: That son of a bitch.
He told us that he had stopped having dealings with Winthrop Sr.
BRODY: Could be we've been wrong.
Paul Winthrop had more than one coconspirator.
It would help if we knew what they were talking about, but obviously, that's impossible.
This is gonna sound crazy but maybe the plants can help us.
Thanks to the wealth of digital recordings that Winthrop has been leaving for us, Sara and I requisitioned every audio analysis program on the planet.
Including one that listens to plants? This one tracks minute vibrations of all sorts of different objects in a space, and analyzes the sounds that created them.
Okay, I-I get that the sound of a voice can vibrate the leaves, but if you can't even see it, then how do you measure it? Well, this is where the impossible becomes possible.
This software is able to detect motion less than one 100th of a pixel.
By combining and filtering all that minute motion over the image, it can actually recover the sound of their voices.
I'm impressed.
I am tired of the blackmail.
I'm tired of the lies.
I am not lying.
I'm telling you, I don't know.
Oh, you know.
You've always known.
Now, where is she? LARSON: That's not the reason I came here.
No, you came here for money, as usual, and you're not gonna get another cent until you tell me where my daughter is! I-I know, you think I'm gonna hurt her.
LARSON: Like you did before.
Oh, that's all in the past.
I'm talking about now.
I'm talking about Paul.
He's figured it out.
He knows who May really is.
And I need to protect her, 'cause if he finds her, he's gonna kill her.
He'll never find her, and neither will you.
LARSON: And you got all that from a plant? Yeah, don't worry about it.
You know, I agree with Winthrop.
I'm tired of all the lies.
Based on that conversation, I did a little digging around the Winthrop family tree.
And it turns out that Collin Winthrop had a daughter.
May went missing around age 15.
Police at the time determined that she was not kidnapped.
She just ran away.
And, Brother Larson, I think you know where she ran to.
I do not.
Look, I gave you a "get out of jail free" card last time because you helped me.
If you do not come clean here, I promise you, it's gonna go the other way.
I guess confession is good for the soul.
(clears his throat) I'm gonna tell you a little story.
Not a pretty one.
About a young girl, 15.
Innocent or so it seemed.
Pregnant, she ran off to a convent.
There she gave birth to twin boys, Paul and Jared.
But she didn't want them.
More than that, though, she didn't want her father to lay claim to them, because they were his blood.
You're-you're saying that Paul and Jared were the product of incest? Yes.
Now, May hid behind a name, Nancy Harper, just like she hid the boys.
She found a home for Jared, but Paul was sickly.
She tried to buy time by pretending he died, but Collin found Paul.
Raised him.
But he never found Jared or May.
She vanished.
You're pathetic, you know what? We ran your DNA.
It's a familial match to Paul Winthrop.
So, you can forget your Chinatown story.
You are the father of Paul and Jared.
You want the truth? A lie can be a powerful thing.
It can be used to deceive.
It can be used to protect.
I admit I deceived you, but I only did it to protect May.
I had nothing to do with these murders.
Come on, Mr.
You know what this is all about? Paul Winthrop has been killing his mother over and over, getting ready for his End of Days.
And with Jared gone, that time has come.
Paul will find May.
He will render judgment.
Unless you protect her.
As, apparently, I no longer can.
If I'm gonna protect May, I need to know where she is.
You already do.
The convent she ran off to, she never left it.
Your CSI Finlay-- she's met May.
Or should I say Sister Alice.
Every time I talk to that guy, I feel like I need a shower.
I don't even know why I bother to believe him anymore.
I keep thinking about what Winthrop said to you on the digital recorder-- that so many have paid for the injustice done to him and Jared.
"And yet, those who are truly responsible have escaped his wrath until now.
" Think about it.
He killed Collin Winthrop, he tried to kill Finn.
At some point, he's probably gonna come after you.
Yeah, but top of his list has to be his mother who abandoned him and his brother, right? Not only abandoned them.
Separated them, cast them adrift.
Yeah, you know what? She's the way we're gonna catch this guy.
Okay, okay, so, Finn and I will go up to Seattle.
We'll put this Sister Alice into protective custody.
Use her as bait.
Do me a favor.
Call Seattle PD.
Let's get eyes on the convent.
I'll pick up Finn on the way to the airport.
Jules, it's me.
Hey, Jules, come on, open up.
(door creaks open) (screaming) WINTHROP: Hello, Mr.
Jared and I have been waiting for you.
What have you done? Isn't it obvious? She's dead.
Easy! Easy, now.
Let's not rush this.
Yeah, copy that, Nick.
As soon as you wrap things up in San Diego, I need you back here.
Russell and Finn are on their way to Seattle.
All right.
Yeah, call me when you're on the road.
Seattle PD called back.
They went to the convent.
No sign of Sister Alice.
Nuns have no idea where she is.
Did you tell Russell? I tried calling him and Finn.
I can't get a hold of either of them.
Do you know where they are? They're supposed to be on their way up north, but I got a bad feeling.
Listen, find Greg, then meet me at Finn's condo.
(groaning) Aah! You sick bastard! How does it feel to lose someone you love, to have your heart ripped away from you? Oh, I know what you're thinking.
Was it quick? Did she suffer? Did she scream? You're the expert.
What does the crime scene tell you? Look at it.
I want you to know she suffered.
She begged for me to end it.
I don't believe you.
You wanted me to take a look at your crime scene? The blood gives you away.
There's hardly a lethal loss of blood, wouldn't you say? And where's the spatter? Come on, where's the spatter? You haven't even put up all your strings.
You weren't waiting for me.
I interrupted you before you were finished.
Where's Finlay? Where is she? What do you got? Russell and Finlay's vehicles are here.
They're still not answering.
I'll have my men secure the building.
Then we'll move in tactically.
Let's do it.
WINTHROP: Finlay is dead.
I told you.
She's already buried in the desert where you will never find her.
You're gonna tell me where she is.
I don't really think you're in a position to negotiate here.
You've been looking for your mom, haven't you? I know who she is, Paul, and I know where she is.
You're lying.
Even my father didn't know that.
That's 'cause your father's not Collin Winthrop.
Your father was a pimp who got a 15-year-old girl pregnant with bastard twins.
You and your brother.
I should kill you now.
You do that, and you'll never know.
Where is she? Where's my mother?! You tell me where Finlay is.
I'll tell you where your mother is.
What's it gonna be, Paul? No! (Winthrop gasps) He knows where Finlay is.
Where is she? Where is Finlay? You'll never find her in time.
She's still alive.
She's got to be close.
He said he was gonna take her to the desert.
He has to get her there somehow.
Greg, Morgan, where are you? We just rolled up.
In the garage.
SIDLE: We need to find Winthrop's vehicle.
We believe it's on the premises.
Start canvassing.
Start running plates.
SANDERS: Copy that.
Where is she? Can you hear me? Where is she?! MAN: All right, that vehicle's a negative.
Next one.
BRODY: Vehicle is a black Lincoln Continental, Nevada plates.
Plate number HRGK-698.
That car was reported stolen from the California-Nevada state line.
Greg, take a look at this.
This car was stolen this morning from the California state line.
Oh, my God.
It's Finn.
Come on, Finn.
Come on.
I can't find a pulse, but she's still warm.
Call medac.
This is CSI Morgan Brody, requesting medevac assistance at my location.
(sighs) D.
How you doing? One day at time.
Isn't that what they say? So, I was just up at the hospital, and the nurse there told me you've been going up there every weekend.
Yeah, she's just not responsive.
I mean, her body's healing, but they just can't say when she's gonna regain consciousness.
Or if she will.
Well, one thing we do know is that Winthrop is gonna recover, and when he does, he's gonna pay for what he's done.
Right? Yeah.
Did Lab Director Nolan call you about that job? Oh.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, he did.
He did, yeah.
I hear you're gonna take it.
I was.
I think I'm gonna call him back, tell him to hold off on that for a little bit.
No, no, no, no.
Come on, sit-sit down.
Just give me give me one second.
Now why would you do that? It's just not the right time.
Not right now, not with what's going on with Julie.
(sighs) Whatever happens with Jules-- there's nothing you and I can do about that.
But if she was sitting in that chair right now, she would tell you to get your ass on that plane to San Diego, and you know it.
You need to do this, bud.
You're not trying to sneak out of here, are you? (laughs) No, I wouldn't do something like that to you.
This is really happening.
I respect and love you both.
I'll miss you.
You better stay safe out there.
I will.
We're really happy for you. Lab Director Nick Stokes.
SIDLE: Has a nice ring, doesn't it?
SANDERS: Yeah. We're still on for drinks at McCarthy's, right?
Yeah. First round's on me.
(Sanders laughs) The raise I hear you're getting, I think they should all be on you.
Oh, yeah, that's fair enough, fair enough.
Yeah, well, see you then, hmm? See you later.

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